Art House

I am sure that one day the Metropolitan Museum of Art will thank me.

Maybe they’ll name a wing after me.

Or add my name on one of those brass plaques attached to the benches over by the gift shop.


How could they not?

I’ve spent years curating a collection of classic 21st century art for them.


Valentines Day


And the ever-growing collection is currently housed here.

Organized in tiny bins with labels and baskets full of supplies.

At the end of a long winding sidewalk……in the art house.

A place brimming with joy and creativity and endless chatter and singing……and projects.

Oh……the artistry this little house has seen.

Each one a masterpiece.


Valentine Artwork


Masterpieces that involve beads and fabric and ribbon and stickers.

And glitter glue and markers and paint.

And tiny pieces of paper.

You know what I’m talking about.

You’ve seen them.



I might have mentioned the them before.  After all…..there has never been a shortage of tiny pieces of paper here at the art house.

But lately they have been multiplying at an alarming rate.

And forming colonies and starting parent teacher organizations and writing a petition to form their own local government.

Last week I even overheard the tiny piece of paper association talking about starting a bed and breakfast.


Valentines Hearts


But they make me happy….those over-zealous bits of paper.

Yesterday… I sat in the art house amidst the chaos and general melee and took a sip of coffee and then set it down on a pile of glitter glue.

And surveyed the pandemonium with a smile.




I smiled because I know that one day when the tiny pieces of paper move to another zip code…..and order and tidiness…..once again reign supreme.

I know these project-creators of mine will never forget those carefree days and the gift of the ability to create.



They will always remember boxes of modeling clay filled with great potential and tubs of glitter glue and stickers and that there were all the supplies they could ever want or need for any project.


And they’ll remember the art house at the end of the winding path.

An art house that was all theirs.

An art house with paint splattered tables and tiny pieces of paper……and wall-to-wall Metropolitan Museum of Art worthy masterpieces. 🙂

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  1. Image for Sarah@20 State Sarah@20 State

    I heart your art...what an amazing place to set out the scissors, glitter and craft glue to make memories! Very brave re the stickers...don't they have a habbit of just turning up firmly adhered to everything...for life!

  2. Image for Lorraine@MissFlibbertigibbet Lorraine@MissFlibbertigibbet

    I can't imagine anything more wonderful...for them...and for you! An art house? Oh my! When my girls were small...and even now I think...they loved making things from paper. My oldest makes the most beautiful paper cuttings by hand and teeny tiny fully decorated paper houses. My youngest does fabulous birthday parties for her boys with matching everything that she spends hours on. I know it's because I was a Mom who encouraged their snipping and coloring and glittering. You are right, you will miss seeing them creating their beautiful things but they will remember the kind of Mom you were forever!

  3. Image for Linda Southworth Linda Southworth

    How special to have your own dedicated space for the wonderful world of crafts. I can see you are enjoying the fine arts and will love them forever. I am looking back of memories of those times with toys under foot, always, and chatter about who gets to ride in the front seat of the car as we prepare to leave. It was awesome!

  4. Image for Aunt Lou Aunt Lou

    Wow! How fortunate your children are, not only to have such a space, but to have a Mom who so generously provides it. There are so many pictures of adult retreats and studios in tiny buildings. That you have the vision to make this special memory making spot impresses me - favorably. :)

  5. Image for Susan Susan

    Wow is all I can say! I would have LOVED to have an art house when I was a child.... I lived and breathed crafts and still do... Your children are very lucky and will always remember the time you spent with them in that great space! They will become crafters and artists with grand self esteem for the time you spent there with them! Bravo! Susan

  6. Image for Amy@ The Avery House Amy@ The Avery House

    The elementary school teacher in me LOVES your art house. LOVES IT! And the mommy in me and the creative child in me loves it even more! You always make me smile KariAnne! Thank you for sharing this wonderful bit of sunshine from your home ot ours! Have a happy day! :-)

  7. Image for Jackie Jackie

    What a fun space! I love that your kiddos have the freedom to be creative like that. I think it's so important and I've tried to afford my kids the same freedom. And it looks like they're having an absolute blast!! :) Have a lovely day! Jackie

  8. Image for Bliss Bliss

    I think next month my copy cat challenge is going to be to make the front of my little shed look like the front of your art house. No one needs to know that housed behind it's doors are not art supplies but drywall mud. Bliss

  9. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    I have always adored the Art House where the young residents of Thistlewood Farm create their masterpieces....Can't wait for the first "Gallery Opening"....revealing their masterpieces to the world. Such a great place to create!!!...for anyone!!

  10. Image for HRH Sarah HRH Sarah

    What a magical place for your girls :) That's a gift they will take with them all their lives, and never forget!

