A few random thoughts on a Saturday morning:

1. I’m almost done watching Lark Rise to Candleford.  I only have one season left.  Does anyone have a really good show with a British accent they’ve watched lately?

2. I think my scent for this month is Lemon Verbena.  I’ve ordered soap and dish soap and room spray and lotion.  Here’s to smelling like spring.

3. The bathroom remodel should be done this week.  I can’t wait to photograph the tile.

4. I cannot WAIT for you to see the cover of the book.  It’s the perfect combination of fancy and what was I thinking.

4. I just realized I never photographed and posted about the rest of the handmade Christmas presents.

I’ll fix that next week. 🙂

I love a tulip crate.

Especially one I make my self.

Here’s an easy DIY if you want to make one, too.

These rosettes are super cute.

And the best part?  They are made from wood slices.

DIY found here.

If you’ve ever had a question about contractors.

Or remodeling.

Or the hows and whys behind befores and afters.

This is the post for you.

I am all about white dishes.

They are so inexpensive and fun.

Here’s ten tips on how to decorate with them.

And in random news this week:

This bathroom

This affordable option

These store windows

These flower projects

This before and after kitchen

This garden party

This DIY

This herb garden

And for everyone’s sweet tooth….

….this before and after.

And one more for the road.

This easy DIY reclaimed wood stool.

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for june june

    Love the scent of lemons. Right now I have Snow Kissed Citrus by Bath and Body in my kitchen. We will be unseasonably warm today in Mn expected to get to high 50's....next week a storm. So my devine lemon soap will get me through. I too am ready for spring. Cant wait to see the bathroom ....but more importantly your book cover.

  2. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    Father Brown, a crime-solving priest. Some episodes loosely inspired by G. K. Chesterton’s stories. Set in the early 1950s. Another of my favorites is Midsomer Murder Mysteries. Though more current. It’s still in production after 20 years. Kentucky PBS runs it every once in a while. These are mystery series, so not your usual earlier drama series. L-o-v-e BBC! :D

      1. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

        Ooo...looky what I found! You can watch British dramas, etc., to your heart's content. Commercial free. $4.99/month https://signup.acorn.tv/ Thought you might want to take a look. :D

  3. Image for Donnie Donnie

    Midsomer Murders is excellent and Grantchester. Love both. I'm actually rewatching Middomer right now on Netflix. Just love the British countryside and customs! Happy Saturday, you always brighten my day.

  4. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Lemon just smells clean and it makes my mouth water. :-) I can't wait to see your book cover. I hope I'll be able to send you a SASE and have you sign a note I can stick in there. And I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your gifts. I'm always amazed at their originality. Happy weekend.

  5. Image for Centsational Girl Centsational Girl

    Always love the Thistlekeeping roundups! Thanks for including my bathroom among all this inspiration! xoxo Kate

  6. Image for Lenore Lenore

    I know you are talking about a TV show, but I just watched a movie (free on Dish this weekend), Ms. Potter. It is about Beatrix Potter and I was totally captivated. Lenore

  7. Image for Sherman Catherine B. Sherman Catherine B.

    Midsomer Murders is one you might like. It covers murders in the province of "Midsomer" & all of the surroundings villages. It reminds me of Agatha Christy they murder people in very artistic ways.

  8. Image for Marilyn Marilyn

    Lemon Verbena is a great scent. I love anything with the scent of lemon. A few years ago there was a shampoo called Lemon-Up. it was great. Marilyn

  9. Image for Leigh Leigh

    Good Afternoon KariAnne.... Here is my list. I LOVE the BBC. Lovejoy - Mystery The Vicar of Dibley - Comedy with Dawn French Clatterford - Comedy with Dawn French (known as Jam and Jerusalem in Britain) All Creatures Great and Small - Drama/Comedy Doc Martin - Comedy Last Tango in Halifax - Drama/Soap Opera These are really good ones to me. You can usually stream them from Netfix or Amazon Instant Video. Enjoy, Leigh

  10. Image for Lynn Fowler Lynn Fowler

    I loved, loved, loved "Call the Midwife"! Based on a young midwife`s memoir of her time in 1950`s London. Such a great series, so hated when I watched the last one.

