just the two of us

In a vain attempt to try to bring my wardrobe into the year 2014…..

…..I have been reading fashion blogs.

For someone who buys her t-shirts at Wal-Mart….it’s been a little intimidating.

To say the least.

It’s a whole other world of glamorous, stylish people who effortlessly mix florals and stripes and wear at least five bracelets and use terms like “statement necklaces” and “boyfriend jeans”….

….all while perching precariously on six-inch high platform shoes.

But I’ve learned so much.

I’ve learned that everyone should own at least one pair of black jeans and plaid shirts are a current trend and that you can mix menswear with ruffles and a peplum can truly be flattering….

….and everyone should own a blazer.

Absolutely, positively brilliant.

I know….right?

Just Us

And so I followed the 2014 fashion rules….

….and bought this blue blazer.

I’m not a fashion blogger so I bought it on the clearance rack at an outlet mall and took an additional 40% off without a six-inch platform heel in sight.

It hung in my closet until the other day.

The air was cool and crisp and I decided the blazer needed to embark on its inaugural journey.

I added red pants and a white t-shirt and curled my hair and added statement earrings and my new red lipstick and headed out on the town.

a picture of the two of us

Oh the places we went….my blazer and I.

We went to the shoe repair department and the music store and the library and the drive-through at Sonic for happy hour and aisle seven at the local Wal-Mart.  And everywhere we went….people stared at the blazer.  Sometimes they would even walk by and look at me….and then look again….

…..as if my blazer and I had left them speechless.

It was amazing.

Overnight I had become a fashionista.

Those fashion bloggers were so right….2014 was the year of the blazer.

just two of us

I was so buoyed with the success of my wardrobe choices and the expert tutelage of my fashion icons that I spent the entire drive home planning out a variety of future blazer outfits.

Maybe I could pair it with a skirt?

Or leggings?

Or I could wear it to a football game with a turtleneck.  Seriously.  The possibilities were endless.

I arrived home and immediately went to hang up the blazer so it wouldn’t wrinkle or crease.  I slid my arms out and carefully put it on the coat hanger and started to tuck it away into the closet…..when something caught my eye.

I blinked.

And stared.  And blinked again.  And now the reason why everyone had been staring was perfectly clear.

Because there….hanging from the back of the jacket….was the store tag….

….with a giant red 40% off sticker plastered on top.


I realized right then and there that sometimes when life gives you clearance tags…..

…..you have to stop being so clothes minded. 🙂

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    1. Image for Carol Ann Carol Ann

      You look amazing and so love the pic of you looking at your hubs with adoring eyes. Get that one framed! Love your blog!

  1. Image for erin @ dfmi designs erin @ dfmi designs

    Hahaha! Totally something I would do. I've just learned to laugh at myself and my quirks. Like the time, years ago, when I paraded through the grocery and noticed everyone admiring my fine white capis. Only to have it pointed out to me later that my brightly striped underwear could be seen easily through said capris. *shakes head*

  2. Image for Mary Alice Kenley Mary Alice Kenley

    LOVE this! I have given up the quest for fashionista AND for professional. I'm thinking more LL Bean with comfortable wedges! Maybe people will be drawn to us for our brilliant minds? Or something.

  3. Image for Alaina Alaina

    You are so honestly funny. I always laugh about something you say here. So, will you wear that blazer again is the big question. Have a wonderful weekend. Alaina

  4. Image for Marmar Marmar

    A blazer over a dress, no? I am all about blazers and dresses. Love your pictures. You looking so adoringly at your husband. But since Thistlewood's crack photographer is a subject I'm left wondering: "Who took these shots?"

  5. Image for Sandy Sandy

    I have a closet filled with blazers from my teaching years. Would be pleased to send them your way now that I am a cardigan loving grandmother. You and your husband are adorable.

