Happy Monday.

I’m so glad you are here.

Have you had coffee yet because I have the most fun thing for us today.

See these pillows? I am obsessed with them. They are embroidered and look so high-end and come in tons of different styles in different colors and different patterns and I shared them on the 10 best things I’ve bought lately post from last week.

I love love LOVE them.

But here’s the thing.

They actually come in a set of two and when I ordered them I ordered two. So I have extra. I was going to send one set back and keep one set and then I HAD THE MOST BRILLIANT IDEA.

What if I gave away a set to one of you?

So I’m going to show you both sets up close so you can see the pattern in great detail and show the pillows to you in the living room and then we are all going to vote on the set we like the best in my house.

I’ll keep that set and give away the other set to y’all.

Are you ready to discuss?

Let’s GO.

Before I show you the two pillows I ended up ordering—let me show you all the other options from the same listing.

I seriously was over the moon when I stumbled across these pillow options.

I’m always on the hunt for pillows and these are some of the prettiest, most affordable, great-quality pillow covers ever. I had such a challenging time picking which ones to order.

Here are all the options that I was choosing from (please note that each option comes in a set of two):

This embroidered set of pink tulip vase pillows.

You can see them here.

This embroidered red and orange flower pillow.

You can see it here.

This embroidered pink tulip pillow.

You can see it here.


See why it was so hard—they are all so cute.

So here’s the first option that I chose.

A few of the details. The pillow cover is 18″ x 18″ and the front is embroidered and the back is plain. There’s a hidden zipper that zips open and closed easily.

Every single piece on the front is embroidered. I tried to take close-up details so you could how intricate the pattern on the front of the pillow is. This pillow cover has pink and navy and gray and gold and tan and light blue and magenta.

You can see this pillow cover here.


Here’s the second option with a blue and white vase full of flowers (note: this is just like the pink pillow I shared earlier—I just went with the blue and white option instead).

A few of the details. The pillow cover is 18″ x 18″ and the front is embroidered and the back is blue without any embroidery. There’s a hidden zipper that zips open and closed easily.

The flowers and the vase on the front are embroidered. I tried to take close-up details so you could how intricate the pattern on the front of the pillow is. This pillow cover has a blue and white vase with a vine pattern and blue tulips with white daisies and green leaves.

You can see this pillow cover here.

And now?

Let’s vote.

Comment OPTION ONE (the flower pillow that I’m holding) or OPTION TWO (the blue and white vase pillow) below.

That’s it.

I’ll keep the one that you all choose that works best for my house and I’ll pick a comment after 48 hours using a random number generator and mail the extra set to the winner. 🙂

I’d love to know which pillow you like best.



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    1. Image for GLORIA GLORIA


      1. Image for Lois Lois

        I love them both; My favorite is the blue one with the white chunky vase. Looked on Amazon all of them are too cute!!!!

    2. Image for cathie liles cathie liles

      i’m over-the-moon about these gorgeous pillows ~ my favorite is the blue one in the chair. i can see having several sets of these (at this amazing price point)!!! thanks for making my day😘

  1. Image for Dana H Black Dana H Black

    I like option one for your room. The small bit of yellow really pops against your blue and white! These are so cute.

  2. Image for Karen B. Karen B.

    These pillows make me smile. They are adorable. I'd have to vote for the one you're holding. You find the best items for us at the best prices. Thank you. Karen B.

  3. Image for Val Val

    I think the one you’re holding adds a little more interest and color to your living room. If I were you, I’d keep one pillow cover from each set instead of having two identical pillows. I love your blog.

  4. Image for Denise Claro Denise Claro

    I love both options, but the colors in the floral pillow would work best in my decor. What a find you have found in the pillows! Love how you find us all these beautiful decor items!! Thank you!

  5. Image for Connie Connie

    Option 1 I prefer this contrast. Oh Karianne! I’m so excited. I’ve been admiring these beautiful blue striped chairs for so long.and now one is on its way to me! Yippee! And you should see the current price! Thank you for the best in decor direction.💚

  6. Image for Maggie Rowe Maggie Rowe

    I vote OPTION TWO for your house (and not just because I'd like to win the other set.) Option 2 = KariAnne's home to me!