  11. Image for Shirley Shirley

    Greetings from England KariAnne. I love your obsession with all things English. I feel the same about America. I love visiting there - you have an amazing country! And your prices are so much cheaper - I love the shops especially Target & Bath & Body works & all things Disney. Can I recommend Doc Martin , Vicar of Dibley, Last Tango in Halifax - in fact everything Leigh mentioned!


    Hi Karianne, Love Lemon Smell, So Fresh!!...Just watched "Miss Fisher Mystery Movie"..Another BBC Mystery Movie Series, Found it on Netflix!!...Was looking to watch another Agatha Raisin Mystery Movie , but I have not been able to find On Demand or on Netflix if any one knows how to find them I would appreciate it!!

    1. Image for Arlene Arlene

      Find every kind of series here (especially BBC) when you search under DVD tab at https://www.worldcat.org. If your local public library doesn't own it, then ask them to do an "Interlibrary Loan" where another library lends to them. You pick it up there, binge watch, return it to them and the library ships it back. Try Worldcat for books, music, games, and articles too! Some libraries lend cake pans, some lend artwork, others lend power tools, one did seeds for awhile, anyway - you would be amazed. Just go to the library & check it out!!!

  13. Image for Tonya Tonya

    A Place to Call Home is amazing! An Australian accent is pretty wonderful, too. And I really liked Grand Hotel. It's entirely in Spanish, but I have a strange love for subtitles, so I was in heaven. Sadly the only Spanish I learned was the word vamoose. I blame this on Julio. I was smitten and therefore distracted. And if nothing but an English accent will do, The Paradise was fun watch. It did end abruptly after two seasons, but I still enjoyed it.

    1. Image for Therese Therese

      Oh my! There's someone else who watched Grand Hotel with Spanish subtitles! It was a great over the top drama with some comedic moments (Agatha Christie) and a surprising end that left me speechless!

  14. Image for Ann Sielaff Ann Sielaff

    Oh my gosh. I LOVE Larkrise to Candleford. That was the best. One of those shows that makes you sad when it's over. Have you tried Poldark? Also good.

  15. Image for Candice Candice

    Hi KariAnne, Can't wait to see the new bath rooms! Love everything you do. My favorite British show has always been Brideshead Revisited, kind of the mother of them all. Also an older series, Mapp and Lucia, which takes place in the 20's. My new favorite is the Agatha Raisin Series which I watch on Acorn TV. I subscribed to it because, like you, its all about the countryside and the accents. Looking forward to your book.

  16. Image for Carrie Davis Carrie Davis

    Your Saturday wrap ups are my favorite, and I love when I have the time to click all the links! It really is a precious time saver having links that I would be clicking around to find all in one place! You pick the ones that I just adore...and those upside down flowers?? Da Bomb!! Thanks!

  17. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Lemon verbena is always a favorite. And that book cover? I can't wait to see what you have created! Happy Saturday, friend!

  18. Image for Julie Julie

    You always have the BEST roundups! I'm honored that you included our herb garden. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you and your family enjoy the long weekend! Xo

  19. Image for Marti Marti

    I LOVE The Duchess of Duke Street and I rarely see it recommended. Upstairs Downstairs too. These are both older but so worth watching. Of course right now Victoria is great!

  20. Image for Liz Thomas Liz Thomas

    You know from my last comment that I, too, loved British period pieces and after Lark Rise, I fumbled around looking for another good series. I came across "Packed to the Rafters" which is Australian and more or less current day, probably less than five years old, but I fell in love with this family that opens their heart to everyone. The family name is Rafter and they have multi generations living in their home, so there are lots of current day issues that come up and it's wonderful how they all deal with each other's life dramas. I so totally loved the show, it's funny, sometimes sad but always feel good. I THINK YOU WOULD LOVE IT. About four or five seasons long so they become your friends.

  21. Image for Chris Horne Chris Horne

    I left a message last week-watch Doc Martin on Netflix. British accents, fabulous scenery and quirky people. My husband and I love it so much and there are 6 seasons worth.

  22. Image for Kristin M Kristin M

    I agree with the others. I recommend Midsomer Murders. It is a more modern series but the relationships are charming and the landscape is beautiful. There are 18 seasons on Netflix right now so that could keep you busy for a while.

