Random thoughts on a chilly almost Valentine’s Day Saturday morning:

1. Did you know they make lavender-scented toilet paper?


I had no idea until my husband discovered it at the grocery store. When he brought it home and showed me, I fell a little bit more in love with him at that moment.

2. Another episode of What I Bought Wednesday is live on my YouTube Channel. It’s all of my favorite things including these amazing earrings for about $10.

You can see it here.

3. Do you go out for Valentine’s Day or stay home? I’m actually contemplating cooking dinner.

4. It was an amazing week on the blog. We talked about this before and after painted floor bedroom and I shared my mother’s best tip to make any cookie taste gourmet and we discussed these 9 flower decorating projects and this fun way to decorate a tiered tray.

5. Are you playing Wordle? We are all hooked around here. It’s a fun daily puzzle if you haven’t tried it.

And now?

Let’s take a look at all the fun finds I discovered for us this week.

Are you ready?


Did you know there’s such a thing as hot honey?

It looks so perfect for pizza or wings for this weekend.

See the recipe here.

Here’s how to style a dish rack four different ways.

And I’m taking notes.

You can see all the ideas here.

Look at the details in this bathroom.

Even the pipes are cute.

Here are 7 ways to add farmhouse charm to a bathroom.

Look at this beautiful DIY.

It’s the prettiest form of artwork.

See all the details here.


And in random news

This Valentine’s Day playlist

This Swedish house restoration

10 tips for Valentine’s Day at home

These mini brownie lava cakes

The cutest cookies

How to decorate with zero budget

This Instagrammable restaurant (the coolest walls ever)

This creative way to store silk flowers

This tip to remove tarnish

This Tik Tok hack for your trash can

I found the perfect basket for this

Spring displays at Magnolia Market

And this

It made me laugh out loud because it’s so true

And one more for the road

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, here’s one of my favorite love stories.

They don’t make them like this anymore. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day

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  1. Image for Sharon Sharon

    We are moving to a smaller home and going through stuff. We came across hubby's grandmother's love letters. These were written way back in the 1900's. His grandmother and grandfather wrote letters to each other before they married as he was away. Reading these lets you know about Valentine's Day. So sweet and proper and of course, nothing like we hear today. I want to transcribe those letters into a sweet little book because they are such a treasure. Maybe...when we get moved and settled. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

  2. Image for Kris Kris

    I just completed my first Wordle! Don't laugh ... ok, you can laugh, but quietly .... I misunderstood the directions and thought that the example was telling you what letters you could use. Oops. Got it figured out now. The Julian Fellowes spoof was funny--you gave me my entertainment for the day.

  3. Image for JC JC

    I love Magnolia's focus on living plants! I need a tree or an "Earle" in my living room, but honestly I would kill it in a week and they are so expensive. I'm nervous to find a faux one that is huge and lively looking....the kind when people are standing two feet away and say, "Is that real. It looks gorgeous?" Any help in this department would be appreciated! I love the simple basket refresh, the Swedish home restoration was SO much work, but so charmingly beautiful....who doesn't love a checkerboard rug?! I love Seeking Lavender Lane's wall plate rate styling and French Country Cottage's bathroom has always been swoon worthy. Now popping over to see what you found Wednesday. Valentine's Day...yup we are having dinner at home by candlelight :). Happy Valentines, Happy Olympics, Happy Super Bowl Sunday....it's a trifecta weekend! Oh, and toss in Masterpiece's All Creatures Great and Small!

  4. Image for Carla Carla

    So many neat finds--as always! We are Wordle fanatics! Our son got us started, and now it's a daily ritual between myself, my husband, son and daughter-in-law with lots of gentle ribbing going on between us.

  5. Image for Loryl Loryl

    Loved the flower storage Idea and ordered it!! The Julian Fellows spoof was so funny but true! My friend keeps urging me to do Wordle. I’ll have to give it a go.

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