A few random thoughts on a rainy Saturday morning:

1.  Has anyone watched Outlander?  I’m thinking about starting it, but I need a little input first.

2.  I just saw daffodils by the side of the road.  #hellobeautiful

3.  I’m kind of all about veggie burgers lately.  And I’m thinking about roasting brussel sprouts.  My family literally quirked an eyebrow at me.

4. And in total sad news this morning (the saddest of the sad), my son walked downstairs with his baseball uniform on.  Ready.  Set.  Go.  It’s the first game of the season.

Exciting, right?


Except now it’s pouring rain. 🙁


This spring mantel is so pretty.

But even prettier?

The message behind it.

Read all about it here.

I’m all about decorating your home.

I love it.  I think about it and dream about it and talk about it and plan all about it.

But this message spoke to my heart lessons learned from NOT decorating your home.

Read it here.

This is such an easy idea for a spring centerpiece in five minutes.

I wish I would have thought of it.

So simple and yet so brilliant all at the same time.

DIY found here.

I was searching for spring dining room inspiration and found this.


I love every detail of this table.

An overabundance of spring table decorating ideas found here.

And in super exciting news, I’m going to be a mentor at the Haven Conference.

That’s me–grinning with happiness in the top left corner.

If you’ve never been to Haven before, I cannot say enough good things about it.

It literally changed my entire blogging journey.

And now to be a mentor?  To get to connect with new bloggers and bloggers just staring their journey and other bloggers at the conference?  I’m so excited that joy is spilling out everywhere.

If you want to learn more about the Haven conference click here.


And in random news this week:

This home tour is so pretty

This kitchen

How to pick the perfect paint color

This flower arrangement

These book quotes (be sure and read the comments)

Dyed egg idea

Awesome design advice

Sweetest adventure ever

So happy for these friends and a fun giveaway

And for everyone who gave me chocolate chip cookie tips….

….let me return the favor. 🙂

Cabbage Vase

And one more for the road.

This cabbage vase arrangement.  Still one of my favorites ever.

DIY found here.

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂


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  1. Image for Linda Linda

    KariAnn be prepared that if you start watching Outlander to be hooked! It will become an obsession once you start it...oh and make sure you aren't watching it when the kids are around.

    1. Image for Karen Karen

      Linda....I was just going to tell karianne...DONT WATCH WITH THE KIDS.....very nice in beginning, once you are hooked, then prepare for a purely ADULT MOVIE! Saw all the full series....was hooked and totally surprised ? by the scenes and ending! Just be aware! LOW VOLUME!!!!

  2. Image for Hedy Hedy

    Love your blog. Everything is always neutral in the bloggers world and my house is full of color, like nature. I don't think I could live in all that white but I do enjoy looking at it in your blog. Also I love your prose, you have a lovely way of speaking. Thanks.

  3. Image for june june

    Sitting here looking out my patio door at a lifeless almost post winter yard in Minnesota. It is crisoy outside and dreary. Then I pick up the Ipad and poof...there is Miss Karianne. You bring so much energy to your posts .... I just LOveeeeee them. Congrats on Haven...to be a mouse in the corner to take it all in as a non blogger. Sorry about your rain and your sons game. I remember those days☹️

  4. Image for Pam Clark Pam Clark

    Oh my...Outlander....be prepared, Jamie is everything! Season One was mesmerizing, but I didn't like season two as much. Looking forward to season three. (And you probably won't want to watch with your kids ?)

  5. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Random Thoughts are some of my favorite posts!! Thanks again for the great ideas and inspiration. Congrats on being a mentor. You'll be awesome! Roasting brussel sprouts is my absolute favorite way to eat them. Yummmmmm

  6. Image for Teresa Emrich Teresa Emrich

    If you choose to watch Outlander, you would certainly gain so much insight if you would read the first novel or 2. I guarantee you will be hooked & want to read everyone of them. The series is good. When we were in Ireland in 2003, we met a couple who had gone to Scotland to follow the trail of Jamie & Claire! They were the ones who got us hooked, before tv series was dreamed of. We are headed back to Scotland in October & hope to do the same tour

    1. Image for Rena Swan Rena Swan

      Hey Teresa, You are a blessed woman to have already visited Scotland, even more blessed to be going again. I would love to see Scotland, to go on an Outlander tour by Alastair Cunningham~ "Clans and Castles" would be a dream come true!!! ??? The stone circle, Lally Broch, and Culloden hill are just three of the locations I wish to see some day. As Jamie says to Claire "Je suis Prest" I discovered the Outlander audiobooks from my local library, about four years ago. I absolutely love Diana Gabaldon's way of writing this series, and how Davina Porter's narration brings all of the characters to life. It was sooo easy to get hooked!!! ??? I've enjoyed watching "Outlander" for the most part, especially Sam Heughan -Jamie and Murtagh- Duncan Lacroix. Season three will be exciting, but like in the book, we'll see very little of Jamie and Claire together. "Dinna fash", it'll all work out in the end... God bless you and safe travels to Scotland. P.S. Maybe you'll get to see them taping an episode if you're wandering through the Cairngorms National Park... ???

