This weekend I instagrammed my way across Alabama.

Through the rolling hills and the farmland and a town that looked like vintage Americana.

Through booths piled high with zinc letters and old signs and chippy furniture and chandelier crystals and wooden letters and picnic baskets.

Through tables and chairs and wooden floors and a florist booth and a book signing and a Windstream trailer serving food.

I instagrammed it because it was the weekend of a lifetime.

A weekend I will remember forever.

And I wanted you to share it with me.



Because if you would have been there you would have laughed out loud with me when we first saw the chapel at the top of the hill facing Main Street and thought that we were at a movie set.


And we would have looked at each other and rolled down the windows and screamed for the joy of it and honked the horn…..

…..all the way down the road.

And when we saw Mary and Susan and Marion in the driveway….we would have jumped out of the car and ran over and laughed and hugged them……

…..even though we just met.

And when I got distracted and tried to buy this amazing Farmer’s Market sign that Mary had painted…..that was still in the truck…..

….you would have told me to pace myself.

Because that’s what friends do.


Then you would have helped me unload the car that was filled to the brim of stuff and you would have sighed and asked me why didn’t I pack everything in boxes like normal people who drive across the country to go to a show…..and I would have told you that I stayed up late watching Survivor and I ran out of time.

And you would have nodded understandingly.

And told me boxes were totally overrated.


We would have decorated the booth with burlap bags from Heather and typewriters from Laura and vintage numbers and letters and wire baskets and frames…..

….and you would have told me how lucky I was to share a booth with them.

And that I would never have been able to do it without them.

And that it was a good thing they were both there to keep me focused and on task and not rambling around chatting with people about window treatments when I should have been tagging wooden letters.

And I would have totally agreed.


And when we arrived the next morning….the morning of the show….and there was a line around the block….

… would have told me that I was silly to have worried that no one was going to show up.

And it was a good thing Layla was so organized and thought of parking and food and activities.

And it was a good thing there were these amazing ladies who helped run the show…..who thought of everything including baskets of Ritz Bits and Diet Coke.

And when I told you I was worried that all the people standing in line were going to get bored waiting and I thought I should go outside and sing and dance to them…..

….you would have told me that “Going to the Chapel” was a good song to start with.

Since I had been singing it all weekend anyway. 🙂


And when the doors were about to open at 9:00am…..and my earrings broke.

You would have fixed them with a piece of string and told me to put on my red lipstick and wave my hands around a lot and no one would notice.

And you would have been right.

Especially about the red lipstick.


And when the crowds came pouring in….we would have met the most amazing people.

People from California and Oregon and Mississippi who would have made us laugh out loud with their stories and their excitement and their creativity.

And we would have shopped Layla’s booth and tried to decide on whether or not to buy these amazing hand-carved wooden books or this apple basket and then we would have had a ten minute discussion on whether or not we could make those window treatments out of drop cloths.

Because seriously…..

…..have you ever seen window treatments like that?


And at the end of the day….after the crowds left….and the booths were empty….and the packing was about to start…..

….we would have paused for a moment to celebrate.

To celebrate the joy.

To celebrate the excitement.

And to celebrate the weekend that was…..

….and that we got to spend it together.


PS  If you were there at the market…..I cannot tell you how lucky I was to have met you.

You are such a rock star. 🙂


  1. Image for cara cara

    Girl this couldn't have been written any better. I want to tell you, you are one of the most joyful people I have ever met and it was a true blessing to have been at the chapel with all of you. I did leave without a crystal for my tree...I plan to email you about that and letters when I get to the shop. YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!

  2. Image for Lori Lori

    Hope to meet you there some time too! Sounds like you all had a great time together and so many treasures to buy! Safe travels!

  3. Image for Catherine McD Catherine McD

    So wonderful to hear about and see your amazing weekend! Wish I lived closer! I'm up in Massachusetts and do have to admit that the first thing I saw in your beautiful pics was the typewriter with Bernie Taupin's lyrics in Elton John's Mona Lisa's and Mad Hatters. I have been playing that song over and over this past month - it is one of my absolute most-loved pieces - he is my ultimate all-time favorite artist since 1970, and I have the chance to see him in concert next month!! Absolutely true to "thank The Lord for the people I have found" whether in person or otherwise!!! who have become a part of my life! Thank you! Have a great week!! :)

  4. Image for Colleen Colleen

    How much fun! I hope that my sister and I can go next year. Can't wait to see what you bought! Did you get the sign from the truck??

