Random thoughts on a sunny November morning:

1. Are you watching the World Cup? Did you see the USA vs. England yesterday? It was on at the same time as the Baylor game and we were trying to watch both and decorate Christmas trees.

I’m so proud of our USA team. The game ended in a tie and they played their hearts out.

2. We used to play Dr. Mario all the time in college. Does anyone else relate? Denton brought home a retro version and we’ve been having Dr. Mario tournaments all Thanksgiving weekend.

3. Thank you so much for all the Christmas movie recommendations. I’m putting together a list. Have you seen the show Silver Skates on Netflix? It’s SO good. It’s in Russian with subtitles and it’s the perfect love story.

4. It was such a fun week on the blog. We discussed:

5. I made my apple pie again for this Thanksgiving and it was a HIT. My mother proclaimed it amazing and told me the pie crust was next level.

You can see the recipe here.

And now?

Who is here for some creative inspiration and ideas?

Let’s GO.

Look at this garland.

Isn’t it beautiful?

See the entire mantel here.

This pretty package topper.

What a fun and beautiful way to decorate a package.

See the DIY here.

And this Christmas front porch literally stopped me in my tracks.

It is so beautiful.

See how she created it here.

Somewhere along the line, I forgot about jingle bells.

And then I saw this place setting and I am HERE for it.

See the how-to here.


And in random news:

This beautiful blue and white Christmas tree

This gingerbread swiss cake roll

This beautiful blue and white kitchen decorated for Christmas

This free printable sweater garland

These adorable DIY Christmas trees

Simple Christmas wish ideas for friends

This beautiful paper poinsettia wreath (seriously one of the cutest I’ve seen)

This clever wreath idea

How to bleach pinecones

This pretty way to decorate a hutch

This quiz helps to determine where you should live

These pecan fudge cookies

And this

Simple, easy ways to spruce up a holiday wreath

And one more for the road

If you are looking for a fun idea for a tree topper?

Why not a chalkboard?

See the tree and read my favorite ornament story here.

Happy Random Saturday to You

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  1. Image for Judith Von Judith Von

    Didn't u just post a beautiful picture of a dog and a tribute as your friends dog had just sadly passed? I wanted to share it and now can't find it. Please help. Thank u.

  2. Image for PJ PJ

    I took the quiz about where I should live and what popped up is a town very close to us. It seems that I landed in the right place. Fun! Hope you are having a great weekend with all your kiddos home!

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 🎼🎶 Thanks for the link for the gingerbread roll cake--that looks super yummy. Hope you've been enjoying your holiday weekend with your lovely family.

  4. Image for Patti Patti

    Ok I NEED to make that apple pie but I’m a bit confused. Is the butter only crust the one you recommend or the buttery lard? Thanks!

  5. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

    I wanted to take the "where should I live" quiz, but I don't subscribe to the NYT so I couldn't take it. I know I'm where I'm supposed to be. I've been here since I was a year old. :-)

  6. Image for Marlene Marlene

    Of course I loved all the blue and white! Lots of great ideas, hope you are having fun with all the kiddos home.

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