Random thoughts on a trying to be sunny Saturday:

1. I’m hosting a Super Bowl party here tomorrow and I was trying to figure out what snacks to fix.  No worries.  You all had my back.  I found a zillion ideas in the comments on this post.  #snacksforthewin

2. PBS is replaying the entire Downton Abbey series from the beginning.  Press the DVR.  It’s so good.  And I totally forgot how cute Matthew is and how not nice Miss O’Brien is and how their dresses got so much fancier later.

3. I cannot thank you enough for the inspiration on the back porch.  I’m totally posting before and after pics.

4. And I just found out the best shopping tip at Target.  Not how cute you look in the security camera.  Something better.  They price match online sales.  I found something I wanted and it was on sale online, but not in the stores.  I told them and they took an additional 15% off.

I took my savings and treated myself to coffee.

A caffeinated bargain shopper.

Is there anything better?

Here are my favorite links from this week.


I never really thought about a rug for my kitchen.

It’s so long and skinny.

But I love the look of this kitchen.

And if you are looking for Valentine entertaining.

Or if you just want to sigh.

Look at all the amazingness on this post.

This clever DIY.

It’s so simple and amazing all at the same time.

You can see the details here.

This fun post on curating a room.

My rooms needed this.

Read the entire post here.


And in random news this week:

10 things to purge right now

This living room

These thrift store finds

This Valentine’s bingo

This rug DIY

This app for designing a gallery wall

This free Valentine’s idea

This fun photography background

These decorating ideas

12 ways to style kitchen counters

Change up your IKEA doors

And one more for the road.

This story.

It will always and forever have my heart.

Happy Random Saturday to you.

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  1. Image for Cherylb Cherylb

    Just found your blog a few weeks ago. I really enjoy your ‘train of thought’ and your decorating. I’m in beautiful central KY by the way ;)

  2. Image for Lauren Lauren

    When does Downton Abbey make a reappearance? Love that you love to talk about your favorite shows. Hope you are happy in your new ( old ) home! It's cold back here in Kentucky!

  3. Image for Christine morgan Christine morgan

    Where did you get the wonderful leather tote bag hanging on the back of your kitchen chair. Love it

  4. Image for Carrie Carrie

    I had just finished reading StoneGable and then you featured her in the blog....so fun!!! Love your Saturday 'wrap ups'....so much!!! THANK YOU

  5. Image for Carol Salmk Carol Salmk

    Hi Marianne! I love your stories and ideas, but lately I've been missing g your posts! I've re-subscribed but still don't get them! Checked my spam but nothi g there either. What's up?


    Always love your posts, KariAnne! The heart rocks pulled at my heart strings again -- wonderful friend, precious Dad and ever so wonderful YOU! Have a wonderful week! Blessings!

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