Here’s the prettiest blue and white home tour. The house is full of clean classic design with blue and white patterns and gold accents.

blue and white home tour

When I mentioned blue and white house tour, you probably thought I was talking about me.

And this house.

Not. Even. Close.

In honor of a brand new month, I have something SO MUCH BETTER for us today.

I’m sharing one of my favorite houses on the planet today from my friend Tamara at Citrine Living.

She (and her home) are the definition of lovely. Whenever I visit her blog, I feel like I want to be best friends with her forever and ask her for decorating advice and life advice and ask her if I can kick off my shoes and snuggle in for a lazy afternoon of conversation and Downton Abbey.

I want to pull up a chair.

I want to ask her where she got the wallpaper in her entryway.

I want to order sweet tea with those little sandwiches with cucumber and avocado and bring it over and make a really good impression so she’ll invite me back.

Are you ready for a little tour?

You might want to grab refreshments.

It’s a good one.

blue and white home tour living room

The Prettiest Blue and White Home Tour

I know this is Christmas.

You are probably rolling your eyes at me and telling me we haven’t even celebrated Fourth of July yet.

I get it.

I understand.

But you see, this is where it all started for me. This is how I found Tamara’s blog.

Her Christmas decor.

I was searching for blue and white Christmas decor and beautiful pictures of her home popped up. She changes it up every year, but this is my favorite.

You can see all her Christmas decor here.

blue and white home tour wallpaper

blue and white home tour entry and mirror

blue and white home tour entryway with rug

Blue and white entryway

Look at this blue and white entry.

This is where the house tour starts. There are so many things I love about it.

That blue grasscloth wallpaper is the perfect texture and she’s added so much interest to the space by mixing and matching different shades of blue and white. It’s such a cohesive look and flows perfectly into the living room and dining room. I love the fresh flowers in a blue and white vase on that amazing console.

And those doors.


You can see all about her entryway here.

blue and white home tour living room

blue and white home tour sofa

blue and white home tour bookcases

Blue and white living room

This blue and white living room feels like the outdoors showed up inside for summer.

The fresh, clean colors look like a summer sky in this beautiful, serene living space. Blue is such a versatile color and it looks so classic and clean in this space. I love the pattern on the rug mixed with the white upholstered pieces and the striped ottoman—both of which are the perfect way to complete the look. This room has such a sense of spaciousness and harmony sprinkled with bright and airy.

And that pattern mixing on the sofa is perfection.

You can see her blue and white living room here.

blue and white home tour dining room

blue and white home tour dining table

Blue and white dining room

Just when the house couldn’t get any cuter?

This dining room showed up. The blue walls are a soft, calming gray that makes you feel like you’re in a showhome. The white trim is crisp and clean on the transoms and I love how she painted the moldings to match the walls.

The contrast of the blue chairs with the light wood of the dining table adds another dimension to the space. The color scheme is continued on the dining table, with beautiful white vases filled with fresh flowers. Books and cloches complete the look.

My favorite thing about this dining room? It’s the perfect place to gather with friends and family for a meal or conversation and it feels so open to the rest of the house.

You can see her blue and white dining room here.

Blue and white kitchen

When I think of blue and white kitchens, I love the look of traditional style with a litle bit of classic design.

Hello beautiful.

This kitchen is one of the prettiest I’ve seen. I love the look of an all-white kitchen with a blue center kitchen island and blue and white accents. Every little detail in this kitchen is perfection, including the pendants above the island, the white roman shades trimmed with blue, the sconces on the wall and the vase of blue flowers in the center of the island. It’s such a clean and classic look for a kitchen.

You can see her blue and white kitchen here.

Blue and white bedroom

This bedroom is so unique with it’s blue and white choices.

It’s blue on blue on blue with a little white stripe thrown in. This classic color combination is so timeless, while still remaining so current.

And look at the light blue shade on the walls with that contemporary mirror. The light fixture is so pretty and brings an element of freshness to the space.

I think that’s why I keep coming back to Tamara’s rooms for inspiration. The colors are classic. The decor is timeless, but she takes it to the next level with her accessory choices.

She is SO talented.

You can see her blue and white bedroom here.

If you are looking for a new blog to follow or a new home to visit?

Be sure and stop by Citrine Living.

You will be inspired.

You will be encouraged.

You will be amazed.

And you’ll probably see me there.

Eating those cucumber sandwiches in the corner taking notes…

…..and trying to figure out how to decorate just like Tamara. 🙂

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  1. Image for Diana Diana

    Such an inviting space. I love how everything blends so well and just touches of blue. Such great taste. I wouldn't be able to contain myself. I'm too eclectic but this is lovely.

  2. Image for MaryJo MaryJo

    Ok for some reason my comment didn't make it so I'll try again. I love the rugs, the house is lovely. I REALLY love your style of decorating. Don't sell yourself short. Your ideas are fresh and unique and BLUE! My house is all shades of blue with the only exception is my daughter's room in mauve Laura Ashley. I had found a child size chase lounge and covered it in the matching fabric. Ok, too much info. I especially like your 'roady' recycles, sooo clever. Keep inspiring us! Your taste is excellent. Inside and out. Thanks again, MaryJo

  3. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Her house is really pretty. I love me some blue and white as in my bedroom. But you do the blue and white theme just as pretty as anyone ever could. Your decorating ideas, your walmart finds have lead to some of my own choices for my homes interior. Little splashes of your ideas (or a close resemblance) are here and there, inside and out. My biggest problem is I get bored easily. Drives my husband crazy. Im changing decor and colors a lot. So blue and white today is liable to be lilac and cream tomorrow. 😉Thank you for sharing, cant wait for your next post. Have a great day.

  4. Image for Tamara Tamara

    I am so honored to be featured on your amazing blog, Karianne! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am humbled! I must say, you do blue and white like nobody's business, you are incredibly talented and you're such a HUGE inspiration to me...Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!! xoxox

  5. Image for R Newton R Newton

    Love anything blue & white. My home is also dressed in blues and whites/creams. They are classic colors and are always calming too. I loved this home tour but was disappointed in the bedroom.

  6. Image for Kim Kim

    Lovely home, but nobody does blue better than you. Someday I will come all the way from New York and appear on your porch for some sweet tea and just a laugh or 2. I love your home your blog and all your kind words. YOU really inspire me. XOXO

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