Random thoughts on a drizzly Saturday morning:

1. You are amazing.  Just in case no one had mentioned that yet today–let me be the first.

2. I’m all about this punctuation mark { — }  .  I’m not sure what to call it–the dash?  The middle mark?  The line half way beside a letter?  Whatever it’s called–I adore it.  It’s perfect for adding that last little thought–with emphasis.

3. Has anyone else watched the mini-series called The Pillars of the Earth?  A friend recommended it to me and I read about it and I think I’m in.

They had me at 12th century.

4. Have you ever written a word that you’ve written your entire life and suddenly, it looks like you spelled it incorrectly?  You keep checking and the dictionary says it’s right, but it just looks wrong.  So you type it and re-type it and ask your friends and double-check it and you just can’t wrap your head around it.  I do that all the time.

5. And can I get an opinion?

What do you think of cutting off the bottom of your jeans if they are too long and just fraying them instead of hemming them?  Too much?  Trying too hard?  Too vagabond-meets-baseball mom?

Inquiring fashion minds want to know.

This porch.


She had me at the cucumber water.

Details and tour here.

Cutest idea for a graduation party.

A self-serve burrito bar.

(total aside:  don’t you want to DIY those tassels)?

Recipe found here.

Great reminder on shopping the house.

Love this perspective and idea.

Post found here.

I’ve never been to Round Top.

I’ve always wanted to, but I never made the trip.

This is a great post on decorating tips from Round Top.

And in random news this week:

This house tour

These habits of happy people

This new flooring option

This quote

This open pipe shelving

This outdoor space

This piece of furniture

Simple decorating idea

One of my favorite author’s homes

And I love this DIY so much

….I just might spend Saturday making my own. 🙂

And one more for the road.

This easy simple diy project–an industrial farmhouse cutting board.

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Ann Ann

    2. It is called enmark. 5. My jeans naturally fray at the bottom so I've been in style forever. You gotta go to Round Top. There is the city of Round Top and then several cities in the same area that participate in antique week. Nothing else like it. It is huge!

  2. Image for sydney85 sydney85

    Please no to cutoffs and holes in jeans unless you are under 25. I do not understand the fascination of having jeans with rips/holes in them.

  3. Image for Jill Jill

    That punctuation mark is call the em dash because it's the width of the letter m--it is used in place of a colon or a double dash. A shorter version is called the en dash because it's the width of the letter n--it is used between a range of numbers like 9-10 pages. The hyphen is only used to hyphenate words. So now you are a punctuation rock star, too! Your rock star status just keeps rocking on!

  4. Image for beverlee beverlee

    I sew, but hate to hem jeans. I am also short, so sometimes even petite are too long, so I have been fraying them forever. Warning: do not cut too short, they still have to shrink. I love seeing those Painted Hive words! Thank you.

  5. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    LOL #4 I thought I was the only one that did that! #5 Jeans cut off? Nah. Would rather see them hemmed. But then, I’m old! ;) And thanks for Saturday’s links. Love ‘em! :D Oh, and #1? YOU are totally AMAZING!!! :D

  6. Image for beverlee beverlee

    You have so many neat things on here, I forgot to ask about that framed hanging behind the white pitcher with the pink tulips. That wonderfully crackled thing with the gold leaf? It is amazing, just like you!

  7. Image for Janette Deans Janette Deans

    Well I call it a dash and always have so to late to change now, your jeans can be anything you want them to be, seriously, as long as your happy with the result...not watched the series you mentioned so have nothing to add there...but anyways, if you love it, go for it...{ it has taken me ALOT of years to know this...!!!!! }...thanks for a really interesting read on a cloudy UK day...have fun..xx

  8. Image for Ashley Ashley

    I was super intrigued by "open pipe flooring". How would they accomplish that??? I think you mean "open pipe shelving". :)

  9. Image for VKromann VKromann

    If you've ever attended a funeral....you know the "dash" is important! It's on every headstone. It is an indication that there was life between the first date and the last date. A beautiful picture of the brevity of time that we are here, hopefully to intentionally pour into the lives of others. The dash matters. Francesca Battistelli sings a song called "Free to be Me". She wrote the song after having a little "fender bender" in her vehicle. She was 20 years old. But, I sing it about my "personal trunk" that fills every pair of jeans. I love these lyrics: "....'Cause I got a couple dents in my fender, Got a couple rips in my jeans. Try to fit the pieces together, But perfection is my enemy. On my own I'm so clumsy, But on Your shoulders I can see I'm free to be me.....And you're free to be you."

