Looking for the best shoe clips? Here are the clips I use to transform my shoes with different looks for under $10 in minutes.

the best shoe clips

In amazing news? I kind of DIY’d these shoes.

Want to know how I did it?

I’m sharing all the details today, but first I forgot to share the BEST tip that I just discovered for hiding dark circles under your eyes.

I know this is supposed to be DIY shoe day, not beauty day, but this tip was too good not to share.

It all started when I found this. It’s a putty bronzer and I start by applying it on my dark circles. Then? I apply my under-eye camo concealer on top of it. I know it sounds counterintuitive to make dark circles darker, but it evens out the dark circles and they kind of disappear when I apply the concealer on top.

And now?

Let’s talk shoes.

And how to kind of DIY shoes like this.

And stretch your shoe budget around the block.

With these.

best shoe clips assortment

// fuzzy beige shoe clips // faux leather flower clips // rhinestone clips //

// khaki and white bow clips // ribbon bows // oversized flower clips //

Here’s how I DIY’d the shoes.


Hello 1950.


I discovered these a while back and I when I packed for the cruise, they were gold.

They are the superheroes of the accessory world. They take a single shoe and transform it with on clip of a buckle. They are all under $10 (and some of them are even less).

And here’s the best part. No one EVER KNOWS. I wore the heels I shared with you in the first picture yesterday and I got FIVE compliments on the shoes. I should have simply smiled and said thank you. But instead, I took off my shoe (thank goodness I got a pedicure for the cruise) and showed them how the clip worked.

I’ll spare you the whole “me taking my shoe off situation” but instead, I’ll show you the shoes and how a clip can transform the shoe in seconds.

good shoes to use with the best shoe clips

Here are the shoes we are starting with.

They are a brand I love called Vivia. I bought these years ago and they have held up so well because you can just wash them off. There’s not a lot of sizes left in this style, but you can see them here.

They have tons of other amazing shoes on their website (watch out for their sales–it makes them even more affordable here).

I also found these shoes that are super similar and they are fully stocked.

You can see them here.

Now let’s transform them.

I have each of the shoe clips linked under the shoe picture.

the best shoe clips fuzzy

// fuzzy shoe clips //

the best shoe clips black flower

// faux leather flower clips //

the best shoe clips rhinestone buckle

// rhinestone clips //

// khaki and white bow clips //

// ribbon bows //

Now, let’s take the same clips and apply them to another pair to create tons of other looks.

These are my GO-TO slingbacks. They are so fancy looking and they look so high-end.

You won’t believe the price.

You can see them here.

They are super comfortable and they come in other colors including more of a neutral here.

Now—let’s add the clips.

// fuzzy shoe clips //

// faux leather flower clips //

// rhinestone clips //

// khaki and white bow clips //

// oversized flower clips //

// neutral flip flops // black flip flops //

You can also add the clips to flip-flops.

These are my go-to flip-flops that I took on the cruise and I wear them all summer. I have them in gold, neutral and black.

You can see the neutral flip-flops here.

And the black flip-flops here.

I added some of the clips to the flip-flops. Not all the clips will work, but these two work perfectly. If you get them, make sure to clip them on one side of the center rather right in the center. They will stay on so much better.

Here’s what the clips look like on the flip-flops.

// fuzzy beige shoe clips // faux leather flower clips //

// fuzzy beige shoe clips // faux leather flower clips // rhinestone clips //

// khaki and white bow clips // ribbon bows // oversized flower clips //

Here are the clips once again.

All those looks with just two shoes.

They are kind of NEXT LEVEL and streeettttttch your shoe budget all around the block.

Here’s to all the fancy feet. 🙂

disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post.

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  1. Image for Diana Diana

    How cute and I doubt I would think of using them on flip flops but they really elevate them. Great tip thank you, Happy Monday.

  2. Image for Alicia Alicia

    When you click on The black faux leather flower clips It goes to the fuzzy clips. Ordering several of these, they are amazing!

  3. Image for Tracey E Tracey E

    Oh YES, I love shoe clips!! My mother worked them all the time in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, on both shoes and flip flops. Instead of buying multiple shoes, my mother always bought high quality and changed them up with clips. She would also buy high quality leather flips flops in a silver metallic and gold metallic with a 1.5 inch block heel. Those were her everyday shoes in summer. The clips she wore on those were beaded. They sort of look like your beige “fluffy” one, if you can imagine multiple strands of beads. She has them in an all white colour, all black and then a multicolour bead. They went with every single thing she wore! I wish I had her shoe size, I’d still be wearing those metallic flip flops. They were so 60’s cool! In fact, I still use her shoes clips. After 60 years though, she of the glue has let go on the clip part. You can find clips on Amazon to either repair or make your own! It’s fun!!

  4. Image for Diana Clark Diana Clark

    KariAnne I have been on the fence about those shoes for a while. I'm so excited to see you buy them. I have wide feet that need good support. I guess it's time to order!

  5. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    Oh, I love-love-love shoe clips!!! I used to use them all the time. When I worked at Lazarus (which became Macy's) in the early '90s, and on my feet all day, I had a pair of black flats that were comfy and wore them almost every day so having clips to change them was a big help. I made several pairs but the one I can think of at the moment is the pair I made for Christmas out of plaid ribbon. I love your clips! So cute! And yes, so great for a cruise! 🥰

  6. Image for Dee Dee

    What goes around comes around once again :-) And next button covers for blouses/shirts. But I'm really curious which shades you like in the E.L.F. products to conceal dark circles. Thanks.

  7. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    I used to use shoe clip accessories. Haven't thought about it in years. You picked good ones, and your shoes and flip flops look amazing.

  8. Image for DeMarie Ingraham DeMarie Ingraham

    I just purchased my first pair of Vivaia Ryan boots for my Fall trip to Italy. I swallowed really hard and took the leap as I consider the price a splurge. However, they are waterproof and fit feet that may have issues like bunions, etc. Well worth the $. I’m considering a pair of ballet flats for my more dressy style while walking on cobble stone streets. I have a pair of Rothy flats and they are comparable to the Vivaias. Highly recommend them if one has wide or problem feet. I’m excited to see your shoe find on Amazon with the chunky heel. A much more affordable shoe with a great look. I’ll definitely be ordering a pair and get some cute attachments. Thank you for the great info.

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