Looking for butler’s pantry ideas and inspiration? This beautiful farmhouse pantry has simple organization ideas and storage solutions.

The updated butler's pantry

In the six months that I have been writing this blog.

I’ve learned a lot.

I’ve learned that I love my eyebrows and grass seed doesn’t really grow in Kentucky in the middle of the summer and that vintage shutters are hard to find even with 400 miles of yard sale and that burlap ribbons on a mantel are an exclamation point project.

And about 5,214 other useful pieces of information.

White dishes in the butler's pantry

I’ve learned that I like milk glass stacked to the top of the white shelving and new crisp white moldings….

….and linen-lined baskets….

Shelves full of white dishes and linen lined baskets are perfect for the pantry

….and white built-ins with crystal knobs….and numbered baskets lining the top of the shelving.


                                             …and I’ve discovered that I like checkerboard floors, too.

And $4.00 garage sale ladders.


It’s official.

I’ve discovered that I like “afters” way better….Remember this is what the butler's pantry looked like before?

…..way better than “befores.”

And another look at the after

I’ve learned that I like open shelving….

…..and milk glass and gray walls instead of khaki.

And little white stools for anyone who can’t reach the dishes.

Khaki dish towels add a little pop

And khaki linen dish towels with fleur-de-lis.

The ladder is a great accent in the butler's pantry

But over the past six months….you know what I’ve discovered about myself?

What I’ve discovered about me?

Something that really surprised me.

I mean….I still can’t believe it.Up close look at the white dishes

I cannot believe how much I love to write this blog.

Really and truly.

I adore it.

There are days when I think I would rather write this blog than go on an all-expense-paid trip to Disney World or win the lottery or have the perfect hair day or learn how to paint sea creatures on my toenails for a new beach look or create the perfect mini greenhouse for my grass-forsaken patio.

The dishes on display in the pantry

And every night when I sit down to write my heart.  When I write the tiniest bits of randomness down onto these pages….I feel like we are chatting over a really good cup of coffee with flavored creamers.

And I’m telling you about my day.

And that I just painted the butler’s pantry.  And how excited I am about it.

And that I absolutely LOVE just saying the words “butler’s pantry.”

And that this time I decided to go with gray.

And that I’m not really sure if grey is spelled grey or gray or greige.

Or maybe I should stop with all the gray and start with navy blue and orange?


And then we sip our deliciously flavored coffees together and laugh and laugh and laugh….

 …..because we both know navy blue and orange is so 2013  🙂

Source List for room:

white stool at base of bookshelf:  IKEA baskets:  IKEA (I couldn’t find them anymore, but I love this option)

peel and stick tiles:  Lowe’s

crystal chandelier: Lamps Plus

linen hand towel:  local boutique

tall basket:  bought it at a clearance sale

stemware rack:  Container Store

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  1. Image for Courtenay Courtenay

    Tee hee! Every time I go to type "grey" (gray?) I never know which on is correct either! I'm in love with your butler's pantry. Maybe I'll get around to doing mine sometime in the next 20 years or so?

  2. Image for Aunt Lou Aunt Lou

    Oh, great, now I have butler's pantry envy! :) Love your color combination. I, too, like white shelving, gray walls and milk glass - real & not real. (How do you tell the difference?) I like living vicariously that life of getting things done, trying out an idea, going for a good chunk of project and not being worried that I won't be able to pay someone (much less, find someone) to finish or dispose of it. I'm pretty sure I found you through Brenda's Cosy Little House blog. I have myself a little treat when I get notice of your posts, usually saved until the "work" of taking care of other emails is finished. Now don't get the swelled head -- oh, go ahead -- then you can blog about it. ;)

  3. Image for Lorraine Lorraine

    Looks fabulous! You're never too old to learn something about yourself OR to learn to like new things! That's wisdom from a vieux person....betcha you have to look that up....... Blessings on another new day! Lorraine

  4. Image for Beverly Beverly

    KariAnne, I love your butler's pantry, too. It is a vision of all that is lovely. I remember when we got married almost 42 years ago, I chose white dishes as my "every day" dishes and all white linens. Everyone thought I was crazy because it definitely wasn't the thing to do back then. But, I still have those dishes and the table linens, and they are still my favorites. I'm glad blogging makes you happy because you make me happy.♥

  5. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Wow I can't believe you have only been blogging for six months. You do it so well and I'm glad that I found you. I'm not sure how i did but I did. I absolutely love butlers pantries. I remember a friend of my mother's having one and when we would visit I would sit and think of how I would decorate it if it was my pantry. I have this tiny little closet that they call a pantry. I don't think todays builders have a clue what a pantry is let alone a butlers pantry. I love everything about you pantry. The gray is perfect.

