Hello front porch.

We saved you for last.

It’s time for a little spring refresh.

In case you are just tuning in, my friend Leslie and I are going to go through our entire house this week and refreshing it room by room with a new item for each space.

Monday was all about the living room.

Tuesday was all about the kitchen.

Wednesday was all about the dining room.

Thursday was all about the craft room.

And today?

Today we are all about our outdoor spaces.

And I’m sharing one of my favorite finds that solves a problem.

Can you guess what it is?

Don’t you love it when life provides its own solutions?

You are just minding your own business.

Sitting there drinking coffee or reading a book or planning your weekend or trimming the bottoms of your bell-bottoms or wondering when your hair will be cute.

And then?





Without any help from you, a problem solves itself.

I’m sorry. I got ahead of me and my problem self. Let me start at the beginning.

This is my front porch.

This is where I open my front door and get my mail and wave at random dog walkers on the street and sit on the front steps and talk to neighbors and hold the occasional yard sale.

It’s a wonderful place.

A couple of years ago we painted the brick on the porch and the railings and steps and the surrounding foundation. It is one of the best decisions we ever made. After we painted the brick and we put everything back on the porch and it looked amazing.

And then?

It rained.

And the vintage metal planters that we had on the porch leaked RUST all over the brand new porch. Seriously. I came outside after the rain to smell it and there were pools of RUST all over the corners of the porch. I guess it had rusted before, but I never noticed it because the brick soaked it up.

I am generally not up for rust in my life, so we cleaned it up and repainted the corners, and ordered these planters.

I ordered them because they were cute.

And the perfect color.

I’ve been looking at this shorter version, too, for the front porch steps.

And tall.

And had the prettiest detailing on the sides.

And went perfectly with the rest of my porch.

But here’s the thing.

When they arrived?

I discovered they had a superpower.

I discovered that they solved a problem THAT I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I NEEDED SOLVING.

Because inside of the planter there was this.

A false bottom.

There are ridges in the side of the planter and you can move the false bottom up and down depending on the height of your plants.

It moves up and down to three different heights.


Here I have it set on the highest setting. In other words, the false bottom is about 12″ from the top of the planter. These flowers are in ordinary plastic pots and sit on the false bottom right next to the top.

But if I want to have topiaries in the fall? I could move the false bottom down a rung to leave extra space for the plant.

Or if I want to have Christmas trees in the winter? I could move the false bottom down two rungs to make sure the trees were at the right height.

I got asked all the time how I had the plants at the right height with the other planters that I had on the porch. Bricks. That’s what we used before we got this planter.

Bricks that were heavy and hard to move and needed to be adjusted all the time and collected leaves and probably helped with all that rust.

But now?

I have these planters with their superpowers and all my plant height problems are solved.

I was so inspired that I upgraded the rest of the front porch.

With these benches.

And these rugs.

And these amazing EMBROIDERED outdoor pillows.


The pillows are embroidered with white thread with a dark gray background and you can use them outdoors.

I love a happy ending.

I love beautiful black planters with adjustable bottoms.

But most of all?

I love an unsolicited solution. 🙂

If you have any questions about anything in the space, you can always shop my house here.

And now? 

Want to see what outdoor find she picked?

You can see it here.

Thank you SO MUCH for joining us for spring refresh week and cheering us on every day.

Here’s to spring and decorating and refreshes that make you happy.

PS Did I mention how happy I am that it’s yard sale season? I just shared the BEST finds I got last week (including the find of the century) over on my YouTube channel here.

PS I moved the monogrammed planters that we made to the back porch so it’s cute now, too.

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  1. Image for Sally Sally

    I have four of these planter and I didn't realize they had the adjustable base until the second season of use. They are great! Easy to move because they are so lightweight and easy to keep clean. Win, win!

  2. Image for Charlie Benedick Charlie Benedick

    Mayne planters are meant to be self watering, so your plants take less water. Be sure to moisten your potting soil before putting it in the Mayne planter.

  3. Image for JC JC

    The black and white is so classic and goes perfect with your flowers. I watched your yard sale video and, OH MY, did you find some great treasures for next to nothing!! I think I need to drive to your state to go yard sailing!!! 😉

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