Random thoughts on a football Saturday morning:

1. Can we talk about these pumpkins? I made them from frozen rolls 6 years ago and they’ve been pinned to the moon and back. If you are looking for something cute and fun and easy to make for fall or any holidays with turkey?

Here’s the recipe.

2. My son came home from college to surprise the twins for their birthday and in his spare time built a wood sectional bench for our back yard. We have to paint it black today and then I’ll show it to you next week.

3. Does anyone have any teeth whitening ideas that actually work? I keep ordering stuff that DOES NOT WORK and I’m a little whitening frustrated right now.

4. It was an amazing week on the blog. We talked about 7 simple fall crafts you can make in an hour and took a fall tour of the house and I showed how you can decorate your fall table with things you already have at your home.

5. Did you see that the banana clip was back?

I know, right?


All is officially right with the world.

And now?

Let’s see all the ideas and inspiration from this week.

Love this fall mantel.

That color. That pumpkin. Those drawers on the bottom of the built-in.

You can see the entire space with all the details here.

This beautiful fall tour.

Can you tell I’m all about darker built-ins right now?

You can take the tour here.

This coastal fall tablescape.

Wait until you see what she put on the plates. I need to make these.

See the entire table here.

And this fall wreath recipe.

I never thought of a recipe for a wreath before.

But this one is perfect.


And in random news this week:

This made my heart so happy

This easy way to clean windows

This cute DIY farmhouse cloche

This sweet idea

These dark cabinets

This adorable Christmas craft

This Martha’s Vineyard home tour

This hydrangea tip

How to turn spec into special

This black and white check table

This amazing garden

How to have fluffier towels

And this.

In case you have a little extra time set aside this fall for reading? Here are 10 books to read over and over again.

And one more for the road.

This DIY stitched tray.

You can see how to make the tray here.


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  1. Image for Lisa Lisa

    So sweet of your son to surprise your girls, and he built a bench...WOW!! When my kiddos came home from college, they slept on the couch and ate everything in the refrigerator😂 It was always the BEST to see them🥰

  2. Image for Amy Amy

    Hi, lovely!! I could be crazy but I think my emailed newsletter links to last Saturday's roundup. I checked it twice and came to it twice. It's s great read, though, so no biggie!! Happy weekend!

  3. Image for Chas Greener Chas Greener

    Thank you so much for sharing, I always look forward to these friend! You are so very sweet to feature so many people and I love seeing what everyone is doing. Hugs and Happy Weekend!

  4. Image for Mary Turner Mary Turner

    I have been using GO SMILE Teeth Whitening Kit. I would recommend starting to use it right after a visit to the dentist for your semi annual teeth cleaning appointment.

    1. Image for Kris Kris

      I agree with whitening after dental visits. I have done the kits from the dentist (best results) as well as the OTC Crest Whitestrips versions (not bad). I DO have problems with sensitivity so there's that to consider. Or you could practice the closed-mouth Mona Lisa smile. ;)

  5. Image for sue sue

    My dentist told me that very few people have super white teeth, and too much bleaching (that is hydrogen peroxide in those whitening kits) can damage the enamel. If you had too much fluoride from pills or naturally occurring in water as a kid, that can make your teeth permanently more dark/yellow. Same with certain medications. Wearing certain clothing or lipstick colors can make teeth look dingy, too. I have to say, from your smiling photos on the blog, your teeth look pretty nice and white to me.

  6. Image for PJ PJ

    KariAnne, I have been rocking the banana clip. Who knew I was so on trend? For me, it has been a survival mechanism to use until it is safe to return to my hair salon. Have an amazing weekend!

  7. Image for Stacy Stacy

    Those pumpkin rolls look really good! I'm totally trying those! And how sweet your son built that bench for your girls! Thank you for including me this week KariAnne!!! Have the best weekend!!!

  8. Image for Loryl Loryl

    I’ve used your pumpkin roll recipe for quite a few Thanksgivings! Always a hit. And last year my students made the felt trees. Turned out so cute and were appreciated by the parents. As a nature based school we try to do art projects that reflect our philosophy. These were perfect! We even had a found log that was cut into slices for the bases. Love your Saturday posts!

  9. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Per usual - awesome thistlekeeping weekly! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend. Happy belated to the girls. Growing up way too fast.

  10. Image for PJ PJ

    My first thought was, how old are the twins? What a nice brotherly thing to do. I may try those rolls just because. Have a good week. Bless you.

  11. Image for maureen maureen

    I'm with you on the teeth whitening idea. I have a few friends with perfectly white teeth and even though I use a Sonicare toothbrush with whitening toothpaste and Crest strips, nothing happens! I think God is just trying to tell me that the smile is more important than the white teeth. I agree with the others above. You have a beautiful smile and your teeth look perfect!

  12. Image for Maria Maria

    I always look forward to your random Saturday thoughts. I always, always find something helpful or inspiring. Thanks you so much for always sharing every Saturday!!!!!!!


    You are the best! To take your Saturday and post the weekly wrap up. So nice of you! As always I love the wrap up as there is always another project for me to do and something that makes me smile and cry. :)

  14. Image for Lisa Lisa

    I think the brand "hello" activated charcoal tooth paste works wonders. Read all of the instructions on the back. You will freak out at seeing black teeth in the mirror! Be careful not to drip the black paste on your light colored everything. Let it sit on your teeth a minute or two. You will be amazed. Tastes great too. Mint flavor. I'm glad I tried it!

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