  6. Image for Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    We would laugh at the fact that I got rid of my butler's pantry when I reno'd my house so I could have a bigger kitchen and an island. But you will laugh with me, not at me then you'll stir your coffee with your finger like toes and we'll laugh some more! And afters are way better than before and I'm glad we can laugh together while we blog (and laugh) away! Kelly

  7. Image for Lynn @thevintagenest Lynn @thevintagenest

    navy and orange was so 1980. How do I know that? Because that was the color of my little one's room when he was 2. I loved that room! I had a huge canvas on the wall with a great big navy circle painted on it with a big orange arrow (and some other bright primary colors) and soft orange woodwork. Did I say I loved that room? :) And I LOVE your butler's pantry!

  8. Image for Linda @ it all started with paint Linda @ it all started with paint

    Now why did you go and ruin my really good cup of coffee with a flavored creamer? Love your new gray butler's pantry that is not only fancier than my kitchen with it's linen and milk glass and open shelving ... but it also larger than my kitchen! And we love that you love to write this blog. Mostly because we love to read it every day! :) Linda

  9. Image for Pam@frippery Pam@frippery

    Delightful post. I am sitting with my green tea (would rather have coffee with flavored creamer but the Sonoma diet says no, phooey) and just drooling over your fantastic butler's pantry. Amazing. Love this post too. I love writing my blog but I have been getting waylayed by other things lately. I am going to try your method of posting in the evening. Thanks for all the inspiration, Pam

  10. Image for Stephanie Durdan Stephanie Durdan

    I always pause when writing grey or gray, never sure which way it is spelled. Well, if I hadn't had a hilarious encounter with my husband a few minutes before reading your blog, where I thought he was talking to me, and kept answering him, when he was actually talking on the phone, then this post would have produced my first laugh of the day. 2nd laugh is pretty good and it was only 7:11am when I read it. LOVE your butler's pantry. AMAZING TRANSFORMATION from the before shot. I love before and after pictures. I'm going to paint the upper 18" inches of my bedroom walls and ceiling a gray/grey color. The bottom 8 feet of the walls are covered with white beadboard topped with a continuous shelf that runs around all four walls of the room. Look forward to your reading your blog. It's quickly become my favorite. :-)

  11. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Aren't we the lucky ones that you love to write rather than win the lottery!.....because we out here in blogland have won the lottery as we are able to enjoy reading your "bits on randomness", seeing your gorgeous gray/grey butler's pantry named Tom, and the antics of the turtle with the fried chicken in his mouth...what would we do?.....What would I do...cuz mornings of "waking up my house" and putting on lipstick...would never be the same!....Oh, and BTW, the "Tom the Butler's Pantry" is beautiful...Love the white and gray/grey.....I have a ladder waiting for me at my fav antique shop for my pantry too!....:)

  12. Image for Jean Jean

    I can't believe that is the same room. Lovely after! Butlers pantry, butlers pantry, butlers pantry....I love to say it, too!

  13. Image for Debra @ Bungalow Debra @ Bungalow

    Your butlers pantry is amazing! Amazing. I am so seriously jealous.....maybe I could tear out a wall... anyway, as much as you love writing your blog we love reading it! Hope to meet you at Haven :)

  14. Image for Vicky Vicky

    Do you have a butler too? I'm sure he's a very dapper gentlemen! I really enjoy reading your posts, we can all feel your enthusiasm and warmth when you blog your very lovely words. Have a super duper week!

  15. Image for Mary@athomeonthebay Mary@athomeonthebay

    Your Butler Pantry looks amazing. I'm so glad that you enjoy writing your blog, because I LOVE reading it! I would definitely laugh with you over coffee and then I would say to you, "Let's sit on those stools in the Butler's Pantry and sip our coffee and talk and laugh.

