This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Arhaus

kitchen chairs arhaus

I live in an area where two rivers meet.

And actually if you are a river aficionado, there are two other rivers several miles up the road.

But who’s counting?

Living by that much water can be good and it can be bad.  Good because it’s beautiful and peaceful and full of lush green foliage and picturesque river banks.

Bad because sometimes it floods.

Like four years ago when the river was rising higher than it had in decades and it looked like the 100-year-flood was rearing its ugly head and the water showed no signs of stopping and the entire town built a wall of sandbags higher than my head to prevent the water from flooding the area.

It was stressful.

And overwhelming.

And so I did the only thing that a person can do in the middle of a crisis…..

….I went to a yard sale.

flower in pitchers

Lest you judge me too harshly…..please know that I couldn’t help it.

I’d been sandbagging for four days straight wearing yoga pants with a sweatshirt proudly emblazoned with a longhorn and hair that hadn’t seen shampoo or a brush for a week.  I was driving the farm truck back and forth to pick up supplies….

….when I saw it.

You know…..the siren song of all siren songs.

A multi-family yard sale sign.

farmhouse kitchen

And there in the midst of dishes and pot racks and old magazines and a set of truck tires…..

….sat this table.

I know….right?

This wonderful, beautiful, antique farmhouse trestle table sat in the middle of that yard sale.

With my name all over it.

I leapt from the truck and casually strolled over to the table.  Like I could care less.  Like I had all the time in the world.  Like I wasn’t interested in this table or how much it cost or if any one else wanted to buy it.

Perfect yard sale strategy.

farmhouse kitchen hutch and chair

And then in the most casual, nonchalant voice I could muster….

….I asked how much the table was.

The lady running the yard sale looked me up and down in all my glory with my four-day hair and sad little longhorn sweatshirt.  Maybe she felt sorry for me.  Maybe it was a rough day at the yard sale.  Maybe she thought I looked like a person who might give a farmhouse table a good home.  Whatever the reason, the words that came out of her mouth almost made me gasp.

“The table is $25,” she said gruffly.

I blankly stared at her.

I was speechless.  Stunned.  Incapable of uttering a word.

$25?  Did I hear her correctly?  $25 for this glorious, wonderful little bit of farmhouse joy?

Instinctively my hands tightened on the table top, just in case anyone else overheard this conversation and decided that they needed a farmhouse table, too.

And then a that moment, something even more wonderful happened.  I think the yard sale proprietor took my blank stare and lack of conversation and convulsive grip on the table as my attempt at negotiation….

….and she lowered the price.

“Okay… can have it for $20,” she sighed.

farmhouse table

I nodded frantically in affirmation and with my free hand called my husband told him we had bought a table.

And then we went back to saving the town.

And saved it was.

The sandbags held and the river didn’t overflow the banks and slowly the water went down and eventually I washed my hair and changed out of my longhorn sweatshirt.

Crisis narrowly averted.

And I promptly spent the next four years with my previously occupied sandbag hands, searching in vain for the perfect chairs to go with my yard sale table.  I’ve looked high, low, under, over and everywhere…..without any luck.

Until now.

arhaus chair

Sweet farmhouse table… my chairs.

I fell in love as soon as I saw them over at Arhaus.

They look like the vintage antique chair I always wanted to find but never could.

The lines.


The color and texture and patina of the wood.


arhaus chair arm

These curved arms.


Every little detail is perfect.

And there were so many different fabrics and textures to choose from for the seat.

kitchen chairs arhaus

I’m so happy now that the table and chairs got to know each other better.

They just needed a little time to talk.

Just between us, it’s a good thing the chairs are excellent listeners….

….because I think the table has as many stories as I do. 🙂

PS  Arhaus is having their annual living sale right now….20% to 40% off.

You can check it out….here.

This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Arhaus.  All opinions and table stories are my own.  I truly, truly, truly love these chairs and would shout it from the rooftops.

For more information you can check out my disclosure page.

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  1. Image for Barrysentials Wine Blog Barrysentials Wine Blog

    She says: Crazy jealous of that table! And $20. You are SO fine. :-) I have a lot to learn from you.

  2. Image for Jean McBride Jean McBride

    You are a hoot. Love you! You'd fit right in with my friends. After May 1, I won't be able to get your blog each day because I'm retiring & won't have daily access to internet. But I love your blog & I'll be back soon.

  3. Image for Peg Peg

    Happy, happy, joy, joy! I think the curves of the chairs compliment the straight lines of the table and benches quite nicely! : )

  4. Image for Carol Carol

    Thanks for the smiles you give us with each blog. Finding that table in the midst of a messed up time was God's sign that he was still helping you and then to find those beautiful chairs to go along with it is just perfect. I am so happy for you. I look forward to your blogs.