  5. Image for Anne Presley Anne Presley

    I can sense the fun in your "voice" and know you were energized and fabulous! Looking forward to hearing you amaze and astound this weekend- love you!

  6. Image for Anne Boykin Anne Boykin

    Hi KariAnne, Thanks for the lovely post about the market. I was there and it was fantastic! I hope it was the "first annual" and y'all are willing to go again next year!

  7. Image for Michelle Michelle

    The Chapel Market was AMAZ-balls!!! I cannot TELL you what a joy it was to meet you!! I was truly starstruck! I wanted your autograph! A picture with you! (Got it!) Thank you, for taking the time away from your family to come and see all of us. Thank you for packing up your birdcage-right out of your kitchen-and bringing I could buy it and be THRILLED to put it in MY dining room!! (It has a wonderful new home; I promise!) Thank you, for sharing some tips on stamping silver. I practiced tonight, remembering all you taught me, and I thought "Karianne. She is SO smarticle." :-))

  8. Image for Mary Mary

    It sounds like such a fun way to spend a weekend! I wish I could have been there. And like everyone else, I just have to know, did you buy the sign?!

  9. Image for tara tara

    I wish I would have been there! I hope you met my friends, Dexter and Patricia. They make beautiful tables and benches, etc.... Our first church after seminary was in Montgomery, and they became very dear friends of ours. Love them so much! Now, all these years later, we both have daughters from China....God has woven our hearts together forever. Please tell me you got to meet them! :)

  10. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Hey, Miz karianne....that was fun! But I bet you are either worn to a frazzle, or so stoked you won't be able to sleep for days....and I'm glad you got to participate in this amazing event.

  11. Image for Diane Diane

    KariAnne, I cannot even begin to describe how thrilled I was to meet you and the other bloggers. I felt like I was in the presence of royalty! You are such a precious, sweet and joyful person. You are right, those window treatments were amazing, but not as amazing as the way I felt when you seemed so tickled about the "tension-rod-faux-roman shade" I shared with you. I hope you all enjoyed the event well enough to plan more trips to our area. I don't want this to have been the only time I get to experience so much fun with strangers who felt like family ... You gals are the greatest! Diane

  12. Image for Jenny Jenny

    It WAS an amazing weekend! So so fun getting to spend time with all of you...dinner especially was entertaining!! I am finally beginning to recover....thanks for keeping us laughing all weekend....and together we CAN change the world!!! Til next year!!

  13. Image for gina gina

    Of course that last group wrap up photo shows you beaming and still rockin' the red lipstick. Oh, Karianne, you are a rock star!

  14. Image for Rose Heath Rose Heath

    I soooooo wanted to be there....just a little over 1-1/2 hrs away, but I started a new job Saturday AM! I'm so glad there was a crowd to welcome you to Alabama, I'd worried, but we always come through with crowds and enthusiasm!! I'll be there next year if you guys are generous enough to come back! Thanks for all the effort you put into it, with or without boxes, and I, too, want to know about the sign!! Rose in B'ham

  15. Image for Cindy @ Diy beautify Cindy @ Diy beautify

    Sounds like it was an amazing weekend! WOW, to have all that talent together in one room WITH all that crazy cool stuff! I'm sure there was a LOT of squealing and giggling and hugging going on! Some day I will get to go :) Cindy @ Diy beautify

  16. Image for Anna @ A Good Home Anna @ A Good Home

    I'm so, so sad I didn't make the trip :( This is my crazy busy time of year, what with making about a billion burlap Christmas stockings for my Etsy shop, but I wish I could have been there! Maybe next year :)

  17. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Thursday night I asked my husband how far Alabama was from us. He asked why and I told him all of my favorite bloggers are going to be in one building selling all kinds of my favorite stuff. His response was Alabama is over 800 miles away. That is a long way just to buy some stuff and we do not need more stuff. He didn't understand it was more about meeting you all then buying the stuff .Maybe next year. Thank you for sharing on intagram. It looked like it was an amazing weekend.

