Random thoughts on a Saturday afternoon:

1. I’m thinking about this ceiling for the bedroom?  Thoughts?

2. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.  This is the best brass spray paint ON THIS PLANET.  I have tried so many and I’m so happy that I FINALLY found one that is the perfect brass look when you spray it.  I’m turning everything into brass.

3. It is HOT.  I haven’t lived in Texas in a while and it’s the HOTTEST OF THE HOT.

(total aside:  I guess today is all-caps today.  Maybe it’s all this HOTTNESS.)

4.  I just saw Jurassic World.  I’m going to go all Captain Obvious and tell you that it’s a lot of dinosaurs with giant teeth.

And people making very unfortunate decisions.

5.  We are in the middle of working on the landscaping for the house.

I’m going to post before, middle and after pictures on Monday.

Did I mention that it IS HOT?

Please tell me it’s cool where you are. 🙂

Speaking of landscaping.

I found this easy solution for a border.

Details found here.

Love this post on this new dining table.

The story and the DIY.

Read more here.

And these free arbor printables.

So vintage and so FREE.

Download found here.

And this table.

Most of the dishes are white and then there’s an AMAZING pop of color.

Details found here.


In random news this week:

These raffia vases

How to declutter your pantry

Fourth of July your porch

This easy built-in idea

These outdoor living spaces

This beach picnic

Amazing salad tips

One of my favorite decorators has a new project

This carport makeover

How to antique furniture

This photography

And one more for the road.

This Fourth of July apple pie.

Happy Random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Karen Karen

    I’ve only been in TX once and that was in August! So HOT! But here in Illinois it’s 95 with the humidity it feels like 105! Maybe it gives you solace to know you’re not alone.

  2. Image for Debi Debi

    I'm 4200 ft up in the western NC mountains and love the breezes. It's always so lovely here....wish you could visit for a glass of lemonade and a sweet treat! I had that ceiling in my last house and LOVED it!!

  3. Image for Loryl Fisher Loryl Fisher

    1. 💕❤️ The look of the ceiling for your bedroom. I think it will help the big beam “fit in” better. 3, It is very hot here in Chicagoland too!! Upper 90’s☀️🔥☀️ And no relief in sight for days😎 Have a Happy and Safe 4th🇺🇸

  4. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I would love to tell you that it is nice and cool here but it's actually so hot you can barely breathe outside and I live in the Northeast! Sigh! I think it is preparing us for a possible move to NC next year. So I was thinking that you need a pop of color on the ceiling. Not sure what as I am not in the room but ceilings are a design piece now....thinking of your gorgeous shelves in the living room with the dark blue background, And less I forget....that dining room rustic table takes my breath away. It is so real and welcoming and feels like home! My husband is building one for a customer as I write! Oh the joy of mixing things together! Stay cool my friend!

  5. Image for Betty in Arlington Betty in Arlington

    Oh fun ideas, Kairanne! We just returned from a wedding and family reunion, in Coronado, California (69F) and Phoenix (110F). Now here, it's 95F and humid, with relief next Saturday. But I degress: that ceiling for the bedroom would be beautiful - do you have a 9 or 10' ceiling? I used this "https://www.kinsmangarden.com/category/EverEdge-Lawn-Edging" lawn edger under our front bushes and on the sides of our front paver stones; it provides a beautiful clean edge that the lawn can run over and eliminates weeds from jumping into the beds.

  6. Image for cheapdiva cheapdiva

    Feels like temp here - 111 and that's in WISCONSIN! The midwest is in the middle of an awful long stretch of dangerous heat.

  7. Image for JC at the uncommon pearl JC at the uncommon pearl

    It's hot everywhere, I think! I love the beams for your master. Just make sure you have high enough ceilings to accommodate the depth of the beams. If you keep it light, like the photo, it will be nice and airy, with lots of texture and interest. Go for it! Always something on the "to do" list, isn't there? Our "to do" remodeling list is into 2020...the year I thought, as a little girl, we'd be flying around, day to day, in space ships like the Jetsons. 😊

  8. Image for Mary S Mary S

    I LOVE the beams! Lucky you!!! ;) I would put a light stain on them and paint the ceiling between a very soft blue.... That would be a winner in my book. I'm in St. Louis, MO... So, just imagine at 6:30 this morning the temps were 79 and the humidity was 93%..... So miserable... so miserable. Worked at my church this morning for 5 hours and my grass needs to be cut. But that is going to have to wait until tomorrow. I'm so exhauseted it's an effort to type!!... We are forcast to have this heat all next week. So miserable. And dangerous too. Are you going to share with us what kind of copper spray paint you found that you like so much?? Not huge fan of copper but one never knows when I'll want to use it. Look forward to seeing your finished landscaping project too. Drink plenty of WATER, my friend!!!

  9. Image for Suzy Suzy

    Yes, it is hot here! I about 45 minutes west of McKinney. We got back last night from a trip to Largo, Florida. Going and coming, we stopped in Louisiana, Mississippi, as well as other cities in Florida. With the higher humidity of those places, it felt much hotter there than here in North Texas. I think that ceiling idea is beautiful.

