This post was written in collaboration with Leesa Mattress.

Check out this amazing bed in the farmhouse

A long time ago in a land far away we switched up all the rooms.

Some people went upstairs and some people went downstairs and I told you we were making over the rooms from boy rooms to girl rooms.

That was about a century ago.

At least that’s what my daughters tell me.

But we are working on the upstairs now and we are planning on mixing a little vintage with a little farmhouse.

Here’s the foundation for a room for one of the twins who wanted more of a farmhouse room.  She’s an old soul who loves Little House on the Prairie.

This pillow accent is made from a rug

So we started with these pillows.

And a woven rug.

And a bed I found by the side of the curb.

And an amazing mattress from Leesa.

Add a pop of color with the accent pillows and rug

The challenge in decorating this space is that this is a full-sized bed.

And there are narrow stairs that lead up to the second floor.  Narrow stairs with a door and an overhang and a stair rail, all of which makes getting the mattress up the stairs difficult.

We tried once before to move a mattress up here before and it literally took us four guys and afternoon.

The Leesa mattress came in a small box and was so easy to get upstairs

Enter the Leesa mattress.

It’s made by an innovative new online company.

You can order it online without all the hassle of having to go to the store and it ships for free (they even ship to Canada, too).  It comes in a box the size of a mini-fridge that fits up the stairs without any problem because it’s so compact and compressed into the box.

Here’s the cutest mattress carrier I know lifting the box up the stairs.

Here's what the Leesa mattress looked like when we opened it

We opened the box and took the plastic off of the rolled-up mattress and laid it flat.

Here’s what the mattress looked like after I unwrapped it.

It’s still in the shrink wrap.

The mattress is 10″ and is made with three unique foam layers, including 2” of memory foam and 2” of a really cool latex-like foam called Avena™.

The twins were fascinated (and just between us) a little doubtful that the mattress would pouf up after we took the plastic off.

The Leesa mattress laid flat once it had been out of the package

Guess what?

It did.

Here’s the mattress right after we took off the plastic.

It laid even flatter after a few minutes.

Here's a close up of the texture of the mattress

Here’s a close-up of the texture on the mattress.

And it is so comfortable and kind of fits around you when you lay down on it.  The quality and texture of the mattress feels so luxurious (and it’s so affordable).

I can truly say that I was already a mattress fan because it fit up the stairs, but when we tried it out in the space, I appointed myself president of the fan club.

Here's a close up of the accent pillow- so much color

And the best part?

Leesa Mattress is kind of like Tom’s shoes for mattresses.  They donate a mattress to a shelter for every 10 mattresses sold.

Mattresses start at $525 and if you enter code FARM75 you can get an additional $75 off your mattress purchase.  You can also try it out risk-free for 100 days and you can return it if you aren’t satisfied.

Here's the final farmhouse bedroom

The room and its mattress are off to a great start and I can’t wait to show you the rest of the room make-over.

We are working on it this weekend so I should have more pictures soon.

But first, I need a nap. 🙂

This post was written in collaboration with Leesa Mattress.

All opinions are my own.  Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. Image for Nancy @ slightly Coastal Nancy @ slightly Coastal

    I can't wait to see how it all comes together! Don't you love that magical moment when the mattress poufs up? My kids LOVE that. It reminds me of what it would be like to pull the cord on one of those inflatable boats if you find your ship sinking. I never want to be on a sinking ship so unwrapping a foam mattress is the next best thing. Have a happy day friend!

  2. Image for LMBB LMBB

    First, I'm jealous that you found that bed on the side of the road. I love it. The pillows too. I have a similar problem with the third floor of my house which we are currently working on converting to our master bedroom. We had a queen size bed for guests up there many years ago and had to cut the box spring in half on the bottom in order to get it up the stairs. I'm looking for platform beds so I don't have to do that again. Old houses are fun.

    1. Image for CGinAZ CGinAZ

      Hello LLMB. A few places on line , being one, carry what they call a split queen. You get two boxsprings just like with a king.

  3. Image for Leslie Leslie

    Oh, my goodness! Love that curbside bed! And enter...the color by that sweet thistle ~anxiously awaiting the reveal!

  4. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    Love that they donate to a shelter!!! How awesome is that? And the room looks adorable so far, Karianne--love the bright colors against the softness of the white. Did you make that pillow? Nothing says farmhouse to me like a rag rug but I never thought of a rag pillow! Brilliant!!

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Lisa! Thanks so much friend! I actually just bought the pillows at wait for it.....Wal-Mart! Can you even believe it? They were only $15.97 in the pillow department! Happy day! karianne

  5. Image for Mary Crozier Mary Crozier

    I literally JUST bought a new mattress for my daughter last week! Oh darn! I wish I could return it and try the Leesa mattress-especially with the great discount.....However, I will keep it in mind when I need to replace another. Thinking of you and so enjoy reading your blog every day....thanks again for all your help. I'm in the beginning of designing my website and will let you know when it's finished!

