Random thoughts on a cold foggy December morning:

1. At the risk of pointing out the obvious? Christmas is less than one week away.

How are you doing?

2. Every morning I drink coffee out of a Santa mug. It makes me so happy.

I think I’m going to keep it up after the holidays.

3. Can I ask you a question? Do you make your bed every morning? Or do you think—what’s the point? I’m about to mess it up all over again.

4. It was an amazing week on the blog. I discovered the secret to decorating the outside of our house and shared last-minute stocking stuffers and a super simple way gift wrap hack.

5. Thank you SO MUCH for all the recommendations for Buddy’s stocking.

Look at that face.

How could Santa not fill his stocking with extra treats?

And now?

Let’s see all the inspiration and ideas I found for us this week.

You might want to grab a beverage. It’s a good one.

If you are looking for super cute ideas for winter?

This is the post for you.

Here are 10 ways to decorate a wooden sled.

I love a house with a name.

This one is called Snowberry and it’s so pretty.

Take a tour here.

This Christmas kitchen tour made me so happy.

So many cute and happy ideas.

Take a tour here.

This is one of the cutest Christmas tree crafts.

Guess what these trees are made of?

You can see how to make them here.


And in random news this week:

This is the CUTEST

This vintage winter lodge

This fun idea for vintage jewelry

These hot chocolate mixes

Such a cute new family game

This looks like such an easy idea

This Christmas showhouse

This porch makes me so happy

This simple DIY

Super easy way to update your bathroom

This is perfect for New Year’s Eve

And this.

Just in case Santa needed a charcuterie board.

One more for the road

Here’s some light Christmas reading for you.

My top ten posts of 2019.

happy random Saturday to you

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  1. Image for Renee Bayes Renee Bayes

    Does your creative mind ever hit the STOP button? You are amazing and so very clever. Your home looks like a Christmas card from Hallmark.... have a wonderful Christmas and joyous new year.

  2. Image for Dahlia Caballero Dahlia Caballero

    Absolutely make my bed! If I wake up and make sure to show up fully for the day. as well as wearing make-up (most days.) The routine makes me feel better especially during these dark pandemic days. I have a 'socially distancing club' mug that I drink my warm beverages in. Warm wishes this holiday and for 2021!

  3. Image for Cristina Cristina

    Love reading your posts! So many wonderful ideas for Christmas, my favorite holiday!! To answer your question, yes, I absolutely make my bed each morning! Can't stand to walk into a messy bedroom let alone get into an unmade bed!

  4. Image for Linda Linda

    What did I miss ? Buddy s adorable face ? And ideas for his stocking....I must have not seen this one for sure. Can I pull it up and see it ? Thanks !

  5. Image for Leslie Saeta Leslie Saeta

    Yes! We want to see Buddy’s face! Thank you so much for sharing my crystalized trees. You are the best. I look forward to Thistlekeeping every Saturday. Got my coffee and blankie and I love to read it! Leslie

  6. Image for Betsy Betsy

    KariAnne, I sure enjoy the Saturday Thistlekeeping. I'd like to take this time to thank you for all your hints helping to get me through the holiday gift buying, decorating and stopping to smell the roses ( coffee in a Santa mug). I've added Paula from Sweet Pea to my prayer list.

  7. Image for Janis Janis

    Yes, I make my bed every morning, and so did my mom. I don’t feel ready to tackle the day’s projects unless the bed is made. I love your blog and envy your creativity!

  8. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Yes I make my bed EVERY DAY-it is the first thing I do in the morning. Love the weekly wrap up and all the new ideas. Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend!

  9. Image for Rebecca A Sanborn Rebecca A Sanborn

    I try to make my bed everyday but have to wait for others including the furry ones to get up. I sometimes make the bed at 8 p.m.. Yes in the evening. I hate to get into a bed where the blankets and quilts are in a state of confusion. I sleep better in an orderly bed. If I could, I would make the bed first thing in the morning. The order it brings to my mind is a great way to start the day.

  10. Image for Calypso in the Country Calypso in the Country

    Beautiful features - and yes, I make my bed every day. I need to start the day with an accomplishment! Happy Saturday! Cheers! Shelley

  11. Image for Sonya Sonya

    Karianne thank you so much for sharing my simple little diy and so many other amazing features. I love the balloon garland idea for New Years. We usually do not do much because we go to bed so early but what a way to step it up, always inspired by you and those you share.

  12. Image for Lori Lori

    I'm inspired to do more Christmas decor and it's almost over...wah wah...But I have new ideas for next year so I'm pinning away. Where is Buddy's face? Did I miss that sweet face? Yes, I always make my bed in the morning although hubby is going back in it as he just arrives home at 8:30 am every morning from work. Makes me feel all ready to start my day:0)

  13. Image for Kim | Shiplap and Shells Kim | Shiplap and Shells

    I'm loving all your fun features this week! No, I don't make my bed everyday, but I do think about it, does that count? And I can't believe that Christmas will be here in less than a week. So crazy. Enjoy your week my friend.