  10. Image for Cathy Cathy

    I live in NW Washington state and at 1pm it's 59 degrees and drizzly. We've had gorgeous weather for the past couple months and it will be back to great by the 4th but for now we're different than the rest of the country.

  11. Image for jillian jillian

    Boulder, Colorado...it's about 73 in the house and cloudy today but it was 100 on Thursday. We still feel fortunate as there is not humidity here and it always cools down at night. Love that ceiling. Headed for Jurassic Park with my daughter this week. Love the effects in those films and who doesn't love a scary dinosaur? I spend summers praying for rain and an early freeze...like September! It has happened occasionally. We are at 5000 feet here.

  12. Image for Mary S Mary S

    I'm in Missouri City, about 5 minutes from Sugarland Texas. It's currently overcast and the temp has cooled down to 95! I'm gearing up for the next phase of heat with plenty of good old fashion sun tea made daily around here. So try not to breathe too deeply when you go outside and always wear a hat. I have a DNA ancestry match in Brisbane Australia. He enjoys 2 seasons similar to Florida's weather. He thought I was kidding when I told him we have 3 seasons. That would be hot, hotter and Satan's Bar-b-que ! Welcome back to Texas!

  13. Image for Gina Gina

    I've been avoiding planting a few new plants bc just too hot. Here in SE FL, we don't do outdoor activities btwn 12-4! Mother Nature cools us down with a shower around 3:30p most afternoons. Our rainy season is now. Have to wake up early to plant my flowers! Usually plant March and October. Looking forward to a dip in the pool. Stay hydrated! Yard work is so satisfying, though.

  14. Image for Sue Sue

    Yes, me too. I would love to know your favorite brass paint. Hot here too in Southern Ontario. 116 degrees with humidity. I actually think this heat wave came up from Texas. Stay cool!

  15. Image for KB KB

    I love the ceiling beams! If you have high ceilings I would go for them. If you have 8 foot ceilings, it's probably going to make your ceilings look low though. It's almost a hundred here in Cincinnati today!

  16. Image for Alison Alison

    Just returned from Myrtle Beach SC where is was in the 85- 87 range with heat index of mid 90's. Here in TN its 95 with heat index close to 100. In for a long HOT summer !

  17. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    Thanks for the shares, KariAnne. Sorry, it's hot here, too... although my phone says 72 degrees. Hmmmm, well it FEELS HOT! (And, yes, that photography.... someday, I hope! #photographygoals )

  18. Image for Debra B Milam Debra B Milam

    Regarding #4, if we all made decisions using the same kind of logic as used by movie characters, we would all have movie worthy lives. I am in a small town near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is 6pm and 93 degrees and feels like 104 with the heat index. The humidity is 52%.

  19. Image for Sue Sue

    Hi Karianne, yes,yes,yes to the ceiling. Absolutely love that style. Here in north Georgia,the temperature is 93 degrees at 7pm.

  20. Image for Kris Kris

    Yup, like Phyllis, it's warm in my corner of Michigan, too! Our church doesn't have air conditioning so we are carefully planning tomorrow's wardrobes. I also love the beamed ceiling (but I confess I'm not a fan of the light fixture--everything else in the room is gorgeous, though). I think you already know what you want to do and are just looking for permission to do it. :)

  21. Image for Lorrie Bredal Lorrie Bredal

    I live in the Pacific NW and it's 58 degrees and it rained today. I would love some sunshine but it will come. In the meantime my garden loves it and I'm happy not to be in 100 degree temps!

  22. Image for Jen Biggs Jen Biggs

    Gorgeous day here in the Pacific NW Portland area-currently 75 and sunny at 6pm. I love Rustoleum paint products, but my current favorite brass paint is Design Masters Antique Gold. It has the most realistic old brass finish I've found so far and I think I've tried them all. Stay cool!

  23. Image for Mir Graham Mir Graham

    I'm in North Texas, too. We are melting, and I feel like there is no relief in sight. Ugh. Your home is beautiful, and I cannot wait to see what you tackle next!

  24. Image for Michele M Michele M

    It's unbearably hot here, too. It's what my older brother would call "stupid hot." He makes me laugh. It was about really spicy food, but works for this STUPID HOT weather, too. Yes, all caps day. : - )

  25. Image for shirley meckley shirley meckley

    You hopefully will adjust to the heat. I was born and raised in TX and the heat does not bother me...only the Tornado season scares me crazy. I live in Rowlett where the big Tornado hit almost 2 years ago, about a mile from me. You will love it here I hope...I do and would never ever live anywhere else. I enjoy your blog so very much, keep it up pretty gal. Shirl

