I still remember when I took a tour of the house and told the dining room goodbye.

It was heart-wrenching.

All of those dinners.

All of those parties.

All of those times together as a family.

It was more than a dining room. It was a gathering place for celebrations and moments and milestones and welcoming friends and family to the table.

And now?

I’m so happy we are back together—my dining room and I. I’m so happy that we have zillions more dinners and parties and family get-togethers to come.

I never met a gathering I didn’t love.

Maybe that’s why I’m all about my friend, Bre’s new book, The Gift of Gathering.

The book walks you through the seasons.

It’s full of beautiful four-color photographs of incredible tables set for different celebrations.

Like this beautiful mercury glass centerpiece for winter.

There are recipes in the book.

And how-tos.

And simple ideas for bringing creativity and the warmth of the season to the table.

But truth?

While photographs and DIY’s and table settings are amazing.

It’s the HEART of the book that is truly special.

You see, in a day and age when fast food drive-throughs are dining rooms.

(total aside: no judgment here—I’m looking at you Chick fil A dinners.)

And family dinners are a thing that you see in the movies and many of us are like ships passing in the night from one busy to another busy…

…Bre’s words are a bright light in a dreary world.

She inspired me.

To set my table.

To sit down with my family.

To press pause and LISTEN to the ordinary moments of an ordinary day.

To pull up a chair to the table and help them understand that they are loved.

And so we are having more family dinners.


We are hosting a Friendsgiving this year.

I’m serving this yummy tea recipe and I have tons of non-cooking ideas for the three-pot crockpot and the friends are bringing the rest.

Here’s to dining rooms everywhere.

And the people who love them. 🙂

You can order the book here and to celebrate book launch, Bre is giving away some of her favorite hosting essentials.

Simply enter below.

Happy entertaining.

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  1. Image for Mary Mary

    I continue to be amazed at how you got to move back into your childhood home to raise your own family there. One of my favorite stories. And I totally agree with you that the Best Times are times gathered around the table with people you love!

  2. Image for Sally Christiansen Sally Christiansen

    I don't have a particular favorite gathering I just enjoy having the whole family and extended family together and I love to sit back and just enjoy the different conversations going on and watching the different generations connect.

  3. Image for Karen Mary Karen Mary

    When my hubby and I were searching for our new home last year, we greatly downsized EXCEPT we had to find a little home with a dining room big enough for two nine-foot tables. We host so many celebrations, and family dinners (with grown kids and grandkids) weekly, that this was really a priority. We were so blessed to find the perfect home, complete with a celebration room! Thanks for the heads up on the book -- I'm ordering right now!

  4. Image for Beth Y Beth Y

    My grandmother didn't have the biggest or the fanciest house, but all of us always felt loved and were well-fed when we attended a gathering at her house. I cherish those memories because she is no longer with us. Family was very important to her, and she definitely made those get-togethers a priority in her life. I am so thankful she blessed all of us with them!

  5. Image for Audrey Stewart Audrey Stewart

    My best memory of the holidays, was when my Dad finally retired from the military, and he was home for good. The first time we ever had him for Thanksgiving and Christmas in the same year. The best year to date.

  6. Image for Jennie Jennie

    Must order this book! While the tablescapes will be beautiful, the purpose of gathering is even more important. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your idea of a Friendsgiving!

  7. Image for Erin Kaven Erin Kaven

    Many moons ago we had a family reunion for my grandmother's 90th birthday. I remember the fun of playing football (or in my case watching the more athletic cousins play football) on the side of a hill in Virginia and in the evening watching red fox cross the yard. I was in college at the time and my family drove 14 hours straight from Florida to attend with me sitting next to my father to "keep him awake". Others lived in many other parts of the country, Texas, Missouri, and some close by so it was our one and only reunion and I treasure the memory. Grandma and all the Aunts and Uncles have passed now, but it is my favorite family gathering.

  8. Image for Danielle Danielle

    I remember when I was younger the holidays were a time the whole family got together to celebrate -Aunts, Uncles, cousins, grandparents, and close family friends. There was so much laughter and food and everyone just enjoying each other’s company. Christmas and Thanksgiving were big gatherings for our family. Sadly, those times don’t happen anymore but I’ll always have fond memories of my childhood.