  5. Image for Terri Terri

    REALLY??????????????????????? .... I want to be your student... your silent .. follow you everywhere you go.. kind of student.... and then I can snatch up some of the same amazing ...yard sale... sent from above... perfect finds!!!!!!! Incredible!!!!!! (PS: I have to be more selective about when I read your know.. Prepared for anything ready.... I almost fell off my chair .. I was laughing so hard over your "go to a yard sale" remarks!!) Could these chairs be any more perfect??? !!!!!

  6. Image for Regina Regina

    So the moral of the story is - if you want a REALLY good deal on the PERFECT table, leave off the red lipstick and sparkly earrings? ;) LOLOL!!! I adore that table. Seriously. And I've just clicked on the link to Arhaus. I always try to stop there when I'm in a town that HAS one! :)

  7. Image for Becky Becky

    What a great story. Wow, seriously, you can spend more than $20 on pizza night. The table is beautiful and the chairs are amazing.

  8. Image for Bonnie Schulte Bonnie Schulte

    I couldn't be happier for you, it's like I found that table for myself. And how wonderful then, to find the glorious chairs. I think the angels must have been singing halleluiah when you found both the table and chairs.

  9. Image for katerina stepovikov katerina stepovikov

    THATS IT !!!!!! I wanna pack my bags and head to the USA !!! Australia has very little in the way of farmyard tables ......i just can't take it much longer LOL.....I am not a big follower of many blogs...but , you , you sweet as apple pie...gorgeous faced sunny smiley full 'o' joy NOT to mention great stylist ...are the top of the pops in the often cringeworthy world of bloggers !!! Long may ye reign !!!! xx

  10. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Great Strategy!! Don't take a bath for a week, check! Wear baggy old clothes, dirtier the better, check! Don't wash or comb hair for a week, check! Go trolling for yard sales in a pick up truck -- would be good if it had lots of mud and feed in the back, check! Find yard sale, look pathetic and keep your mouth shut, check!! You should patent this and give lessons!As I said before -- you are a genius AND a rock star!! Long live KariAnne our sale queen! :-)

  11. Image for Judie Judie

    Sometimes the moon & the stars line up just right, you rocked it girl! There's this voice that calls our name that only we can hear , funny though, it's so loud but my husband never hears it. What a find x2, first find=amazing, second find,more amazing, sometimes a little "retail therapy" does the trick . Great job!

  12. Image for Terri Terri

    I laughed when I read this. I have an uncle who goes to estate sales, yard sales, or whatever in his bargaining clothes. Yep--looks like a homeless man. Works every time ;-) The table and chairs are gorgeous. I'd say you did good with your twenty.

  13. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Those are gorgeous chairs! And they are perfect with that beautiful table. I've pinned the chairs because I WILL have them in my home some day :)

  14. Image for Kris Kris

    Is it VERY wrong to be a teensy bit jealous of your table and chairs? Gorgeous! And when our basement flooded a few years ago, I finally had enough with the rescue efforts and baked cookies. Ya gotta get your mental break in somewhere during times of stress.

  15. Image for Marlene Marlene

    I do so enjoy following your blog not only for the beautiful photos and wonderful stories but also because I can sit and read it without all those annoying pop up ads that have taken over so many blogs making them a challenge to even read. Well done!

  16. Image for Beth Johnson Beth Johnson

    We have a table that was $10 and even though the top was in need of repair, my dad and I were stunned as we thought it was worth at least $40. Later, I also caved and bought Arhaus furniture to go with it. I did at least buy them on sale, but some of my favorite pieces ever!

  17. Image for Michelle Mortensen Michelle Mortensen

    Great story! There is nothing better than a great deal on a stunnîng piece. I am glad that you were able to find the perfect chairs to go with the table. They look wonderful. Best, Michelle from

  18. Image for Richella Parham Richella Parham

    Good heavens! Remind me to try to look disheveled when I go to yard sales! Honestly, that table is glorious and the chairs are just perfect with it. There's an Arhaus showroom about half an hour from me. . . I think I need to go shopping! :)

  19. Image for Michele Michele

    Great story!!! The chairs and tables are both incredible finds (love the pillows, too)!!! Thanks for the link to many beautiful things!!!

  20. Image for Deidre Deidre

    Loved this about the beautiful benches? Do they have a story , too? Don't leave us wanting to hear more!

  21. Image for Mary Mary

    Great find! And the chairs a beautiful match too, but a tad too expensive for my thrifty taste! Good thing that table was only $20!

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