  7. Image for Jackie B Jackie B

    Well, they are both, obviously, beautiful. I feel like Option 1 works best in your room because it pops, where as Option 2 tends to blend in. So my vote is Option 1!

  8. Image for Renee Renee

    Option #1… both are pretty but #1 brings in a few more interesting colors to highlight your blues—- and it’s just a “happy” pillow…

  9. Image for Dee Ann Dee Ann

    OPTION TWO It reflects your decorating preference of blue and white and the bright daisies bring summer into the room. They also remind me of the bright light you share with us in your blogs!

  10. Image for Kristine G Elrod Kristine G Elrod

    Option 1 They are both beautiful pillow covers! I believe you have some pinks and corals in a painting above your mantel. Option one would pull in some of those colors.

  11. Image for Deborah Pope Deborah Pope

    I would love the blue pillows and they would look so great on my leather sofa or my blue leather recliner. I can not wait to see who wins these awesome pillow covers.

  12. Image for Judi B Watkins Judi B Watkins

    I think OPTION ONE works best in the striped chair, but I really do like both of them -- I may order both so I can switch them out!

  13. Image for Ella Ella

    My vote is for OPTION ONE, the white matches the decorative cut stemware and the blue matches the prints on the wall. (option two has two much blue in it- against the blue chair) Definitely OPTION ONE.

  14. Image for BrendaInSC BrendaInSC

    Option 1 for sure!! Just really suits your room the best!! I love your blog! Sorry I have been MIA, my husband got sick and then passed away in July so I am trying to get myself back up. Reading your blog really helps as it is so cheery.

  15. Image for Cookie Sheldon Cookie Sheldon

    Option 2. I love your milk glass collection and striped chairs. After hurricane Ian and the destruction to our condo, we finally were able to move back into it in late April? This would be a beautiful addition to my blues and grays. Thank you

  16. Image for Sherry B Sherry B

    Every set is so pretty and look to be great quality. I would choose Option one and be thrilled to own a pillow cover. Thank you for the chance to win!

  17. Image for Mary Ellen Tascoe Mary Ellen Tascoe

    I love option #1. The touch of the deeper golden yellow adds just a bit of contrast in the room. And the white background against the blue chair makes the pillow pattern standout!

  18. Image for Kay Kay

    Love, love, love both of them! So cute. Going to go with Option 1 because of the gorgeous colors that just pop!

  19. Image for Nancy Carr Nancy Carr

    Option # 2. I was looking at the pillows on Amazon and could not figure out if it was one pillow or a set of two.

  20. Image for Laura Lander Laura Lander

    I think you should use option one. I really like option two because I love blue and yellow and I love daisies but I think a fit if another color in your living room would liven things up a tiny bit. Plus with fall coming it looks a little less summery.

  21. Image for Joanne McNevin Joanne McNevin

    I really like them both so much but if I must…. Ummm…. Option 2. Thank you KariAnne for thinking of us 😄👏

  22. Image for Debra Debra

    Option 2 would look so charming and welcoming in my parents' home which is decorated with blue and white Delft, Royal Copenhagen, and Spode. They have been homebound since the start of the pandemic so I look to bring something special to lift their spirits each time I visit. This pillow would definitely do the trick! Thanks for sharing wonderful, affordable decor, KariAnne.

  23. Image for Glenda Rogers Glenda Rogers

    Option One. Both are very cute! My great room has the colors of Option One! I would love to win this! I am a “Blue and White” china collector!!

  24. Image for Karen W Karen W

    I think option 2 for your home during this late summer/early fall season. Sending option 1 pic to second year college granddaughter for her approval. She is decorating her first college apartment bedroom and has studied your blog for blue and white inspiration.

