A few random thoughts on a Saturday morning:

1.  There’s something about Saturday morning that I love.  There is so much promise on Saturday morning.  It’s like you can do accomplish anything in the world.

2.  If you missed the chandelier earring story this week, it’s worth a read (I adore you, Adrienne).

3.  We are installing the tiniest barn door this weekend to hide the trash can.  Details to come.

4.  What are your best sources for sparkly flipflops?  I’ve tried Yellow Box and Payless so far.  My pedicure wants to know.

5.  And in super sad upholstery news—if you follow along on my Instagram stories, you know that Buddy ripped up our new couch trying to get his ball.

I’m trying to teach myself upholstery right now with fabric glue.

And now?

Let’s see what the internet has been up to this week.

Love, love LOVE this project.

It’s so easy and simple and brilliant and mappy.

Make your own here.

This beautiful Mother’s day table.

Love the symmetry and simple centerpiece idea.

Details found here.

How to mix and match throw pillows.

Nothing makes me happier than pillows that fall in love with each other.

Read the rest of the post here.

And this.

This sweet mason jar herb garden.

Details here.


And in random news this week:

Cute ideas for bi-fold doors

Just watched this movie again

This farmhouse dining room

This pretty place setting

Cute idea for a party

This sideboard

Great solution

How to be more spontaneous

This beautiful storefront

Mother’s Day words of wisdom

And last week I was in Waco and drove by this.  It is EVEN prettier in person.

And one more for the road.

This sweet girl made JV officer for her drill team.

And now?

Whitney is dancing everywhere she goes. 🙂

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  1. Image for Jane Pickett Jane Pickett

    Fitflops online for some sparkling flip flops that are really well made, super comfortable and worth every penny.

  2. Image for Gina Gina

    Congratulations, Whitney!!!! "...I hope you'll dance." Just like the song says. And as for Sabrina, well, it truly scares me how similar we think. Some favorite lines from the movie..." I've been following in footsteps all my life. Save me, Sabrina fair, you're the only one who can." And, " Where do you live, Linus?" ;) Happy Saturday.

  3. Image for Missy Missy

    Cute flip flops are here: Check out lindsay-phillips.com. They are a bit more than some in price but so worth it. You change out the top part of the flip flop, using the same sole for many different looks.

  4. Image for Laura Ingalls Gunn Laura Ingalls Gunn

    I absolutely agree with Kristen of Hunted Interior. I did the same thing in The DIY Planner Bathroom tile floor and it turned out GREAT! https://www.decortoadore.net/2018/04/when-the-debbie-downer-of-design-shows-up.html

  5. Image for jillian jillian

    So sorry about the couch, that's a terrible shame. Years ago our puppy chewed the side of a new ethan allen breakfront cabinet. The marks are still there. Life marks I guess. If you have Nordstrom there they have cute sparkly sandals, also online and free shipping/returns. Also Zappos online.

  6. Image for RW RW

    I've been researching upholstery fabrics and slipcovers. Just a couple of savvy people who write about pets and fabric come to mind: If you haven't heard of slipcovermaker.com do take a look. I am so impressed with her professional products and she shares lot of her knowledge about which fabrics are appropriate for which purpose, including pets. She does tend to natural looks. Also, I had saved this decorator's site for an article about fabrics: https://laurelberninteriors.com/2017/05/27/best-upholstery-fabrics/ (and thinking perhaps she has written more on the subject of pets somewhere -- I should google). Love her coined term OCD! (No spoilers. You just have to go read! Note that both of these recommend (and the "slipcovermaker" stresses over and over) that you buy a yard of the intended fabric and put it to the test washing, drying, wrinkling. Next, I went shopping with a friend who bought a beautiful new piece in top grain leather, cream. But having had the previous one destroyed by a cat, we bought some clear vinyl fabric and fashioned a cover for the back and corners where it's not visible much in her application but where her experience told her this particular cat would want to scratch. Extreme. So far so good. I also saw a reference to some pet-safe fabric product just last week -- but for the life of me I can't think what. If it comes my way or to mind, I'll let you know!

    1. Image for RW RW

      Replying to my own comment... I knew I'd seen something at slipcovermaker about pets. Just ran across the very short post which was only a week or so ago! Titled, "Got Pets? These 5 Protective Slipcover Fabrics Will Save Your Upholstery" and here's the link: https://slipcovermaker.com/2018/04/29/got-pets-these-5-protective-slipcover-fabrics-will-save-your-upholstery/ Some of her slipcover work is so polished, it's easy to think the piece is upholstered. HTH.

  7. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    I love Saturday mornings...the possibilities for the day are endless! Plus it feels good to just kick back and relax. Oh no! Buddy tore up your new couch? I missed that. Sad day 😢. So happy for Whitney! Congrats to her! Have a wonderful and happy Mother's Day!

  8. Image for Charley Charley

    Target is the best for sparkly flip flops. Poor Buddy, I get it. The last dog I had was overly crazy for fetch. He literally wouldn't do anything else. Good luck with the couch, I'm weeping with you.

  9. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    You will come up with a fix for your couch, poor Buddy didn’t mean to cause you problems! Not seeing your damaged coach, would tiny stitches work? I have had to hand sew and repair my old couch thanks to my husband and how he sits!

  10. Image for Peggy Z Peggy Z

    I love to open email and find Thistlekeeping. But right now I’m more concerned for Buddy? Is he grounded from the living room? I’m so sorry about your couch. I would be sick! Our kids’ dog, also a Buddy, tore their couch jumping on the back of the couch. They are living with a blanket covered couch til we figure out slip covers! Wishing my Mom was here!

  11. Image for Lauren Lauren

    Thank you so much for the love, KariAnne! Congrats to your sweet Whitney! Is this ROTC drill team? Or marching band colorguard drill team? I was band colorguard captain back in high school and instructed it in college. Tossing those flags and rifles is so. much. fun! I'd probably bust my face nowadays. Haha!

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