Random thoughts on a chilly spring Saturday morning:

1. Just in case I hadn’t mentioned it before? BAYLOR IS IN THE FINAL FOUR. The game is today and we’ll be watching on the edge of our seats.


2. I found the BEST solution for nails that need to dry in 60 seconds. It’s from OPI and you drip it onto your nails and they dry to the touch almost immediately. I’ve been using it for two weeks and I’M A BELIEVER.

3. I went live on Facebook yesterday and shared some other fun finds, including a primer for your mascara and fun Mother’s Day gift ideas. You can have coffee with me and see it here.

(total aside: apparently I’m a beauty blogger now. LOL.)

4. It was an AMAZING week on the blog. We discussed 17 home projects you can finish in a weekend and how to decorate a hutch and this incredible zucchini bread recipe from my mother.

Oh. And I matched my clothes to my room, too.

(total aside #2: over 75 of you bought the pants. I can’t WAIT to hear how much you loved them.)

5. I just heard something crawling around in my attic as I’m typing this.


Here are some fun links for you while we try and figure out what is going on in our wildlife refuge upstairs.

Isn’t this the cutest wreath you’ve ever seen?

And she DIY’d it.

See the entire tutorial here.

These are the cutest Easter decorating ideas.

Love this floral arrangement in a head of cabbage.

See this and 14 other Easter ideas here.

Here are five recipes you can make for Easter.

And they are gluten-free.

See the recipes here.

This is such a cute craft.

She made this apron from a tea towel.

See how to make it here.


And in random news:

This is literally brilliant

This summer retreat in Norway

These closet organizing ideas

This made me smile

This before and after bedroom

This Easter cake

This design inspiration

Why we celebrate May Day

This art room makeover

This pretty table

This sweet spring entryway

How to uncurl a new rug

And I just found my new DIY idea for next week and putting my own spin on it.

I’m making this.

And one more for the road:

This obelisk is one of my most pinned projects from last year.

It’s made from embroidery hoops.

happy EASTER to you!!!!!!

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  1. Image for Juliet Juliet

    Go Bears ... yay, its so exciting!!! Loved your post matching your clothes to your house ... your eyelet dress is darling, and my personal favorite is the navy wrap dress. I was thrilled when you posted this zucchini bread recipe ... after your Instagram tease and your son's endorsement I was so ready. Zucchini bread is one of my most favorite things. Loving all the Easter ideas ... and wow, look at that closet. LOL. You're the best! Wishing you and your crew a very Happy Easter weekend! xo

  2. Image for Ann Ann

    The Loreal Voluminous mascara primer is the best I've ever used. It's kind of like putting Elmer's Glue on your lashes ; it just makes them stand up ready for mascara. I've used Clinique and it is not nearly as good. Thanks for all your tips, and you look fabulous.

  3. Image for Lisa Bruzzese Lisa Bruzzese

    Where did you find that adorable yellow blouse you had on in an instagram post? I'm IG unaccomplished and did not know how to access the link! I too have something crawling around in my attic and as soon as Easter festivities are over will be calling someone to check it out. We have multiple bird feeders outside and can't help but think it could be a bird or squirrel up there.

  4. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    I so enjoy your blog and especially the one on Sat. Great to share all the great ideas with us. My guess would be a squirrel in your attic. We have had them fall down our chimney and even had a flying squirrel in our wood stove. Fortunately no injuries to these visitors but made fo some excitment when the dogs caught the scent! Have a blessed Easter with your beautiful family. We will finally be able to be with all our 10 grandchildren. Lots of hugs,kisses and tears of joy.

  5. Image for Kim | Shiplap and Shells Kim | Shiplap and Shells

    This was so much fun today! First of all, I need to know what was in the attic. Next, I think I want to wallpaper a wall in my office after seeing one of your features. The Easter brunch ideas were amazing and so beautiful. And I want to go visit that house in Norway! Loved all the inspiration KariAnne!

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