  25. Image for Anne Anne

    Thanks for all you do ! And for the opportunity to win a fun pillow! Love option one for your room….. Best wishes…Anne

  26. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Both great choices, but I think for your home option one would be great. That being said I am surely not as talented as you are with decorating. I love reading your blog, it is like a ray of sunshine in an email!

  27. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Option one for sure. It adds that color pop to the chair, the room the vibe. Its colors could actually carry you into a fall transformation. They are both gorgeous but option one is so darn cute and happy. Sounds like you. 😊. Lots of comments on voting day. 😁

  28. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Hi KariAnne I love both but I lean to option !. I have been looking for needlework pillows for my living room. I have a dark blue sofa and either of those would be perfect for me. Thank you for being generous.

  29. Image for Joanne Garnett Joanne Garnett

    Both very pretty! I would pick Option 2 because it is unusual and looks a bit more expensive to me! Have a lovely day! ❤️

  30. Image for Diana Diana

    In your house I love option 2, especially with that chair. Too I think if you want to move them somewhere else in your house they would work best Thank you for coming up with this idea.

  31. Image for Elaine S Elaine S

    Option #1 is my favorite. Option #2 is a very close second! In case you were wondering, I know you are curious, Option #1 would look best in my house too!! 😉 Happy Monday!!

  32. Image for Sharon Sharon

    Option One is my choice! They are both gorgeous! I love your website & have all of your books! Thank you for the opportunity to share in ypur excitement and good taste! ❤️

  33. Image for Doris A Greywall Doris A Greywall

    I like option 2, flowers in the vase. Since your decor is mostly blue and white I think the calmer looking number 2 works in your more serene setting.

  34. Image for Mary M Jones Mary M Jones

    Both are beautiful and would be thrilled with either pillow. Option Two Thank you for being so generous with your offer

  35. Image for L3 L3

    As another who absolutely loves the color blue my heart belongs to Option 2....byt my eye chooses Option 1. It complements your beautiful blue and white decor and also gives the eye a colorful break from the blu while still perfectly complementing it. Gorgeous either way! And, thank you for the link. I NEVER win anything but on occasion I do treat myself Heading off to do a little One-Click shopping. You have a fabulous day!

  36. Image for MJC MJC

    Option 2 because the pattern is different (flowers in a vase) on a pillow. It’s more common to see the an all over pattern on pillows. Love ‘em both though!

  37. Image for Lori Lori

    Good morning! I love both of them... they're beautiful! I think option two is perfect for your home with the vase of flowers complimenting your collection! Lori

  38. Image for Diana Clark Diana Clark

    KariAnne my husband calls me "flower" so this is perfect! I love both but if I had to choose it would be the blue and white option 2. It is so classic. Kind of reminds me of my trip to Greece for some reason. Love the giveaway!

  39. Image for Kim Lennie Kim Lennie

    I personally don't see why you don't keep one of each. Who says they have to be matchy, matchy. They are both pretty and look lovely in your home.

  40. Image for Carolyn Cohen Carolyn Cohen

    I like both but option 1 looks the better of the two on your chair. Option 2 would look better on mine! 😂

  41. Image for Judy Judy

    Option 1, option 2 has too much blue,like you are trying to match. Option 1 gives the apearance of color to mix with your blues

  42. Image for Donna Donna

    I love both instead of 2 of the same! I think that they look so good together. Then you can send me the same! 😍

  43. Image for Jacqueline Jacqueline

    Option #1 for you & Option #2 for me!!! This reminds me of shopping with my adult daughter…we have similar design style, when we love something, we always say, “one for you & one for me!!” Thank you for the opportunity 😀

  44. Image for Judy Young Judy Young

    Both pillows are gorgeous! I like the idea someone had if keeping one pillow from each set and giving away the other two! It’s so hard to choose between them, but your home is so elegant that I feel Option One is the best choice for your home. Thankyou for the opportunity to be included in the pillow giveaway.