  11. Image for The French Hens Nest The French Hens Nest

    Your children are so blessed- not just because they have an "Art House" or because you provide materials for their creativity but because you are nourishing such an important part of their personalities for the rest of their lives. They will thank you when they are older and are so free to express themselves. You have opened up the world to them! (applause!!!) Have a lovely day! Linda at The French Hens Nest

  12. Image for Claudia Claudia

    I love that you encourage your kids to create, whether in an art house or in your house, and that they know they can make messes and try new things and that it's acceptable and wonderful. Good for you. xo Claudia

  13. Image for Rhonda Rhonda

    Amen! You will definitely cherish the art work in years to come, along with your memories of these sweet times in the Art House! Our art house was a large room above the garage, filled with lots of paper, crayons, markers, paints, yarn, fabric, glue, scissors, stamps and ink, glitter, buttons, jingle bells, pipe cleaners, feathers, you name it! Three out of the five are gone now and it is indeed bittersweet. I'm proud of who these precious little ones have become, but surely miss those diaper and toddler days and even the teen years! So, enjoy the Art House and its inhabitants every day! :)

  14. Image for Pendra Pendra

    So sweet! Your kids are very lucky! I know exactly what this little place means to them as I had a place like this as a child. My Dad and my Grandpa built it. It was in our back yard and had a beautiful porch with a mail box, that got mail every Friday...I later learned it was from Grandpa! It had cupboards and a sink with running water, a phone that only called into the main house. It got decorated every holiday season, even though it didn't have heat. I remember that "playhouse" as we called it, with such fondness, it was such a gift, a labor of love! I was lucky enough as an adult to get to help paint and decorate it for my Grandchildren and it was enjoyed for another generation... although the mail didn't run as regularly... Hugs, Pendra

  15. Image for Lisa Lisa

    How very blessed your kids are! Such a special place to make memories...but more importantly, such a special Mom to help make their lives magical! I would have loved an art house as a child. Wait, who am I kidding? I still want one!!!! xo-Lisa

  16. Image for ScrappyMama ScrappyMama

    Well, geez!!!! Now I don't know if I envy you more because you have a song that's YOUR'S...or because you have an ART HOUSE!!!!!!! What lucky kiddos you have to not only have a Mom who would think to make this place THEIRS, but to have also made it so dang adorable...& absolutely PERFECT!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing it with us...even though it really does make me jealous!

  17. Image for Diane | An Extraordinary Day Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    An art house!! Every creative little (and big) girl's dream! Though I might say I was a bit overcome with all the pink....teehee! Or maybe it was the glue I was sniffing, or those permanent markers. :D Your little artists are soooo blessed. Do they ever want to come back in the house? I'd be tempted to stay there all day, myself. I'm pretty sure that a curator from the MMA will acquire a lovely Wood creation someday. Yup! No doubt. Especially if those minis have just a few of your creative genes karianne!

  18. Image for Jessica M. Jessica M.

    What an enchanting life your little people live. I wish I had an art house as a child...I wish I had an art house NOW. I love your stories, can I move in?

  19. Image for Patty Patty

    What a great little art house to have and create and hang out in. Hopefully it also helps to contain some of the glitter too! Though I did spot a lovely kitty who no doubt likes to get in on the action. Thanks for sharing. Patty/BC

  20. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    Aw, Karianne, this almost made me cry - but then this last semester of my baby's senior year has me doing this quite a lot. When we moved into our old house that had been 2 apartments, my youngest was 7. Her room had been a kitchen, and still had the cast-iron wall sink and linoleum, and she was thrilled. The perfect room for her art projects! :) love your art, and through you, I love your artists!

  21. Image for Aimee @ Small Anchors Aimee @ Small Anchors

    lovely little house. we had a small house growing up {of course.. this one is GORGEOUS!} and we loved it - the loft, the second hand furniture, the ownership, the flower gardens. it's such a gift to children. we just built a small house for our kids and hope to make a larger one as they keep growing {& as we keep moving!}

  22. Image for Marty Walden Marty Walden

    I don't think there is ever a day when your writing doesn't move me in some way, make me laugh or leave me shaking my head. As I couldn't sleep tonight, thinking of blog posts and layouts and networking and all that silly stuff, I sense the nudge of God that I have avoided all day. My children, now all almost grown, only have one mother. As I stressed over the minutia of homeschooling and meals and wounded hearts to heal, I know that anybody can write a blog (and most everybody does :) but my family has only one mom, my husband only one wife (or so I've been told) and I need to be present. Not just here but present. Thank you for the reminder, sweet Karianne, that they will be gone one day and the blogging can wait. You are a gifted writer and a joy to have met.

  23. Image for Jan from Michigan Jan from Michigan

    I am so impressed! What a magical and wonderful childhood you are giving your children! This post made me wish I could be a little girl again with an Art House!

  24. Image for Donna Phillips Donna Phillips

    Dearest KariAnne, Thank you for brightening every day ! I so look forward to your creative posts . I love your take on life and decorating and appreciation of family life ! Keep the wonderful posts coming . .... You rock ! Donna

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