Random thoughts on a brilliantly sunny almost-February Saturday morning:

1. I got my hair highlighted yesterday. It was time.

My roots were putting out an SOS.

2. I’m heading to Florida for a conference next week. I can’t wait to hang out with friends and plan and dream for our businesses in 2023.

I’m getting so excited.

3. This week on the blog we discussed:

4. I found the BEST leggings. I’ve been working out and I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect leggings. I’m 5′ tall so they had to be short enough to look long on my (does that even make sense?) and I wanted them to be soft but still have enough compression to hold everything in. Oh, and they needed a pocket on the side.

And I didn’t want to spend tons of money.

Cue the hallelujah chorus because?


And now?

Let’s see all the fun finds I discovered for all of us this week.

These hand-painted candles.

Aren’t they so pretty for Valentine’s Day.

See the DIY here.

This table setting is so perfect for winter.

Look at the mitten holding the silverware.

You can see the entire table here.

This cake looks like art.

It’s topped with fresh fruit and so easy to make.

See the instructions here.

This kitchen is so beautiful.

I’m obsessed with these new tiles.

Take the entire tour here.


And in random news:

Tips for wintering (and the prettiest winter photos)

The list of 2023 Oscar nominees

The sweetest Norwegian cottage

This blue and white furniture transformation

Where to save and where to splurge in a renovation

How to easily fold a fitted sheet

These little football appetizers (scroll down after the Valentine’s)

This custom DIY wainscoting

Books to curl up with this winter

My go-to super flattering pants

Tips for removing wallpaper

This mixed berry poundcake

And this

Has anyone tried this as a way to make frozen desserts before (it has over 18,000 reviews and says it’s guilt-free)? I so want to get it, but I don’t understand how it works exactly.

If you use it can you let me know in the comments?

It would be so much better than a tub of ice cream. 🙂

And a couple more for the road

I have been getting so many paint color questions lately.

It’s that time of year when all hearts turn toward refreshing a room with paint.

To help here are some of my favorite paint colors:

I ordered this blue knit dress from Walmart and it got here and it’s SO PRETTY.

And it’s under $23.

You can see the entire outfit here.

Happy random Saturday to you

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  1. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Such a gorgeous date night outfit. Every item worth reading more about. I hope you enjoy your conference. The skies show its almost February. Brighter, blue. Thank you for a great week.

  2. Image for Sara Sara

    I don't know about that machine, but did you know there's a low carb, sugar free ice cream now that's delicious and only 1 gram of net carbs per serving? I eat it just about every night with some strawberries and I've been on a weight lost journey since last February. It's called Enlightend Keto if it's available in your area and you want to try it :).

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    Those candles! I could never manage the pretty flowers that she painted on them, but I could possibly pull off stripes. In other news, what are you doing for your workouts? Good for you for having an exercise routine. Smart girl!

  4. Image for Diane@InMyOwnStyle Diane@InMyOwnStyle

    Hi Karianne - A Yonanas machine in my opinion is the best invention ever to make a healthy treat. I have been dairy free for 25 years and having a Yonana's machine makes it easy for me to have an ice cream like treat whenever I want. To use it you have to freeze very ripe bananas, berries or even grapes. Once the fruit is frozen you remove say one banana from the freezer and let it sit out for about 5 - 8 minutes on the counter, then you place it through the machine and it comes out like ice cream. Once in the bowl, I usually mix in PB2 powder or cocoa powder to mine to make it taste like chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I also like to mix bananas with berries or even run frozen, slightly thawed grapes through it. I have a post about it on my site under WF Plant Based Recipes.

  5. Image for Diana Diana

    I loved the European Farmhouse link. There is something wonderful about blending the 2 styles. That blue dress is super cute:)

  6. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I pray you have a wonderful time with all your friends and get us lots more ideas!! Thank you so much for these great ideas and yummy food.

  7. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    I just put a frozen banana in my blender along with a little yogurt and a little milk and some stevia and it makes something close enough to ice cream that it suits me.

  8. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Hi KariAnne All good thoughts again! Will you be starting up new Wednesday videos soon? Great leggings, can i ask what size you purchased, thanks so much!

    1. Image for Ann Ann

      The winter tablescape used fake snow. The cheapest, most available, and best looking "snow" is good ole Epsom salts. You can now even get the scented kind.

  9. Image for Stacey Stacey

    Husband and myself are going to have an at home date night tonight, too tired to leave the house! This list of Oscar Nominees will come in handy, I think movies and ordering food are on the docket, lol! <3

  10. Image for Gail Cunningham Gail Cunningham

    I always look forward to your Saturday post, and as usual, today's mailing doesn't disappoint Have a wonderful trip and conference with friends!

  11. Image for PJ PJ

    KariAnne, I always look forward to Thistlekeeping. Its arrival means that it is time to relax with a cup of coffee or green tea and see what wonderful things you have found. This week the piece on wintering really spoke to me. We have had so many gloomy days this year and icy roads have kept me from going out. I will take the author's advice to heart. Have a happy day please!

  12. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Wonderful thistles this week, KA. I especially loved that blue and white dresser make-over and that European kitchen tour. Happy safe travels for you this week. You go girl.

  13. Image for Mary Anne Russo Mary Anne Russo

    So much inspiration this week! That cake!!! I got my hair highlighted this week too! I feel like a new person! Have the best time in Florida!

  14. Image for Terry C Terry C

    Re: Yonanas - it's pretty simple, you just add frozen banana and then any other frozen fruit you want and the machine churns it up to a creamy consistency. There is a recipe book with other ideas and add-ins. I had one, but donated it a while back because it is very LOUD and you can pretty much do the same thing with a food processor, so it was not worth the counter/pantry space for me.

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