blue and white room

First of all, I never really said thank you for the wonderful response to the whole design consulting thing.

It was something I was never sure I was ready for.

Designing a room for someone else and trying to put yourself in their shoes and determine what they like can be a little tricky.  But I’ve had a little more practice and I love a good before and after and the process is so much fun that I was ready to jump into the deep end. I’m excited and I can’t wait to partner with everyone who e-mailed me.  So to get ready, I thought I’d start with a true design challenge.  Making over a room for someone with a little bit of a design opinion wrapped up with a smile and a lot of helpful suggestions.

My mother.  🙂

dining room before

Here’s where we started.

This is what my mother’s dining room looked like a mere 48 hours ago.  She wanted to keep the sideboard and the dining table and chairs (and don’t worry, I didn’t paint any of it).  It was too pretty and too antique and full of too much character to paint.

But everything else?

Out with the old and in with the new.

With a whole lot of blue and white with extra bling.

I’m knee-deep in reworking everything and I’ll have the room ready to show you on Thursday.  But in the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek of the progress so far.

blue and white with chandelier

blue and white chair

blue and white room dishes

blue and white with crystal

blue and white pillow

I’ll be back tomorrow with the whole before and after.

But now I have to go.

I think I hear my mother calling my name. 🙂

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  1. Image for Leslie Leslie

    ❤️❤️❤️the fabrics and that rug!! Can't wait to see where you take us! And while you are there...drink lots of sweet tea and enjoy sweet precious moments with your Mother! She has to be amazing, too!

  2. Image for Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown

    Oh my you know I love blue and white! Can't wait to see all and not the teaser. Glad you did not paint pretty as it is. Have fun! Enjoy your mom! Mine just surprised me by dropping off first mess of squash! Cooked and fried already as a surprise! Such a special occasion took a picture of the last bowl on top of my Mother's Blue Willow dishes. That is also what I am starting with to kick off redecorating my new living room.:) keep sharing especially blue and white!!!!

  3. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    Oh my...can't wait for it all to come together! I'm so sorry I've been negligent in keeping in touch lately but I've been swooped up in lots of activities with the end of a school year and seven much to celebrate and be grateful for. So if I haven't said yet, I'm very, very excited about your new business and just know it's going to be an awesome success!! I'll be calling on you for your expert advice soon as this Gypsy GiGi at least two, maybe three more moves in the near future. ;-)

  4. Image for Leona Leona

    HELLOOO No thats not your mother calling you ( lucky lady ) its me, Leona, all the way from Connecticut :} Can't wait to see the transformation. the tiny peaks you sent look intriguing, can't wait to see the Whole picture.

  5. Image for Sara Sara

    I need that fabricon those chairs! Can you pretty, pretty please tell me where I can get my hands on it? love your sneak peek!

  6. Image for The Vintage Vixen The Vintage Vixen

    Congratulations on the new business venture, Karianne!!! I have no doubt it will be as fabulous as you are!!! You have a great eye and you ROCK!!! Not to mention you are the Martha Stewart of blogland!!! <3

  7. Image for Ellenann Ellenann

    I just love this transformation and can't wait to see more!! I am a tried and true blue & white gal. I think the room makeover will be a huge success for all.

  8. Image for Paula Doss Paula Doss

    Kari Anne, Wow! Looks amazing! Would you please consider including your sources for fabrics, pillows, rugs, and other accessories that you use? That would be so very helpful and provide resources for those of us working on our own homes. Sometimes looking at a resource website can provide additional ideas, possibilities and other sources for those of us who enjoy DIY projects. Thank you!

  9. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Oh! You are such a tease!! Patience is NOT my middle name and so far what I've seen I absolutely LOVE!! I can't wait to see the lamp and overhead light and the chairs and the carpet -- well you get the picture no I'm going to get the pictures, tomorrow, right??? I hope you have it posted first thing in the morning. I'll get my coffee ready and sit down to enjoy. Big Hugs!!

  10. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Miz karianne....I'm so proud of you! Is there ANYTHING you can't do? Whoa....what EVER was I thinking....of course not! You will make your Momma proud, not only with her dining room but with all the rooms you do for you "clients". Sigh, I just wish I could afford you : )

  11. Image for Kathy Kathy

    I just saw the clock in the before picture in the June issue of Country Living magazine in the what's it worth section. Never saw a clock like this one and now twice in one day! Love all you do and can't wait for all the lovelies to come.

  12. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    KA, Of course, your Mom had to be first! It's only right ... And why would you have had even a moment's hesitation to start your consulting business?! You are the *Queen* in the blog world of interiors! And we cannot wait to see the reveal of that Dining Room ... the sneak peeks are just stunning!!!

  13. Image for Jemma Jemma

    Oh, I love your new undertaking and all of the possibilities that go with it! You are an amazing woman and I so admire and respect your wonderful outlook and talent! Hugs, Jemma

  14. Image for Kim Adams Morgan Kim Adams Morgan

    I'm a big fan of keeping the wood in the current state. It tells a story. People can be so quick to dismiss that. There are so many other things to be done - and I LOVE the direction you are going with the rich colors and textures...and the bling - to bring a room up to modern elegance while still respecting beautiful antiques and classic pieces.

  15. Image for Rebecca Turner Rebecca Turner

    I'll have to show my parents your AFTER, because I was reading your blog about your mother's dining room to them, as a distraction, just before my mother's Dr. appointment, and they've seen the before. My mother has breast cancer, and anything that can make her forget for a minute and smile is worthwhile. I so enjoy your blog, and I wanted to share it with her, but it surprised me that my Dad was also interested. Blessings!

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