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Random thoughts on a morning full of post-Christmas haze:

1. Sending all the Christmas wishes and joy from our house to yours this weekend.

2. My favorite thing about this Christmas? It was full of rest and joy and books.

I never knew I needed rest so much until I met 2020.

3. I love all the bed-making advice from last week’s post. You all represented. And now? Can I ask you for an advice favor? I’m putting together wise words to kick off 2021.

Can you give me your best advice you would give me over coffee in the comments?

I’m going to compile it into a post for all of us (and I’ll give you credit).

4. I need to share some of the fun tech gadgets that my kids got me for Christmas. For example, my oldest son got me a mouse pad that saves your wrist. And of course, I need to share the handmade family Christmas presents.

More on all this when I’ve recovered from the holidays.

5. Did you all watch Bridgerton last night on Netflix? It’s on my list.

And now?

Let’s see all the amazing things I found for us from around the web (including lots of recipes).

These simple ideas for decorating for New Year’s Eve.

I love the idea of repurposing Christmas garland.

See that and seven other ideas here.

If you are taking the week of next week and you’re looking for something to do?

Here are nine craft ideas to try.

You can see them here.

Hello breakfast.

Nice to meet you.

If you are looking for something for breakfast, these pecan sticky buns look so yummy.

See the recipe here.

And this cranberry fizz “mocktail.”

It’s the perfect addition to New Year’s Eve.

See the drink recipe here.


And in random news:

The best books of 2020

These yummy scones

This fun tutorial

7 decluttering tips

These snickerdoodles

This simple winter centerpiece

These chocolate mint cookies

These journal prompts

This is perfect for breakfast

These DIY room sprays

How to preserve greenery the easy way

These german sour cream twists

And these.

I love these healthy food trends and I’m going to work on number two in 2021.

And one more for the road

This is the perfect craft to take you from now to Valentine’s Day.

See the how-to-here.

May your week be merry and bright and….


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  1. Image for Julie Julie

    Best advice for 2021 -------- if you allow 2020 to impact your goals, pick up where you left off and make them happen in 2021! Remember the poem "Don't Quit......." It's when things seem worst, that you must not quit." Definitely a believer............

  2. Image for Rev. Dr. Nancy Carr Rev. Dr. Nancy Carr

    My best advice is to follow your heart and live with honesty and gratitude. I have had a life following my heart which I consider intuition. My life has not always been easy, however I trust my intuition as my connection to the Divine.

  3. Image for Mary Ann Mary Ann

    For most of us 2020 was not the worst year ever; it was an inconvenience. Yes I know - a BIG, major inconvenience but we had shelter, food, and communications that previous generations did not have - so thankful to have Zoom time with grandsons and not have to "wait" for a letter from them! And whatever I needed/wanted delivered to my door (than you Amazon!). Going into 2021 remember those who lives were truly changed by Covid (illness, death, 18 hour work days, etc.), to count your blessings, and move forward!

  4. Image for Carrie Carrie

    “Keep on keeping on” , “make good choices”, “scatter joy” are all things my kids hear from me on repeat! May 2021 bring out the best in everyone in every situation. May God Bless us all. . Thanks for allowing me to share some advice!


    The advice I would give you is this-most of the time, you get what you think you are going to get. If you think things are going to go well, they usually will. If you think things will be a disaster, mostly likely, things will be a disaster. You may not be able to control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to those things. Choose to react wisely and positively.

  6. Image for Ellen Ellen

    My favorite advice to self (found somewhere on the Internet): “you live most of your life inside your head; make sure it's a nice place to be.”

  7. Image for Dee Dee

    Happy day after Christmas or boxing Day depending on what part of the world you live in! 1) I would say that every day is a gift to us, and what we do with it is our gift to ourselves, and others. 2) Love liberally! Tell the ones you love that you love them, we are only guaranteed this present moment, and there are never any regrets when you tell the ones you love that you love them. 3) The best advice I could ever give is just to share from my heart that we have a loving Heavenly Father who has a plan and a purpose for our lives. His love for us is infinite, and infinitely patient. He never imposes his love upon us but he calls us gently to him. The greatest gift I could ever give anyone is to love as crisis loved me and to express that to the best of my abilities. Blessings on your sweet family always!

  8. Image for Dee Dee

    Wish I could edit my post and make sure that autocorrect didn't change any words before I hit send! I guess that's advice as well but it's at the end of my last comments that it says to love as crisis loved me Well that should be as Christ has loved me!

