Haven Conference 2012


I’m going to Haven.

As in Haven…..the DIY conference.

As in the Haven…..there’s no place like home.

In Atlanta.

In 12 days….8 hours….23 minutes….42 seconds.


And can I tell you something?


Just between you and me.



My eyebrows are ready to go.

Can you see them?

I mean….there are plenty of other things that I need to work on.

Trust me.  Lots of things.

But not my eyebrows.

They are curved and plucked and shaped according to my specialized eyebrow guide.

And ready for Haven.

Now….don’t tell anyone else….but I’m a little nervous.

I mean….I’m really excited and I know it’s going to be incredible and we are all going to learn so much and all become best friends for life and march off arm in arm into the sunset and name our first-born children after each other and all that.

And while…..that sounds so wonderful…..

…..I can’t help but picture myself awkwardly standing there at the conference…..tightly clutching a few random business cards….shuffling my feet….looking around the room and tentatively smiling at people I have only met online.

People who I am inspired by every day.  People with incredible projects and beautiful rooms and witty humor and great step-by-step tutorials.  And maybe even better eyebrows than mine.

People who I hope will like….me.


Awkward business-card-clutching-shuffling-tentative-overwhelmed-and-a-little-nervous-Haven-attending-me.

And if all else fails.

And I get nervous.  Or unsure.  Or my business cards don’t come in the mail.  Or my camera loses battery.  Or my hair is too frizzy.  Or I laugh too much.  Or I don’t laugh enough.  Or…..Or…..Or….. Or…..

If all those “ors” get too overwhelming….

I’m counting on my eyebrows to help me make it through.

To give me confidence.

Confidence to meet people.

Confidence to laugh at myself.

Confidence to not take myself so seriously.

Confidence to put one foot in front of the other in a room full of the unknown.


Confidence to simply be myself.

The best self I know how to be…..

……with a great pair of incredibly supportive eyebrows.

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  1. Image for Judy Judy

    Rhoda and I met through blogging about 5 years ago and from there became "real" in person friends (as she put it). We've done several shopping adventures, including meeting Eddie Ross in Atlanta at Scotts! I took her to lunch in B'ham before she moved back to Atlanta and since then we've stayed in touch....in fact she recently left me a message for us to try and get together when I come to Atlanta to the Ikea store. I think you will hit it off at the conference, you and your eyebrows! xoxo, Judy

  2. Image for Beverly Beverly

    KariAnne, are you kidding me? Girl, you've got this. We love, love, love you - and your eyebrows, too. Should I make a placard for you to hang around your neck that says "Beverly loves me"? Oh, how I wish I was going to be there with all of you! Is Kijsa going with you?

  3. Image for Anne Anne

    Silly girl! If you don't know how much we all love you yet - you've got an eyebrow loose!! (sounds better than a screw loose, or a few bricks short of a load, or an elevator that doesn't go to the top floor) Go to Haven, forget trying to make people like you and just KNOW that they love you before you even show up! Just as your eyebrows are perfect, so are you. Love you to bits! take lots & lots of photos and notes and share it all when you get back. Wish I could be there...

  4. Image for SheilaG SheilaG

    Oh, gosh, I hope we get to meet. I feel a little schizophrenic- this is my first conference and I'm excited to go and I'm nervous about meeting everyone and wondering if I'm going to feel left out and wondering if I'll meet my "heroes" and call them by the wrong name or go blank and not be able to say anything at all.... Ack!

  5. Image for debbiedoos debbiedoos

    Your brows look marvelous dahling! Great podcast too! I enjoyed hearing someone else get questions fired at them. They did awesome with their answers. Have fun at Haven.

  6. Image for Susan Susan

    Lucky girl! You will be perfect even if you have a uni-brow by then. Go, have a marvelous and inspiring time, and share, share, share with the rest of us please. I know just how you feel because I am going to the She Speaks conference in July. You wouldn't believe how many times I have wondered "why?" since I signed up. Who do I think I am, to be going to a conference with important, confident people who know what they are doing?! Oh well, I am going and I am going to soak it all up!

