Random thoughts on a chilly fall Saturday morning:

1. Today the football game we wait for all year. Baylor v. the University of Texas. It’s a house divided. I went to Baylor and my husband went to UT and I have just one thing to say.


2. I got SO MANY questions about my new nail system when I posted it last week so I think it bears repeating (no Baylor pun intended).

I used to get shellac on my fingernails every couple of months and it wasn’t that good for my nails, so now? I found a solution that works even better.

Here are the products I use (they are affiliate links) and what I do.

  • I use the OPI nail polish first.
  • I paint THREE coats of nail polish on (you really need three to make it look like shellac).
  • Just know that it takes FOREVER to dry. If you are going to do this system—allow about 30 minutes of drying time (even with the quick dry).
  • But once it dries? It looks JUST like shellac for 1/16 of the price.
  • I use the cuticle oil every day and every three days I add another coat of polish and another quick dry coat.
  • It will last for about 10 days and look like you got your nails manicured.
  • Let me know if you have any questions

3. It was an amazing week on the blog. We talked about our favorite movie shades and transformed the kitchen island and made over the studio and worried that we might not be enough.

4. Just a reminder that I’m starting KariAnne’s Christmas Workshop on November 1. I just finished the CUTEST Buffalo Check Wreath project for it. I’d love for you to join me HERE.

This beautiful Thanksgiving dinner table.

So many fun ideas for turkey day.

You can see them all here.

Aren’t these the cutest?

They are apple mini-skillets and they make your house smell amazing.

You can see the recipe here.

This clever idea for a pumpkin.

Those butterflies are so sweet.

See the entire DIY here.

And these outdoor yard dice.

I want to make them for outdoor Yahtzee.

You can see the DIY here.


And in random news this week:

5 morning habits that will change your life

This vintage farmhouse

I didn’t even know this was a thing

My dream place to stay (but only for a couple of days)

This beautiful outdoor space

This clever pumpkin bread

This sweet friend of mine is starting a book blog

These tips on licensing your work

This easy furniture finish

This fall dining room

This clever headboard idea

And this.

If you are over white kitchens? This is the kitchen for you.

And one more for the road

If you are looking for the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table?

These pumpkin rolls are made from frozen bread dough.

You can see how I made them here.

happy random Saturday to you

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  1. Image for Carrie Carrie

    So happy to read what you have discovered in your Saturday segments! :) And.....in support of your college football afternoon..... Go Baylor! (We have to support the twins, right? ) ;)

  2. Image for Leslie Saeta Leslie Saeta

    Oh my gosh. You are the sweetest and kindest friend ever. Thank you so much for sharing my thanksgiving outside post. I am so grateful. Leslie

  3. Image for Betty Betty

    Hello! Hope you are doing great and thanks for sharing your nail secrets! Your text for “cuticle oil” links to a top coat. (No text for “top coat” so likely digital gremlins got into the post.). What cubicle oil do you use? Thanks!

  4. Image for Gail Cunningham Gail Cunningham

    Good Morning, Karianne, I'm struck by Edie Wadsworth's words in reading 5 Morning Habits That Can Change Your Life, and I'm thankful you included that article in this blog. I'm so struck that I wrote her words in my journal, and also have signed up for her challenge starting November 2. I love how you love your readers enough to include articles like this in your decorating blogs. Thank you.

  5. Image for Karen Karen

    Never ever.over a white.kitchen you cannot go wrong. I do love wood accessories for that trend. Good job , good 📪.

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