  7. Image for Linda Linda

    Karianne: Roast the Brussels sprouts with bacon, then toss with chopped, dried apricots and maybe a handful of nuts if there are any around. You will not be sorry and neither will your family.

  8. Image for Julie Julie

    Love my Outlander! Have all the books! Very addicting. If you loved Victoria's love story, you will also love following Jamie and Claire's amazing time travel love story.

  9. Image for Teresa Emrich Teresa Emrich

    Please at least read the first Novel in the Outlander series. The television show is "adult viewing" only! Novels are great. Helps you understand the program much better. Great costumes/ scenery. We are headed back to Scotland in October to follow some of Jamie & Claire's trail. We learned of the novels from another couple in Ireland, who had traveled to follow their trails ( 2003). Diana Gabaldon is a wonderful author!!! And you are a wonderful, creative blogger!

  10. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Outlander is absolutely wonderful!! and yes, definitely adult entertainment. Even better are the books! I have reread the entire series several times, and always have to reread the last book when a new one is due out. Diana Gabaldon is a wonderful storyteller, who does meticulous research, so a book takes her 4 years to write.( 800 pages or so, but the first 3 in the series are shorter) The television series follows the books vey closely, as she is involved in production and casting. Jamie and Claire's story is mesmerizing, and a can't put the book down read.

  11. Image for Kate Kate

    Outlander - One of the best love stories ever! You'll be hooked immediately. The costumes are fantastic, especially the French ones in the second season. Gorgeous! Be prepared to absolutely HATE Black Jack. Let us know if you decide to watch it (just not with the kids!). Kate

  12. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Yes...if you start watching Outlander...you will be hooked...but...no kids! Not exactly PG rated! I cannot wait for season 3 to begin...it is very addicting! But, a very realistic vision of life back in the 1700's minus the sci-fi aspect. If you enjoyed Poldark...I know you will enjoy this! ;)

  13. Image for Crystal Brown Crystal Brown

    Outlander is a very good screen adaptation of the book series and has the stamp of approval from Miss Gabaldon herself. She actually had a bit part in season one and by all accounts, enjoyed it very much. The series pays a lot of attention to detail, trucking in mud and dirt and even using real food for the feasts and meals. Both Cait and Sam have said the dirt under their fingernails is real. :) While different from the books, it's understandably hampered by the restraints of television, a one hour at a time episode, etc, etc., it's still excellent. Have fun, enjoy, prepare to be transported!

  14. Image for JudyCinNC JudyCinNC

    Please do not overthink your MIL's visit. She only wants to make sure everyone is happy and loved. Decorate to please your family and she will love it. As a MIL myself, I just want to visit and be part of a family again. Listening to my grandkids wishes and dreams reminds me of when I had a family. Have the cabbage floral for a cozy night family dinner, test it out and see if worth repeating. justJudyC

  15. Image for Brenda Brenda

    Brussel sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and parsnips are all great roasted in the oven. I drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper. Cook to desired tenderness. Awesome stuff!

  16. Image for Jenny W Jenny W

    Outlander is amazing! You will fall in love with Jaime Frasier ❤ One word of advice, is to get through the first two episodes, as they cover a lot of back story, that is important to the characters. After that it is one wild ride ? Oh, your husband will enjoy the action, but I would not recommend that you watch it with your children.

  17. Image for Chris Chris

    I LOVE Outlander but as others have pointed out it is adult only. I'm on book 7 of the series. It is a wonderful series and the love story in the show and in the books is beautiful so perfect for a romantic like yourself.

  18. Image for Ellen Ellen

    WOW!! YOU a mentor at the Haven conference - makes me wish I could be a blogger just to have you mentor me! I am always in awe of all the fantastic bloggers from all over the world and the hard work and long hours it takes to be successful. Too much for me, I'm quite content to enjoy everyone's endeavors in blogland as a spectator only. I must add that I bless the day that I "discovered" Thistlewood Farms. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing your posts in my mail. The pleasure that you bring with your spectacular stories and photos is beyond measure. Thank-you for just being you! You are a masterpiece in blogdom!! P.S. Thistlekeeping is divine too!!!

  19. Image for Sue Sue

    So it's a given you'll be watching Outlander ... How could you not with all us fans?! Ummm, yeah, it's soft porn, no dancing around the subject! Ha! I've read all the books so I was slightly disappointed with what I knew was missing in the TV series. But I got over it real fast! I would recommend watching the series first and then reading the books. My husband never read the books and he can follow the series just fine. Brussels sprouts with chilli flakes and bacon is just .. heaven! Enjoy!

  20. Image for Cindy Baugh Cindy Baugh

    Outlander is a fantastic show! But just be aware it is not a family show. I've read the books and just love the story line.

  21. Image for Carol@BlueskyKitchen Carol@BlueskyKitchen

    Outlander is amazing. You will become addicted. I've read the first 3 books (each is about 700 pages, but it goes so fast, I read the first 2 in one month.) and watched seasons 1 and 2 and waiting with bated breath for season 3. Claire and Jamie are the best couple since Romeo and Juliet, Casablanca, Daisy and Gatsby. If you love historical fiction, you will be hooked from the first scene.