  9. Image for Michele Mead Michele Mead

    Thanksgiving through Christmas was all about family, cooking from old family recipes handed down, homemade Christmas cookies. Our family meals were huge and I still get that warm safe feeling when I stop to remember the people most of whom are gone, the awesome food my Mother was a no holes barred kind of cook she love her family and cooked from the heart.

  10. Image for Jenn Jenn

    I love her blog too! You are such a good and uplifting friend! The heart of the book is definitely the best! We need that opening and welcoming spirit in our busy world!

  11. Image for Terry Terry

    My grandparents hosted most family dinners on their farm in south Texas. Aunts, uncles, and cousins gathered and ate, played and visited. I cherish those memories.

  12. Image for JudyCinNC JudyCinNC

    Waiting for the perfect house takes awhile, building friendships and family ties is now. We need this book to get back on track. Thanks Karianne for the review judyCinNC

  13. Image for Peg Peg

    Whenever I'm cooking a turkey, whether it be on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day, I love taking a brief walk outside before dinner. Breathing in the fresh air, and taking pause to give thanks, fills my heart. And, when you come back inside, you can really smell the turkey roasting!! Yes, that's my favorite!!! xoxo

    1. Image for Michelle D Michelle D

      On Thanksgiving, my mom has our family go around the table and share something that we have been especially grateful for... it is a great time to reflect on thankfulness.

  14. Image for Sandy Hildebrand Sandy Hildebrand

    My best memory of gathering was as a child, my parents had huge family 4th of July picnics at our house. A hay wagon was used for all the potluck dishes bc there was so much food. We didn't sit at a fancy table but lined up on the bank of the driveway in the grass fellowshipping with all our relatives. Such great memories!! Love to sit with my family over a meal and have great conversations.

  15. Image for Kathy L Kathy L

    Growing up we always ate dinner together as a family and I didn't realize how important it was until I had a family of my own. At this stage in my life the best times are gatherings with family or friends for a dinner party at my house or theirs!

  16. Image for Jenni Farnes Jenni Farnes

    As hard as it is sometimes to remember, it would have to be the last Christmas before my 11-year-old son's death. We were all gathered together, our family of eight, with my Mom and my Dad (who would leave us three years later) on Christmas morning for our traditional Christmas breakfast and later as we gathered around the Christmas tree...long after all the Santa gifts had been opened, and opened gifts from one another, especially chosen or made. After all the hoopla...it was sitting in a candlelit room, around a lighted tree, a fire in the fireplace, and opening heartfelt gifts from one another. Gathering like that...so close to each other, our hearts set on one another, thankful for generosity and thoughtfulness...and filled with so much love...that gathering is what I will always remember.

  17. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    My favorite gatherings are usually the BBQ’s that are more impromptu. I love the holidays and everyone gathering but sometimes it can be stressful. Love the ideas....sounds like a wonderful book 💜

  18. Image for Beverly O Beverly O

    We host our four children and ten grandchildren for holidays and we always truly enjoy it. We sometimes host friends and family for a big birthday celebration and enjoy those times, too. Afterward, we ALWAYS say, "We should do that more often!" Yet, we fall back into our regular old routines and time passes by. Thanks for the encouragement to host friends and family just because!

  19. Image for Karen Karen

    My favorite gathering memory is being a child and celebrating the holidays with my grandparents and hearing the stories they told of their childhood - would love to be able to do that again. Thanks! Karen

  20. Image for beverly e beverly e

    All of my family's Thanksgiving & Christmas gatherings are special & memorable from the ones. It's always special whenever we all gather together.

  21. Image for Elaine Elaine

    Having a long dining room table was priority in my small down-sized house. The family, friends. Neighbors and strangers who have gathered here have gifted us so much joy and added layers and layers of soul refreshment and inspiration to our lives. I've many times been exhausted from hostessing, but never regretful! Thank you for sharing this new resource. It looks beautifully intriguing!

  22. Image for Lana Midkiff Lana Midkiff

    We have lived here for 35 years and there have been many get togethers at this house. My favorite have been when the grandchildren started coming . One year all three of my daughters were expecting at the same time and it was a joyful time around the dinner table welcoming all the new members of the family. Now everyone has moved away and we are welcoming great grandchildren. The love is still there and the memories. Thank you for your stories about your family.

