Random thoughts on a tiny-bit-chilly Saturday morning:

1. Y’all. I used the word “chilly” this morning. Me and my big toe and I stepped outside and it was COLD.


Cold with a little chilly on top.

2. If you want to see absolute pure joy? Here’s the video of Whitney and Westleigh getting into college.

I know I showed it yesterday, but it is SO worth a repeat.

3. You know I adore you, right? I asked a couple of weeks ago about white teeth and someone recommended Optic White toothpaste and I’ve been using it. It makes SUCH a difference.

4. It was an amazing week on the blog. We talked about how to light up your backyard without electricity and the next chapter for us and my favorite fall DIY.

5. I also started a new thing where I’m sharing my favorite things every week over on Facebook.

Here’s my favorite new nail polish

My favorite way to remind me I’m losing weight

My favorite thing for polishing silver

My favorite fall lipstick colors here and here

And now?

Let’s get all inspired with these amazing things I found just for us.

This picture inspired me.

I’m thinking about doing something similar out on Zack’s bench.

You can see all the details on this inspirational fall decor here.

I’ve always wondered how people created their own recipes.

I’m too scared to go off the recipe card.

That’s why I loved this post.

Here are five tips to create your own recipe.

This beautiful autumn tour.

I love purple and white for this fall.

Take the entire tour here.

This beautiful fall wreath.

It is so easy and there are amazing instructions.

You can see all the how-to’s here.


And in random news this week:

This beautiful blue and white fall kitchen

These pumpkin obelisk towers

This incredible designer

These cute no-carve pumpkin ideas

The biggest decorating mistake you can make

Oreos and pumpkins? Yes please

This fall kitchen

These yummy fall recipes

Love this mantel idea

This simple DIY knock-off

Dairy-free pumpkin ice cream

How to create a dried autumn arrangement

This made me laugh

And this.

How to simplify everything in your life with one word

And one more for the road.

Here’s just a couple of my past fall tours for inspiration.

Fall tour 2020

Fall tour 2019

Fall tour 2018

Happy Random Saturday to you

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  1. Image for Leslie Saeta Leslie Saeta

    KariAnne! I had you in mind when I wrote this post. Start with the ratio for salad dressing (3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar) and add some fun herbs and garlic or mustard or onions. You will then have salad dressing that’s your own! Thanks so much for mentioning my post! Leslie

  2. Image for Betty in Arlington Betty in Arlington

    What a fun way of learning you got into the selected college of your choice! When I was accepted, back in the mid-1970s, you either got a skinny letter (reject) or a fat letter (you got into college)! I remember even skipping school in the afternoons to follow our mailman around the neighborhood just to find my letters I was expecting! (Wasn't that a crazy thing to do?) But we all did it! Our mailman complied and dug into his bad to find our envelopes that week! Nice mailman, because he knew what we were looking for! Best wishes to the fellow twins on getting their first choice! (You're going to miss them...) The spider looks real - yikes!

  3. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Hi KariAnne, I forgot to stop back yesterday to comment on the twins. I can't believe they're going to college already, where does time go? I remember reading a similar post years ago about the girls. You certainly had to be relieved when you saw that leg move. Such a hopeful moment. You8a great mom and I'm so happy they have thrived in many ways.. Nothing like hearing them so happy in the video. Gettingthat kind of news us so excitingand it remindedmeof when I wasyoungerand excitingthings would happenand havingthat reaction. Congratulationsgirls and family. I also lover your favorite picks this week especially the pillows. Have a great weekend! Cindy. .

  4. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    GREAT Thistlekeeping this week, KA! There is so much inspiration out there! I think my fav this time was the love one at the end. I needed that. I need to practice it more.