  18. Image for Jan Jan

    It was fabulous! So happy I got to meet you. I can see from the pictures that I missed a lot of great stuff so next year I'll definitely get there earlier. I don't want to miss ANYTHING. You are terrific! Thanks for being there.

  19. Image for Scribbler Scribbler

    I am so sorry to have missed this! We had actually planned to go, but life just got too busy to turn loose and just do it! Maybe you all will do it again next year.

  20. Image for Marsha Marsha

    I had sooooo much fun at this event! Itt was such a great opportunity to buy, visit and share. I knew you were going to be so fun with your red lipstick! I missed the lesson that someone mentions on stamping silverware, so I"ll have to get that next time. I hope to meet you again sweet friend. I've posted on the event, so check it out when you have time!

  21. Image for Christine Christine

    Karianne, I would love to have been there and it would be so fun to meet you! Great post, thank you for showing us all the photos and you look at ever.

  22. Image for Kathy (of the house) Kathy (of the house)

    I am still basking in the joy of the weekend. As fabulous as the market was, and it WAS fabulous, meeting you and all the other ladies was the absolute highlight! I am still going to keep campaigning for all of you to move to the neighborhood!!! We would have a dangerous amount of fun! So glad that I got to meet you. You are a very special person that I feel I can now claim as a friend! See you next year!!!

  23. Image for Winnie Winnie

    Sometimes I feel like the original flea market person, having spent more than 30 years in Bucks County PA! Now I live in Utah, and though I love it here I miss those flea trips to Lambertville, NJ and many other PA/NJ fleas over the years. So happy to see you all enjoying the process now - the next generation, as it were! Thanks so much for the incredible recap, KariAnne. SO much fun!!!

  24. Image for Lisa Huff Kroll Lisa Huff Kroll

    Karianne, What a great story!! I feel like I was traveling on with you and all the lovely ladies!! Someday I want to go!! You tell the best stories!! Have a wonderful day!! Lisa at Concordcottage

  25. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    I enjoyed your article and photos very much! Have you ever read books by Laura Numeroff such as "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"? For some reason the article brought her books to a good way! ; )

  26. Image for weblink weblink

    Hey I am so happy I found your web site, I really found you by accident, while I was looking on Google for something else, Nonetheless I am here now and would just like to say thank you for a tremendous post and a all round exciting blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to look over it all at the moment but I have saved it and also added in your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read much more, Please do keep up the excellent jo.

  27. Image for Miss Charming Miss Charming

    It looks as though it was a fabulous time with a bunch of great ladies! (It's a bummer that all the fun events are so far away from Austin.) And I love looking at Layla's neighborhood photos. It appears she lives in a beautiful movie set.

  28. Image for Ruth Ruth

    See, this is why I love your writing. So descriptive and FUN! Thank you for coming to Alabama and sharing all your treasures and that oh so beautiful smile(red lipstick and all)! I love all you Chapel Market "Rock Star " bloggers even more after meeting ya'll.

  29. Image for Debbie Holobaugh Debbie Holobaugh

    O.M.GOSH!!! I am overjoyed that I got to meet you and all the other ladies!! It was fantastic! But you made my day, no my year! You so totally ROCK!! (Let's see if I can get a few more exclamation points in there ;-) ) So I wrote a post all about it and there's this little part about you in it. When you have time I hope you'll visit my little blog and read all about your wonderful self. Here's a link to the post: Peace, Debbie P.S. Can't wait to see your rockin' new camera strap!!

  30. Image for Vickie Vickie

    Hi, I wasn't able to attend this time. Hopefully there will be another and I can attend. Can you tell me where I might be able to get the JOY letters? Thanks so much!

  31. Image for Alison P Alison P

    How Stinkin' Amazing it was to meet you and hang out with you and Laura at The Chapel Market. I had waited on that market from the first time I heard about it... from the wonderful Courtnie, who designed the Church beautiful. I have read your blog, but it is NOTHING like meeting you in person.. you are the BOMB. I love my big 'ol wooden letter P and my big Welcome feed sack. It just seems like the time flew by.... I hope ya'll do this again next year. Not because of all your cool stuff (although if you bring it, I will buy it), because that was wonderful, but because you are just so much fun to be around. A blessing to all who know you!!!