  6. Image for Krystine @ www.KrystineEdwards.com Krystine @ www.KrystineEdwards.com

    I am DYING laughing! This is hilarious Karianne! I too buy my shirts at wal-mart and I LOVE fashion. But, I'm all about a sale. I cannot remember the last time I paid full price. You look great in this photo! A blazer, simple tee, jeans & flats are my go to! I have yet to conquer the multiple bracelet look. Have a great weekend!

  7. Image for Lisa Pacello Lisa Pacello

    Being able to laugh at ourselves is the way to true success....because it is survival at it's fi est. i have done this all the time and can not believe no one came up to you...i would ahve told you!!!, so funny and you can tell you and the hu by love each other!!! Most important right there....

  8. Image for Sheryll & Critters. Sheryll & Critters.

    Is this true?? Really happened?? Oh well, at least you got noticed........ grin. I can see this being me for sure. And I can see why you are so totally smitten, in love, goo goo over your darling husband. You both are so cute and adorable. And if the tag thang (southern drawl y'all) is the worst thing that happens to you, you are golden.

  9. Image for Robin Stephens Robin Stephens

    Those little (or big in most cases!) faux pas moments keep us humble! LOL I usually have a chia seed or two in my teeth! Sigh......... Loved the post! Keepin' it real! =)

  10. Image for Jill Wendt Jill Wendt

    You look gorgeous! I love the whole outfit and.....very cute pictures of you and your husband. I think you need to frame them! ; )

  11. Image for Kathleen Hall Kathleen Hall

    Oh too funny! I'm sitting in Panera, sipping my coffee and tried not to laugh out loud too loud!! This is great!! Kariann, you would look great in what ever wore...with those beautiful colors of red lipstick, you would look just darling in anything!! And I agree with all the rest....lovely, perfect photos of the two of you!! Of course, I'm the person who would gently tap you on the shoulder in the store and whisper " you have a tag on your blazer", just because I would want someone to do the same with me :) :)

  12. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Okay here is the skinny on the day -- it wasn't the blazer -- it was the "tude" as in Attitude. With a capital "A". You felt confident and beautiful (which you are ) and you were strutting your stuff!! Yes indeedy!! When a woman walks around with the right attitude and struts her stuff people stand up and take notice. The clothes are icing on the cake and what a sweet cake you are. So grab the blazer off the hanger, wear it with a skirt or leggings or boyfriend jeans and you'll still get the double takes. Because if you're smiling and your eyes have that certain sparkle, believe me, you will get the attention. It's all about YOU! Clothes or no clothes (oops that would draw attention) but I love your new fashionista style -- oh my what stories we'll hear :-) Next will be a tutorial on how to fashionably wear a t-shirt. They are very popular in Europe.

  13. Image for sherry sherry

    Hahaha Love it! You and your hubby are so cute....and I love your site because you always showcase things that I find useful, or interesting, or just pretty; and I can so relate to the funny things that happen to you. Hugs.

  14. Image for Teresa Fields Teresa Fields

    Oh my, I am roaring with laughter. Someday you are going to have to put all these funny adventures into a book. Things that couldn't really happen or Could they. LOL Thanks for sharing.

  15. Image for lisa at celebrate creativity lisa at celebrate creativity

    Well, there's always the remote chance no one actually noticed the tag. Remote but possible (smile). You and your new blazer look great. I love the fun photo shoot with your number one fan too. You're very cute together. Have a great weekend (clearance tags and all), Lisa

  16. Image for Debra Boyer Debra Boyer

    OMGoooooooooosh! How absolutely funny.......and I only say that because I just did the same thing with a new pair of Jones New York pants that I scored for .... taaa daaa ....$9.99 on a great sale. Didn't realize it until another day when again putting them on to go somewhere & there it was......the price tag hanging in all it's glory. So KariAnne, you aren't the only person who does these things. You just have to chuckle about it & move on. You look great by the way.