  23. Image for Chris Chris

    The gathering of family in Joyful communion...while a child I so cherish the birthday celebrations of me and my five siblings...my Mom made each of us our favorite foods and of course our birthday cake---she was quite the cake baker...one year one of my older sisters asked & had the one and only store bought cake (to grace the large dinning room table ) topped with ballerinas...with out much money, our Mom always made sure our birthday's were special...

  24. Image for Gale Eley Gale Eley

    Christmas with my sister and her family after she moved from Arizona and is close enough now to drive and visit her.

  25. Image for Kathy M. Kathy M.

    Moved down to N.C.to be closer to family b ut we also downsized and our house has no dining room. . Now with 10 grandchildren and parents it is really hard to host. big holiday dinners. Now we try to get together the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas to visit ,play games and exchange presents. Also we enjoy all the leftovers and especially the Christmas cookies!! Summer holidays are when we host the whole family with lots of room outside. Maybe this year I will do Thanksgiving. Just need to set up some portable tables get some paper plates Karianneand all squeeze in. It's all about memory making not perfection.You have inspired me as usual

  26. Image for Cindy Cindy

    For many years we gathered together in the fall and made apple cider, donuts, soup bar with muffins, and played games. So much fun with our friends and family! Great memories!

  27. Image for Mary in VA Mary in VA

    This book already warms my heart and I haven't read it yet. I absolutely love having friends over - from the classmates I met when we were all six years old and graduated together ... to church friends... to prayer group! I'm sure the book has lots of advice for me, I'm going to order it now. And thanks so much for the giveaway offer.

  28. Image for Janet Janet

    More mermories are shared around the table than any other place. We remember our family gatherings and holidays with our parents and when they are gone with our family and children. Soon I will be hosting my annual Witches and Warlock party - girlfriends and husbands and a few single friends, I alwasy set a spooky table and we are all dressed up up like witches and enjoy a fablous dinner. Last year I bought a new dining room table it was realy hard saying goodby to that table and china cabinet. It took a few days to let it go but now I love my table and this year we get to make a whole new group of memories.

  29. Image for Anna Anna

    Favourite gathering was a Last Dinner on the Titanic re-enactment. Each guest was given an identity from the passenger list and between courses we were each given our story and the news of whether we survived or not. I was a missionary from a girls' school in India, returning to Kansas for the sake of my aging parents. I did not survive. My niece, Chef Alison, prepared and served the dinner - all 14 courses. A fascinating and very moving event.

  30. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    There was a time when I'd get all worked up about having people over for dinner. Now, I simply DON'T! It doesn't have to be perfect. I love filling up my house!!

  31. Image for Kimberly Carnegie Bruhn Kimberly Carnegie Bruhn

    Favorite gathering is anytime our family is all together...when kids get older and move on and out, it makes those special meals all the more important! When I say "special," it doesn't have to be something I've slaved over...it can be chili in the crockpot because what matters is the company!

  32. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    Thanksgiving is our big holiday when we all get together and boy is it a lot of work--but I'd like to think we are making memories!!!

  33. Image for june june

    So many memories to choose from. This year because I just lost my brother to cancer...memories of our family gatherings at his home stand out. When we are all together there are over 70 of us. This particular year we were between 50-60. It was Christmas...the food was amazing...the holiday goodies were scrumptious...but what stands out the most was just being together. Our mom (dad deceased), five sibs, our spouses. children and in some cases grandchildren. All cozy..when no more chairs finding a place on the carpet. We were together...thats what mattered most. We decided the year before no more gifting...each family donated to their own charity choice. My kids loved it so much that they sent my brother and sis in law a thank you for the best holiday ever. My brother displayed that note every year since. There is something special that happens when people gather. Can be family, friends, coworkers,etc but being connected with others sure makes for a fuller heart.

  34. Image for Heather B Heather B

    My favorite gathering memories are of definitely all involving Christmas. It is the one time of the year that everyone comes home.

  35. Image for Alice Genzlinger Alice Genzlinger

    Just read an article that said young adults twenty years ago were better prepared to take care of themselves than those today. What ever happened to parenting our children? We must teach them how to feed themselves by perparing meals from scratch. Most think a drive through window or prepackaged food off a shelf is always going to be available. What if it isn’t? Then we have failed our children.

  36. Image for Michele Gaydos Michele Gaydos

    i love that now the grandkiddies are the ones whom remember decorations and our"gatherings from season to season,and in between ...and thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway!!!

  37. Image for C. Beth C. Beth

    Loved this inspiration! I am ordering a new (Larger) dining room table so our holiday traditions can continue around the table as our family gets bigger. What a blessing!