  6. Image for Carol Carol

    I need one of those mattresses. By the way, you can get box springs that are split so you can take them up the stairs of our old houses. Looking forward to seeing the room finished

  7. Image for Bekah Bekah

    I just heard of this kind of mattress for the first time other day. How cool! I had to giggle at the getting it up the stairs part because when my husband moved in after we got married, oh my soul...getting our mattress up the stairs was a blog post in and of itself. He used to work at a mattress factory and had actually handmade his own mattress. It was latex, so it would fold up like a taco, but we live in a 100+ year old home, so the staircase is like a narrow tunnel. He and his best friend hefted that couple hundred pound taco folded mattress into the house and shoved it up the stair tunnel. It was quite a photo opp, let me tell you! And now we're about to move, and his best friend moved several hundred miles away. This could be another blog post in the making....

  8. Image for Peg Peg

    I almost wrote to you because I thought perhaps I missed the blog post for the little Thistles' rooms! Can't wait for the reveal!

  9. Image for Mary Mary

    I am amazed at the endless supply of things you surprise us with. That bed! Curbside? Really??? Seems to be a new trend in mattresses. I've seen another brand that comes in a box as well. And if it works, why not?? Those red pillows are so darn cute in that room.. matches your lipstick :) Look forward to seeing the finished product. Then I assume you'll have a second room for your other little doll baby. Thanks for what you do! Got snow here today - hope your day is better where you are.

  10. Image for J-Anna J-Anna

    So question about the Leesa mattress. I have a similar memory foam/foam mattress that is very comfortable however it is like a heat box no matter what time of year and some nights does make for a very good rest. Has your daughter noticed if she gets hot at night because of the mattress.

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      She hasn't noticed it getting hot (but in fairness it's still really cold here). The mattress is really well made w/ 3 unique foam layers, including 2” of memory foam and 2” of a really cool latex-like foam called Avena that’s perforated to keep you cool. Maybe I need to do an update later on and keep everyone posted!

  11. Image for Debra Matcovich Debra Matcovich

    Hi, It's funny, for me of all days your theme is the mattress. Today after looking at my wall unit bed for 31 years, I'm getting a new bed. In the meantime the rooms being painted as I type. This morning at 5:30am my husband and I had to move the mattress and box spring into another room. I can't believe how heavy it was. Not to mention the monster bed that had also to be dismantled.

  12. Image for Jeanne @ I Dream of Jeanne Marie Jeanne @ I Dream of Jeanne Marie

    What a very pretty post today KariAnne! I really love the soft grey color you painted your bed, but as a seamstress, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that colorful pillow. Did you make it or could you tell me how it's made? It looks like a trivit I've seen that has fabric strips woven through the rug backing grids. It really caught my eye!! Oh... and the mattress looks pretty neat too! It was fun getting your blog post first thing this morning... I'm glad I joined! Blessings, Jeanne

  13. Image for Stacy Stacy

    I went online to look at the mattresses at Leesa and noticed they are only offering one mattress for $890. Do they normally have more mattresses? I noticed you mentioned they start at $525? Just checking.

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Stacy, They are all different prices. :) If you click the button down below the size changes and then the price changes. The twin is $525 (with free shipping) and it goes up from there! Hope this helps! karianne

  14. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    haha, that reminds me of the time we had to move our daughter's sofa up the stairs at her apartment...around a corner, over a rail. Yikes. Not sure how we managed it but we did. Glad you found an easy solution! I can't wait to see the reveal. And girl, you are lucky! I can't believe you found that bed frame at the curb! Amazing what people throw away. By the way, what color are the walls in the bedroom? I need to repaint my guest room - the current color isn't working. Thanks, KariAnne! Hope your week is going well! hugs

  15. Image for Susan Susan

    This would have been so awesome in my old house, when I bought a new mattress just two years ago. Same problem - low ceiling overhang right over the bottom of the stairs, narrow stairwell, railing at the top of the stairs - it was such a chore! Looks like a good mattress, too! I'll keep them in mind next time, even though I'm in a different house now.

  16. Image for JoLynn JoLynn

    Love the happy pop of colors those pillows make on white. Will you share the source? I'm hoping its mail order as I live in a small town, Alaska with no local shopping options. Can't wait to see the updates!

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      I actually just bought the pillows at .Wal-Mart! They were only $15.97 in the pillow department! Happy day! karianne

  17. Image for Gail Gail

    Love this idea. How cool. Did you make the rug and pillow. I made 3 large rugs out of old clothes and fabric I had.. They have held up for 3 years now. I love them. Cant wait to see the rest.

  18. Image for Kelly Kelly

    I've always wondered about those mattresses. You will have to give a review after it has been slept on awhile. Also, I had always wondered what the headboard of that bed looked like. It appears to be the same bed my grandparents had and I used for awhile. I always loved it, but the one in our family needs some work.

  19. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I hope you had a refreshing nap. I can imagine how much energy your brain uses coming up with all of those wonderfully creative ideas. I wish I would have known about that mattress YEARS ago!! What a great idea and I can't wait to see the girls rooms once you're finished with them. Stay warm!! Hugs!!