  17. Image for Sally Sally

    Oh. My. Word. This would so totally happen to me. And, may I just say... you look FABULOUS darling (with or w/o your 40% off sticker)! Love ya! ~Sally

  18. Image for Donna Donna

    I love the blazer look and your all around fabulous way of entertaining with your funny stories ! Your posts always bring me joy with a laugh or beautiful photograph of your family or projects : )

  19. Image for Thrift My House Thrift My House

    Oh my gosh! I can relate! I wore the size sticker down the back of my jeans all day once... I do remember it was a number I was proud of ;-) Oh, to be that number again ...(sigh) You're gorgeous! Love these photos! Your son is a great photographer!

  20. Image for Vicki Vicki

    GAH! Not only do you look amazing! Be proud girl! But you are just hilarious. I love your sense of humor and your writing. I hope Heather gives me the hook up sometime and hoping to meet you in person. LOVE!!

  21. Image for Linda Linda

    You are a funny girl! I've never been a fashionista and probably won't start now as it's so much more fun to create my own style. Sometimes that even includes a Walmart tee!

  22. Image for cheapdiva cheapdiva

    I once traveled to NYC with the size label (14 short) running down the back side of my leg!! Everyone in the airport, on the plane and the thousands of people I saw in New York all knew I was short and could stand to lose a few pounds! In VERY fashionable NYC!

  23. Image for Dana Fulton Dana Fulton

    I enjoy every one of your posts and this one is no exception! Thank you! The photos are awesome. I enjoyed seeing your husband. Or was it a hunky model hired for the shoot? teeheehee! Wishing you a great weekend!

  24. Image for Terri Terri

    LOLOLOL..... Did you really do that????? Hilarious!!!!!!!! But... on the bright side, you look like a "Diva" .. a real "Fashionista" in those beautifu pictures!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.... but I have to remember not to stuff my face with a morning breakfast bar while I am reading your stories..... I was laughing so hard I do believe my keyboard has just taken a "Crumb" shower!!!!!!

  25. Image for Ren Ren

    When I read this, I laughed out loud! Which is not necessarily good because I am in class with 32 high school Apparel and Textile Production students! I am their teacher!! Laughs are always good here, so thank you. I discovered your blog this summer. It is fantastic - so full of inspiration and amazing ideas. It is totally beyond me how anyone can make white decor work. I tried it once and the room looked like a prison cell or a room in a convent. Totally boring. Do you ever get the urge to just throw some color on those walls? And I don't mean grey or tan? You can probably guess, I live in a crayon box! Can hardly wait to read the article about your Christmas decor. The magazine doesn't seem to be on our newstands yet. Thanks for sharing your gifts with others.

  26. Image for Susan McMullen Susan McMullen

    Bahahaha! Too Funny! I can so relate- I have worn my shirts inside out with the tag- HaHa! You look gorgeous- absolutely radiant!

  27. Image for Nancy Carr Nancy Carr

    You are so funny. I needed this laugh to start my day. You are beautiful with or without stylish clothes. I am much older than you and have done so many crazy things like this in my life. I was at a meeting of one of the world's large corporations and had just come out of the bathroom and was standing in my heels and beautiful dress knowing I looked corporate and great when someone pointed out that my skirt tail was tucked into the top of my pantyhose and my butt was exposed. Also had the experience of toilet paper being dragged behind me because for some reason it got caught in my pants waist band after I had done my thing in the rest room. We learn to laugh at ourselves and enjoy the memories. They are so fun to remember especially when we get older. Love you and your blog and all the effort you put into giving us all great ideas and a laugh sometimes. Blessings

  28. Image for Lisa Lisa

    I bet most people didn't even notice the tag. You look great in the blazer and you felt great in the blazer. That's why they were looking. Plus you just exude happiness, blazer or no! P.S. What kind of jerk doesn't tell someone that they have a tag they forgot to remove?

  29. Image for Tina Matteson Tina Matteson

    I love your pictures, KariAnne! You look beautiful and happy. And your story, well... it's familiar cause it has happened to me, more than once!