  38. Image for Denise Harclerode Denise Harclerode

    My favorite gatherings were at my parents’ table, watching my high school aged girls roll with laughter over the talk between my mom and dad...largely situational, you-just-had-to-be-there wit and wisdom, give and take conversations that were hilariously funny. The food was wonderful, home grown by my gardener dad, cooked by both my mom and dad, and no doubt where the situational humor began. Such good gatherings!

  39. Image for Beckie Goetzman Beckie Goetzman

    I loved this post, like all the others! We’ve alway been a “family dinner every night at the table” type family. Some years it was harder than others, but as were getting ready to marry off our youngest 2, lots of memories and stories are coming out about how their friends thought we were weird, but said they were actually envious , instead. We fed most of them as well! So glad my kids now look back and see the value of it. Power on mammas, keep it going!! B

  40. Image for Vicki Vicki

    You may be the best kind of "boomerang kid!" You return.to your childhood home minus the parents having to shelter.you.under their roof :)


    My boys are grown and moved out, but my favorite memories of when our entire extended family gathered on New Years' Eve. The men took all of the kids sled riding and pulled them behind the tractor on sleds. They were truly gleeful when they returned and talked about that day for years to come with their cousins. We stayed inside and prepared food and made preparations for the evening activities. My siblings still bring it up when we get together. I love that we made such fun memories over New Years with family.

  42. Image for Melissa Melissa

    I was just browsing the home dec section at B&N and a woman told me about this book. Your recommendation aces it!

  43. Image for Katharine Katharine

    The book looks absolutely amazing. I can't wait to get a copy. I love gathering with my family. Many years ago, we had a final family Christmas at the home my six siblings and I grew up in. All seven kids and more than 20 grandkids were there. It was loud and awesome. This year for the first time in a long time, all six of my kids will be home for Christmas. Can't wait. Now if we can just add some grandkids into the mix.

  44. Image for donna donna

    Christmas is my most favorite gathering. All the lovely decorations and the tree with lights makes it so much more special.

  45. Image for Jill Liverett Jill Liverett

    I love hosting my parents at our house every year for Christmas. It makes decorating more fun when I know people will be here to enjoy it with us,

  46. Image for Janis Janis

    I love gatherings with family and friends. We have lost some family members, and the memories of being with them at family get-togethers brings comfort,

  47. Image for Sharon Sharon

    Favorite memory was when one of my brothers was to be deployed and his flight got delayed and he was able to come home for Christmas and surprise my parents who thought he was already on his way. A very sweet Christmas all gathered around the table sharing the amazing gifts of family and togetherness.

  48. Image for Ashleigh Hall Ashleigh Hall

    My favorite gathering memories are hands down all of the holidays and ordinary days when my mom would cook a huge meal and invite friends, family and neighbors to join us! Best memories ever!


    Love the ideas!!!! Favorite memory is around the table laughing and eating....usually Thanksgiving or Christmas with all the china and silverware twinkling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Image for Lori in Missouri Lori in Missouri

    I love dining rooms! After having a house without one for 18 years, I am more excited than ever to begin planning get-togetherness and fellowship in our new home this holiday season. We home-makers must keep the practice of "having company over for supper" alive!!

  51. Image for Patty Patty

    Love the idea of this book. Looking forward to reading it! Many happy memories of family gatherings when my niece and nephew were growing up. They were adopted and the first and only grandchildren in our side of the family. Of course, memories are still being made!

  52. Image for Suzyque Suzyque

    My favorite gathering memory is from holiday dinners, well, really any dinners that we spent with friends, but especially those when our children came home from college and now come home for Christmas with their families.

  53. Image for Paula Paula

    Sunday dinners at my grandparents house. My grandparents were of polish descent so the menu honored this. Home made polish sausage, breads and cabbage rolls were some of my favorites. The fine china dressed the table. Although my grand ma cooked everything the kids were the cleaner uppers! Lots of cousins to help, great times. Thanks for the give away.

  54. Image for belinda bell belinda bell

    My favorite gathering is Thanksgiving. The whole family comes and we have a house full. It is so much fun.

  55. Image for Beth Kimbler Beth Kimbler

    Christmas morning we always have the same breakfast for probably the last 50 years. Even if one year it’s just me, I’d still make it!