  14. Image for Pamela Pamela

    I had 2 absolute rules for our girls & passed them on to sweet grandkids as well: 1) ALWAYS make your bed, and 2) no one worth their weight in gold ever sleeps past 9AM (exception- folks who work nights & rock stars :) ). Do they follow my "only" rules? One daughter yes, one no on the bed making but both are early risers; their kids followed their moms! My grandkids always ask- "Grammy, how many rock stars are you friends with?". Isn't it such fun being a mom & grammy?

  15. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I always make my bed because I love walking into my room throughout the day and have that space look pretty and straighten up!! It just brings me joy to have that bed made!!

  16. Image for Kay Bigham Kay Bigham

    Yes, especially after watching the video of the Texas captain giving this speech to graduates. He says making the bed gets you started on your day. Watch the video. I think his name was McRaven

  17. Image for Sue Sue

    Hi, Kari Anne, With everything so awful with COVID, it is so nice to have a friendly, cheerful, upbeat place to check in with. As for making my bed every morning, yes, but since. I have two cats and a dog who sleep in with me, first I shake out everything and run the vac over it before I make it up. I do love clean sheets and warm pj's, plumped pillow, lol. And here is an odd thing, but I recently re-thought where my bedroom is, in my 3 bedroom house and it made a huge difference in how well I sleep. I have a larger master bedroom and two smaller ones, but discovered I sleep much better in one of the smaller bedrooms. Cozier? Different lighting? Who knows? Just something to think about, trying out different uses and not being stuck in the "shoulds" and traditional uses of any room.

  18. Image for Nicole Nicole

    1. No, I am not okay. Less than a week till Christmas and still so much to do! 2. I'm totally envisioning you drinking out of a cute, vintage Santa mug. 3. I don't make the bed but wished I did. 4. I have not read any of this week's posts but want to(see #1 for why). 5. Don't see Buddy's face but agree he is cute. How could anyone so "no" to him?! Happy holidays!

  19. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

    1. Yes, Christmas is less than week away. This year has flown by. I say that every year at Christmas. Yes, I'm ready. Just waiting for the day to get here. 3. Yes, the bed is made every morning by my husband. The last one out has to make the bed. I'm an early riser. The only time I make the bed is when I change the sheets. P/S I'm wondering why the main page of your blog shows Christmas Lights at Night Tour as a blog title. It has been showing that most of this week.

  20. Image for sue sue

    My hubby makes the bed each morning because he's the last one out. BUT I remake it every morning because he doesn't even up the sheets and put up the quilt all the way...I've mentioned to him that he doesn't have to make the bed cause I will and have pointed out what I end up redoing but he still makes it and I still remake it....LOL...such is life. ??

  21. Image for Maureen Maureen

    I agree to the "yes" category on making your bed every morning. I think its a girl thing. My boys never made their bed growing up but my girls always did. My husband's idea is to just toss the covers back up. I feel like a queen when I crawl into my made bed! Merry Christmas and Happy Bed Making!

  22. Image for Kris Kris

    My feelings about making beds are similar to my feelings about exercise. Yes, most days I do both. But if I miss a day, guess what? I can try again the next day!

  23. Image for Crystal Brown Crystal Brown

    I always, always make my bed... unless I'm sick. It's the focal point of the room and who wants to looks at a messy focal point? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of having a focal point. Plus it sets the tone for my day and starts me off with a feeling of accomplishment. I get up, wash my face, run a brush through my hair, brush my teeth and make my bed. And off I go to wake up the house and begin my day. Love Thistlekeeping. Don't ever stop please. Merry Christmas!

  24. Image for PJ PJ

    Wow! So many wonderful ideas here! My dear husband makes the bed every morning. He wakes later than I and was military trained, so he makes the bed much better than I. An unmade bed would bother me all day. Isn't there a book about habits with the title Make Your Bed? Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  25. Image for Janette Janette

    Got to make the bed, always always always and I am in the club of the 'iron your bedding', please, or is that just me!!!!!!! Thanks for so many wonderful posts packed full of brilliant ideas, Merry Christmas and a happy healthy new year.xx

  26. Image for Holly Holly

    I have been making my bed every morning for over 60 years. My whole family did when I was growing up and my grandmothers and aunts did too. Strip and wash the bedding every Friday. And the best night if the week is sleeping on fresh clean sheets. I tell my husband if I ever win the lottery the only thing I want is someone to change my sheets everyday.

  27. Image for Paula@SweetPea Paula@SweetPea

    Thank you so much for including my Christmas porch in Thistlekeeping this week. I like to make my bed every day. Even if the rest of my bedroom is messy, a made bed makes the room look so much neater.

  28. Image for Sarah Sarah

    I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who lives for drinking coffee out of holiday mugs...especially when it's snowing outside! I'm having my kitchen cabinets redone by a local cabinet refinisher and am thinking of using a similar color as yours. Do you happen to know to the exact color the cabinets are?

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