  30. Image for Regena Fickes Regena Fickes

    Can't remember if lhave already told you, but this should make you feel better. We go waaaay back to the 60's. A harried young mother getting the laundry done, beds made, etc. Rush shower, muumuu straight from the dryer, baby on hip, out the door. Grocery, car wash, library, department store. Feeling really great, looking good, strangers glancing at her, then turning to smile as they walked past. Really thought she looked great. After arriving home and putting baby in crib, took off this great muumuu to get into grunge clothes for the rest of Saturday, noticed newly washed and dried black lace bra hanging gracefully from the crocheted neckline at the back of said great muumuu. Love you and your blazer.

  31. Image for Jill Jill

    You are too funny! Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh. I was eating breakfast when I read this and almost had milk come out of my nose! Love the pictures of you and your husband. Your son seems to inherited your gift for photography. May he and your other children inherit the gift of a happy marriage. You seem to be setting a loving example. Happy Friday!

  32. Image for Linda Linda

    Thank you KariAnne! You make the rest of us that go through life like this feel "normal too". Thanks for putting a laugh and a smile to my day! Love your blog!

  33. Image for susan casselman susan casselman

    Absolute love this story...especially since I have done the exact same thing! The outfit is spectacular...and the pictures amazing!! You are a Rock Star!!

  34. Image for Shelley Shelley

    You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I LOVE how much you love your hunky hubby. So glad you keep this blog real.

  35. Image for Lisa Lisa

    First let me say you are truly adorable no matter what you wear! Now to the good stuff...at least you didn't have pantyhose hanging down the entire back length of your jacket like a woman I once saw at the grocery store. I mean those babies came out from the back of her neck all the way down past her behind. Worse still was the fact her cart was almost full so not one person told her! I did tell her and we both had a good laugh but her face was redder than mine. LOL Fondly, -Lisa

  36. Image for Terri Terri

    We're only human! You've got a beautiful soul and wonderful giving spirit, thank you for bringing beauty not only to our homes, but to our hearts. BTW.... I love the jacket! :)

  37. Image for Cindy Brown Cindy Brown

    HAHAHAHAHAHA - Oh my gosh, I have done the same thing! I am always forgetting those sticky labels on slacks or a label on my butt! But without a doubt, at the same time they were looking at your label, they were admiring how fab you look with your weight loss and your new blazer!

  38. Image for Sandi Warthen Sandi Warthen

    My dear, you are such a breath of fresh air. You probably have no idea of just how much joy you bring into people's lives...Isn't it wonderful when we mature enough to be able to laugh at ourselves! Thank you for your wonderful stories.

  39. Image for lynn cockrell lynn cockrell

    What a funny post! I was in a very popular "boutique" a couple of weeks ago and one of the cute little gals working in there was wearing a lovely infinity scarf, perhaps borrowed from one of the lovely displays in the shop. She looked very fashionable and chic. I felt inclined to tell her before I left that there was a price tag hanging out at the back of her neck. It might have embarrassed her momentarily, just a bit, but I thought it was better to discretely tell her than not to do so. She thanked me sweetly and fixed the tag so it was not visible. You really did find a wonderful blazer and it looks great on you, too, with the red pants and white shirt. It reminds me that I purchased a nice blue cord blazer on clearance this past winter and that I need to get it out to wear soon. It also reminds me to be sure that ALL tags are removed before I leave the house!

  40. Image for Renae Reis Renae Reis

    You two are adorable!! And what an ADORABLE and FASHIONABLE outfit! Love. So, we're all dying to know which fashion blogs you follow. Seriously. They are my favorite and are THE only reason I feel confident leaving the house so I want to know which ones you follow. My favorite is https://goodlifeforless.blogspot.com/ so I shared mine and now I'd love to hear about your faves. Thanks so much and have a great weekend! You look amazing!