  16. Image for Anne Anne

    First I am incredibly envious that you have such an entity as a "butler's pantry". Second, I am stunned by the difference between the before and the after. Third, I've been looking for a garage sale ladder for over a month now without any success and the fact that you can find them for $4 is KILLING ME!!! Can you please ship one to me with the drop-leaf table? Pls & ty! Enjoy your day! xox

    1. Image for Anne Anne

      ps I must have missed the paragraph where you gave me the shout-out - so sorry, my speedreading gets the better of me so often!! Thank you very much, sorry for the very tardy acknowledgement... (I couldn't figure out why I was getting so many hits from this post!!! so I came back and re-read it) Love you to bits!

  17. Image for Maury @ Life on Mars Maury @ Life on Mars

    Karianne, this is amazing!!! SO beautiful. I'm trying not to covet... its one of the 10 commandments, but one of the harder ones. I don't really struggle so much with not killing people (i'm sure that's a relief since we're about to spend a couple of days together), but I struggle with coveting, especially when i see gorgeous pictures like this of spaces that I wish I had but don't. So for now, we'll call the coveting... dreaming and I'll live vicariously through your butler's pantry, mmkay?

  18. Image for Anna Starner Anna Starner

    I have always and I will repeat always wanted a home with a "Butlers Pantry" . Any thing where I could store my collection (obsession) of dishes and maybe a little food. I absolutely love your butlers pantry. I love gray and of course that calls for white trim. If you would like a temporary "Butler" or just someone to ooh and ah at your newly painted pantry just let me know. I could certainly spend a few weeks there pretending it is mine. I love your blog, I hope you keep on loving writing it for many years, I will be reading it and getting living in your panty !

  19. Image for Heather @At The Picket Fence Heather @At The Picket Fence

    I could be down there in just a couple hours and I would talk all day with you over coffee and flavored creamers (Almond Joy....please) and Butler's Pantries and grey versus gray and blog writing. ;) It is SOOOOOO Fabulous dear. Absolutely amazing and I'm swooning and I want a Butler's Pantry instead of my laundry room. Every detail is perfectly perfect. Toasting your finished Butler's Pantry with a cup of coffee and a dash of creamer! Love, Heather

  20. Image for Gwen Gwen

    And when we were done with the laughter and the coffee (or Coke Zero, in my world) we'd watch the sunset and write a poem to commemorate the occasion. And I'd be so ahead of half of the curve with the orange... and we'd laugh about how graupe is so out and greige is so in... Love the befores because they make the after's seem SO much better...

  21. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    I din't think your Butler's Pantry could get any better, but it did! Your grey/gray/greige walls look amazing! I love the numbered baskets too! I enjoy your blog and I'm so happy you enjoy writing it! Keep those posts coming! It's a breath of fresh air!

  22. Image for Black Eyed Susans Kitchen Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

    Maybe you like writing this blog so much because people like me can read it and applaud your beautiful work...it is so nice to know that there are like minded people out there who "get" you. Your butler's pantry is fantastic...really gorgeous!!!

  23. Image for Allison Allison

    Wow! The after is WAY better than the before - excellent job!! I bet you walk in there and pinch yourself 20 times a day! lol Dropping by from Met Monday Allison Atticmag

  24. Image for Kelly @ JAX does design Kelly @ JAX does design

    Your butler's pantry looks absolutely, positively FABU! Love, love, love everything about it - the combination of white & grey is just perfect (I believe GRAY is the US spelling and GREY is the Canada/UK spelling). And I also love, love, love reading your blog because you're talented and smart and funny and authentic and it's always a fun visit here at Thistlewood Farm :-)

  25. Image for Gretchen@BirdNestCottage Gretchen@BirdNestCottage

    I love that you call it a "Butler's Pantry". It harkens to a time when elegance wasn't just a word, but a way of life. It's beautiful!

  26. Image for katie goldsworthy katie goldsworthy

    WOW! Holy smokes that is incredible! When I say incredible, I mean it's better than Potterybarn, or Ballard Design, and should be in a magazine! Seriously incredible! --Katie @ Creatively Living

  27. Image for Catherine Catherine

    Your cheerfulness always makes my day! I love your floor in the pantry. Is it tiles? Thanks for getting back to me about the stamping. I'm ordering my letters this week. Hugs, Cathie

  28. Image for Marnita Parry Marnita Parry

    Love the room! And I love the way you write. Just for the record, I take my coffee light and sweet. Enjoy!

