Random thoughts on a chilly February morning:

1. Do you know how lucky I am? I get to wake up on Saturday and spend time with you. It makes me so happy to find all this fun stuff every week.

2. It’s almost my birthday. I’m going to be celebrating in boots THAT ZIP UP TO MY KNEES.

Almost 75 pounds down now and I think this might be my favorite birthday ever.

3. The twins are in the middle of writing a devotional book for girls and I am editing their writing and crying with the absolute joy of being their mother.

They are wise beyond their years.

4. IT IS COLD in Texas (I probably should have led with this one—it’s big news around here.) A high of 30 and a low of ZERO.

And in amazing news?

We just might get snow. 🙂

5. It was an amazing week on the blog. I shared 21 of my favorite cozy finds and made three simple art canvases and showed y’all a mini-refresh of the bedroom.

And now?

It is my JOY to share with you all the fun finds from this week.

Let’s GO.

These terra cotta candle pots.

Such a cute, easy idea.

You can see the how-to here.

These triple chocolate brownies.


Look at how yummy they look.

You can see the recipe here.

This amazing home tour.

Every single angle is perfection.

You can see it here.

This sweet Valentine’s Day table.

So many great last-minute ideas.

You can see the table here.


And in random news:

I need a cutting garden like this

This beautiful home that was saved

I want to make this

This spring mudroom

How to patch a drywall hole

This office chair hack

Joanna Gaines’ kitchen

This before and after chair

This beautiful garden

How to get rid of stuff

How to make ice candles

This sweet gift idea

This New Zealand kitchen

And this closet.


I think I need an entertaining closet and I want it to look just like this.

And one more for the road

I had to share where it all started.

Here’s my favorite love story on the planet.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy random Saturday to you

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  1. Image for Renee Renee

    75 pounds! That is wonderful! Congrats on the hard work (because I know it is hard) and commitment!! May I ask what kind of diet you are following?

  2. Image for Christy @ Our Southern Home Christy @ Our Southern Home

    Karianne, You look absolutely stunning! You always have, but you have such joy and look amazing with your accomplishment! Thanks so much for sharing my office chair this week. So exciting. I can't wait to try those brownies for my weekly cheat meal!

  3. Image for Karen Lynn Mcclurg Karen Lynn Mcclurg

    How about a post on how you lost the weight. Its 'the' thing I cannot get a handle on. I can lose it , but not forever. Ugh.

  4. Image for Sheryl Sheryl

    Congrats on your "amazing" weight loss, I know you must feel so much better physically and mentally... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  5. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    So proud of you and your weight loss! I too want to know how! Congratulations to the girls on their book! Have a blessed weekend!

  6. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    Continued congrats on the weight loss. Pretty amazing. I enjoyed today's offerings. Oh, that entertaining closet! I want it! Why don't they put these in one-bedroom apartments?! Maybe I just need to re-think what I'm storing in the fairly sizeable storage closet I do have. And that gorgeous chair that was painted white...was so gorgeous....before it was painted white! Ha! Just don't think I could have brought myself to paint it.

  7. Image for JC JC

    so many beautiful things, but you being 75 pounds down is cause for a major happy dance!!!!! Happy almost birthday, friend!!

  8. Image for PJ PJ

    I don't have young girls anymore, but I'm looking forward to the twin's devotional book! Dying to hear how this weight loss process has gotten you 75 lbs down too.. Congratulations on that hard work.

  9. Image for Mary Mary

    Wow, you go girl!!! As someone close to twice your age who has struggled with weight all my life, I know it can be hard. Some days are worse than others, but I know you can do it. And it’s true about it being much harder as you get older 🙄 Keep up the good work, and don’t let yourself get too hungry!! So happy for you!!

  10. Image for Gail Cunningham Gail Cunningham

    KariAnne, I haven't even looked at your post yet; got to the sentence of 75# WL and I am THRILLED for you!!! I remember last year when you talked about going Sugar free...It took me several months but I got on the SF train and have left 42# in my rear view mirror. I am SO HAPPY for you! You've made your health a priority and you're winning!!! Now, on to reading one of my favorite Saturday afternoon activities, your post! Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Image for Debbie S. Debbie S.

    Thank you so much for giving the link for the ice candles. It brought back memories of my mom making these candles as Christmas gifts for our elementary school teachers. Great memory and instructions I have looked for for years. Thank you again!