  41. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    You know...you lull us into a false sense of security...beautiful pictures...interesting story. Then we feel it's safe to take a sip of our coffee...and you get to the punch line...and we choke because we are laughing so hard!! Gorgeous pics...especially that second one...you are rock in' that blazer! ;)

  42. Image for Gwen Gwen

    KariAnne you're the best! We've all been there with you at some point. Darling pictures of you and your husband. Keep us laughing. :)

  43. Image for Wendy@Poohpoohpillows Wendy@Poohpoohpillows

    Love it! My girlfriend and I always threaten to borrow the size 0 strip from a pair of jeans and put it on our own jeans while shopping. How fun would that be. Bring on the starring!!!!

  44. Image for Shannon M. Shannon M.

    Your Son did an amazing job taking the pictures!!! He must have learned from his talented momma!!! I love the blazer.... Did I notice it's UK blue??? Perfect!!! I might need a Crimson one!! Lol!!!

  45. Image for Regina Regina

    LOLOL!!!!!! Love it! Just when we think we've "made" it . . . . . :) This story is perfect in just about every way. A cautionary tale. But boy, did you get a great deal! ;) And everybody KNOWS it, now!

  46. Image for Nicki Nicki

    I've gotten such a laugh out of this, and some of the comments, too! I feel your pain- sported some tags on my puffy vest all through TJ Maxx last winter. You look fabulous, tags or not! :) Thanks for a good chuckle and some solidarity today!

  47. Image for Jennifer S Jennifer S

    Hahahaha - I never comment, but this was just too cute! We've all done this. I totally understand the feeling you had when you saw the tag. The photos are fantastic. Love your blog and your writing style!

  48. Image for Linda Andersen Linda Andersen

    Perfection! I couldn't have dreamed up a better ending to this story!! It's great to see the love between you and your Prince :) And you...well, you are disappearing! xoxo Linda

  49. Image for Dianne Bell in Michigan Dianne Bell in Michigan

    KariAnne, Girlfriend you gave me such a laugh this morning!! What a great way to start the day! And, haven't we all had something like that happen to us at one time or another?! Brings us back down to earth very quickly and gets us to laugh at our own self. Your blue blazer is lovely by the way. (Minus the fashion accessory ) Cute pics of you and hubby! Have a charming day!

  50. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    First, an aside, but important: Do you know that none of the other blogs I've looked at or follow EVER have more than a half dozen comments or so?!? But on yours, they go on forever, and are fun to read ~ we all love you dearly!!! Next: All those pix are smashing, but the "adoring look" to hubby is my fave! You are absolutely glowing and looking great!!! It shows again that you guys are the proverbial "perfect match" ... and our kitties always try to photo bomb, don't they? And last (though I could go on!) the blazer is GREAT (tag or not, funny girl!) ~ I'd have bought the most neutral, beige, tan, or grey one. (I would so be right at home in your neutrals!) I need to add more color to my wardrobe, Mrs. Fashionista, so I'll be watching ...

  51. Image for Toni Toni

    You started my day with a laugh! Loved your honesty and vulnerability! You know, you could just tell folks you were doing advertising for that sale place!!! My husband had a similar thing happen in college.....on his way to speaking at an event and afterwards discovered the tag sewn on the sleeve! Welcome to the human race!

  52. Image for Judy Judy

    You're so cute and funny KariAnne. Thanks for the morning giggles. By the way, you and your twinkly-eyed husband are adorable.

  53. Image for Nancy Nancy

    You are just too cute! That sounds like something I would do...but not nearly as cute as you! The pictures are great! Nancy

  54. Image for Laurie Haas Laurie Haas

    A good blazer makes every cute outfit that much better. I own several and wear them all the time, especially with jeans. Here is my embarrassing clothes story: I was holding a meeting in the conference room at my office and I was having the kind of day where I actually felt good about myself, good hair, cute outfit. And everyone must have concurred because they were all really staring at me. It wasn't until the meeting was over that one of my staff came up to me and said "the size sticker for your shirt is stuck to your chest." Of course everyone was staring since I had just spent an hour broadcasting the fact that my chest is in fact large.

