Random thoughts on a Saturday morning:

1.  I think I’ve been under a rock, but I just discovered the whole off-the-shoulder thing.  Or even better—the kind of off the shoulder that only shows the top part of your arms.  Whoever designed that is a genius.

2. I never knew I was a laugh/crier until yesterday until I saw my book cover for the first time.

3.  I just watched North and South (the British version) for the second time.  Have you seen it?  I found it on Netflix.

4.  And I’m on the hunt for a new author to follow—preferably something with english nobility.

Any suggestions?

And now—this was a good week for the internet—check out the links below.

This laundry room makeover.

I love the wall color and the curtains.

You can see the rest of the makeover here.

And when you find something like this at an auction?

What do you turn it into?

Simple project found here.

Love this summer house tour.

Awesome ideas to add a little refresh.

See the entire tour here.

Have a frame?

Why not turn it into a tray?

DIY found here.


And in random news this week:

Styling a farmhouse cabinet

Old HGTV shows I miss

these colorful summer printables (I adore her—she’s the artist for my next book).

Farmhouse blogs to follow (I love number 11)

These adorable peel and stick tiles

This cute cottage tour

These flowers

Simple decluttering tip

And this sweet post about saying good bye to a house

And one more for the road.

Here’s a tour of the house that photographed itself.

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Rita Rita

    I think the "open shoulder" style is the single, most ugly thing to come out of designer's trends in years! It looks horrible on every woman I've seen it. Please stay away from it!

  2. Image for judith judith

    I somehow missed that these were links and thought you had made a lot of changes in your house! Hilarious! Congratulations on your book. And please, I beg of you, do not wear those open-shoulder garments, which, as Rita astutely notes, look good on no one. You are way too cute for that.

  3. Image for PJ PJ

    KariAnne, I absolutely love Louise Penny's books. They are mysteries set in Canada and feature the most wonderful cast of characters, some of whom are featured in many of her books. I normally shun mysteries, but love these books. I have read all in the series and eagerly await the release of Louise Penny's next book later this year. You will want to read them in order beginning with Still Life.

  4. Image for Libby Libby

    Thanks to you, I read the first 3 "Poldark" series books so far. I loved them but I know you've seen the movie. Also just finished, Helen Simonson's "The Summer Before the War" and it was fantastic. She also wrote "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand" which I know you'll love. Both English and full of wonderful character.

  5. Image for Laura Ingalls Gunn Laura Ingalls Gunn

    When you find a good author please feel free to pass the information on. Did you know that this Tuesday marks the bicentenary passing of one of England greatest authors, Jane Austen? I wrote all about it today. I think you might like it. Looking forward to seeing you at Haven. Perhaps I'll get a peek at the new book so that I may laugh/cry with you.

  6. Image for Susan Susan

    Loved the link to saying goodbye to a house. I just moved last Tuesday, after living in that particular house for just 3 years, and I completely agree with the writer that an empty house means it's all been packed and finished. I was part exhausted, part thrilled, and part feeling accomplished. No sadness, just looking forward!

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Rebecca, Yes! It's on domino, but it's the best farmhouse blogs! I put it because I was so excited. Thistlewood Farms was number 11 (right next to Magnolia blog). Here's the link to the article: https://domino.com/farmhouse-decorating-blogs Happy day! karianne

  7. Image for Betsy Betsy

    I loved The Cute Cottage Tour. Funny you should mention the old HGTV shows. The other day my girlfriends were having a discussion......."what has happened to HGTV". They said if they didn't continually show Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, Love It Or List It and Fixer Upper they wouldn't have an HGTV left. It's the same shows over and over. One of them yelled "bring back Craft Chica". I miss the old HGTV. Thanks for the great post Karianne.

  8. Image for Teresa H. Fields Teresa H. Fields

    For something English and Royal look into Ryhs Bowen - Her Royal Spyness series. But don't read it, get it in audible as the English accent is a hoot!!!

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