  45. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Personally I LOVE Option 2 and I think it would go mostly with all your rooms since the color blue is your jam. Thank you for the chance. :)

  46. Image for Linda Rondquist Linda Rondquist

    Wow, so many answers already and I just received your post this morning. I love them but the one you’re holding is my favourite, so Option 1! I love your blog since I started receiving it. Thank you. Linda

  47. Image for Carol Carol

    I think option 2 is perfect for your room! It looks fabulous and I love the pop of yellow with the blue. Carol

  48. Image for Jo Jo

    How fun are these? If I had to choose, I would go with option #2. I like the idea of keeping one of each. So pretty.

  49. Image for Wendy Wendy

    Hi Karianne! I love the pillow in your chair for your beautiful home! However, both are lovely. Have a blessed day! Hugs, Wendy

  50. Image for Sharon Heinzel Sharon Heinzel

    Hi Karianne! I love both but I'd pick option # 1 I once heard that throw pillows are a grow women's stuffed animals!! I can agree with that! I love them!! God bless you!

  51. Image for Tammy Matthews Tammy Matthews

    Wow! Just WOW! I love both options!! But I’m going to say: Option 1. The second option may just have too much blue in it for your house. But it’s gorgeous too! Thank you for your generosity! I’m excited for whomever receives the free set!! 🤗

  52. Image for LisaH LisaH

    Hi Karianne - In your living room, with the area rug you have and other furnishings, I say option #2. If the room was just this corner and the striped blue and white upholstery, then Option #1. Last week when you posted the link for these pillows, I looked them up right away. They are all beautiful - I love the texture of the embroidery. Thank you for the recommendation!

  53. Image for Robin Bonvino Robin Bonvino

    Wow! Such beautiful pillows!!! For your home option one is stunning! What a great give away!!! Thank you

  54. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    Both are beautiful options, but I would definitely pick Option 2 for you. You have such beautiful blue & white décor in your home. I may just need to order some of the pink pillows for my Mom's birthday!

  55. Image for Liz Shivel Liz Shivel

    Option One Your house is lively with the blues, like the other option, but option two gives a little pizzazz to the room with the additional colors.



  57. Image for Gail Uebelacker Gail Uebelacker

    Option two for sure! Softer than #1 I think. They really both are so pretty. How about one for summer and the other for fall?

  58. Image for Belinda Graham Belinda Graham

    Love love these pillows. I vote #2 for your home. You are such a JOY each morning when I open up your emails. Have a wonderful Monday.

  59. Image for Lori H Lori H

    Number 2 is the prettiest in your chair. That blue is just too pretty! What a great pillow find and your design skills are superb girlfriend!

  60. Image for Cindy Vojanec Cindy Vojanec

    Option 1 is my pick as it compliments the chair rather than blending in. And I would appreciate being in the running for the other set as they match several areas of my home. They are gorgeous!

  61. Image for Rizae Rizae

    Option one. It has pizzazz!!! Option two would look great upstairs on your sofa in the landing!!! Decisions.... Decisions!!

  62. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    OPTION ONE! All those pillows are soooo pretty, and would add “casual sophistication” to any room they’re chosen for, but I like Option One (you’re holding) for your blue & white room! It even has several warm pinks to reference the lovely painting on your mantle! I’d also choose OPTION ONE for me, so I may have to run to Amazon before they’re all gone! Always with great finds to share with us, you’re especially generous to give one of these sets away! Love our KA!

  63. Image for Lisa Stremsterfer Lisa Stremsterfer

    Option One. Although both are just beautiful!! I think the colors in option one just pop against your blue.

  64. Image for Karyn S. Karyn S.

    I think they're all very beautiful. I just love the look of Old World embroidery - the colors, the patterns, everything about it. I can't choose just one. I hope the lucky person who is chosen to receive a set truly cherishes their prize.

  65. Image for Penny Thomas Penny Thomas

    My house is filled with lots of white, so I love Option One, which looks like a ray of sunshine has spilled into the room! It lifts my spirits and I would enjoy seeing it every day!