  22. Image for Kelly Kelly

    Outlander is VERY different than Poldark. It is graphic. There are no illusions, it is all on display. Don't have the younger kids watching with you.

  23. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Have read all the Outlander books and seen all the series. Loved both, and yes there are some graphic scenes. It is a very romantic series with a strong woman at the center of it. The author is an amazing woman herself (taught medical school!) so to me it is a win-win. Thanks as always for the Saturday wrap up!

  24. Image for Cassandra E Cassandra E

    Oh friend. I must be the biggest prude on the planet. Which is laughable if you knew me. I read the first 2 books. (Outlander) I really do love the story. But I got bored. And tired of the soft porn. And for some dumb reason, thought the movie couldn't be that bad. I think within 20 minutes I was mortified and turned it off. I'm sad because the time/place/characters all fascinate me. But I just can't. No disrespect to anyone here, or you if you choose to watch. But I thought I'd brave my 2 cents. It's hard to be the one saying the opposite of everyone, but here I am.

    1. Image for Rosalie McCreary Rosalie McCreary

      Hi Cassandra! I have to agree with you. I'm surely not a prude but I personally don't like watching! The books are really very well done...The history, characters and story line ...I started reading book one back in the 1980's and have read it several times. Thought I'd help you out... It's certainly ok to disagree!

  25. Image for Jenny B Jenny B

    Roasted brussels sprouts are amazing and there are many delicious variations out there, however .... I must warn you ... your entire house will smell like gas/toots/farts/whateveryoucallthem and you won't totally notice it until you go outside for some reason and then walk back in and *bam* it will hit you!

  26. Image for Rosalie McCreary Rosalie McCreary

    Hi Karianne! Outlander books are fabulous! History, characters, the places they take you! I read the first book in the 80's and several times since. Personally, I was a bit disappointed in the TV series ... At least the first couple of episodes. But that's just me. Not for kids I have to agree with everyone here on that point! But try it and see for yourself! Brussel sprouts....Bacon sounds wonderful. We chop up several root veggies with the Brussels tossed with olive oil salt and pepper and a few pinches ( shakes) of Italian herbs....Bake till tender...Please don't scorch them!!!! Try with raw peeled beets... Very tasty. Have a great week!

  27. Image for Charlene Charlene

    I've got to admit, I hated Brussel sprouts as a child, along with broccoli. Something about my mom cooking them until they were beige. My dad is partial to overcooked veggies. Yuck. Anyhoo, rediscovered them at a baby shower for a friend a couple of years ago. They deep fried them, and added shaved parmesan cheese and chunks of pancetta. A little drizzle of balsamic glaze and they were fabulous! I came home and tried to replicate, minus the deep frying. Hello roasted Brussel sprouts with a drizzle of honey, the last couple of minutes in oven. Take them out and shave on the parmesan cheese and add crispy pancetta (or bacon). My daughter still looks at me funny though. She said it's a waste of perfectly good parmesan cheese and bacon. :)

  28. Image for Dawn Dawn

    Read Outlander, didn't watch it. The novel is worth a look. More importantly, did you make the cookies? Hope they were fantastic!

  29. Image for eileen eileen

    Outlander book was recommended which I read and loved it! Then, followed the series; enjoyed those too and am glad it's continuing. In the meantime, I continued reading all the books in the series...and...yes great story line. Now if I could do that Scottish tour someday? Maybe?? Something to at least put on my bucket list. Give it a read/watch, think you might like; however, not with the kids....enjoy!

  30. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Is there anything better than raw chocolate chip cookie dough? I don't think so either... You had me at chocolate chip. Although I did see Oreo cookies wrapped in chocolate chip cookie dough and baked. I'd be willing to try those, just for comparison's sake.

  31. Image for Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns

    Outlander the tv series. Um Yes. Jamie...H E L L O!!! eye candy for days. I can't wait for season 3 to start. Also, like others mentioned, not a kid friendly show. I love the mix of the love story, the time travel element and the history.

  32. Image for Kathie Spradling Kathie Spradling

    I completely skimmed your post once you asked about Outlander. Great show, even greater books. If you are a reader, definitely get the books. The show is fantastic, but be prepared to think of nothing else. It consumes you in the best of ways. And afterwards.....everything will be decorated in plaid.

  33. Image for Melissa Melissa

    Outlander had me ready to jet off to Scotland to search for those stones! Extremely romantic, but as others have mentioned very graphic...and violent in parts.

  34. Image for Sharon from California Sharon from California

    The Outlander Series is good but not as good as the books. If you haven't read the books, you need to.

  35. Image for Michal Sparks Michal Sparks

    Hey there! Just looking for something on your blog and came across your Outlander comment. A fantastic series of novels and the mini series stays very close to the books. A good show to watch with your hubby, enough manly battle stuff to be interesting and the romance is Poldark times 10! (and I love Poldark!!) will warn you, when you finish watching series 2 you will fall into a show hole and decorate everything in plaid!! Series 3 is in the works! Keep this one for just adults though.Enjoy!

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