Random thoughts on the first weekend of a new decade:

1. Has anyone heard that you’re supposed to write out 2020 when you sign anything now—especially financial documents? For example, instead of writing 1/2/20—you are supposed to write 1/2/2020 because it’s so easy for someone who does NOT have your best interest at heart to add anything they want to the end of that simple 20.

2. The twins FINALLY got their official licenses from the DMV. They went one day and waited for five hours OUTSIDE in the cold and just made it up to the door and were told that there was a state-wide shutdown of the DMV. Then they went back yesterday and waited for a total of five hours OUTSIDE and two hours inside and FINALLY got their license.

I told them driving would be easy after all that.

3. As a family, we went to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans on New Year’s Day to cheer on our Baylor Bears. It was an amazing time even though we lost.

Do you know that as my kids grow older I love them even more?

I told them I would be friends with them even if I wasn’t related.

4. It was an amazing week on the blog. We discussed making this simple DIY and I shared my 10 best befores and afters from 2019 and 25 ways to update your home in 2020.

5. Want to know what’s coming up on the blog this week?

  • Monday we are organizing the pantry.
  • Tuesday I’m showing you how to declutter your home in 20-minute increments so we don’t get too overwhelmed.
  • Thursday I’m sharing a love story straight from the heart.
  • Friday I’m going to show you how to add character and personality to a builder-grade door.

Make sure you are following along by e-mail so you don’t miss a post.

And now?

It’s Saturday. The day I share with you all the fun things I found from my travels around the internet.

Love these ideas for transitioning from Christmas to winter.

How’s your de-Christmasing going?

If you need tips, you can read them all here.

I love the heart of this post and found it so inspiring.

It’s all about her plans for next year.

You can read it here.

Love these simple winter decorating ideas.

I could look at her photographs forever.

See the post here.

This is an amazing recipe.

I’ve eaten it myself and proclaimed it one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever eaten.

See the recipe here.


And in random news this week:

These 10-minute tasks to help organize your life

This fun book club

This free downloadable calendar

These romantic road trips

I am so all about making this wreath for winter

Best tips for using Facebook Marketplace

Simple ideas for styling shelves

This beautiful kitchen

Love this repurposing idea

And this.

I read this and it truly resonated with me. It’s my goal for 2020.

one more for the road

And now?

I have a fun announcement. In the spirit of the new year and putting it out there and keeping it real, I thought it might be fun if we crafted together.

I’m going to be making this bow from a simple ribbon over on my Facebook page LIVE this Wednesday at 11:00 am CST.

If you want to get your own ribbon and join along I’d love to see you there (if you don’t have Facebook, no worries, I’ll put the video on here and on my YouTube channel so you won’t miss anything).

And then I’ll show you how to decorate with the bow, too.

Hope to see you there.

happy random Saturday to you

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    New Years at the Sugar Bowl! Must have been exciting! Sorry about the loss. Glad the twins finally received their drivers licenses. I guess every DMV in the country is like that :( thanks for the weekly round up- enjoyed the romantic road trips (have made all but one of them!) And yes, they are worth it! The trip along Hwy 1 from San Francisco to the lost coast should have been on the list too.

  2. Image for Dianne Miley Dianne Miley

    Yay for the twinnies getting their licenses! Boo for the DMV. It amazes me that although it’s a state-run agency, every state has the same issues. Do they get together and decide how to best annoy, aggravate, and annihilate your day? LOVE the weekly forecast! Such a great idea. (And the suspense will keep us tuned in!) Winter decorating.... love the enthusiasm, but here in the south, once Christmas is over I skip right ahead to spring! It’s my favorite anyway. 😉

  3. Image for SuZeQ SuZeQ

    Happy New Year, Karianne! Looking forward to our meet-up later on this month (promise - it WILL be this month!) xo SuZeQ


    HAPPY NEW YEAR, KARIANNE! Looking forward to all your wonderful posts this year! Bless you for being so special!

  5. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Happy 2020 🥳. I thought of you when I saw that Baylor was in the Sugar Bowl 👍. Sorry they didn’t win, but I bet you had a fun family time there!!! I made a white Pom Pom wreath for Christmas this year but I took a short cut by using the Pom Pom skein of yarn that I found at Michael’s. It came out super cute and it was fun to make!! I love the idea of doing crafts together....FUN! The Think Splendid thoughts on the new year did resonate with me too....I’m sharing that with my 3 kids. Thanks 😊

  6. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Such an exciting start to 2020!! And I hope to join you Wednesday; if not live at least you can count on me watching the video!! Happy New Year!

  7. Image for PJ PJ

    Thistlekeeping is always a delight! Today I joined a book club and pinned lots of wonderful organizing ideas. Thank you, KariAnne!

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