  55. Image for Andrea Andrea

    Simply too funny! As are all the comments. Writing teachers should use this as an example of a perfectly crafted post. Oh, and.....I once wore my leggings inside out to a church mommy group, in a hurry to get out of the house with my four little ones. Fortunately the sweet and funny pastor's wife gently let me know. Ladies, we have to look out for one other!

  56. Image for Jane Jane

    You are absolutely adorable! Adorable in your new blue blazer and adorable at how you can laugh at yourself and life! Keep it up darling!

  57. Image for Lori Lori

    That is such a funny story, thanks for the laugh. Gorgeous pictures of you and your husband, you look darling. I want to say thanks to you again for the consultation and all the confidence you helped me attain in my blog. And thanks you you and your decorating, I have started painting all the out-of-date trim in my house. It looks so refreshing and current, I hope to have it complete before the trends and styles change! LOL

  58. Image for Kerry Kerry

    I'm laughing out loud. You look adorable. And, honestly, I think you are just trying to bring back the Minnie Pearl hat tag look back which was an is totally awesome! Lookin' good!

  59. Image for Soiledrotten Soiledrotten

    They are just jealous of the good deal you got! So happy you are finally not hiding yourself behind anything in these pictures...besides the love you and your husband have for one another. You look fantastic! Alison

  60. Image for Kris Kris

    Oh, KariAnne, I've done the same thing. Not with a blazer (I own two, because they are stylish AND slimming, and yours is adorable, BTW), but with a hot pink lightweight down jacket. I felt like I was a hottie. Bought it on sale, of course. Got home, looked in the mirror at myself and my hot pink jacket with the tags attached under the armpit. Youch. Oh, and then there was the time when I realized, halfway through my work day, that I had on one black flat and one navy blue flat ...

  61. Image for Cheryl @ Artzzle Cheryl @ Artzzle

    The day here is wet, windy and gloomy ... so thanks for all the laughing ... it helped :D P.S. Many of my clothes are from a great little thrift store I volunteer at. BIG ADVANTAGE besides great prices ... NO PRICE TAGS! Great weekend wishes to all.

  62. Image for Colleen Colleen

    Oh NO! I would have been the girl who stopped you and said, honey hold on a sec...then hanked that tag off and sent you on your way....I would want someone to do that for me so over the years I do that for friends and sometimes total strangers who have tp on their shoe. Sounds like you handled it well! Those pictures are great and hubby is adorable, you guys make a cute couple :)

  63. Image for Xtreme Antler Xtreme Antler

    Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative. I'm going to watch out for brussels. I'll be grateful if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  64. Image for Patty Patty

    You always look beautiful - tag or not. The picture I love the most is when your chin is on your husband's shoulder, you positively glow. That is truly lovable.

  65. Image for kathy kathy

    That made me laugh! But you are rockin' that blazer. Seriously, you look great! I read the blog Pinterest Told Me To all the time, and she has great ideas of putting outfits together. She's a lot younger than me, but I have learned a lot and she is so fun to read:)

  66. Image for Susan Takeda Susan Takeda

    Thank you for the laugh. How gracious you are to allow us all to laugh along with you in your moment of embarrassment. I love the photos and I noticed your kitties right away. Isn't it wonderful that they wanted to pose along side such a stylish couple? Of course, if you were trying to take their picture they would not have cooperated being the fickle creatures they are. That is why I love cats and always have one in my life.

  67. Image for Sheila Miller Sheila Miller

    Hilarious! Somehow I knew at the very beginning of your post that there was gonna be something amiss with your lovely blue blazer. You rock!

  68. Image for Christine Christine

    Ha! I think we all have these funny stories to tell. Love it! Christine P.S. You're so cute and happy looking all the time. Great photos of you and your baby (babies)daddy hehe

  69. Image for Patty Patty

    YOU are adorable!!! Your blog brings so much joy!!! I actually read the blue blazer day to my hubby? He died laughing.

  70. Image for Jan Fusco Jan Fusco

    Lololololol! You just crack me up girl. I have so done that. Well, I guess us "rock stars" have much in common.