  5. Image for Judy Wallace Judy Wallace

    Chilly in Alabama too this morning!!! Happy Fall and Football !! Thanks for always answering my questions in the past! Now, I’m happy to pass on 2 tips to you! I had tried the whitening toothpastes and strips but just wasn’t happy with the results, but hubby ordered the Snow whitening kit that has been on the internet ads for my Valentine present. It actually works! I did a month of doing it everyday as they suggested and ended up with whiter teeth. It was much better than anything else I had tried....and I didn’t want to spend the big bucks at the dentist’s office. ( I’d rather decorate). I did it every night while reading emails and it was a breeze. 😁 Next tip....when you get those silver pieces polished wrap them up in aluminum foil to store. When you need them just unwrap them and they are just as pretty as when you wrapped them up! I wrap a stack of flatware together and they are perfect when I open them back up. ( same for trays, etc) I also have some silver bells I only use at Christmas and they are fine wrapped up until the next season. The key is no air gets in to cause tarnish. BTW.....YOU look GREAT!!! And those soon to be college girls.....what JOY!!! Baylor??

  6. Image for Mary Kaiser Mary Kaiser

    You look awesome! Congrats to the twin!! You go girls! The best way I whiten my teeth is to take peroxide and pour it over my tooth brush to get it wet with peroxide, then get a small jar to keep baking soda in, dip you tooth brush into baking soda and brush your teeth. I put quite a bit of baking soda on the tooth brush. It works amazing and it is cheap!! My dentist says my teeth look amazingly white. It is a lot cheaper than tooth paste and it works so well. Try it, you will like it and your teeth with look amazing and feel very clean.

  7. Image for Linda Linda

    Ok. So, I am a little behind here (what else might be new?); but I just viewed your video in which you mention your favorite lipstick line and colors.. Thank you so much for that. You also shared that you use lip liner. Would you please also share the specific liner you use? I am the Queen of Indecisiveness and end up just walking away empty handed whenever I try to find a lipliner. Also, thanks for sharing the clip about the girls’ acceptance to Baylor. As a former high school English teacher and later guidance counselor, it warms my heart to see their excitement about this achievement!

  8. Image for Peg Peg

    Thank you for the many beautiful fall tours, ideas and inspiration!! I think my favorite surprise was the no carve pumpkin ideas!!! xoxo


    Mrs. KariAnne, You are a rock star! love, Drew. Kevin and I both had tears in our eyes when he showed me the video of the twins getting accepted into Baylor. Did we think this would not happen? Lord no! Your family is who we think of when we think of Baylor. My favorite video is when we were watching Baylor football last year and Seth and I spotted Zack in the stands. We miss you guys so much! Its fall break here. All I asked for was to put out lines and go pull them early in the morning. If you were here - we would bring the thermos full of coffee for you and Kevin. We still talk about that morning. I would bring Red's Donuts to your kitchen every Saturday and Sunday morning... to come back. I am GOING to bring them to you one of these days. Just wait. I will show up on your door step. "God's got this!" the Hosick's


    Love all of the ideas. Those bracelets! Thanks as always for sharing so much information and great ideas!

  11. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I watched the video again, your girls were so cute and excited,that college won't know what fun they will have with those two! Thanks for all the rest, i loved every little thing you did for us, it's really fun to look back and see all the changes to your home, have fun decorating their dorm room.

  12. Image for Sloane Sloane

    KariAnne Would you please tell me which bracelet sayings you purchased and does it remind you about losing weight because they got looser?? You are so sweet!

  13. Image for Juliet Juliet

    So, so exciting!!! Congratulations, again, to the girls on their acceptance to Baylor! Love seeing their absolute joy receiving the news! I know they have work HARD ... and hard work pays off! Speaking of hard work, I really look forward to Thistlekeeping each and every weekend ... so many fun ideas and posts to pour over. I know if must be a lot of work to put together and I love, love, love it!!! xo

  14. Image for Nora Nora

    I can’t seem to find the article on your new favorite toothpaste. I’m a tea drinking and could use something stronger for stains. Thanks

  15. Image for Paula@SweetPea Paula@SweetPea

    I love the video of the twins getting accepted by Baylor! So exciting for your family. Thank you so much for featuring my fall hoop wreath this week! I so much appreciate it.

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