  12. Image for Nancy Carr Nancy Carr

    You are so amazing. Love your stories. Great on the weight loss. Love your ideas. I love and appreciate you.

  13. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Hello, from all the comments we all want to know about your weight loss journey! When you started, what you did, challenges, all of it girl! Inspired by your creativity and know your willpower!

  14. Image for Edie Edie

    Hello from Tallahassee, Florida. Wow you have done an amazing job losing 75 lbs. Congratulations. So excited fro your girls on their new book. I hope it will be for girls around the ages of 8 - 10. My granddaughter will be 9 next month. Hope she will be able to enjoy their new book. Enjoy the cold weather while it lasts! Happy Valentine's Day.

  15. Image for Kris Kris

    Hey there, slim. So, with your weight loss, was it easier to find boots that would fit around your calves? I've never understood why boot makers so often don't accommodate calf size, although it has gotten better in recent years. You will be stylin', for sure! Happy early birthday ... stay warm and safe .... and I loved both of the chair makeovers you featured. And my Michigan heart loves that you featured folks from my home state. :)

  16. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    WOO-HOO!!! Way to go, the most amazing one on the planet wearing red lipstick! LOL That is soooooooo cool! Congratulations! And congrats for raising two amazing girls who are writing a devotional. So awesome! I know your momma buttons are popping! So happy for you! 😁❤

  17. Image for Amy Amy

    Happy birthday! It's my birthday month, too, and the big 45 is around the corner. Holy moley!! 75 pounds?!? You didn't even look like you had 75 pounds to lose so it makes it even more breathtaking! Way to go! Also, the cutting garden stole my breath today in a different way, and suddenly I know exactly what I want for my birthday. It can be the gift that keeps on giving. As my kid grow older (soon to be 20, 18, 14, and 9), I can gleefully say that I'm ready to devote more time to myself and my own hobbies and passions. A cutting garden can check all the boxes. Thanks for your beautiful posts and inspiring messages. Have a great birthday month!!

  18. Image for Linda Linda

    I totally enjoy reading your accounts of life and would like to congratulate you on your weight loss. I am in a battle with my weight also and know just how hard it is especially with a young family. My hat off to you for being able to stay the course. Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.

  19. Image for Lydia Lydia

    We ALL obviously are thrilled for you on your weight loss and we ALL want to know what you’ve been doing to lose all those pounds?!!!? Hope to see the story soon in addition to more gorgeous inspiration and celebrations of your precious family! You are loved dear Lady.

  20. Image for Carrie Carrie

    You’re amazing - congratulations on the hard work of losing weight! Wow!! And extra exclamation points for the sweet twins and their devotional book!! I can’t wait to read their words! Bravo, Proud Momma! Happy Valentine’s Day❤️

  21. Image for Michele Howell Michele Howell

    I cannot wait to see the girls devotional book. I have 2 nieces that I will need to get that for. Congratulations on the weight loss, you look amazing! And thank you so much for sharing my home tour!!

  22. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Congratulations on your new life style (weight loss).. I have struggled all my life and I know it is one of the more difficult challenges to undertake in our life ! I give you a massive amount of credit for what you've done ! Will you share your plan with us ? You can help so many people ! Also - I have to say Congratulations also on an amazing blog. I've been following you by email for years and I look forward to every single post. You give us so many useful ideas and beautiful photos to go with them. Thanks so much for a wonderful blog as well...

  23. Image for Cindy Rust Cindy Rust

    Did you say 75 pounds??? Omogoodness!!!! That is amazing!! Congratulations and I applaud you for your hard work!! Thanks for sharing all the fun ideas here! Those ice candles look like fun!!

  24. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    Thanks for this post, it's snowing and cold so I had a good time looking at all you posted, so many fun things to look at.

  25. Image for Kim Waldorf Kim Waldorf

    Goodness! Seventy-Five pounds, a birthday and your amazing girls are writing a devotional! That's the stuff dreams are made of. You are an inspiration to so many! Thank you for sharing my post, this week! 💛

  26. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Congratulations! 75 pounds-amazing! Thanks for the weekend wrap up! As always full of information and fun projects! Happy Valentine's Day!

  27. Image for Gina Gina

    Yes to the weight loss. That is amazing. And the girls are doing wonderful work! May they continued to be inspired and share.

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