  7. Image for Maury @ Life on Mars Maury @ Life on Mars

    WHEW! Can i tell you that it makes me feel so much better that you're feeling this way too? I have this bad habit of completely clamming up and getting all nervous in big crowds, especially where I dont know a lot of people. I'm picturing my awkward self standing in a corner with her camera scanning nametags that walk by for one that i recognize. My hubs is actually really surprised that I want to go to Haven because it's kinda out of character for me. Plus you add in the fact (not question, FACT) that I completely do not belong in this group of incredible, talented women who are so inspiring (especially you) then the pressure kinda doubles.

  8. Image for amy amy

    You are absolutely ADORABLE. You and your eyebrows will have so much fun and meet so many wonderful people. If I were lucky enough to go, I would be feeling the same uneasy and nervousness about meeting YOU! You are going to shine, as you do in your posts each and every day and people are going to love you.

  9. Image for Heidi @ Decor & More Heidi @ Decor & More

    Totally on the same page, my friend. I've almost talked myself out of going a few times lately... my blog's too small, I'll be star-struck by the likes of you and Rhoda and others, plus a dozen other bad thoughts. Yuck. I feel better now, knowing I'm not alone. :-) And I, for one, can't wait to be your IRL friend and not just a bloggy friend. :) xo Heidi

  10. Image for Diane Diane

    Silly me had to look up what the "Haven" conference was, (loved the TV show, lol). Seriously, it sounds like an exciting place to go and learn and share, all of which you are very good at. Everyone has your same fears , the only difference is some hide it better than others. You will have fun, you will be liked, and yes your eyebrows are amazing! I already know many more reasons to like you though. Have fun and share what you learn!

  11. Image for betty betty

    I'm an eye brow browser too. Yours are perfecto! You will be fine. The arch will support you. Have fun! ~betty

  12. Image for Vanessa Vanessa

    Oh no! If you are worried about Haven and your eyebrows look that fabulous, then I REALLY need to be worried about Haven! Mine have a mind of their own. LOL! ;-) First of all, Heather and I have had many conversations where we talk about being the awkward ones in the corner clutching our business cards so maybe if we all stand there together people will think that is what they are supposed to be doing too, right? I think the dork factor goes down if there are more of us, right? :-) Just know that everyone feels the same way. We are all in this together and I know we will have an absolutely fantastic time! I seriously can't wait to meet you...and your eyebrows! Vanessa

  13. Image for Ashley Ashley

    Top three fears in life: Failure, looking stupid, and that no one will like you. I can GUARANTEE that none of these will happen to you, because you're talented, brilliant, and one of the friendliest and loveliest bloggers I've had the pleasure of "meeting". Have FUN!

  14. Image for Kelly Kelly

    I hope my home state will be full of sunshine when you arrive! I'm not going to Haven, but may get the opportunity to meet you (with my sister) while you're visiting here. Yay! I'm sure I would feel the exact same way if I was going to meet so many people at once that I felt like I knew, but was meeting for the first time in person. You will probably go to bed exhausted every night from taking so much in. At least that's how I would feel. Ha! You and your eye brows will be just fine.

  15. Image for Lisa@budgetdesigngirl.blogspot.com Lisa@budgetdesigngirl.blogspot.com

    K- Just know that you are far from the only one feeling this way! I think most people feel like it's a bit scary to walk in to a place where we don't REALLY know any one! All of your thoughts and fears echo those in my own head! Don't worry! As I told you when we spoke, everyone loves you, and they will be clamoring to meet you! Now if you happen to be sitting next to me, and they have that confused puppy face (head tilt) when we introduce ourselves, it will be because they are trying to figure out who the heck I am, and what business I have sitting next to the goddess of the blogging world! ;-) You, and your killer brows got this, mama! No worries! It's going to be a BLAST!! Can't wait to see you there!! xoxo -Lisa