    1. Image for Sarah Sarah

      So poignant and beautifully written. I will now never forget the importance of the dash, which rises to the number one spot on my favourite punctuation list. Thank you for sharing that.

  10. Image for Wendy Dewar Hughes Wendy Dewar Hughes

    It's called an em dash. https://www.thepunctuationguide.com/em-dash.html As for the cut-off jeans, hmmm, I don't think so. But hey, I've been swayed before.

  11. Image for Anne-Marie Anne-Marie

    In France, (...) is called trois petits points (3 little dots) .... Easy to remember ! I read pillars of the Earth when it came out. I loved it ! I think everyone who read it, does.

  12. Image for Bonnie Schulte Bonnie Schulte

    I wear jeans with the knees (slightly) ripped, because of their age, I would not pay $$ for them. I only wear them to Walmart,( I am serious here) when I buy gardening stuff or flowers, and I wear them when I'm working in my flower garden, or sitting on the back deck with a drink in the summer time. I am old... 77, but probably would wear them out and about, if I was your age. Young Rock Star that you are pretty lady...Go for it.

  13. Image for Ellen Ellen

    1) Thank-you and so are YOU!! 2) I am queen of the em dash users - I just call it a dash, though mine is probably only the little en dash?! 4) YES - YES - and YES, although I've been attributing this to age. 5) To fray or not to fray, that is the question? I am old, to lazy to haul out the sewing machine to hem and just like to wear frayed jeans! However, it should be a personal choice that one is comfortable wearing! The beauty of aging is not caring what anyone thinks of my fashionless choices!! Thank-you for another splendid Thistlekeeping - always spectacularly entertaining!

  14. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Frayed jeans? That's probably an age bracket kind of question. My jeans rip and fray...and I wear them, but at that point? Only around the house and garden...or the nursery. I would never pay money for things that occur naturally. But then, I'm vintage myself! Great links, BTW! Enjoy your weekend! ;)

  15. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Wear frayed jeans, torn jeans, ripped jeans. Don't you have worn, distressed, chipped, dented, aged furniture and accessories. What's the difference? All are signs of use and love and experience. Let those jeans haves experiences and stories to tell just like your fabric shelf or your left on the roadside finds.

  16. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Thanks for today's post!! I learned about en and em marks. Thanks to whomever shared the link. Love, love, love the cutting board on rollers. And to think I passed up a thick cutting board at the thrift store today!! UGGGG! Tore jeans???? I'm not so sure. I think I agree with some of the other ladies when they said wear them at home, in the garden but not out about town. I'm 58 and am going through this phase of passing up trends that make me look like I'm trying too hard to look younger. Have a great weekend!

  17. Image for Laura Ingalls Gunn Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Fray it, girl! It's totally on trend. I am currently adding some white pom poms to the bottoms of my flared capri jeans. I don't care if I am breathing on 50. Might even wear them to Haven. :) The Pillars of the Earth is one of my all-time favorite novels. But I am a history/architecture nerd. I did watch the mini-series and it's not too bad if you need something to watch. However, it fell far short of the glories of the book. But that is generally the case. I'm currently watching "Victorian Slum House" PBS Tuesdays 7 pm. It follows along the lines of the Victorian Farm and Edwardian Farm series which I loved.

  18. Image for Myrna Myrna

    "The Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett is often found on lists of all-time "must read" books. Well worth the read. I haven't seen the TV series but I am satisfied with having read the book. I look forward to your Saturday posts. Always good variety and useful ideas.

  19. Image for michele michele

    thanks for starting the post with a compliment! you're the best! I think it's a dash and go ahead and fray those jeans ...they'll be cute!!!

  20. Image for Kris Kris

    Oh my goodness. I read Pillars of the Earth years ago--more than once--because it was so well written. I think it would be hard to translate it to the screen, but I love books more than movies or TV. Thanks for reminding me about it--I think it's time to check it out of the library again. Like Laura, my family has been watching Victorian Slum House. Fascinating! Ripped jeans. Well, you are probably young enough to pull it off if you wanted to. What is the image you want to project? Young, artsy, trendy? My personal fashion goals tend towards looking longer and leaner, whether I am in a mood to look classy and pulled-together or Bohemian. I think frayed would make me look shorter and stubbier, as it would draw attention to my legs. It's taken me years to accept that even though I may love a style (peasant blouses for instance), the style may not love me (peasant blouses ... not a great choice for the well-endowed woman ... V-neck and/or tailored is better). Find a fashion-forward friend who will be honest with you on how the style suits you and your body.