  29. Image for Lynn Lynn

    Just when I thought things couldn't get any better at your house you come up with this! ...and I think I enjoy reading your blog as much (or more) as you enjoy writing it!

  30. Image for Becca Becca

    It's a fabulous after-. And yes-the afters are always better! But the contrast between the two- now, that's where the money is at! I'm glad you love writing this blog- we love reading it! xo Becca

  31. Image for Vanessa Vanessa

    Holy guacamole!!! Are you kidding me? That is seriously about the most gorgeous space ever. Can I just come live in there? You need a butler right? ;-) That is truly so incredible Kari and you have so inspired me. I have this space underneath our stairs with built-in shelving and our wine fridge and I really haven't known which direction to go with decorating it. You've given me some great ideas and now I have a much better sense of what I want that space to look and feel like. Do you think I could call mine a butler's pantry too? LOL! AND, you know how much we all love coming over here to read your blog and that it isn't just about the pretty pictures showing off your talent and creativity. It's because your heart and humor and warmth come through in every post! Have a great day friend, Vanessa

  32. Image for GinaE GinaE

    How wonderful to even have a butler's pantry and then you deck it out to look so beautiful! That decor eye of yours can make anything look perfect. If you ever want to, you can make a living, easily, helping people with their homes. Another super great job!

  33. Image for Mary Mary

    Beautiful pantry! What a transformation this little space has gone through!! So do you just sit in this little space and admire it for hours on end- I sure would! love milkglass too though I don't have a space like this to display it in.

  34. Image for gena gena

    Our first house, tiny, tiny and not in the best neighborhood house had a huge butler's pantry and I swear even now 25 years later I MISS it!!!!! You did a beautiful job with yours - LOVE it ! I've been enjoying your blog so much - thanks for sharing your life with us.... gena

  35. Image for Andrea Andrea

    I love, love, love your pantry .........where did you find the adorable towel with the fleur de lis.....I want one!!!!! Great make over! andrea AndeM1@hotmail.com

  36. Image for Jillian Jillian

    Gawgeous! Love it...so wonderful organized and the spacing....the SPACING is perfect. You seem to have so much of it! That is the genius of it all I think! I'm interested to learn how you did the floors. We are redoing the lake house and there are some scary looking wood floors in the upstairs attic bedrooms that need something like that! Help!

  37. Image for Scribbler Scribbler

    Oh my lord, I have such PANTRY-ENVY! I am planning to convert my laundry closet into a butler's pantry, but it certainly does not have this space. It is such a disaster as a laundry space, I can only hope that it will be better for dish storage. You have convinced me that the clean white is the way to go -- the shelves are of the industrial chrome variety, so I guess that's kind of grey and white, right?

  38. Image for JoAnn JoAnn

    I must say again how much I love your blog.....I loooovve your blog! There, I said it again! Seriously, it and you are just so real, sincere....sounds like chatting to a friend! Oh, yea, the Butlers Pantry is great...love it!

  39. Image for Lisa@budgetdesigngirl.blogspot.com Lisa@budgetdesigngirl.blogspot.com

    I say gray! And I would love to come over and drink flavored coffee in your kitchen, but I'd probably drag you into the butler's pantry so we could sit on those stools, and giggle and talk, and drool over your gorgeous "after"! Love the change, love the pics, and love that you love to blog! You. are. awesome.! Only what, 9 days till we meet at Haven?! Gonna be fun, girl!! :-) xo-Lisa

  40. Image for Ellie Ellie

    You never cease to amaze me. If I had seen the 'before' space in my house, I would have shut and barred the door. You, instead, turned it into something amazing and beautiful! I love it! And I'm so glad you write this blog!

  41. Image for sharon sharon

    I'd just want to stand and stare at all the white milk glass, numbered basket, fleur-de-lis linen towel goodness! It's before and afters like this along with your witting, humorous and entertaining writing style that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for the next post. I'm so glad you love to write. I do too! Happy 6 months! Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  42. Image for Carol Killian Carol Killian

    Wow! What a difference in the before and after. I love the fact you "love" what you do. Can you tell I am not a writer? I look forward to reading your posts.

