Random thoughts on a Saturday morning:

1.  I snapped this photo this morning with my cell phone when I took Buddy out to take care of his business.

2.  Yes.  The sky really is that blue.  I know, right?

3.  Yes.  We need to mow our lawn.  It looks like something from Little House on the Prairie.  Emphasis on the prairie.

4.  People always ask me why we have those big trees in front of the house.  They are there to prevent everyone and their dog (no offense to you sweet Buddy) from looking into the windows when they drive down the road.

5.  There is nowhere on the planet I would rather be at this exact moment than standing in front of the farmhouse in yoga pants and a messy bun holding a cup of coffee listening to the crickets and feeling the sunshine on my face and watching my dog run.


Except maybe a baseball game.

Good thing that’s where I’m heading. 🙂

Hello Mother’s Day.

Nice to meet you.

Especially when there’s a table that looks like this.

Table details found here.

Looking for a last-minute idea for Mother’s Day?

Aren’t these post the cutest?

DIY found here.

Love this easy project for my almost-summer door.

Boxwood is my jam.

DIY found here.

I was researching kitchen countertops and I found this.


Have you ever installed it in your home?

Here’s an article all about the pros and cons of it and how to take care of it.

And in random news this week:

This flower arrangement

This outdoor space

This furniture make-over

This tip for filling outdoor planters

This hard working room

This lake cottage tour

These printable Mother’s Day cards

These flowers made me smile

How to style throw pillows

And this–one of the best before’s and after’s I have ever seen

One more for the road.

One more funny Mother’s Day story–found here.

Happy Random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Bonnie Schulte Bonnie Schulte

    Like the ideas posted here for Mother's day. The altered card deck is such a neat idea. Love your home inside and out, so beautiful...A slice of heaven on Earth for sure...

  2. Image for Carol, The Red Painted Cottage Carol, The Red Painted Cottage

    Karianne, I saw gorgeous soapstone on a counter years ago at an estate sale I went to and knew that's what I was going to have. I did tons of research and after we bought our place almost 4 years ago, we had our cabinets painted and soapstone installed. We love it! I have photos of it under our tour of our current house. I love how it feels and looks!

  3. Image for Ellen Ellen

    The best way to start the weekend - Thistlekeeping!!! Thank-you for this splendid edition. Wishing the best ever Mother's Day to wonderful, gorgeous, red lipsticked YOU (and a great hair day too)! P.S. Soapstone countertops are beautiful.

  4. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Karianne, sending you the warmest of Mother's Day wishes. About 5 years ago we installed soapstone counters in our new kitchen. I love them! Granite is lovely, but just not me. And we toured SEVERAL stone yards. The salesman tried to talk me out of soapstone and finally relented to let me 'see' some. As we were passing giant slabs I was running my hand along the edges (like every child does!) and stopped dead in my tracks...yelling for the salesman to STOP! I touched a soapstone slab with a pebble finish and instantly fell in love. Fabulous in my small kitchen, all I ever do is wipe them down. I did put mineral oil on them a few times but haven't lately. My counters are a deep grey with some nice veining. No regrets here. Love, love, love them!

  5. Image for mdn mdn

    Really enjoyed your post and your "random news" today! RE the flowers - lovely littlie pansies! I've always wondered why the name "pansy" is synonymous with something weak-willed when, in actuality, those little gems are so strong and hearty- able to make it through weather other flowers can't! Have a wonderful Mother's Day. BTW, have lost "count" of your kiddos' ages? They grow up so fast. Enjoyed yesterday's post, too...as noted it's rewarding to experience that all efforts to raise a new generation are paying off with great dividend! (The featured bedroom is so serene and calm - nice respite and a change of pace from everyday life for your daughter!)

  6. Image for Jillynn Jillynn

    I LOVE boxwood wreaths!!! So much so I made mini ones that I rotate around my house all year around, sometimes over the leaded glass of my built-ins, sometimes in the bathroom, sometimes in our bedroom, sometimes over an old window hanging behind our Christmas tree! LOVED also that they cost $10 for TWO!!!! Win WIN in my book;-) Gorgeous house picture!!!

  7. Image for Barbara Warren Barbara Warren

    Karianne, on Saturday's No. 3 about mowing your yard, I see clover as I also have in mine. Our honey bees are heavily working the clover so we are choosing to mow late in afternoon after they have gone in for the night. A small sacrifice to help God's little creatures. Love all your posts!

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