  71. Image for Lynette Lynette

    Been there, done that! Except I was eating in a restaurant with some girlfriends. Imagine my surprise when I returned home and found that the size and discount price tag were hanging out of my jacket! I blamed it on some meds I take that give me "brain fog". That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! Anyway, wanted to let you know you're not alone and so glad that we can laugh at ourselves during those embarrassing moments. By the way, cute jacket!:)

  72. Image for Lauren @ The Thinking Closet Lauren @ The Thinking Closet

    I didn't know a humorous story could give you chills. But this one just did! Ha ha. {And deep down inside, I believe that those staring eyes actually saw past that sticker to the beautiful light shining from within you. And THAT'S what captivated them.}

  73. Image for Sharon Sharon

    So funny! I love the color of your blazer. The pictures are beautiful but I especially love the picture of you looking at your husband. I can really see how much you love him in this picture. It's quite lovely.

  74. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I can relate. It is like the time I wore my hair net all over town. It wasn't until we were sitting at the dinner table and my husband asked what was on my head that I understood why people were looking at me. I thought I was rocking my lunch lady uniform! You are adorable! Love the pictures!

  75. Image for Anne Anne

    KariAnne you look beautiful in that pretty blue blazer! Love your red pants to! And look at the two of you....such sweet photos of you and your husband!

  76. Image for Diane J. Diane J.

    Oh, my! That sounds like something that would happen to me. The clearance rack is the only way to shop! I rarely shop the regular racks. Why would anyone every shop the regular rack when things go on sale or clearance rathr quickly?!! My kids call me the "clearance queen" !

  77. Image for Rhoni T Rhoni T

    Oh the horror, you are to funny. Sounds like a lots of us has been there done that; my moment was quit a few years back, I'd just made the first big move off my life (@30) from small town Arkansas to Missouri, married with 3 little boys, and I had a job interview. I dropped my boys off with a perfect stranger, a friend of my real estate agent who I'd only known a month. (I know-I know) Hesitantly leaving my boys with the perfect stranger made me late, driving like a mad women to get to where I was going, not knowing exactly where I was going. When I arrived at my interview destination I had to find parking. I lucked out and wound up in the farthest possible and what looked like the last empty space available. I first had to take off my high heels and run-walk through the parking lot, as my new corduroy jeans made that sound we all know keep them from being fashionable. Almost to the door I stopped and put back on my high heels, and went to through on my 1990's crazy print sweater, remember those. When I through it around my shoulders I had the extra button that still hanging from collar tag in the little plastic Ziploc bag smack me in the upper lip. Just great!!! In the elevator I notice my hair being pulled, nothing I saw nothing. On to the interview, I'm lost now, holy Moses was I on the wrong floor?? I stopped a lady in the hall an asked for the office I was looking for, she politely said oh just follow me. I am way to talkative fir my own good. I'd mentioned dropping my boys off with a strangers, driving like a nut to get here on time, running from the farthest possible parking space barefoot, and smacking my lip that was now red from my constant rubbing and lastly something was pulling my hair. We stopped at an office door she said this is where you are going, they are remodeling a bit and you might not have ever found it. I laughed and thanked her for her help. As she went to open the door "with her key" she stopped and pulled the clear plastic size sticker from the front of my sweater that now entangled a large some of my hair. I am positive I had the deer in the head light look on my face. Her only question to me was if I could find permanent child care for my boys?! I had the job if I was still interested. Needless to say I took the job, I lasted for about three weeks. I could not get over leaving my boys with perfect strangers, that was the end of my career and the last time my boys ever attended daycare.