  56. Image for ruby ruby

    i have my grandmother's table that i use as a desk. it always reminds me of all the loving gatherings she hosted around it. if i could time travel and could go anywhere... i'd go back to one of her fried chicken and perfect biscuit meals....

  57. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    KariAnne, I think I just figured out at least two Christmas gifts this year, Bre’s book would be great for young brides in my family. P.S. I have given your books also as gifts!

  58. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Oops! I forgot the favorite gathering memory! I can’t choose just one but a favorite is Christmas Eve dinners at my grandparents’ home. Dinner was wonderful .....turkey, dressing, ham, rolls, home grown vegetables, and a special cake that looked like a train. After dinner my grandmother reading the Christmas story from the Bible (grandchildren at her feet), then opening gifts. Afterward rushing home and to bed waiting for Santa whom my uncle always spotted flying over the house.

  59. Image for Bonnie Witmyer Bonnie Witmyer

    Our fondest childhood memories were visiting with friends and family days before the holidays. The emphasis wasn't on gifts, but getting together and enjoying each other's company as well as sharing holiday food. We laughed so hard, hugged, sajg carols, celebrated our memories of previous holidays and always remembered Jesus' birth. We learned what the nativity meant and the carols were from different countries We also learned that sometimes nations at war call for peace for the day so that there would be memories of their families to hold precious. The sights, smells, and solemn moments all make the holidays special.

  60. Image for Susan M Barone Susan M Barone

    My happiest memories from childhood through my teens were the times spent getting together with relatives during holidays at my grandparents' house. Some years the table was the pool table in the basement, set up buffet style. I can still recall the scents -- roast beef or turkey, mashed potatoes, pies --that just wrapped me up like a warm hug as Grandpa Al opened the front door. And I remember how much my grandma appreciated punctuality. We had a few chronically late relatives. She would get so mad. It's probably wrong but I enjoyed being her confidante, commiserating with her as I put ice in glasses and took drink orders. All would be forgiven and forgotten during the meal later. (I mean, after all the relative I'm thinking of had to feed the horses first. LOL)

  61. Image for Linda Linda

    I remember a Christmas a few years ago when all my extended family, some who I hadn't met before, gathered together in the same house. It was wonderful!

  62. Image for Trish Trish

    I have wonderful memories of simple Saturday afternoon lunches with family - both immediate and extended. Mom always made the plain meal special by shopping for our fabprite foods... Croissants made that morning, fresh imported cold cuts and cheeses from the local butcher, giant ice-cold slices of kosher pickles and cold salads from the Polish deli, and her own special Chocolate Malts - so thick, the spoon stood up! Our conversations there were always filled with laughter and love!

  63. Image for Kathy Kathy

    My family knows when we gather for family dinners, I always set a welcoming table. This quote spoke to me... “It’s meaningful to have a place set for us. It tells us we’re welcomed, invited, wanted. It gives us a sense of security, knowing we belong. When we take time to prepare a seat at the table, we tell our guests “You were thought of, your arrival was greatly anticipated, and you are important.” The Gift of Gathering | by: Bre Doucette Great memories are priceless and sharing time with friends and family is cherished in my house.

  64. Image for Sue Sue

    Sunday dinners and holidays at my grandmother's house - her large dining room, table set with china including salt cellars at each place setting. What I wouldn't give to go back to that time and place and really appreciate it!

  65. Image for Brenda Brenda

    Last Christmas was my favorite. We had a lovely family dinner and then a great time of board games. I haven't laughed so hard in a really long time! Did I mention we played Monopoly and Uno. I ended up in jail more times than anyone else. I also had more Uno cards than any one else. Good times!

  66. Image for dd cox dd cox

    I have lovely memories of my family gathering at my great-grandmothers for every holiday and special event. I learned how very special family is and I learned to cook. All the Aunts were fabulous cooks and I finally learned to cook. From the other side of the family I learned not only to cook, but how to entertain. I was fortunate enough to have a Great-Aunt who would allow me to help her ready her home for dinner parties. it was here I developed my sense of style and learned how to entertain.

  67. Image for Jeanine Jeanine

    This book is my heart too....blessing others with a beautiful table, great food, and the sweetest of fellowship. So glad she wrote this book! We just gathered 40 people last night at my friend's home! These are the times we'll remember!