  16. Image for JJ JJ

    Your eyebrows are fab, darling. Sounds like fun and as much as anyone might tell you not to worry and to not be nervous - well, our inner voice just doesn't listen. Sometimes, I pretend that I'm confident and not nervous. I pretend to be someone with eyebrows that are perfectly manicured! And then! I am confident! It's a miracle. Okay - I've never really thought about my eyebrows before - but I sure am going to now when I need a confidence boost. I've been known to wear 'power red' when I need a little help to get through something. Killer shoes does it too...I could go on and on about the psychological benefits of feeling your shiny best. But..I need to go tweeze. Bye! :) JJ

  17. Image for judi judi

    hi kari anne, i am so excited for you...but at the same time i feel your apprehension. (i am the same way in new situations). i'm sure it will be absolutely wonderful! i loved the dust bunny life clip ~ hearing your voice and learning that i was pronouncing your name wrong~! oops. i so would love to go to one of these conferences, maybe next year?! look forward to hearing all about your adventure in atlanta...the workshops all look so good...how does one decide?! judi

  18. Image for sharon sharon

    jealous much....why yes I am. ;) I'd love to be spending time with all those fabulous ladies, including you, who inspires me. But it's not meant to be this year. And now I know why...my eyebrows aren't ready. I work on them almost everyday, but never to my satisfaction. Perhaps it's time to let the professionals do it. sharon @ mrs. hines class

  19. Image for Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads

    OK. I don't have the guts to put this on my blog, but I've been defuzzing the moustache and chin! You see, when you get to a certain age, the eyebrows stop growing and hairs appear in other strange places. That's how I've been getting ready for Haven. Looking forward to meeting you because I love your honest style of writing!

  20. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    You've got it goin' on, girlfriend! Lookin' good! I'm so ready for Haven! My eyebrows aren't though and neither are my tingers! I have a lot of work to do! I need to give Jane (above) an amen! I call this God's little sense of humor!

  21. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Hey Kari!....Was "on the road" all day Friday...no computer....so just got to the post!....I love it....In communicating with people that are going to Haven, I say, "I look forward to meeting you"....but then I sit back and think....maybe I should say, "I look forward to meeting you "face to face"....as i feel I have gotten to "KNOW" people such as you....through the heartfelt posts, knowing their personalities through their sharing of their thoughts and dreams, laughter and sometimes disappointments....So, I am soooo over the moon excited to finally "physically" give you a hug, in person, rather than in in a written word or over the phone.....Now...need a post of deciding to take the strappy sandals or the ballet flats...the capri's or the jeans...scarves or chunky jewelry....?

  22. Image for Erin @ His & Hers Erin @ His & Hers

    I am SO bad about meeting new people. I have always been an introvert. It's getting better what with having bounced from school to school through student teaching and then real teaching, and I had to adjust to new people each time, but it's still hard for me. And my eyebrows don't exude nearly as much confidence as yours. ;)

  23. Image for Kelly @ View Along the Way Kelly @ View Along the Way

    THE EYEBROW POST IS HERE! It's everything I hoped it would be. But your eyebrows are even better than expected. Also, I have to point out that your hair also appears to be ready for Haven. It looks so shiny and healthy and frizz-free. My hair will never be ready for Haven. Nor will my eyebrows. Both will be unkempt, wild and out of control. And if there's ever a moment when I start to feel comfortable and at-home at Haven? I'll remember my eyebrows and my hair and drop whatever I'm holding and race to the bathroom in shame, where I'll hide and whimper until someone rescues me.

  24. Image for anne anne

    Karianne, I have met some amazing bloggers.Always fun to come face to face.You are lucky to be going.Wish I could go.But it is not in our budget and I am not much for flying.I am slightly terrified actually. ((((Hugs)))) Anne

  25. Image for Beth at Unskinny Boppy Beth at Unskinny Boppy

    I'll be at Haven too!! And let me say, the feeling is mutual, on many levels! I got your sweet comment on my blog tonight and I've been checking out your site as well. I feel like I could pin every post! Love your home and your style and creativity. Newest follower all around! And I, too, have been obsessing over every single thing you've written here. I bought my very first ever M.A.C. makeup just for this trip. That's insane, right? My eyebrows can't wait to meet your eyebrows and exchange business cards! ;-) It'll be a blast, I have no doubt. See you in 4 days, new friend!

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