  43. Image for aimee {sixteen fourteen} aimee {sixteen fourteen}

    THAT IS STUNNING! I can't even believe how beautiful that is. Every little detail is just perfection. Thank you so much for the inspiration, now I'm going to go paint my whole house gray, throw out all my dishes, and live in a land of milk glass and wicker. ;-)

  44. Image for Kelly Kelly

    What a great pantry! You're so lucky to have a space that you can allocate to just your dishes like that. Love the grey walls with the white dishes against them. It's very fresh and stylish at the same time.

  45. Image for Cindy Cindy

    And once again I say, you have such a great sense of humor, I enjoy it tremendously. I'm glad you enjoy blogging, it is fun, isn't it. I don't enjoy it on days when I don't have anything to say or show and I haven't blogged in several days. Those are the days when I think about quitting. I love your new "Butler's Pantry", it's gorgeous in it's coat of gray. Have a great week. Hugs, Cindy

  46. Image for Liz Liz

    Your love shows in your writing and in your projects. You rock the gray and the white and the butler's pantry. I enjoyed the reveal and reveled in the beauty you've put into it. [applause] Liz

  47. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    Wow you have a butler’s pantry but do you have a butler........................lol I want a butler’s pantry but I wouldn't want a butler that would be strange and creepy and no I have no idea why it would be strange and creepy it just would............now to something more important I love the look of the butler’s pantry everyting looks so great and fressh and crisp looking not sure how things look crisp but it does.......................

  48. Image for Zolane Zolane

    Another absolutely beautiful space! And I'm so thankful you started your blog. It's like having a good cup of tea (or coffee :)) with a great friend at the end of each day. Hugs, Zolane

  49. Image for karen@somewhatquirky karen@somewhatquirky

    That may be the most beautiful butlers pantry I have ever seen. b. u. ti. ful. Either grey or gray is acceptable. I always tend to grey - don't know why. I think that is the English spelling. That linen fluer-de-lis towel is awesome. Have a wonderful time at Haven. Wish I could be there. I wouldn't let you feel lonely for a minute.

  50. Image for Kim @ This Belle Rocks Kim @ This Belle Rocks

    It's beautiful! All the white looks so crisp and clean - yet almost edible, like frosting! I've got the tiniest utility room in the world (aside from a utility closet), and I am about to try to use every available nook and cranny to turn it into a combo mudroom/laundry/pantry. I don't know if that can actually be done, but I am going to try - as soon as I can! Just surfed by via Met Monday :)

  51. Image for Patricia Patricia

    You are so sweet and funny ! I'm so glad you enjoy writing your blog, because I certainly enjoy reading it. But.....your home.....your amazing home....I never say this, but, it truly is "to die for" !! It is simply beautiful, and you my dear, have amazing talent......

  52. Image for NanaDoll NanaDoll

    hmmm...you know, i think that when we decide to list our house for sale in favor of a true retirement rv (dreaming) i will list it as having a freshly remodeled butler pantry instead of a kitchen...lol...i love to see your creativity at work. i have recovered from most of my envy and coveting and continue to learn that contentment with the day's blessings...your ideas are so in sync with how i think, and even though my daughter hates it, i LOVE burlap, and might just continue to fill the house with it--there is nothing like milk glass and all of the sincerity it carries...simple, clean, useful, transitional...as my "butler pantry" undergoes its facelift, it may not be all that i dream it could be, but it will be like milk glass...simple, clean, useful, transitional. i love your blog and look forward everyday to seeing what is going on in your world...thanks so much for sharing it so freely! God bless you and your family!

  53. Image for Sheila Zeller Sheila Zeller

    What a fun post - I love the way you wrote it, and am enjoying that cup of coffee as we marvel over your awesome butler's pantry! And I'm asking you where you got the plate stands, and I'm telling you how much I LOVE the crystal knobs against the white exclaiming 'who would've thought?' And I'm reflecting on the milkglass telling you about the milkglass vase that got away... I'm almost ready for a second cup, how about you? :-)

  54. Image for Jenn Jenn

    Wow! That is just amazingly GORGEOUS!!! I love the color and all of the beautiful details. The ladder is genius! Kind of sad that your pantry is prettier than any room in my house... lol! I am SO loving your blog! Jenn :)

  55. Image for Claudine Claudine

    Karianne, I loved your butler's pantry!!! It looks just out of a magazine page!!! I loved this post, and I can feel your joy because my blog (just 3 months old) changed my life too! I feel so happy and SO LUCKY to have such wonderful bloggers friends (like YOU) out there!!! Blessings galore!

