Random thoughts on a drizzly Saturday morning:

1. Every Saturday I type the word Thistlekeeping at the top of this post and I smile.  So far I’ve typed it 134 times.  Here’s to 135.

2. I love a photo with a little bokeh.  See how the front part of the picture is blurry and the lemon is crisp?  That’s the best kind of bokeh.  It showed up with my 50 mm lens.

3. Have you ever noticed how just wearing yoga pants makes you feel skinnier?  Maybe it’s because when I put a pair on, my legs think there’s a chance of exercise.

4. I just saw pumpkins and fall decorations at a store and I wanted to scream out loud.  What is this? REALLY?  SERIOUSLY?  What about Father’s Day and Fourth of July and just general summer?

I really like pumpkins.  I promise, I do.  But I need some sweet tea before my hot chocolate.

Rant over.  Let’s get thistlekeeping. 🙂

This summer tour was so pretty.

I want to sit next to this flower arrangement.

Tour found here.

This is an amazing tutorial.

How to whitewash wood–three different ways.

Tutorial found here.

Great tips for creating a vignette.

Tips found here.

(total aside:  I love how the chairs have different cushions.)

I just found this diy and I’m totally making these orbs.

You’ll never guess what they are made of.

DIY found here.

And in random news this week:

This wall molding

This before and after

This week it was all about Pippa

This DIY project

So happy to see this is back on television

My favorite new blog (her styling is so on point)

This bathroom project

Ideas to get your house ready for summer

And my front door needs this DIY

And one more for the road.

I got this spool for FREE at a local home improvement store.

Then I made it into an industrial bookshelf.

DIY found here.

Happy Random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Ellen Ellen

    THISTLEKEEPING is always the very best collection of blogdom to peruse at length and leisure. I love seeing and reading about what inspires you, that plus your added wit and humor. Never stop!! Thank-you for these 135 posts and looking forward to at least 135 more.

  2. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    I like the story about the spool bookcase. Do you remind your husband everyday just how "lucky" he is to be your husband??? Lol

  3. Image for Teresa at LostMuleLodge.com Teresa at LostMuleLodge.com

    True confession time... I am mesmerized by your photography - it is truly professional - then I read your words - mesmerized again. Basically, you are amazing and an inspiration for me to keep trying to do better, keep improving... I see your stories, your photos and I tell myself, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." Thank you for showing us all what perfection is and for sharing ways to help us get there!

  4. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Love no. 135.....and I bet that orb is made from wooden embroidery hoops....at least that is what it reminds me of! I'll have to go check it out later.... happy day to you, Miz karianne.

  5. Image for Loryl Loryl

    I too was in a certain craft store last week when I turned the aisle and saw pumpkins and then 2 more rows of fall decor... another shopper and I stared at each other and started to laugh and commiserate about enjoying the season we're actually in!! Love your Saturday Thistlekeeping. It's the best in blog world!!

  6. Image for Jenni Jenni

    You know...I felt the very same way about seeing all those pumpkiny things before summer barely had a chance to take a breath. Then I thought about all those craftspeople who work all summer long to be ready for the craft fares that generally take place in the middle of October. There is no way they could make what they make and make enough of them to sell and make it totally worth their while. If they waited...things would be sold out and they would have very little to sell. I give them the benefit of the doubt. It's like I always say to myself...I'm going to make my Christmas decorations in July and my Halloween things so that this year...I will have them all done by October. But I never do. Hurray for all those people who actually do it! Just a little food for thought.... Great blog post and thank you for sharing all that you are!

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