  66. Image for Karen Miles Karen Miles

    So hard to decide! I think option 2 is less expected, though. More creative and fun. So I'd go with that in your room. I think . . . :)

  67. Image for Tammy Boron Tammy Boron

    Option One! Since we’re going into Fall, the colors are great! Gives you lots to work with. Love your blog!

  68. Image for Judy Carpenter Judy Carpenter

    Hi Karianne, I love both pillows and I think they’re super cute but in my humble opinion, I believe you should keep option one, the pillow that you’re holding. That yellow puts a happy little pop of color into your room.

  69. Image for Leslie Smith Leslie Smith

    I think option two is beautiful and goes well with your house but so does option one. Why not keep one of each and maybe give the other two away. What a nice variety it would be! Love reading all your stories, you always pull me in to whatever you’re writing about. Have you ever thought about writing an actual book. I know I would read it😊

  70. Image for Cathy Cathy

    Karianne~I LOVE both pillow covers. But, if I were to choose one, I would choose the one you're holding. The pop of color is so beautiful and would transition well into Fall. Blessings!

  71. Image for Cathy Cathy

    Option 2 Karianne. It brings pop and texture to existing beautiful decor. The subtle suggestion of ripening pods and seeds ushers in the change of season to early fall!

  72. Image for Marilyn Pieschke Marilyn Pieschke

    Option number 1 I think it adds some different colors to your room but your blues still stand out. A great pop of other colors.

  73. Image for Stacy Simpson Stacy Simpson

    These pillows are beautiful!!! I love everything you share! I have ordered so many things that you recommend! Thank you so much! I’ve followed you for years and just love everything you do! 💕

  74. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I am sooooo late to your pillow party. I actually started this, this morning. Option One gives you a pop of color with the goldenrod color. It's pure sunshine. The veins in the leaf mimic the stripes on your chair and the darker blue pick up the dark blue back wall of your shelving unit. All of these pillows are so pretty and I can't believe they are embroidered for that price!! And 2 pillows! Thank you for sharing this. Now I know this is off topic but can you share where you purchased your cute CUTE sandals? They are adorable on you.

  75. Image for Jan Petrucciani Jan Petrucciani

    I love option 1 for me and option 2 for you! My brown leather needs the blue! Your blue needs the coordinating design.

  76. Image for Maureen Maureen

    My choice would be Option #1. It looks like you! Bright, cheerful, ready for spring, summer or fall...all with a sassy little kick😀

  77. Image for pamela smith pamela smith

    They are both so pretty, but I really love option #1! I feel like it could go with so many different color schemes!

  78. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Oh, what a great find! I think I’d have to keep both sets! I can see all of them in different rooms…love that embroidery work. Love your generous heart, friend.

  79. Image for Andrea Dobbs Andrea Dobbs

    Most definitely option 1! It's more out of the box. The legs on the chair blend well with those colors.

  80. Image for Sheila Sheila

    I think Option 1 looks best in your room. I like the pattern in Option 2 better. Both are very pretty and I love the detail in them!

  81. Image for Kris Kris

    Um, I'm gonna vote option 2 .... because on the very off chance that I win, I like option one best for my house. Ha. They are both beautiful.

  82. Image for Deborah Garrison Deborah Garrison

    I love blue so option 2 the vase looks best for your chair but they both do work. Man you have a ton of reading to do! That really got the comments going!! They are beautifully done. Very pretty

  83. Image for Heather Anne Heather Anne

    Option 1 ... but they both work really really well - 1 is just more elegant! Such a super find - thanks for sharing!!! You are amazing!

  84. Image for Laura Laura

    Option One Thank you for thinking of all your fans! I always look forward to reading what you have to say or discovered to share.

  85. Image for Shew Shew

    Option #2 I think the blue and white color of the pillow correlate with the color yr chair & at the same time, the vase ties in perfectly with those vases in the background.

  86. Image for Ashley Ashley

    You should keep the option 2 (blue and white vase) because I neeed that one you’re holding! Hah! They are both fabulous though! Eenie meenie miney moe

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