  9. Image for Diane Ruebel Diane Ruebel

    During this season of continued difficulties, I love this wisdom from Esther de Waal: "...the ability to live with uncertainty requires courage and the need to ask questions more than to find answers." May we receive grace to live with our questions, Diney on Camano

  10. Image for Janice Byrd Janice Byrd

    Here's a poem I learned in high school. It's been an inspiration to me many times in my 72 years. When people you love cut you out because they are grieving or mad or any other things that makes your relationship too hard for them to maneuver at the time, I say this verse to myself: OUTWITTED He drew a circle that shut me out. He was a rebel, a thing to flout; But Love and I had wit to win. We drew a circle that took him in.

  11. Image for DeMarie DeMarie

    One of my favorite sayings is - Do not compare, You paint differently because you are different! Wishing you and your family a joyous New Year.

  12. Image for BE BE

    First of all, thank you for all the wonderful ideas and sharing your magical comments. Each day I can't wait to read and see what you will share!! Next, your family portrait was fabulous!!! What a wonderful family and so glad to see Buddy still with you. Advice; Keep a journal of all the little pieces of GRACE God gives you each day. Reread them at the end of each week or month!! It will lighten your walk in life. Love you girl Happy New Year!!!

  13. Image for Sonya Sonya

    I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. I am excited to try that cranberry fizz mocktail. Lots of great inspiration to mull over while I am off work for the holiday break, I might even try a few of those crafts. Thanks for sharing my tutorial Karianne and I hope you and your family have a wonderful new year.

  14. Image for Peg Peg

    First, love, love the family photo!! Best advice...hmm. Mine would be to count your blessings, and find five things to be thankful for at the end of each day. xoxo

  15. Image for Sydney Dawson Sydney Dawson

    Advice I give everyone: “Just go for it girl!” Oh, and find a good lactation consultant, but since your girls are off to college in a few short months.. this probably doesn’t apply. Still good advice when it does apply!! LOL

  16. Image for Chris T Chris T

    My best friend died on December 9th. Her birthday was Christmas. During our last conversation, just 5 days before she died, she gave me some amazing advice. I'm doing my best to live by it every day. She didn't know that her words would become a battle cry for a rare disease support group of 11,000 she and I were in. During our conversation, she simply said, "Look out at how wondrous the world is and be courageous! Live courageously!".

  17. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Happy holidays, Karianne. I just love this family porch picture. Everyone is so beautiful/handsome and full of joy. Wonderful. Happy new year too. Stay safe and be well. -Lisa, xoxo

  18. Image for Leslie Saeta Leslie Saeta

    KariAnne! I can’t believe you shared my Crafts post! You are so kind and I am very grateful. Thank you. You are the best. Leslie

  19. Image for Janette Janette

    Just wanted to say 'Thankyou' so much for all the post throughout the year, I read and laugh and sometimes cry, love your books and how your always so truthful about everything. The photo out front of your house is beautiful, what a beautiful family. Happy New Year to you all, take care.xx

  20. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    Oh my goodness KariAnne, I just finished Bridgerton last night and if you haven't seen it yet, it's wonderful, lol. Can't wait to see the next season! Happy Holidays and Thank you for everything!

  21. Image for JudyCinNC JudyCinNC

    Coffee chit chat. : “for me, Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” This is a quote from Marianne Williamson via Quiltville and has really stayed with me while trying to establish the hope we need going forward from a world that has been topsy turvy far too long. Happy 2021

  22. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I loved your family picture, no little ones, they have grown, have a Happy New Year. God is beauty and so are you, he is in you: God is always beside you, you are never alone. These are things I truly believe, from the Bible.

  23. Image for Betty in Arlington Betty in Arlington

    No, 2020 wasn't the worst year - ever! I celebrated a milestone birthday, I survived Covid-19 (early), I learned new skills online, I became more patient with everything and everyone, and as our friend, a monk in a productive monastic community that raises dogs and makes food for sale, stated - "2020 brought new adventures for [us] - we trained and sold [our] dogs differently, brought back many former monastics into the fold, converted our paper sheet music for use on an iPad, streamed on-line church services and coistered to keep us safe". Friends are the family we choose for ourselves; cheers to another year of sisterhood. Be kind, smile and do good. Thank you Karianne, for your online community!

  24. Image for Laura Nuss Laura Nuss

    M favorite words of wisdom I share with high school and college grads is this, “ know you’r audience.” Be mindful that your “struggles” may not be real world struggles. My new one is “ give/show grace” What a fun comment question! Happy New Year! Laura

  25. Image for Denise Denise

    My advice - God is in control! With all of the chaos during 2020 it's important to keep our focus on our faith and know that God is and always will be in control.

  26. Image for Katherine Katherine

    Lovely photo my friend. Let's see....hmmmm, if we were having coffee, first I'd say thank you, please pass the dairy-free milk. KariAnne, the advice I often give is this, "when in doubt fall to your knees ( or slowly ease yourself onto a pillow) and look up, He's there, He's guiding you, He's there for you always." Big hugs and wishing you and your lovely family a happy healthy 2021.

