Random thoughts on a freezing cold winter morning:

1. We are heading down to Baylor for bid day for sorority rush. I’m bringing flowers and hugs and a shoulder to lean on.

2. Another episode of “What I Bought Wednesday” is live on my YouTube Channel. It’s all about affordable winter fashion (and the CUTEST jeans that are on sale right now.)

You can see it here.

3. It is so cold in Texas. We are all freezing right now and it’s 41 degrees.

If you live up north please don’t laugh.

4. It was an amazing week on the blog. We talked about drinking more water using these amazing fruit-infused recipes and talked about 5 ways to transition from Christmas to winter decor and shared a refresh in the winter living room and discussed this AMAZING winter DIY.

5. Have you used a sugar scrub with oil this winter? It’s such a great way to keep your hands soft and hydrated.

And now?

Ready for a little inspiration?

Here are some of my favorite finds from this week.

This is the EASIEST farmhouse table to make.

There’s a video with a step-by-step and it’s perfect for summer get-togethers.

See the entire DIY here.

This DIY bowl has the prettiest ruffles.

And gold trim.

You can see the entire DIY (along with a video) here.

I love the idea of opening up a cabinet and leaving the doors open.

And then styling the shelves inside.

You can see all the open shelving styling tips here.

I know I’ve shared these before, but THEY ARE SO GOOD.

This is my mother-in-law’s snickerdoodle recipe.

You can see it here.


And in random news:

How to cover up wire shelves

These natural cleaner recipes

This glittery Valentine’s Craft

Finding joy in the every day

How to give wood a wire brush finish

This great idea for built-ins

The prettiest kitchen

These love quotes are so sweet

These comfort food recipes

This is the COOLEST thing for Valentine’s Day

This vintage cigar cabinet

And this

This is one of the prettiest house tours I’ve ever seen

Painted Plywood Sub Floor

One more for the road

We are in the middle of turning part of our bedroom into a closet right now.

And along the way, we are painting our plywood subfloors.

It’s such an easy project.

You can see how to paint plywood subfloors here.

Happy random Saturday to you

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  1. Image for Niki Niki

    My Massachusetts-born daughter is a freshman at SMU in Dallas this year. She thinks it’s a riot when the temperature drops below 60 and everyone puts on their winter coat. She and the other New Englanders give each other the knowing nod/smirk as they pass each other without coats. She and all but one of her friends decided not to rush. She said that a lot of girls leave/transfer college if they don’t get into the sorority they want. That blows my mind. There is so much more to college than Greek life. I hope girls think about other friendship possibilities beyond the walls of a sorority house. There are a lot of great girls, who could be wonderful friends, who decide not to rush.

  2. Image for Lori Lori

    Took me awhile to get thru your post today KariAnne. I think I saved half of it at least...Lol...It's a very cold 20 degrees here in our Midwest state of Indiana and thank goodness there was a heart shaped blip on the weather map for us that was just going to miss the snow and ice..yep..went right up to our border and then directly south and back up to the Carolinas and NY....yay!! I hope the girls just enjoy their college days and have no pressures. Just enjoy the time there with friends. I so wished I had. Cozy up in one of those Patagonia sweater coats that seems to be all the rage now days. I bought one for my MIL just for a grab and go. She loved it!

    1. Image for Kim Kim

      I live in Buffalo, NY the temperature is -7, buck up its cold outside. I grew up in Schituate MA. We as kids loved Noreasters. We are expecting 18 inches of snow tomorrow here in Buffalo. We have bread, milk, eggs and TOILET PAPER. Our freezer is always full in the winter just in case. We do the snowbird thing in March for several weeks in Florida, all souls need a rest but give me the cold crisp air I couldnt live anywhere without it. I went to college in Baltimore they had 6 inches of snow and shut down everything. UNBELIEVABLE. Kim in Buffalo


    Oh, boy, KariAnne! I am in Oneida NY- upstate, between Syracuse and Utica- and honey, it was 11 below this morning, warmed up to -1 by noon. And when the wind blows (which it does) it is minus 35 degrees. Yip, you read that right. It is going to warm up to the 20's over night, but then the lake effect snow we get, plus the nor'easter and the Canadian Slam that are going to meet up over New England and upstate NY arrive tomorrow. Just sayin', lol.

  4. Image for PJ PJ

    That snickerdoodle recipe is the best and I've made them twice. I have no idea how sorority rush works so I'll need to google it. Have a fun day.

  5. Image for Marie Casale Marie Casale

    I DID chuckle at your mention of the cold Temps. I am on the coast in Portsmouth, RI and we generally do not have many really really cold days. However this a.m. it was 9 degrees. Ha ha. Now it is up to 18 degrees but at least the wind is not blowing. :)

  6. Image for PJ PJ

    It is 2:30 in the afternoon, and it still has not gone above zero degrees! We are hunkered down and ready for the big storm that is heading our way tomorrow. Have an amazing day, KariAnne!

  7. Image for Amy Amy

    Ohh...fingers crossed for sorority rush! Big day. Thank you so much for sharing our article this week. I always look forward to seeing what you find to share. I hope you (all!) have a great day and stay warm :)

  8. Image for Mary Anne Russo Mary Anne Russo

    It's a freezing day in Michigan today, I think it will make it to 10 degrees! Have fun with the girls today! Thanks for all the great shares today! I agree one of the best home tours, love their home!

  9. Image for Jackie Jackie

    I was reading your blog while making blueberry muffins and saw the snickerdoodle recipe. I haven’t made them in over 20 years but decided to make them after the muffins. So glad I did as they are great. Can’t keep my husband away from them. Hope the girls get the bids they want. Remember that day waiting and then the joy of getting that bid.

  10. Image for Mary Ann Mary Ann

    I knew you would get comments about our "cold" weather from those living in really cold states! After Hurricane Ike, a group of electricity lineman from Connecticut were working on the lines that run down our street's backyards here in Houston (no electricity for 17 days - we adored them!). My husband took out a case of water and some bags of cookies to them and shouted to take a break and enjoy the cool weather - 81° (it had been 99° with over 85% humidity before the Ike hit). The lineman started laughing about him calling it cooler weather - they said they had all been complaining to family/friends in Conn. about how hot it was! It's all in what you are use to where you live! Great post as always!

  11. Image for Lisa Lisa

    KariAnne Hope the girls put the right perspective in their sorority bids. Half the fun of college is meeting new people, not just the ones that are just like you.They are great girls from all you have shared, they will fulfill all their dreams! Would you please share how you eat to maintain your super weight loss, thanks so much.

  12. Image for Anna Price Anna Price

    Wow! KariAnne thank you for sharing the glittery Valentine craft! I am inspired to make that farm table that you shared. Also, we all need some cheer in January and the transition to winter decor can definitely help! Thank you again. p.s. It was a high of 8 degrees here the other day.

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