  68. Image for mary mary

    My daughter is in her mid thirties, but I still have the handprint turkey placecards she made as a preschooler. Many of those family and friends are no longer with us, so I treasure the placecards more each year.

  69. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday to have family at our dining table. This book is a must to add to my KariAnne favorites.

  70. Image for Jenny Young Jenny Young

    The place isn't as important to me as the people. My home, a restaurant, a friend's home, a community event.....as long as I gather with kind people it becomes a sweet memory. I'm actually gathering with some friends tonight for supper!

  71. Image for Lesa Lesa

    Love having family over to celebrate! My favorite memories are of Thanksgiving meals and having family and extended family and friends over. Love cooking and hearing stories of the past.

  72. Image for Wenda Wenda

    Have so many great memories of all the gathering that my mom hosted. Great memories of delicious food shared with friends and family in a beautiful setting!

  73. Image for Jackie Jackie

    Every gathering with our kids and grandkids, and grand dogs are the most precious memories. Sharing a meal, playing games, doing a crafty project (grandkids usually making something for each place setting for the holiday), coloring pages of a coloring book. The grandkids gathering pillows and blankets and laying on top of or around our our dear sweet chocolate lab. Which he would lay there and just take all the love, thumping his tail. "Smiling his beautiful smile." Priceless. The smiles and laughter and conversations are my favorite gifts. It makes me over flow with joy. For me, our family is my greatest gift. They are my treasure.

  74. Image for Anita Anita

    This time of year is my favorite and mostly because of all the family togetherness!! Thanksgiving and Christmas is the time our spread. out family ALWAYS makes sure to come together and enjoy! I can't wait each year. So lovely. Love the inspirational quotes throughout the book!! Another good one, got to have for my library!!

  75. Image for Erin Rizzo Erin Rizzo

    Right now, my favorite memory is about 13 years ago. It was the last time my whole family was together at Christmas along with my husbands mother. Both my parents and my mother in-law are no longer with us. That day will forever remain in my heart.

  76. Image for Linda Linda

    I have so many memories of being gathered around our dining room table with my nana and poppop there. My mom always set her table so beautifully for the holidays!

  77. Image for Angeline Roberts Angeline Roberts

    The comfort I feel on Thanksgiving and Easter at my husband’s sister’s house is hard to describe. Everyone and anyone is invited and there is rolls with homemade jam for everyone.

  78. Image for Marie Marie

    I inherited my parents dining room table when my mother died. It has a million leaves, and fully extended we shoe-horn in a long pipe under the table to give it more strength. My extended family tends to stay at the table talking for hours about life on the farm, our grandparents growing up, our current lives, all while carefully avoiding politics. So the chairs are important. Many of them are wobbling badly and this post reminds me that shoring up their strength should be a priority. It's not so fun being concerned the chair you sit upon might send you to the floor - or at the very least, remind you how much weight you have to loose.

  79. Image for Deborah Rosen Deborah Rosen

    My favorite family gathering was always Christmas Eve. We played games all afternoon, had a traditional Polish dinner, and opened presents afterwards. The one I remember most is the first time the aunties let me help with kitchen work: I got to stuff celery with cream cheese. Back then, it was a big deal to be considered old enough to help produce the celebration.

  80. Image for Kelsey vinson Kelsey vinson

    As a kid our family always got together for Christmas and Thanksgiving at my grandparents house. It was an all day thing and we loved it.

  81. Image for Kathy R Kathy R

    My favorite gathering would have to be Thanksgiving and Christmas. When all the family would get together. Grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. Always fun. Beautiful memories past and present.

  82. Image for Billie R Billie R

    I've always loved any kind of family gatherings, I especially look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. When I was little though, my favorite gatherings were our family reunions at the park each summer. We would play bingo with a twist. Each person or family would wrap a gag gift such as a box of jello or tissues. When a person got bingo, they would take a gift. The next person could then take a gift from the pile or 'steal" someone else's gift. It was so much fun "stealing" what would end up being paper towels.

  83. Image for Melissa Melissa

    My favorite memories are of Christmas Eve dinners with my family. We would each open a pair of Christmas pajamas after dinner and wear them while reading the story of the birth of Christ before tucking the kiddos in bed to wait for Santa. Even though the kids are all grown and gone, the memories keep me warm all winter long!

  84. Image for Ally Ally

    I loved friendsgiving at my parent's house with their friends and mine, all under one roof, with a fire in the fireplace after (:

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