Random thoughts on a sunny Saturday:

1. We went to see the Downton Abbey Movie yesterday.

It’s so good.

I laughed and cried and wanted to wear every dress in the movie.

2. I just posted a new edition of “What I Bought Wednesday” with the best way to add body to your hair and the cutest summer sandals.

You can see it here.

3. We are all about the Dallas Mavericks here. Zack and my husband haven’t missed a playoff game yet.

Are y’all watching?

4. It was an amazing week on the blog. This week we talked about:

5. In amazing news, I’m starting to work on my next book. It’s going to be SO GOOD. I’ll be sharing some of the details and teasers coming up in the next couple of months.

And now?

It’s the weekend.

Time to share all of my favorite finds from the week.

You can see them all here.

These rosemary shortbread crackers.

Aren’t they the cutest?

See the recipe here.

Cabbage roses are my favorite.

Eden roses are such a pretty variety.

See all about Eden roses here.

One idea for the porch?

Mix faux and real plants together.

Here are all the details on how to mix them.

You know how much I love a vintage find.

Here’s all about shopping vintage.

See all the tips here.


And in random news:

This cottage by the sea

This upcycled project

Ben and Jen’s house hunt

This bubble tea smoothie

How to decide if you need shutters on your home

This wheelbarrow container garden

These beautiful wedding

The best high fiber fruits

The simple beauty of a New England farmhouse

This before and after kitchen

Pecan pancakes with maple butter

And this

This beautiful post by my friend Jennifer Dukes Lee touched my heart

And one more for the road:

This trash to treasure story is my favorite.

Finds from the week:

Happy random Saturday to you

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  1. Image for Juliet Juliet

    New book?! What?! So excited and ready to pre-order! Oh my gosh, so much goodness here ... I'm booking a seat to Downton TODAY! And Top Gun next weekend. I. Can't. Wait. Thank you for sharing our family wedding ... it was a special day and I want to shout from the rooftops and share with everyone! It's always a joy clicking through your features of the week. Joni's review of Jen and Ben's house history is amazing. Can't believe what I kick I get out of that ... well, any house really. But celeb houses, keep them coming. Camille's high fiber recs are just what I needed ... as I head off for the weekly grocery shop. Hope you have a fabulous weekend ... and Go Mav's (and Warriors!!!). xo

  2. Image for Kim Kim

    Loving the post! Went to see Downton Abbey and loved it. Agreed about wanting to wear each and every dress. Am hoping they will make another movie: this was a visual treat. Have a beautiful day!

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    Many lovely things but the teabag-shaped crackers ... be still, my heart! Oh, the rose link takes you to the Ben and Jen article instead.

  4. Image for Anna Anna

    I love this post. You always share great ideas and projects other people have created/ written about. I can’t believe you have another book!! I loved your last 2. How do you find time to do all these things… you are amazing!

  5. Image for Dianne Miley Dianne Miley

    Congrats on writing your next book! I have to know… will it include your pet peeves? You mentioned that your son said it would be a very big book! My pet peeve is looking for things. Hence, organization. I hate, hate, hate hunting for something that hasn’t been put away in its place. And my son thinks I’m too particular too. He’s even been known to misplace things on purpose to mess with me. Ha!

  6. Image for CoCo CoCo

    Thank you so much for sharing my wheelbarrow container garden, KariAnne, I really appreciate it. It's been a difficult week so you definitely lifted my spirits. I'm excited to see the new Downton Abbey movie soon and to hear more about your book as well. Everything you do is fabulous and I know it's going to be a big hit. Big hugs and thank yous, CoCo

  7. Image for Tammy Tammy

    My random thought at the moment is how I could snag those chairs of yours. I would pack them in a UHaul and head back to Maryland. LOL I love them every time you post of photo. Those shortbread crackers look incredible. I may need to make them. Yum!

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