Random thoughts on a cloudy Saturday morning:

1.  Have you ever noticed that closets collect stuff?  We just moved in here around Thanksgiving with clean closets and now those closets had children and grandchildren and invited over some long lost relatives.  I’m making a plan to go back and clean everything out.  I just need a little more simple in my life.

2.  In case you were wondering what the blog has been up to this week we’ve given away a free gift and made a fun announcement and found the most amazing, affordable realistic topiaries and shared how to introduce a 1950’s bathroom to 2018 and talked about how to change the world.

3.  If you’ve been following along with the Bachelorette—it’s decision day on Monday.  Who do you think she should pick?  Garrett or Blake?  The twins and I were rooting for Jason.

4.  I’m going to the Ballard Designs outlet today in Ft. Worth.  I’ve never shopped there before, but I will report back with my findings.

5.  And if you are headed to Waco or have a child at Baylor or plan on stopping by when you drive through between Dallas and Austin, here’s a public service announcement.  Magnolia has a warehouse there.  It’s only open Thursday through Saturday and it sells slightly damaged goods at a discount.

Keyword being discount.

Details here.

And now?

Let’s see what the internet has been up to this week.

Ideas on how to make a small space look bigger.

I just learned number 5 about artwork.

See the entire list here.

This powder bath before and after is amazing.

Wait until you see the before.

Especially the wall.

See all the details here.

I’ve brought outdoor rugs into a space before.

But outdoor chairs?


See all the details here.

This post is all about taking a basic kitchen and giving it designer details.

Love her ideas.

See the rest of the kitchen here.


And in random news this week:

Cutest free art ever

This clever DIY

This blue and white

Love these design ideas

This china cabinet makeover

14 marketing words to avoid

The tour of this beach cottage

Are white walls a thing?

How to declutter your kitchen

This summer table

Inexpensive built-in idea

And a giant shout out to everyone who signed up for the Inspire Workshop.  The workshop is now full.  I’m so excited to hope and dream and plan around my dining room table, grow our businesses and our blogs together and translate that growth into profit.  I have so many creative, incredible things on the horizon.  If you are interested in a future workshop or want to be placed on the waiting list, please contact me here.

One more for the road.

I’m thinking about fall.  It makes the 112 degree heat easier to bear.

Here’s a fun project on styling this hutch three (almost four) different ways for fall.

Have a weekend as amazing as you are.

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  1. Image for Kim Kim

    Love the tile in the bath! On another note, I was too, teamjason, but now I think I would like Garrett to get the final rose.

  2. Image for Connie Connie

    My daughter and I went to the Ballard store in June when I was visiting. It is very pretty. Lots of good stores in that center to browse..Have fun !

  3. Image for Annie Anderson Annie Anderson

    Thank you so much for the share! I seriously hope you know how much I appreciate it and what a compliment! Hope you had fun at the Ballard Designs outlet... I would love one close to us!

  4. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Can you please tell me where the cute Christmas trees you use in the white hutch are from? I can’t seem to find that size anywhere. Also, the wooden bead strand in your decor? Thank you!

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