Merry Christmas pillow

Random thoughts on an almost December morning:

1. Yesterday was the 25th.  As in one month until Christmas.  As in yikes.  As in that spells i-m-n-o-t-r-e-a-d-y.

2. Poldark was trying to redeem himself last night.  I liked him slightly better.  But did you see that look Elizabeth gave him.  Please girl.  Get off your high horse.

3. To help me get over Poldark, I have Gilmore Girls cued up and ready to go.  If you have watched any of it, I’d love to hear your take on it.

4. And I literally cannot even with all the fun stuff I have planned for Christmas.

I may have to post a few more days than normal just to fit it all in.

Get the hot chocolate ready. 🙂

PS  If you need a little inspiration to tide you over through the weekend–here’s my tour from last year.


Cutest idea for a party ever.

Or a gift for someone special.

The tiny packages are actually homemade caramel.

Recipe found here.


These boxwood wreaths are so expensive in the store.

Why not make your own.

DIY found here.


Love this idea to decorate with what you have.

Hang aprons up and tuck candy canes and greenery in them.

You can see the entire home tour here.


And this Christmas tree.

I’m going with more red this year, but this tree almost changed my mind.

You can see more of the tree and the room here.

And in random news this week:

This blog is one of my favorites

Super cute gift bags

Love this piece of furniture and the hardware

Pink hot chocolate

Creative wrapping ideas

Clever DIY

I almost cried when I read this

And just when I thought PBS couldn’t get any better–they released this

Christmas tree pic

One more for the road.

This Christmas tree DIY that I made last year.


  1. Image for anita anita

    I was sad to read that Florence Henderson passed away. She was a lovely lady. Such fantastic ideas here ! Thank you for sharing

  2. Image for Jan Fusco Jan Fusco

    I can't wait to see the new Gilmore Girls episodes. Someone posted on Facebook to be ready to cry your eyes out when you watch episode 4. I can't wait! Well, not to cry my eyes out, but to watch Gilmore Girls.

  3. Image for Carole @ Garden Up Green Carole @ Garden Up Green

    Oh goodness I've been waiting for this Gilmore Girls series and got so busy with other things I forgot all about it. I may save to watch the first week of December. With our downsize I decided there won't be much to do in place of getting ready for Christmas. I'm going to do something different and enjoy what others are doing and incorporate a few focal points that welcomes the season. Just letting it happen, stress free and sitting back while enjoying the last Christmas on our little farm. Looking forward to all you'll be sharing and those little packages are priceless.

  4. Image for Ellen Ellen

    THISTLEKEEPING- exactly what I needed after all of the Black Friday cyber shopping!!! You always have so many spectacular things to read and entertain me. Loving that Christmas tree, going to check that out for sure.One year I used rolls of cotton on a 7 ft. tree to look like the branches were covered in snow. It turned out beautifully with my snowman theme, but it was so time and labor intensive that I've never done it again ( can you even find the rolls of cotton anymore?). I want that gorgeous dish that the homemade caramels are sitting on and the caramels too. Thank-you for another delightful post, you never ever disappoint!

  5. Image for Sheila F Sheila F

    Thanks for the reminder about the new Gilmore Girls. Y E S S S ! I so loved that show. I haven't even seen it yet, but I know I'll wish that it lasted longer! Hoping that this will become a "thing". Maybe new mini-series episodes every year or two? And that spindle Christmas tree, I remember it from last year... it's beautiful! ❤️

  6. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    I totally forgot about Gilmore Girls...heard it's a tad disappointing but I'm going to watch it anyway! Oh! Homemade caramels- yes, please. Love all you share. Now I'm off to go browse some more. (Are you sure Christmas is only a month away....I'm.not.ready.panic.panic). Happy weekend! Cecilia ?

  7. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Hi! I'm late to the party because I'm not ready for Christmas either ;-) I'm picking up a frantic pace on my homemade Christmas gifts just to get them done on time to mail and get there before C-Day lol. I almost cried too when I read about Florence Henderson -- she was one of my favorite TV moms. I pointed out to my mom that Florence wore mini dresses so maybe she could too. She just gave me one of her iconic mom-looks: disbelief that I'd even suggest that. Speaking of favorites, thank you for the reminder about your chair leg Christmas tree from last year! I don't have room for a tree this year but that would look great on the wall above my reading chair and be super easy to make. I might even add some lights to it. If I have time to take on another project, that is lol. Ok, maybe next year...

  8. Image for Brenda Brenda

    I too have a spindle collection! And a door very similar to that. I have been looking for a project for them for a long time. I love the idea of the tree! Thanks for sharing again! Buy the way, I still use chairs like that! ;)

  9. Image for Andrea Boudreau Andrea Boudreau

    Poldark Sunday finale - wow! Gilmore Girls- still wonderful (I don't care what the critics say) and last 5 minutes, episode 4 -wow! And you must watch "The Crown" if you haven't already. Happy Cyber Monday!

  10. Image for Julie Hearn Julie Hearn

    Oh my gosh! The burlap ribbon with the gingham buttons! I bought that a couple of years ago and use it as a garland on our tree. Love it!

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