Random thoughts on a sunny summer Saturday morning:

1. I figured out the yummiest thing to eat recently. Have you ever heard of veggie fajitas? You can eat fajitas without the meat and they are delish.

2. Have you ever gone tubing down a river? We were looking for summer family ideas and it sounded like so much fun, but I wondered what happens when you get downstream at the end of the river?

3. Looking for a fun way to make your room feel like summer without spending a dime? Here’s a tip I use all the time.

4. It was an amazing week on the blog. We talked about:

5. What are your thoughts on decaf coffee? I switched recently and don’t tell the coffee people, but I can’t tell a difference.

And now?

Here are some of my favorite finds from around the web.


This summer greenhouse is the cutest.

I LOVE all the vintage finds.

Take the entire tour here.

This pretty front door arrangements.

And these hydrangeas are faux.

Get all the details here.

There’s nothing I love more than a topiary.

Except maybe one I can DIY.

See how to make a topiary from boxwood cuttings here.

Lemons and summer go together for me.

Here’s an entire post about lemons.

7 ways to enjoy lemons this summer.


And in random news:

This before and after makeover

This fun fourth of July craft

How to make these beautiful peony arrangements

This before and after bathroom is amazing

How to add coastal chic style

This tour of the Queen’s gardens

How to make cold brew coffee

This summer bucket list printable

This cute cutting board wall

This Swedish summer cottage

This beautiful kitchen

And one more for the road

This was the before of our porch.

Two different bricks and two different colors and a whole lot of not matching.

And now?

It looks like this.

Happy Random Saturday to You

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  1. Image for Deb Deb

    Tubing is do much fun especially if alcohol is NOT allowed where you go. The company you rent your tube or raft from will pick you up at the end where you get out and take you back to the parking lot to your car. For those who are in or close to Florida , I highly recommend Ichetucknee Springs State Park for a family friendly tubing experience.

  2. Image for Be Be

    Yes, I love decCaff too. Have to drink in afternoon . Tubing is fun. The big companies will always take care of you. Also go board riding. They gave InTX because my family went around Dallas area. Love all your ideas- especially bring the outdoors inside. You keep us going!!

  3. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Thanks for the weekly wrap up. What a lot of great ideas! Hope you have a great Saturday- think it is a special weekend for your family. Wishing you happiness and joy as you add a family member.

  4. Image for Mary Hite Mary Hite

    Go to New Braunsfuls and tube on the Comal. You can get tubes at Texas Tubes. The Comal is a short river with just enough current to carry you down the river. There is a really fun chute that is fast - you can get out and go through it again as much as you want. Then you float down the river, past Schlitterbahn. New Braunsfuls is such a fun place - nice restaurants, canoeing on the Guadalupe and of course, Gruene Hall - the oldest dance hall in Texas!

    1. Image for Cindy Cindy

      My best friend and I did this and we are older gals and had so much fun! They picked us up at the end and took us back to our car.

  5. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I would highly recommend tubing as a family. It’s not only a blast, but such a memorable experience. My brother was a student at Ferris State University at the time, so we went tubing down the river in Big Rapids Michigan. They pick you up at the end and take you to your car. The next day we played a round of golf at the college golf course. It was the men against the women, I don’t need to tell you who won that round! Truth be told, we probably had more fun than they did because we aren’t as competitive as they are 😉.

  6. Image for Carol@Blueskyathome Carol@Blueskyathome

    Tubing is great fun. We used to tube the Guadalupe in the Hill Country which is beautiful. The tubing company you rent from will pick you up and take you back to your car. Wear lots of sunscreen!

  7. Image for PJ PJ

    I love dark roast coffee which is hard to find in decaf. Organic Coffee Company makes Gorilla Decaf which is my favorite. Have an amazing weekend please!

  8. Image for Cindy Cindy

    I think tubing sounds fun. I would love to do it in the winter. It looks like a blast going really fast in the snow. I'm a winter person

  9. Image for Sherri Sherri

    We go tubing every year. It’s so much fun and so relaxing. We take a floating cooler with drinks and snacks and as another reader suggested, a lot of sunscreen.

  10. Image for Pam Pam

    Tubing is lots of fun - you'll have a great time. As for decaf - that's a hard no for me. It's just brown water and as an admitted coffee snob, I'd rather do without than drink decaf. No sugar, no cream, just a strong dark roast or a really good espresso. Hey, I just thought of this...maybe I should try to go tubing while enjoying a nice strong black iced coffee, hahaha. I am a little nuts about coffee. Your blog is always fun and inspiring - just like you.

  11. Image for Marlene Marlene

    I have had Decaf, my mom drank it, never could tell the difference. I have gone tubing in Colorado, lots of fun! Thanks for all these goodies you found, so fun, have a great week with your teens, They grow too fast!

  12. Image for Betty Betty

    We went tubing also, but no companies to drop off and pick up. We had our own tubes and left a vehicle or 2 at the destination point. We drove everybody to the start point. At the end you had to go back for vehicles at the start point. We used larger tube for a cooler for drinks, snacks and a quick meal if it was a long trip. Such fun. Great family activity.

  13. Image for Kristi Essman Kristi Essman

    I live in Idaho and have grown up in a town that has a river that runs through the middle of it. Tubing down the river is a common summer pastime here. We have a small area to "launch east of town and a large park where everyone gets out. It takes a couple of hrs to float and it's a wonderful activity on a hot day. Some days it can get pretty crowded but that doesn't stop anyone from having fun, whether in a large group or small one. We usually leave our cars at the get-off area of the park and pile everyone into as few cars as possible to head up to the drop-off because there's not a lot of parking and then go back and get them after. It's a great way to spend a hot summer day and a whole lot of fun! We also have larger rivers in the area that we raft or kayak down that are day trips or overnight or even can be weeklong trips that we do the same thing. My brother takes a large group of several rafts full on a week-long rafting trip every year and he always has return rafters wanting to make the trip w/him year after year.

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