Happy random Saturday.

Grab your coffee.  I wanted to share a story that my father used to tell me that sounds like it’s about sand dollars.  But really?  It’s about making a difference.

One day a man walking on the beach spotted an older man reaching down for sand dollars, picking them up and flinging them into the ocean.  The man watched as time after time, the older gentleman would reach down, select a sand dollar and toss it into the waves.

The man stopped him and said, “Why are you doing that?  There are hundreds upon hundreds of sand dollars on the beach.  You can’t possibly save them all.  Why are you wasting your time?  You aren’t going to make a difference.”

The older gentleman paused and looked at him.

He didn’t say a word.


He reached down, picked up another sand dollar and tossed it into the ocean, smiled and replied, “It just made a difference to that one.”

He’s right.  Saving the world is an overwhelming task.  One too big for us to take on alone.  Why not start small?  Why not make a difference to one person today?  Tell someone you love how special they are to you.  Smile at someone who looks sad.  Pass on a compliment.  Show someone a random act of kindness.

Let’s change the world together.

One sand dollar at a time.

Love this flower arranging tutorial.

I’m always trying to make my flowers look different.

Great tips found here.

Clever ideas for your walls.

Love thinking outside the box a little.

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I’ve been collecting cutting boards.

But I didn’t really know the best way to care for them.

Until now.

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I love this before and after bathroom.

She had me at the wall color.

See the entire bathroom project here.


And in random news this week:

This house tour (I love the front door color)

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And–in super exciting news, I’m so happy about this.  This is one of the landmarks from my college town and they are saving it and they just came up with a name. 🙂

And one more for the road.

Here’s a beach house tour full of extra sunshine.

Click here for the tour.

Happy Random Saturday to you.

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  1. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    You are such a wonderful storyteller. But more than that you are a kind, loving soul. You make me want to be a better person, a more helpful person, someone who will drop everything and go and help someone in need. Even though you have problems you turn your attention outward and want to help others. You are an inspiration!! I love you, friend, and now, I want to go out and pass on a kindness. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Image for Patricia Patricia

    I heard that story over and over but it was starfish. I think there might be even a little book about it or I know there are signs to hang up in your home. What I am impressed with is that your Dad told you that story. What a great Daddy that knew how to inspire.

  3. Image for Julia - Vintage with Laces Julia - Vintage with Laces

    Several years ago, during a vacation in Florida, I threw dozens of living sea shells back in the ocean because I thought it would make a difference for them, even if it was for maybe just one day. I'm sure that people who saw me doing that thought I was nuts but I didn't care. Have a great weekend, KariAnne!

  4. Image for Claudine Pender Claudine Pender

    Darling, I totally agree! A little bit makes a difference and multiplied by millions of people makes a lot of difference! It's like recycling! Here in Canada we recycle a lot and sometimes I wonder if we are the only ones (hahaha!) and then I think: "at least I'm doing my part" and keep doing it! I also loved the blogs you shared and checked a few! I collect cutting boards as well and I will condition them all from now on! Have a great weekend! Mwah 💋

  5. Image for Ellen Ellen

    No matter how many times I read this tale, I love it all over again! The lesson is so beautiful and bears repeating. In the world that we find ourselves in today, kindness is essential. I am very big on being Green. My hope is that it will be practiced routinely everywhere for the purpose of saving our planet for the future generations. I may not be able to save the world, but I'm working on my corner of it - one "starfish" at a time! Thank-you for the always spectacular Thistlekeeping!!

  6. Image for Debbie S. Debbie S.

    I love the sand dollar story. I believe we CAN help one little bit at a time. One of the things that has always tugged at my heart is seeing all the earthworms all over sidewalks after a drenching rain. When walking into work, I try to pick up as many as I can on the long sidewalk in and throw them over into the grass. If they aren't saved they are just an earthworm that literally bakes on the sidewalk until they die. They are JUST an earthworm, right? I believe saving even one makes a difference. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Finally got a chance to leisurely cruise through Happy Random Saturday via Karianne! One of my favorite things to do. Loved it all but especially loved the sand dollar story.

  8. Image for Carol Carol

    Karianne, I'm so happy that Joanna is revitalizing the Elite Cafe. We always stopped there on the way home to Dallas after picking our kids up from summer camp outside of Kerrville. Hopefully, new generations will appreciate.

  9. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    I think it is so important to tell a not so beautiful girl/guy something about them that you admire. Almost all teenagers go through a period of ganglyness (a made-up word) that they will get over and the beauty/handsome emerges, but to them it is eternity. A word of admiration might make their day, their year or just their hour. Be a mentor, they need encouragement to get through these difficult times. Give honest, heart-felt comments it means a lot to the receiver!!!

  10. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    Oh, man... Now I'm following yet ANOTHER blogger because of this post. KariAnne... you find the BEST links! Thanks for sharing! (Making It in the Mountains... such pretty DIYs!)

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