  78. Image for Ronda Ronda

    You're beautiful......inside and out! It comes through in your decorating and everything you write! Not only are you rockin' that blazer guuuurl but your hair and earrings are fabulous! I too have had experiences like this.....like the day I was wearing my new "capris yoga pants". I was walking every day with my girlfriends, trying to lose 50 plus pounds.....I was feeling kinda good, kinda pretty. Everyone seemed to be noticing me that day. I started to think hmmmm.....maybe my weight loss is really starting to show. Then I got home after a long day of errands and mom taxi-ing......I realized I had spent the entire day with my pants on inside out! Hey maybe we have started some fashion trends! :)

  79. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    You look adorable! Very sweet pics of you and your husband. The blazer looks amazing on you and if people were staring at the tag, they were just jealous you got it on sale. :-) You rock the T-shirt, jeans, and blazer look. Yay to flats too!

  80. Image for Dana Nichols Dana Nichols

    You are so adorable! I love your outfit. And the pictures are great! Why wait for a professional when your son can do such a great job?!?

  81. Image for Beth Beth

    I'm so not a fashionista or whatever they call it. Give me some Land's End jeans and a solid cotton top (with a wee bit of stretch) and I'm good to go. I've done exactly what you did with tags still on. Mine was one of those stick on tags--that announced the size. Please, please do not start posting about fashion, and heels, and what patterns go with what, just your funny stories about fashion :-)

  82. Image for Ann Zemp Ann Zemp

    I happened on to the Fall Home Tour and found your delightful home - immediately signed up to receive your updates! Thank you SO much for your hilarious musings!! As a teacher in a very low socioecomic area, there are just times when I need to come home from school to find a refreshing word of encouragement and a good laugh. God Bless You... and keep it up!

  83. Image for MaryS MaryS

    I so look forward to your blog and this has been the BEST on yet.. You made me laugh out loud... I think that's a LOL... Thanks for a funny and delightful story. You still looked pretty darn cute in that blazer... tag or not.

  84. Image for gilda gilda

    You are too funny. I love reading your blog. You are such a beautiful person. ! You always put a smile on my face!!

  85. Image for RoseMary Knight RoseMary Knight

    They were probably jealous because you were rocking that sales tag like no one has seen before. I think you are as cute as can be. I wish I had some of your spunk. Way to go!! Love your blog by the way.

  86. Image for Bethanie Bethanie

    Girl, it happens to the best of us! I'm bad about shopping by the motto "if it's good in one color, buy it in two or three"... Well, the other day, it was about noon, I'd been at work all day...thinking I looked all good and put together..." I looked down and I had on a navy sandal and a black sandal!! If only this was the first time I'd done this. Twice in the last year!! Cant wait to see you at Chapel Market!! xoxo

  87. Image for Nancy Nancy

    You are a beautiful girl and those colors really bring out that extra spark! LOVE that blazer!! Keep going with it you definitely have a knack for style, and if it makes you look and feel good well then it is always be in style!

  88. Image for Susan M. Susan M.

    So stinkin' funny and so much better than toilet paper hanging from your britches as you come out of the ladies' room! That blue of the blazer is definitely your color --- you look awesome! Thanks for a smile for the day even if I did do a coffee nose snort at the punchline!

  89. Image for Stephanie Ray Brown Stephanie Ray Brown

    In high school I had a blazer of every color!!! Love this blog.. made me smile. You both are cute as a button!I thought I was styling one day at church.. New outfits few and far between when I was stay at home mom as well as hair coloring job. Felt stares on me as I smiled smugly through the sermon. I not only had a red clearnace tag dangling down my back like a backward necklace but also had put on wrong side out due to waking up late in hurry. yes no doubt now you are my long lost beautiful sister. So glad I found you~ you make my mornings!!

  90. Image for Renae Reis Renae Reis

    I really would love to know the brand of your blue clearance blazer. I think it's so cute on you! :) And the color is divine.

  91. Image for Linda Linda

    I am a little bit behind on my email and I just read your post. I have to take a minute and tell you that you are so special to me and your other followers. I laugh so hard. I feel your sadness, your joy, your frustration, your sense of humor........it all comes through in your writing. When I go through my email, I look for you first. You bring a smile to my days and if you only knew how much that means. Thank you.

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