Random thoughts on a rainy Saturday morning:

1. Does anyone have thoughts on the Bachelorette pick?  I know it’s been a hot minute since Monday, but what did you think about Blake’s exit?  I was so sad for him.  It’s like he loved her so much.  I couldn’t even watch when he was literally crying from his heart.

2. We are working on the dining room this weekend.  I’m adding more blue and white.  Please pretend like you are surprised.

3. My mother is back from her summer at Cape Cod.  I was so happy to have her home.  There’s no one like your mother.

4. The twins and I are back to school shopping and they asked me for SCRUNCHIES.  I looked at them with a question in my eyes and they thought I might not have heard of them before and they patiently explained that they are the cutest things for your hair and they come in different colors and YOU CAN USE THEM ON A SIDE PONY.



1989 called and they want their hair accessories back.

And now?

Let’s see what the internet has been up to this week.

All the simple of this craft room space.

That cabinet.  That table.  That floor.

See all the details (and how to organize your craft room) here.

I was looking for some prints for fall and my friend Lauren never disappoints.

Love this grouping and they ARE FREE.

Get the download here.

Remember when I was trying to DIY that blue and white pumpkin?

Look at this idea I found.

Tutorial here.

And I love this fall tablescape idea.

Just a hint of blue.

See the entire table here.


And in random news this week:

This love story

This kitchen

This table

This art idea

This farmhouse

This vintage piece

This new show on Facebook

Customizing a builder grade home

These wall decor ideas

This alphabet on this wall

And this.

This before and after exterior space.

I literally studied the pictures for a zillion minutes.

And one more for the road.

Let’s all get together and add orange into our fall decor this year.

Happy random Saturday to you.



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  1. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    The scrunchie news had me cracking up!! 29 yrs ago....wow!! My 29th wedding anniversary is tomorrow and we’ve been looking back at pics leading up to that day. Ahhhhh...the styles. Hair, clothing and wedding looks. Seems like it was just yesterday ❤️ I love that your girls want scrunchies!!! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for all the fun ideas in this post :)

  2. Image for Jen Higgins Jen Higgins

    This spring my 14 year old daughter wanted to know if I knew how to make scrunchies because she wanted some, but wanted them to be different from the ones her friends were buying at forever 21. I was like, I grew up in the 90’s, I got this, and whipped out six of them. She loves them and they’re easy to make. It might be a fun project for your girls!

  3. Image for Gina Gina

    I refused to give up my scrunchies!!! Now I might be in style? And orange in the fall makes me happy. Thanks for the trip down memory lane with the Poor Farm house feature. We passed through Salida, Colorado years ago on vacation. Lovely.

  4. Image for Marisa Franca Marisa Franca

    Next it will be parachute pants that's in. Scrunchies -- heck I still wear them. How about stretch pants? Oh, yeah, now they call them leggins. They're just a little tighter than the stretch pants. Love how things just circle round. I better go dig in my closet -- who knows what I'll find.

  5. Image for Carol Carol

    I was completely shocked she didn't choose Blake. It just broke my heart to see him crying - just so sad. I don't know if she made the right choice, but she seemed very happy with Garrett. I guess only time will tell. Scrunchies??? Really??? That's hilarious! My grand daughters still want "JoJo" bows - but they are 6 and 4. Have fun cause time just flies!

  6. Image for Regina Wilson Regina Wilson

    I love reading your Saturday post. You comments make me laugh when I feel down. Thank you for sharing your home, and your stories. Look forward to reading it. Have a great day!

  7. Image for Sharon Sharon

    Well, I didn't even know what you were talking concerning the "Bachelorette". I guess it must have been a TV show. lol Love the "scrunchies" thing.

  8. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    Couldn't believe this. A couple of weeks ago, my 16 yo granddaughter came by and was wearing a scrunchie...on her wrist! It was too cute! Sorry If I don't rejoice with everyone over adding orange. That's one color I have never liked. But I love the way yours looks with those cute pumpkins. :D

  9. Image for Jeanne Jeanne

    I was sure that Blake would be her pick, and thought they would have been perfect for each other. All I can think is that there must be so much behind the scenes that influenced her decision (that we aren’t privy to), Happy for them, though. Could Blake be the next bachelor??? Loved all the links!

  10. Image for BeverlyO BeverlyO

    When I first saw your post about a blue and white pumpkin, I remembered a post that I had saved the link to long ago. Then, when you shared the newest find about creating a blue and white pumpkin, I almost just closed the tab because I have NO confidence in my ability to be satisfied with painting my own pumpkin like Lucy's. I'm so glad I scrolled through reading till the end where she offered the printable! Thanks for sharing. I also wanted to let you in on the idea that I pinned years ago and have never followed through on trying the DIY just in case you wanted to give it a try. https://betweennapsontheporch.net/a-blue-and-white-pumpkin-for-the-guest-room/

  11. Image for Karen King Karen King

    The fall centerpieces have me excited to try new color schemes....but I have one question that I've had for years about creating big, beautiful, lush tablescapes: what do you do with all of the 'stuff' when you're actually eating dinner? My husband insists on moving things off of the table 'because he can't see anyone' ..... I'm curious if anyone does the same thing or you just pretend you're in the jungle??!! Thanks

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