  27. Image for Kris Kris

    What an attractive family! That's a fabulous photo. Like Barbara, I am late to the party. I'm not sure how to say this in a brilliant way, but when life feels too heavy, I have learned to take some time for fun. Go for a walk, play a silly game with your kids, sing loudly if not well. It changes your attitude 🙂.

  28. Image for Janet Janet

    My best advice is to enjoy every good moment in your life. Stop worrying about the future! Be mindful of what you’re doing and do something every day that brings you joy!! You can be happy regardless of your circumstances. I spent two years of my life giving up joy because my son was suicidal and self medicating with drugs. I learned how to not be codependent and embrace the challenges God has given me. My son is now stable and sober and I have maintained my happiness even when he relapsed. And, it’s ok to not be ok when hard things happen! It’s your responsibility to reach out and get help and grieve, then move forward. Pass through the suffering, don’t stay in it!! And above all, remember that you’re not alone! We have angels surrounding us and a God in Heaven watching over us! Have hope!!

  29. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher best advice. Let's see. Whatever greets us around the corner of 2021, may we know we are not alone, no matter what dire circumstances we may bump into. But let’s search for corners of amazing. Corners of the Lord’s leading. To slip our feet into His sandaled steps. For the next corner may have a wonder-filled surprise for us. Greet each corner, each event, with expectation and hope, praise and thanksgiving. It may change things, but if not, it will change our attitude. May everyone bump into corners of blessing!

  30. Image for Carena Ennis Carena Ennis

    I think 🤔..,.. If 2020 has taught anything, it’s that we don’t really need much to be happy. It has returned us to simple things and helped us prioritize what really matters. P.S. you are a machine & everything looks fantastic!


    What a lovely family picture! How nice to see Buddy in the picture! He is such a part of your wonderful family and you can just see how much you all love him! Everyone looks so happy, so beautiful and so handsome! KariAnne, we thank you for your wonderful posts this past year! You were definitely a bright spot in our day! You always had such good advice for us! Thanks for always being there! My advice would be: "Live each day to the fullest and enjoy the many blessings that come your way for we know not what tomorrow may bring! Keep looking up to Him for God knows all about you and He cares for you!". KariAnne, we pray that 2021 will be a wonderful year for you, your hubby and your dear children. God Bless You All!

  32. Image for Julie B Wolfe Julie B Wolfe

    Hi KariAnne, I am a long time reader of your blog...feel like we are old friends actually 🥰...your family looks absolutely gorgeous!! What a beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing all that you do. Xo, Julie

  33. Image for Julie B Wolfe Julie B Wolfe

    Hi KariAnne, I am a long time reader of your blog...feel like we are old friends actually 🥰...your family looks absolutely gorgeous!! What a beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing all that you do. Here is some random “best” advice for 2021...keep wearing your masks and washing your hands...take a walk daily if possible...fresh air has kept me sane in 2020. Tell people you care about why you care. Buy fresh flowers at the grocery store as often as possible. Make fruit salad. Drink coffee in bed on the weekends...maybe even add whipped cream so you know it’s the weekend.😜 whatever you like most. Be kind to yourself and others. Xo Julie

  34. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Beautiful family pic! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was great, just quiet - just the two of us due to Covid this year. Really missed my 4 year old grand girl!!!!!! But we were on FT for hours that day opening gifts from a safe distance. My only advice is "Practicing kindness and keeping the peace is one's path towards the Light." Best wishes for a GREAT new I think the world has long awaited - for 2020 to be over. Hoping and praying for the world to heal itself! Hugs. Great Thistles this week, thank you.

  35. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    PS finished watching Bridgerton last night. Not even close to being historically accurate in any way, shape or form - but it is a cute story with some beautiful people and EXCELLENT acting. The settings are lovely, as well as the costumes, though again not accurate historically. But for me it was entertaining and I enjoyed it.. I read they renewed for a second season, too. Yay.

  36. Image for Maria Maria

    HAPPY happy new year to you and yours!!! Thank you so much for your inspiration in 2020! The advise that I need to continually hear is "live for today". I am a planner and sometimes miss the moment of right now when I get so busy dreaming and planning for tomorrow or next year. Today is important! Take care:)

  37. Image for Bonnie Bonnie

    Thanks so much for sharing the picture of you and your beautiful family. It made me smile. I read everyone's comments about advice & really enjoyed reading them. For me, being thankful even when times are gut-wrenchingly hard continues to be so healing for me. I'm learning that faith is trusting Him even when I don't understand. This past year, I've said aloud "I don't understand" many times and now it's coming out of my lips and I'm learning to be ok with it. I'm starting to realize that I don't have to understand but that I can trust the Lord for the events happening in my life and choose to go forward believing that He will turn my mourning into joy. I hope this doesn't sound preachy as this advice continues to be hard for me to do.

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