This is a public service announcement for the double zipper.

Have you ever seen one?

Last week I went shopping for a jacket.

I found the perfect one.  Just a little puffy with a belt and a zipper and snaps in a beautiful shade of navy blue.  I stood in front of the mirroin the store looking at the amazing jacket and wondering where it had been all my life and picturing myself and the jacket at football games and drinking hot chocolate and watching the parade….

….and running gracefully through the WalMart parking lot.

Good times.

And just when I thought my jacket couldn’t get any better….the manager of the store pointed out that it had a double zipper.


What is that and why in the world would you ever need a double zipper?  Then she showed me how with the double zipper you can zip the bottom half up and the top half down, kind of creating this amazing hold in the middle that made you look so skinny and totally unpuffy in a puffy jacket.

My fashion life will never been the same. 🙂

wood stars titleHave you ever met Jaime before?

She’s funny and clever and has a blog full of projects that you wish you thought of, but you don’t need to….

….because Jaime already did.

And my favorite new “I wish I thought of that Jaime project” is a wood star.

DIY and details….here.

chicken_enchilada_soupWe are supposed to get snow tomorrow.

The first snow of the season.

I’m excited.  Mostly because I have my new almost puffy jacket and I’m cooking something warm and cozy….like this.

Best photography of chicken enchilada soup ever.

You can find the recipe here.

how-to-make-hot-apple-cider-91I’ve heard of hot chocolate bars before.

But hot apple cider bar?


Until I saw this fall display over at Four Generations One Roof.

Yes, please. 🙂


Need a cute idea for Christmas?

This one is inexpensive and easy to make.

DIY found here for a rag ribbon tree from Craftberry Bush.

And for a little more randomness today:

Cutest party invitation ever.

I can’t believe these are paper.

I need this for Christmas wrapping.

Love when art meets nature.

Clever no-sew advent calendar idea.

Decorating Ideas for Christmas

joss and main holiday sale

And just a quick reminder….my Joss and Main sale is almost over!

You can see the entire sale here.

It’s such a fun collection…I even shopped the sale and bought two of the chairs myself. 🙂

Happy random Saturday to you!

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  1. Image for Kim Banta Kim Banta

    Karianne, th double zipper is also there to make it easier to sit down! You can usually see these in a car coat so you can be more comfortable driving! Who knew!?

  2. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Wonderful picture of the enchilada soup -- I stuck my face right up to the screen thinking I could smell it. Yummmy!! And running over to Joss and whoever worked!! I got my tray - yeah. Now I can make a wonderful tray scape -- are there tray scapes? We got snow the other day -- my body said it's not ready. :-( It wants more sunshine and warmth. I just a wimp! I can't wait to see you in your double zipper jacket!

  3. Image for Barbara Neubeck Barbara Neubeck

    .'m having a lot of fun checking out all your posts Karianne......I love your bolg and the way you write... Hugs and Blessings .... Barb xx

  4. Image for Anne Nonna Muss Anne Nonna Muss

    Looooooove the stair risers with the sea grass risers! Is it possible to do a tutorial on this? Hope I didn't miss this in previous posts!

  5. Image for Diane | An Extraordinary Day Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    I want to see cute you in your new jacket!!!! KariAnn...I am also a huge fan of double zippers...because I hate to sit down and have all this jacket sticking out in front looking like I'm filled with air (or worse!). Yuck! Not a look I like. ;) I've never heard of a double zipper to zip up and down for fashion...that's a double win. Teehee!! All the best for an extraordinary start to your week! [[hugs]]

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