Random thoughts on a foggy December morning:

1. Today is the big 12 championship and guess who is playing in it? BAYLOR. Let’s go Bears. Whitney came home and brought friends and they are heading to the game right now.

2. Another episode of “What I Bought Wednesday” is live on my YouTube Channel. It’s all about last-minute gifts and unique and creative stocking stuffers.

You can see it here.

3. Have you seen the show Silver Skates on Netflix? It’s SO good. It’s in Russian with subtitles and it’s the perfect love story.

4. It was such a fun week on the blog. We talked about decorating our Christmas tree from the inside out and shared my mother’s famous cranberry bread recipe and 11 handmade gifts you can make in an afternoon and why an innkeeper’s wife needs a little choreography.

5. If you are local to the McKinney/DFW area I’m giving a presentation at Chestnut Square today for our annual Christmas Holiday Home Tour celebration at 3:30 on Christmas decorating. Come and join us. There’s no charge and there will be stories (please act surprised) and tons of creative ideas.

And now?

Who is here for some creative inspiration and ideas?

Let’s GO.

Look at this garland.

Isn’t it beautiful?

You can make your own with this DIY here.

This pretty house tour.

Her new house is so pretty.

Take the entire tour here.

And this fireplace literally stopped me in my tracks.

It is so beautiful.

See how she created it here.

Somewhere along the line I forgot about tinsel.

And then I saw this tree and I am HERE for it.

Take her entire tour here.


And in random news:

This beautiful blue and white kitchen decorated for Christmas

This no-bake gingerbread cheesecake

This free printable sweater garland

Raspberry almond shortbread cookies

How to paint a winter scene

This beautiful paper poinsettia wreath (seriously one of the cutest I’ve seen)

This creative valance idea

How to bleach pinecones

This quiz helps to determine where you should live

How to decorate a skinny Christmas tree

This simple ornament DIY

These pecan fudge cookies

And this

Simple, easy ways to spruce up a holiday wreath

And one more for the road

If you are looking for a fun idea for a tree topper?

Why not a chalkboard?

See the tree and read my favorite ornament story here.

Happy Random Saturday to You

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  1. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Go Baylor!!! Our Buckeyes have definately had a bad year. We have been national champions so many times - just not this one. Can't win em all - but we WANNA, right???? Great thistles, KA. Hope your presentation went well. I am certain you caused lots of laughter and smiles. You are like a true and real ray of sunshine that shines the dark corners of the world away! Wishing you lots of those kinds of days.

  2. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    PS: I was always a tinsel girl until one year our cat ate it and - um - well - let's just say that pulling tinsel from that "other end" was NOT fun, either for kitty or for us. It traumatized us all and the tinsel was tossed out. Now we don't have our sweet furry friend, may he prance happily at The Rainbow Bridge......tinsel-less, I am certain. What a memory. Yikes. LOL!!!

    1. Image for DBLori DBLori

      That happened to us with the cat too. I even found tinsel wrapped "presents" in the litter box. No tinsel for us since. ;-)

  3. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Not only animals but my vaccum thanked me when I quit using it. Both in time gone by have passed. Im sure Princess is in kitty heaven, as for the eureka...not sure where it is today. Maybe reincarnated as a hairbrush, or a plastic bag. As for me and tinsel? We parted ways years ago. Not sorry.

  4. Image for Sue Sue

    I also had the awful tinsel kitty issues, never again. And flocking! My cats went after it like crazy and then were sick for days. Please, everyone with pets, check out which decorations and plants are pet safe, so you can make wise choices- and save money, lol.

  5. Image for Kris Kris

    I think it's hilarious that I am trendy this year with my skinny Christmas tree. I have been using my tree for well over 20 years now and I still love it. It tucks in so well to my not-big home and gives the height I desire without taking up valuable floor real estate. As for the tinsel, I remember packing it away every darn year to use the following year. Our pets weren't allowed in the house, since we lived in the country, so no sad stories of making them sick, but the tinsel, which we called icicles, was full of static and stuck to everything. It's fun to remember an old trend but I don't think I'll be reliving those times.

  6. Image for Crystal Ratzlaff Crystal Ratzlaff

    KariAnne - what a fabulous Thistlekeeping - I loved all the posts, projects, tours and recipes you shared. I clicked on the favorite ornament blog and it brought tears to my eyes. I can imagine how you were feeling and I am so glad you were holding the hand of your best friend. You truly do know how to look at the bright side of life and it has served you well. You support and love everyone around you. Thank you for sharing me today. I so greatly appreciate it!!!

  7. Image for Peg Peg

    The fireplace village at French Country Cottage was stunning!! And I found the same brass Christmas tree candle holder, that Zevy Joy found thrifting, years ago on eBay!! Thank you!! xoxo

  8. Image for PJ PJ

    Thanks for sharing all these ideas. I watched Silver Skates upon your recommendation. I enjoyed the Russian setting and subtitles were no big deal for. Blessings.

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