  20. Image for gina gina

    She loves Little House on the Prairie...that says everything. And this is way better than their shared straw mattresses!

  21. Image for Linda Linda

    We could tell some tales about moving stuff in and out of our old farmhouse. It was easier when we had an upstairs open porch. It has been renovated and enclosed! We purchased a memory form king size several years ago for both comfort and to get it up the stairs. Our IKEA double poofed for Meg's room and is so so for comfort for anyone who weighs more than 100 pounds or for guest couples. We need a new one for the guest room that suits big guys (our visiitng sons) now. Look forward to more updates; this may just be our next big purchase.

  22. Image for PamM PamM

    Has anyone, who has already purchased a Leesa mattress, had to move it DOWN a stairwell? I'm supposing that there would still exist the obvious moving issues that go along with a regular mattress. Is it easier to move a Leesa mattress to another room that doesn't involve stairs, for example? Just wondering....

  23. Image for Terri Terri

    okay... I will admit that I busted out laughing when I read the "Title " to this post... and I admit that I just knew there was some kind of "Punch Line" ... BUT... WOW!!!! Are you kidding me??? That is like MAGIC!!!!! I love this..... and I adore the room already!!! Those pillows and that throw are crazy beautiful!!!! ( pssst.. I'm going to their site to see if there really is a little magic in all this !!!! ) :)

  24. Image for Kris Kris

    Always good to know about innovative items like that! Thanks! Looking forward to your "Little House" room--I was a huge Laura Ingalls fan when I was a child. As an adult, I decided I like indoor plumbing.

  25. Image for Marijean Jenson Marijean Jenson

    We have a mattress that is similar to that, in that it came all compressed. We got it at Costco a few years ago. Really reasonable. I have absolutely no complaints about it. Tried out a lot of mattresses from top of the line down. I saw no difference. If it doesn't last a long, at least I didn't spend 3000.00 on it.

  26. Image for Debrah Nash Debrah Nash

    Kari, I LOVE the pillows! The splash of colours with the white is so beautiful!! I can't wait to see the "rest of the story".

  27. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    What a great idea for all of you lucky people who live in adorable old farmhouses! I’m anxious to hear if the mattress continues to earn your love. Those pillows! Adorable… I want some.

  28. Image for Kathy Kathy

    I love the mattress, but I really love the neutral carpet on floor. Could you spill the beans on where you purchased it? You are my all-time favorite blogger.

  29. Image for oldhouselady oldhouselady

    We live in an old house built in 1762. Although it has 3 staircases to the second floor it was impossible to get anything more than a full sized box spring up the stairs. We, after cutting queen box springs in half on moving day, have since replaced them with those that are split. My dream was to have a king size bed. Finally, last November I found a company who makes a great mattress similar to yours, and also in a box. We bought a split king box spring, actually 2 extra long twins, and our mattress in a box made by 4Sleep. It's amazing, comfortable, and an amazing problem solver for a very old house.

  30. Image for Lynne B. Lynne B.

    Looks good already. I am looking forward to seeing it finished. What a good find that bed was! I've found many treasures on the side of the road, although my husband grumps and says, "Its rubbish, we don't need that" but when he sees things done up he changes his mind.

  31. Image for Linda Southworth Linda Southworth

    I think its grande to have a mattress all rolled up and a whole lot easier to manage. Now for some unforeseen reason you had to return the mattress I wonder ...HOW do you roll it up and put it back in the box for return? LOL!

  32. Image for Rebecca Turner Rebecca Turner

    Well, it took me all day to read to the bottom of your post, because I kept getting interrupted. (I'm keeping the "grands" today!) We just bought a very expensive mattress and box springs set after trying just about everything on the market...and I hope we never have to move that bed ourselves because the mattress is eighteen inches thick, and weighs a ton. This is the first I've heard of a mattress in a box, but it looks like a good solution for tight spaces and antique beds. (I have one in storage.) So thanks! I love the colorful pillows too! Are they crocheted? They remind me of a rag rug that I bought once from a cottage shop. My husband's grandmother thought I was crazy to pay good money for a rag rug, but I didn't know how to crochet at that time, and I liked the homey look. Now I think I could make one myself. I watched my mother-in-law make one. But I really prefer crocheting with fine thread. Anyway, it's a cute look!

  33. Image for Ann C Ann C

    I love what you have done. The furniture store I used to work at sold those mattresses. Sounds good that you can return it, but I bet no one can get it back in the box it came in! Makes me laugh just thinking about it. Can't wait to see the rest of the reveal.

  34. Image for Debbie Klausing Debbie Klausing

    Love those pillows! They look like punch-needle, which I piddled with years ago. It is a method that my country Granny used when she made rugs from feed sacks and fabric scraps. Very utilitarian back then, not just for decor. Might have to look up my punch needle, or latch hook? Love your blog, it is so fun!

  35. Image for NormaJean NormaJean

    Couldn't get into Walmart today. The store was closed due to a riot in the throw pillow department. Wonder what that's all about? Love the room and the colorful pillows. Uh, where did you say you bought them?

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