  21. Image for Norma Jean Norma Jean

    Funny you mentioned possibly fraying your jeans because that is exactly what was on my to-do list today! I was going to wait to see what kind of response you got, but instead just went for it... and am very pleased with the results. Cut off 4" that I always cuffed. I feel a sense of freedom now! ? ? ??Hope you had a wonderful day!

  22. Image for CK CK

    1. There has always been a special place in my heart for frayed or ripped jeans (I'm over 60!) 2. I use the dash frequently - it just works! 3. LOVE the book "Pillars of the Earth" - long but worth it!! Not sure about the show. 4. Round Top - come back to Texas! You'll love it ❤️️

  23. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    Definitely can relate to the 'not sure how to spell it' thing. Or is it 'definately', wait, no... it's 'definitely'... *runs to Google* And, I can relate to the "-" as well. But, mine is... wait for it.... Yep, the '...'. I am hearing SO much about the vinyl options (especially planks). I think I eventually want to do my kitchen and bathroom. I'm pretty sure my landlord would say yes, as long as I do the whole thing. :-) Have a blessed Sunday, KariAnne! (Abby Lawson speaks highly of you in her 'Building a Framework".) :-D

  24. Image for Pam Clark Pam Clark

    YES! I actually had to google SURPRISE yesterday. I kept wanting to make the second S a Z. Crazy feeling!

  25. Image for Elaine Hewitt Elaine Hewitt

    Hi! First, thank you for your always inspirational posts. They make my day. Next, I always tell my English grammar students the em dash is a safe way to go when you are not sure about when to use a comma. PURDUE OWL and the Associated Press Handbook are also two other sources for all things grammar related. PURDUE is online and the AP book is available online and hardcopy:) Happy Sunday

  26. Image for Amanda Amanda

    1: The whole writing a word then thinking its wrong so you check and check and recheck, yeah happens to me all the time. Just glad I am not the only one that does that. Whew! 2: The whole cut off frayed hem jeans thing, Jessica Ann Kirby from Prosecco and Plaid does it all the time and she rocks the look. She dresses them up she dresses them down. Either way they look great. I say go for it and please let me know how it looks. I really want to try it but am a little scared. 3: I read the series Pillars of the Earth. The first book was ok but the next one was just wrong.

  27. Image for Louise Adkins Louise Adkins

    1. Looking for a friend to go to Round Top? Here I am... I'd love to go. There are some "funky-cool" places to stay around there but reservations have to be made at least a year ahead. I've not been able to convince my friends to play that far in advance. But another place near Dallas is Canton, Tx. The show's name is something like First Mondays but it starts on Thurs or Fridays. It is great. I went years ago. We bought so much stuff we had to tie it to the roof with belts from our pants. Then if you could of seen my Friend and I on the plane back to Atlanta holding a lamp and a wooden yard sign as our carry on luggage--those were the days! 2. I bought capris this season and they have the hem totally taken out-you can see how it was folded up and hemed-all the fold lines and stuff...I like them. 3. For dried flowers--we found dried hydrangeas at the curb this Christmas when we went to a Holiday Home Show. Can't beat free. My friend even took hers home to Texas on the plane and they survived! Have a great day!

  28. Image for Barbara Barbara

    "Too vagabond meets baseball mom?" now that's just pure writing genius ... I say embrace your inner gypsy and head for the peanuts and crackerjack!

  29. Image for Charley Charley


  30. Image for Diane Diane

    I'm a dot, dot, dotter. But... love that sweet dash too. How do you get that rather than the hyphen? Jeans. UGH! I recently purchased jeans that fit better in the store than they do in real life. And I was so worried about "the fit" I completely forgot about the length. And since my legs are not the same length... that can be a major complication. As I walked down the stairs at church to do my KidMin thing on Sunday I kept stepping on one pant leg and by the time I reached the bottom... well... yes... I had to pull them up. Good grief!!! I was dreading having to go find that gold thread all jean makers use... borrow a machine (cause mine is states away in storage) and then try to hem the long leg to match the short leg. Husbands are not good at that.... though they can be pretty good at the last minute before church cutting an inch off hair that somehow seemed just too too long. So... maybe... you just gave me a great answer to my problem... except the length thing. But then I'm wondering... can you fray the new stretchy grab your legs jeans? P.S. I dispise the person that created those... is it just me? I've never had to pull up my pants so much in my life. Good grief!! I'm having a style crisis!!

  31. Image for Mary - the boondocks blog Mary - the boondocks blog

    That thing with the words looking unfamiliar all of a sudden. It happens all the time. And I thought I was getting old. ;) Seen the Pillars of the Earth. And when you're done there is a sequel called World without End. Enjoy!

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