  23. Image for Lou Lou

    I totally Love Larkrise to Candleford, I just finished it for the 3 time!! and of course, Downton Abbey! My old school Netflix lady is 'Keeping up apperances' , it's an older sitcom style show but I just love it!! Doc Martin, Poldark is good, but it got kinda shady at the end of the 2nd season. I'm watching the new Victoria show, any of the others in the comments are worth watching for sure but there is always the Gilmore Girls of Stars Hollow(wink). Your book debut will be epic! We all can't wait to see it!!

  24. Image for Anne Anne

    Just watched " Bleak House ". is a fifteen-part BBC television drama. An adaptation of a Charles Dickens Story. I loved Larkspur to Candelford.

  25. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Well...there's Grantchester...PBS. Home Fires...also PBS. And Outlander (Starz)...Scottish accents, beautiful countryside, and time travel....plus some history, and a leading man who's easy on the eyes...an absolute must see! ;)

  26. Image for Peg Peg

    "Call the Midwife and "Doc Martin" are two series I can't get enough of, and Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena!! Happy weekend dear, sweet lady! : )

  27. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Thanks for all the ideas! I second Outlander (have read all the books too!). Love all the PBS Jane Austen's.

  28. Image for Jamie | anderson + grant Jamie | anderson + grant

    It is always the highlight of my weekend when I see you've included one of my posts in your Thistlekeeping. Thanks for all the support and love you send my way, Karianne. Can't wait to see your finished bathroom remodel! Have a great week.

  29. Image for Arlene Arlene

    Find BBC shows and borrow them from a library. Online card catalog at https://www.worldcat.org! If your library doesn't own the one you want, ask them to do an "Interlibrary Loan" and your chosen DVDs will be shipped to your library where you pick them up. Amazing service that everyone should know about. Looking forward to your book! I'll buy 2 copies. One for me & one to donate to the library!

  30. Image for Andrea Andrea

    I loved Larkrise to Candleford too! (and Poldark ,and the Crown, and Grandchester, ... ) BBC had a series called "The Musketeers" which you can find sometimes on Acorn or Prime for free streaming. It is wonderful and the actors/Musketeers are gorgeous:) And if you've never watched the Sherlock series (several seasons but only 3 episodes each), I highly recommend it.

  31. Image for Melissa Melissa

    My daughter and I both enjoyed The Paradise which is on Netflix. It's similar in sensibility to Larkrise. I also recommend Midsommer Murders if you are into mysteries.

  32. Image for Mary Mary

    Call the Midwife is awesome! Also the Outlander series on Starz. I just got laundry soap, dish soap in Rosemary. I love it!

  33. Image for Lynn Lynn

    I love love British TV I have not seen "Where The Heart Is" mentioned. It is based on the lives of the English nurses and their famlies in a small town. Another good one is " Wild at Heart" English family moves to Africa. " Murdoch Mysteries" Canadian Detective at the turn of the century. Agatha Christie's " Partners in Crime" Oh could I go on. Just go to ACORN TV you will never go back. hahah

  34. Image for Julie B. Julie B.

    Don't know if anyone mentioned this above... "Foyle's War"... it's amazing. Love a clean, time period, british mystery! And this one.. the best! It used to be on Amazon, but you can definitely get it on ACORN TV. Also, Monarch of the Glen!

  35. Image for Elaine Elaine

    All of the shows mentioned are great British dramas, and well worth a look. There has been quite a dark drama on recently called "unforgotten" It is one of the best for many years, you must watch it Kari. The acting is second to none but, it's probably best to adult view first before seeing if it's suitable for your children. We were hooked and the second series has just finished, edge of the seat stuff!!

  36. Image for Peg Peg

    If I were a blogger, and I posted "Cottagekeeping" (because my dream is to have a cottage on a lake) on Saturday mornings, it's quite possible that all the links would be to YOUR projects and stories!!! Thank you KariAnne, for brightening my days!! : )

  37. Image for Beth Beth

    We have been attached to Acorn TV for a couple of years and the shows are incredible. Ever since I subscribed to Ancestry.com and found so many ancestors from England and Scotland, I've felt the need to immerse myself in the English culture of my heritage...at least that's the story I tell my family...and I'm sticking to it!! Some others that you would definitely like: A Place to Call Home Brokenwood Doc Martin Birds of a Feather Vera Suspects Blue Murder A Village Affair Anzac Girls Agatha Raisin The Blue Rose Cloudstreet The Code Ladies of Letters (Hystreical) Well, you get the gist. I'm totally surprised I haven't broken out my English accent! Brilliant!!

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