  26. Image for bb bb

    Karianne I'm in North Texas not far from you. A suggestion relating to landscaping and the heat. It's risky to plant new landscaping in this heat unless you will be going for a SW look or can afford high water bills to help get the landscaping started and can afford to allow for replacements. Depending on your soil type, you could be watering twice a day for new landscaping in order to get it established. You can pre-plan by getting your soil tested, and treating it with amendments. I highly recommend help from SilverCreek Minerals in Fort Worth. It's worth the drive. They may have a location closer to you, but I'm not sure.. I also recommend something called "green sand". It's bagged, and you can find it at better greenhouses, and inexpensive. It helps new landscaping tremendously. The first year I moved here, I had to learn how to deal with the soils. Some areas have the black gumbo type of topsoil, and it is difficult to work with. Some areas more clay like. I use green sand every year. My elephant ears are often 60" leaves and thick. I've used it with Perennials/Annuals, and it helps tremendously. The greenhouses like Plant Shed will be cutting deals up to 50-70% off in late Aug/Sept, and it is a better time to plant. You can plant through end of October with ease. The rains begin again, and the temps hopefully won't be in the 100's. I'd procrastinate that project for just a bit, as I think you will be able to save some funds, and maybe even do more in the way of selection. Crape Myrtles (Tree'd type), Flowering Vitex, Ornamental Bay Laurels, all shrubbery, and trees will have huge sales. I don't remember if you were here last year in the fall or not, but I think you will be glad you waited just a bit and be happy with your options. The greenhouses would love to sell you a truck load now of landscaping, but they do it knowing you will be back for fill-in replacements in the fall, and for sure next spring, if you plant in this heat.

  27. Image for Patricia W. Patricia W.

    I’m in Southeast Georgia, between Savannah and St Simons Island. And it is HOT here too! Ugghhh!!! I grew up here, but I swear the older I get the less I like HOT!

  28. Image for Cher Robertson Cher Robertson

    I wonder if you could let me know what the brand name is of the brass spray paint. I followed the link but it just got me to the homepage of Walmart and when I did a search for brass spray paint, nothing came up🤔. Thanks for your help!

  29. Image for Jill Jill

    So, we are in our 2nd summer in Eastern Washington (moved her from CO), and it IS oddly cool. We have only hit 80s twice in the past two weeks. I wouldn’t mind it being a bit warmer to jump in the pool or lake, but I’m also not complaining that I don’t have to run our AC! I hope your heat wave breaks soon!

  30. Image for Mel Mel

    I visited Texas in August of 2012. 114 degrees during the day, "Cooled" down to 98 at night. Broke the A/C on our black pickup on the way down there, with my small children just boiling in the back seat. Every place has very good things, and very bad things about it. But I've never felt the slightest inclination to visit Texas since.

  31. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    LOVE THE CEILING!!! HOT HERE IN MASSACHUSETTS AND IN CALIFORNIA (WE SPLIT OUR TIME). Massachusetts is boiling (we are adding room air conditioners right now) and California is baking (has central air). It is summer....Hope you have a great 4th of July!!!!!!

  32. Image for Laurin Laurin

    I hate brass! There I said it. I lived through loving it in the 80's, and I am forever done with brass and the color mauve. Yes, it is hot but it's not August or September, and the hottest is yet to come. Welcome back to Texas! By September, you will be ready to scream with everything in all caps, not just a few words. This is why we never choose to remove the ceiling fan for a cutesie chandelier! I would rather sleep than have a cutesie chandelier.

  33. Image for Kim Kim

    Love the ceiling but how cool would it be to have that the same wood on the headboard on the recessed part of the ceiling. You can't go wrong either way!!

  34. Image for Pam Kaufman Pam Kaufman

    I think that ceiling would look great in your bedroom! Here in SW Michigan it has been HOT! HOT! HOT!! I think it is HOT everywhere!

  35. Image for Lauren Lauren

    Yes on the ceiling and YESSSS on the spray paint! I tried FOUR different brass spray paints and every single one looked like girly gold glitter. Blech! Haha! Thanks so much for the printable shout-out, friend! It's blazing hot here too, plus humidity. And being pregnant in the middle of it is uuuuuuber fun. ;)

  36. Image for PJ PJ

    Oh, how I wish it were cool here in the North Country! This is the longest hot spell I have ever experienced, and since we live AC free, it is really getting to us. Two of my grands are visiting from Georgia, and we spend our days looking for cool activities. They are now sleeping on the sofas since the upstairs guest rooms are particularly hot. Today we may head to the theater to see the Jurassic Park film. Wishing you a lovely day!

  37. Image for Jo Jo

    On this 4th of July I appreciate more than ever our freedom. Happy that includes your freedom to share your home, creativity and the thrills of home-making!! Grateful that I found your blog this year and am devouring your books! Enjoy your family today - looking forward to choosing new tile for one of my bathrooms, soon (thanks to your inspiration)!

  38. Image for Annie Annie

    Thank you so much for sharing KariAnne! And that ceiling is a beautiful idea... It has been hot for us here the last couple days and we aren't used to it with all the rain we normally get, haha.

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