Random thoughts on a sunny, slightly chilly Saturday morning:

1. Our highschool made it to STATE. Yes. Yes they did. They won last night in the LAST THREE SECONDS. We are streaming the final game with all my family and watching it together.

2. I’m so sorry I’ve been off my game with “What I Bought Wednesday.” It will make a reappearance this week. To tide us over until we can get there I want to recommend my favorite beauty item on this planet.

Nothing can compare to this mascara.

And this primer that goes with it.

They are both under $5.

3. Also, I found the solution to television cords that hang on the wall. We had an Apple TV that I couldn’t figure out where to put once the television was on the wall.

Here’s how we fixed it and how we hid our TV cords.

4. It was an amazing week on the blog. We discussed:

5. I have the best tip if you paint your nails at home. Make sure to wrap the polish (and the topcoat) over the top of the nails to prevent chipping.

6. In housekeeping news, I also wanted to take a moment to apologize for the excess ads on the blog. I hear you and I thank you for all the feedback. I’m working with the ad company right now to reduce them.

And now?

I have the best round-up of all my favorite links to show you.


I love fresh flowers.

The challenge is they don’t last that long.

These 5 tips to make fresh-cut flowers last longer.

This is a cake.

I know it looks like an Easter basket, but it’s one of the CUTEST cakes I’ve ever seen.

See the recipe and the how-to here.

Built-ins are amazing.

But they can be so hard to style.

See all the built-in styling tips here.

This little Easter bunny is so cute.

And it’s made from fondant.

See the entire how-to here.


And in random news:

One of the prettiest houses

This amazing blue and white living room

8 long-distance friendship ideas

I never knew about this

This one-hour bathroom makeover

These spring ideas for your table

Have you ever heard of mise en place?

Two words to say today

This faux carrera marble painting technique

How to hang art correctly

This idea for a thrift store basket

This Nashville home tour

And this

If you’ve ever wanted to tour a showhouse? You can take a virtual tour (just drag your mouse around) here.

And one more for the road

Looking for an easy spring project?

Here’s a DIY obelisk (and you’ll never guess what I made it from). 

happy random Saturday to YOU

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  1. Image for Carol Carol

    Happy Saturday How fun for the WIN Always enjoy your posts, even out here in la la land California. Yes please, lose the ads

  2. Image for Karen Karen

    About the ads, isnt this your blog and some income for you and four college students. Cant we support you in all areas for this free entertainment and lots of laughs? Buck up lil campers, dont be so ...rhymes with witchy!

  3. Image for Michele Michele

    It's so freaky that you posted how you lost interest in blue & white but then found your way back. Same here. I started my collection about 40 years ago then my Mum gave me some green depression glass and BANG!! it was love at first sight even though there's not a lot in Australia. I started building that collection and lost interest in b & w. Sold off most of it but kept special pieces that I just couldn't part with. And then in my 60's found myself drawn to b & w again so I have gone full circle and my downstairs area and walls are a sea of blue and white decor. I love your IG site.

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