  56. Image for debbiedoos debbiedoos

    And what I have learned in the last 6 minutes is that I now want a butlers pantry too! LOL! Beautiful Karianne. I am so happy to see and hear you so passionate about your blog. It really is an awesome hobby, and creative outlet for so many of us. I always wish you the very best. I can see big things happening for you...that btw is not an expectation, that is a prediction. I can be psychic too you know.

  57. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    You have added just about every possilbe WoW factor that you could to your incredible pantry and I LOVE IT! Makes mine look tiny, dull, and drab, and ohsoscary!! So thanks for the pantry envy! :0) So glad you were able to link up to the Wedding Blog Party!! Big TX Hugs, Stephanie

  58. Image for Karen Karen

    Oh that is a great space. I could live in there, it has everything that I love and more. I enjoy reading and looking at your blog, your writing is wonderful and the decor is inspirational..

  59. Image for olive olive

    Grey is my new favorite color because I have gone grey and wear grey and I would look Fabulous in that Butler's Pantry. It is eight kinds of wonderful. I also like how you write-keep it up.

  60. Image for Elzabeth@ Blue Clear Sky Elzabeth@ Blue Clear Sky

    Oh my, Karianne! I am so glad that you enjoy writing your blog, because reading each post, sometimes more than once, is a favourite little part of my day. Love your butler's pantry and the grey/gray with all that lovely white. You have been very busy painting, indeed. And now, right after I go back and drool over the photos some more, I'm going to my garage sale pile I created for this weekend and taking my garage sale find stainless wine glass racks back out. 'Cause you never know, I may just stumble upon a butler's pantry one day in need of them.

  61. Image for Doreen Doreen

    Karianne, I had to tell you I love the Butler's Pantry. The colors are beautiful! In fact, I actually copied the way you hung the ladder for an old ladder I wanted to hang in my bathroom (and of course gave you all the credit on my blog)! It was perfect timing because I didn't know how to hang it! Thanks for the inspiration! Blessings to you, Doreen

  62. Image for Angela Angela

    I love coffee with the yummy flavored creamers and I love that I came across this post! Your butlers pantry is very nice - I had to pin the lovely milkglass :) Have a great rest of your week!

  63. Image for kristin kristin

    I for one love that you write the blog instead of trips to disney :) Be still my heart, a butlers pantry, just when I thought your home couldn't get any better. Hmmmm....I wonder what else you have hiding up your sleeve :) XO Kristin

  64. Image for ~ ~ Ahrisha~ ~ ~ ~ Ahrisha~ ~

    BEAUTIFUL! So clean and fresh looking. Love the little stools. I really need one in my kitchen but I don't have the room. Interesting the grey walls and the beige floor but I love it. Now, please tell me about your flooring?? I want checks in my kitchen but I can't decide on a color and yours looks so sweet. This is my first time here so I am your newest follower. ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  65. Image for Mrs. C Mrs. C

    W/ 110 comments already, I'll keep it short, LOVELY!!! Very lovely! I would want to hang out there, if I were a little girl, having little tea parties on the floor of the Butler's Pantry. Yes I would!

  66. Image for meg meg

    WOW. i can't get over how amazingly beautiful this is!!!! love the chandelier, and LOVE all the white dishes!!!!!!! two of my very favorite things! you have a very beautiful blog, too! i'll have fun looking around :) meg megvcornwell.blogspot.com

  67. Image for Kerryanne Kerryanne

    Such a beautiful post Karianne and gorgeous sentiments regarding blogging. I love that in 'blogland' we get to connect with others who truly get us. They appreciate how excited we are over the right shade of grey and where we place our white dinner ware. There are a lot of kindred spirits out there and the internet now makes the world a whole lot smaller. I'd love it if you'd consider sharing this post at Shabbilicious Friday :) Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  68. Image for melissa@daisymaebelle.com melissa@daisymaebelle.com

    Amazing "after." As much as I love a good "after," it just cannot be fully appreciated without the "before!" And, I am with you on the grey (or gray. . . I did not even know that greige was a option) being my new go-to color. It is so much more "now" than khaki. I think that I am going to have to paint my kitchen. And, do something special with my pantry, since I do not have a butlers pantry.

