Do you have an extra kitchen sink lying around?

I’m just curious.

You see…..I made this granola.

It’s crunchy.

And delicious.

And not too sweet.

And it makes me feel so much better about the Pringle’s from yesterday.


It’s called Ultimate Granola.

It has pecans and almonds and walnuts and honey and cranberries and raisins.


It seems like it has almost everything.

That’s why I was checking with you about your surplus kitchen fixtures…..because at this point….I think all that’s missing…..

… the kitchen sink.


Everything But the Kitchen Sink Granola


“Everything But the Kitchen Sink” Granola


recipe from All





5 cups rolled oats

1 cup blanched slivered almonds

1 cup dried cranberries

1 cup raisins

1 cup chopped walnuts

1 cup chopped pecans

1 cup canola oil

1 cup unsalted sunflower seeds

1 cup wheat germ

1 1/2 cup honey

(the recipe also called for coconut and sesame seeds….but I didn’t include them)


Rolled Oats


1.  Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C)


2.  Stir together oats, pecans, wheat germ, walnuts, almonds and sun flower seeds in a large bowl.




3.  Cook honey and canola oil in a pan over medium heat.

Stir until blended.




4. Pour mixture over oat and nut mixture and stir until ingredients are completely coated.




5.  Spread it out evenly on two cookie sheets.


6.  Bake in the oven for 20 minutes.  When you take it out of the oven immediately stir in the dried cranberries and raisins.  Let stand until cooled….occasionally stirring to break up any clumps.

Store in an air tight container at room temperature for up to two weeks.


It is so good.

I promise.

I couldn’t even keep it away from my family before I photographed it.


So how about you?  I know you all are granola experts….I can sense these things.

What would you add?

What else would make this granola even more delicious?


I can’t wait to see what you suggest…..and don’t forget…..

…. the kitchen sink is still available 🙂

Looking for a little more recipe inspiration?  Be sure to check out my recipe page.


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  1. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    We always seem to have granola around this house...very similar recipe, but I add dried Montgomery cherries...Yours looks so very yum-o...and just anFYI, since you are talkin' sinks...extra sinks around the house?...I have 13 of them...oh yes, 13 sinks that require cleaning...what was I thinking?!!!

  2. Image for Tiffini Tiffini

    Like I know...I made some Oreo pops for a post..came out yesterday and all but 3 were gone! When asked she "I asked you if I could have an Oreo" yeah..I Oreo NOT all my pops!:/ kids:)

  3. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Granola is wonderful. I eat it on top of Greek yougart and sometimes as a snack. I even introduced it to my husband and he likes it just as much as I do. It's hard to keep it in the house. As soon as it dries up here I may venture out to buy supplies and make your recipe. It sounds wonderful. I wonder how coconut oil would do instead of canol? I may even add some flax and chia seeds . Thanks for sharing your everything but the sink granola recipe.

  4. Image for Nana Diana Nana Diana

    Sounds good to me and SOOOO much better for you than Pringles~ lol I haven't made granola in a long, long time and I used to eat a lot of it when the kids wee little- xo Diana

  5. Image for Peggy Peggy

    You did it! This is almost identical to our recipe except I add lots of seeds because I love pumpkin seeds... We used maple syrup... or 1/2 cup maple syrup and 1/2 to 1 cup of brown sugar. Spices... 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp ginger (because I LOVE ginger), and no walnuts (they make it hard for me to breath and i like to breath) oh and whole raw almonds. I love me some almonds! When we get our hands on hazelnuts/filberts I add them too... because they remind me of my childhood in Germany. Do you want another recipe to try? I have it down on paper now... Have a wonderful day! Hopefully you are not being buffeted by the winds as we are. However it makes for a wonderful time to stay inside!

  6. Image for Athena at Minerva's Garden Athena at Minerva's Garden

    This looks just wonderful, KariAnne. I like all the ingredients in this recipe. For a variation, you might try adding a little orange juice into the honey as it heats--it would give a nice subtle orangey flavor, which would complement the cranberries in this delicious-looking recipe.

  7. Image for Maria @ Redecorate Blog Maria @ Redecorate Blog

    Oh, my -- looks delicious! I haven't had breakfast yet, and now I am craving granola! :-) I love the addition of the dried cranberries...because you seriously can't have granola without dried cranberries, in my opinion! Thanks for sharing the recipe with us!

  8. Image for Jo Jo

    My recipe is very similar. I toss in any kind of nuts I have - even walnuts are good in granola. I also love using pistachios. I like that salty along with the sweet. I also toss in any dried fruit that I have. For lunch I take some granola and mix it with honey flavored greek yogurt and it's so doggone good.

  9. Image for Louise Louise

    Great minds must think alike ;) ... cause I did a post about a granola recipe I use in mid-October ( Of course, I think your photos are more beautiful (you have such a great eye).

  10. Image for Anne Anne

    I'd add coconut and sesame seeds. What's with all the cooking lately? Have you turned over a new leaf??? I made granola once. It was delicious (and mine had coconut and sesame seeds in it). I've never made it since. Now I feel I should get out there and bang together some granola. well maybe later... I really was thinking of making granola but the boxed kind is just so much easier. xox

  11. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    I would probably add the sesame seeds before the coconut . . . And chocolate chips never hurt ANYTHING. ;) This looks SO GOOD!

  12. Image for Joni Joni

    Sounds like a good recipe! I've been making granola for ...a very long time. I agree with those who suggest cinnamon, it's a favorite of mine. I also add flax meal. The seeds look pretty, but they are most healthy ground and too tiny to be able to chew (unless you really concentrate)!

  13. Image for Moni ~ Zu Haust at Home Moni ~ Zu Haust at Home

    Thank you for sharing this great granola recipe...yum! and thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciated it! Have a blessed day! moni

  14. Image for bj bj

    mornin', sunshine... when i click on your leave comment on JOY post, i get a PAGE NOT FOUND, ERROR 404.... excuse me now while i go see if i can possibly get myself a JOY sign....:))

  15. Image for Karen Karen

    Why yes...I do have 2 kitchen sinks just laying around. My husband has been cleaning up an old abandoned building site on our farm and came across 2 cast iron sinks from years ago. He came home and told me he wanted me to look at them before he through them in the scrap iron pile. I was giddy with excitement when I saw them. They are now stored in a shed until we do our remodeling. One is going in my kitchen and one will go in the laundry room. Now I just need to find someone to redo the enamel on them.

  16. Image for Bliss Bliss

    Around my parts here in Minnesota we have a company called Crapola. Yes really, Crapola Granola. Their catch line for their granola is that they even make weird people regular. But it's good stuff and I should give your's a whirl, maybe I can make my own version of crapola. Bliss

  17. Image for Mary Mary

    I might add a little molasses, vanilla, and melted butter in with the honey and oil. oh and some brown sugar! :)

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