Looking for easy fall decorating ideas? Here’s one of my favorites I used to change up this corner of the living room in minutes.

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

I just finished decorating this hutch in the family room.

At first, it was going to be neutral.

I added cream pumpkins and white pumpkins and layered them in on pedestals and plates and bowls.

And then?

I stood back.

Too much neutral, I told myself.

So I added an orange pumpkin and then another and another and another until the hutch was filled with the perfect amount of orange.

And then?

I stood back.

Good start, I thought, but it needs something else. That corner looks empty and sad and a little forlorn.

So I put on my decorating cap….

…and came up with this.

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas hutch

This fall ficus tree.

Isn’t it amazing?



I order so many things online and I’m never really sure what it’s going to look like when it shows up. Sometimes I order something and it shows up and literally looks NOTHING like what I ordered.

I don’t usually ever show you those things. I don’t like to share things with you that I wouldn’t put in my own house, so I just return it and say nothing.

And then?

Sometimes I order things and when they show up they are SO MUCH BETTER than I ever even imagined. Like this tree.

For starters look at that trunk. It looks so realistic. It’s made up of interwoven branches.

You can see the fall ficus tree here.

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas fall hutch

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas fall ficus tree

I wanted to add these side-by-side photos so you can see what it looked like before I fluffed it.

It comes in a long tall box.

The fall ficus tree is 6 feet tall and it looks super narrow when you first pull it out of the box.

The branches are really full and each branch is wire so you can twist them and turn them any way you want when you fluff them. After you fluff them out the tree looks so realistic and so full of color. The tree looks like high-end trees I’ve seen in expensive stores.

But it’s so affordable and it’s on sale right now for 46% off.

I ordered two of them that I was going to use on either side of the front door, but I just love it so much here that I’ve changed my mind. I’m using one in the back living room and one in the front living room.

The base of the tree is smaller and I added the basket to the base of the tree to give it a little more texture.

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas pumpkins

Here’s a close-up of the leaves on the fall ficus tree.

They are the perfect blend of fall colors.

There are yellow leaves and red leaves and orange leaves and green leaves. Some of the leaves are actually striated to make them look even more realistic. I think that’s why I love it so much. The leaves look like a brilliant explosion of color.

They look like leaves that I’ve seen in New England in the fall.

Here’s the hutch decorated with pumpkins and white bowls and plates and pedestals.

I love all the pops of orange mixed in with neutrals. I’m so happy I told myself to decorate with it. The hutch is so much happier.

Especially now that it’s friends with this fall ficus tree.

And now this little corner?

It’s all full of color and ready for fall.

PS You can see the fall ficus tree here.

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  1. Image for Tammy C Tammy C

    As if all the history of your home wasn't enough, you have made it so lovely. Love all of the cute additions!

  2. Image for Carol Carol

    Looks very nice but I think a little greenery is needed maybe on top of the hutch like a garland of magnolia leaves

  3. Image for Katy Katy

    KariAnne! I forgot to add that I LOVE your new book! Ordered, delivered and I’m delighted! Congrats on a smashing success of a book! Yay you!

  4. Image for Judi Watkins Judi Watkins

    Hi, KariAnne! I loved the neutral look you did before, but this really pops! This is just what I needed to get my going on my Fall decorating. The trees will be perfect for fall, and I love that they can be fluffed, and then flattened again for storing. I'm gonna go order mine now! By the way, I received my copies of your new book yesterday, and they are beautiful! Thank you again for all you do! Have an AMAZING day!

  5. Image for francis c moore francis c moore

    I think it needs something around the base of the tree (inside the basket) to make it look more realistic. I love the collection of white dishes.

  6. Image for Amber Amber

    I am always impressed with your decorating. I don't even have to like blue & white. I can always use other colours. I love how you share everything! I feel like you're a personal friend that I haven't spoken to in awhile. Especially since I live in Colleyville. Keep up the great work as I'm sure you help many, like me.

  7. Image for Beth Beth

    Love the color and also thanks for the heads up on the tree ordering one today! I have some old twisty branches in the corner of our dining room that definitely need an update they've been there so long no one even notices them! Well they are going to notice bright ORANGE😜!

  8. Image for Karen B. Karen B.

    It looks so festive. It makes want to start displaying autumn. I've been delayed because I'm painting my patio tile, thanks to your inspiration. Wish me luck. I've only primed it, and it already looks 100% better. Have a great weekend. Karen B.

  9. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    Even though I don't like orange, this looks wonderful! That tree is great! Looks so good by the hutch! 💕

  10. Image for Sheryl Sheryl

    That is beautiful.. my style. Those pumpkins really make it pop!! Just a thot.. on the left side you have 3 pitchers with the handle turned in .. try the other way it seems out of sync..

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