  69. Image for Candylei Candylei

    I agree "Yes" to everything you like this last year!!! Woohoo look at your butler's pantry! It looks like Downton Abby only much brighter!

  70. Image for HouseTalkN HouseTalkN

    SWOOOOON! I love this- couldn't get to the "pin it" button fast enough! I just had my one year bloggy birthday and I STILL am in love with blogging. Fun stuff, huh? Kerry at HouseTalkN

  71. Image for Heather Heather

    Girl, you just simply amaze me....AMAZE.ME. I am blown away by your butler's pantry, you have such an amazing eye...for color. space, detail....I could go on and on....But mostly, I love how you write, and that you always make me feel - and by the other responses here, make others feel - like your friend...and I thank you for that! You are one special lady!! Hugs, Heather :)

  72. Image for carol jane carol jane

    I am new to your blog and I absolutely love reading it and admiring all the beautiful rooms and decorating ideas. The pantry is gorgeous. Its hard to see the chandelier, but did you paint it or did you purchase it? Looks so pretty. Is it white? just wondering.

  73. Image for Kimberly from Serendipity. Kimberly from Serendipity.

    You know next month when I come to live with you?.... I've mentioned that, right?! ....Well, I wanted you to know that you don't have to set up a guest room or anything. I'll just stay in your pantry. It'll save everyone a lot of work and I'll be closer to the kitchen....you know...in case I need a late night snack. Okay?! Oh, and if you decide that you don't have room for all of your milk glass, I've got an open shelf in my pantry. You don't have to decide right now, I'll just bring an empty suitcase with me when I come. Seriously...it's GORGEOUS! xo

  74. Image for Ida Ida

    Before moving back here to be near family, I lived in an 1893 house that I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED fixing up, too. I also tore up 4 layers of flooring in the kitchen and laundry room to expose beautiful wood floors. There was about 1/2 inch of wallpaper on one of the upstairs bedrooms that was an absolute BEAR to remove. If anyone has suggestions for an easy way to remove that much paper, I think others would really appreciate it. I sooooo miss that house and longingly look for other old houses around here. They are hard to come by in some places.

  75. Image for Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside

    Hi, It's me again! Thanks for giving me the color of your entry! I have another question about your fabulous butler's pantry! How did you do your floors? I absolutely love them and we are currently working on a sunroom and I have to make a decision about the floors. Thanks so much....Tammy

  76. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Always dreamed of having a butler's pantry. Thanks for sharing yours! I'm so enjoying your blog. I've signed up to follow along via email. ;-)

  77. Image for Karen Karen

    Oh, Kari Anne, after reading your post about choosing paint colors [and getting a look at your gorgeous home] and seeing your butler pantry, all I can say is, "Do people really have such lovely homes?!" Not jealous at all, actually very happy for you and your family! And I am encouraged to love [*put some elbow grease into*] our home-humble as it is. Oh, and signing up to receive your posts by email. God bless your homemaking pursuits as well as your blog! hugs, k

  78. Image for Kimberly VanDyke Kimberly VanDyke

    You are a hoot. I think we must be related because you talk like me and my sisters when we get together. My poor Daddy just sits there and smiles because he is quiet (except when he's preaching). I love your blog. I wish I lived close, we could be friends, I just know it. Have a great day!!! BTW, Love your Butler's Pantry. If you say it with an accent you could sound like Ya Ya Sisterhood or Steel Magnolias. Yes, I think I will say it with an accent. Butla's Pantry.

  79. Image for Angie W. Angie W.

    Hi! You are so talented and charming/funny! I look forward to your postings/pictures and as I am in the midst of 'creating' our cozy home I have to ask the tough questions from those I admire: 1. What color gray did you paibt your butler pantry? 2. I want to copy your floor...but I always tend to want to go too matchy matchy. With gorgeous white cabinets/shelves and gray walls I would think to go for cooler tones on the floor. What are the names of the vinyl tiles you used and would you use these same tiles in a room that was painted gray blue with lots of crisp white? I trust you will tell me the truth! :) Angie

  80. Image for stephanie stephanie

    i too love this pantry. so stunning- youre lucky to have such a large space! im using it as inspriation for my kitchen. could you please share the wall color?

  81. Image for Carol Hudson Carol Hudson

    Love the grey/gray and white, How chic is that with the burlap. Great look and great job, I think I'll borrow your ladder idea for my bathroom redo. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

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