  32. Image for Shauna Shauna

    Well, I am just SO SAD I had to miss this. I am in Georgia, and had to work not one but TWO weddings at the gorgeous Wolf Mountain Vineyards and Winery. Hopefully I'll see some of these great gals (maybe you too?) At the Country Living Fair this weekend.

  33. Image for Cindy Barganier Cindy Barganier

    Thistle! ( you will forever after be that to me tee hee) What a joy this weekend was. From move-in to dinner, to our opening cheer before the doors opened the funometer just kept rising. God was good when He moved Layla in behind me and she led me to all of you. Can't wait for January. Love ya Girl xoxo Cindy

  34. Image for Susan Susan

    It sounds like everyone had the most wonderful time. I wish I could have been there. I loved the pictures of your booth. You sister are indeed a Rock Star. Have a great day. Susan

  35. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Oh what fun we would have had! Glad you had it without me. I'm heading to the Country Living Fair in Stonemountain Ga this weekend (2nd year in a row) with 4 of my most fabulous girlfriends, and I cannot wait! Just seeing this Instagramacation made me even more excited because I know more of this stuff - this loveliness - awaits! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me each and every day!

  36. Image for Virginia @livelovediy Virginia @livelovediy

    Karianne, You are an absolute ray of sunshine. I enjoyed this post so's one of those amazing posts that is so full of happiness, life, friends, and gorgeous decor (especially the curtains....oh, the curtains!) that I want to reread it every time I have a less-than-perfect day. Just so that you can make me smile again! Thanks for sharing sweet thang! Virginia

  37. Image for Tamara Tamara

    I was there and so enjoyed meeting you. My friend and I arrived after the crowds but were able to purchase some items on our 2nd drop-in before we headed back to Atlanta. We also missed out on the grilled pimento cheese sandwich...SOLD OUT by the time we got there. Your spirit and energy is soooo infectious. Thank you for letting us take some empty boxes for our neighbors who were packing up their house. The day was perfect and I just wanted to let you know that you made such a great impression on my friend and I and I am sure everyone else you encountered that day.

    1. Image for Wendy Wendy

      Danielle, next year I'll drive down from New Brunswick, pick you up and we will go on a road trip to join the ladies! A BIG road trip, but it looks like so much fun!xx

  38. Image for Tina Tina

    The market was awesome!!!! When I realized all my favorite bloggers were going to be in my back door, I couldn't believe it!!! I pinched myself all the way there and loved every minute of it! I waited in that long line wrapping the side of the chapel completely oblivious to the misting rain. Bored??? No couldn't have dragged me out of that line!!! Lots of great conversations with strangers that seemed more like old friends! I even missed most of the Auburn game with no regrets! I sooooo hope that it becomes an annual event! Thanks for a wonderful day!

  39. Image for Linda@Coastal Charm Linda@Coastal Charm

    Hello Kari Anne, It was such an awesome market. I had a blast shopping and meeting all of you on Saturday. I just gotta say...luv how you fixed that earring (leave it a good DIYer). I sure hope Layla has this market again and you head on back here. I saw where Rhoda shared our cute pic today:) Take care! Blessings, Linda

  40. Image for Lin Lin

    Oh I love your descriptions and your pics. I had planned on being there front and center, but ended up having foot surgery. I will be there next year if Layla does it again. I know it was just a big blast!

  41. Image for Diana W. Diana W.

    I hate I missed it! I was working all weekend. Glad to see you had such a fabulous time though!!!! I actually saw the group blogger pic on Miss Mustard Seed's blog, but the very first person I saw in the picture was your smiling face! You made me grin from ear to ear just because you looked so dang happy. Thanks for the lovely way you put a story together and I wish I had been there to sing a (horribly off key) verse of ' Going to the Chapel' with ya!

  42. Image for sarah webb sarah webb

    ok, looks fantastic but i can't get past the fabulous joy sign made out of wood. who made that?? where can i get one??? love it**

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