Did y’all know that people buy the rugs online from my house all the time?


Do you know how amazing that is?

Something you’ve picked out.

Something you’ve chosen for your decor and put into your own house and walk on every day?

And people want to buy it for their own home.

Life. Is. Amazing.

The number one rug that I’ve sold so many of that the company contacted me personally?

This blue and white rug from my living room.

It’s the most amazing combination of blues with a white background and comes in a zillion sizes and the colors of the rug in my living room with this picture are pretty true to the actual color of the rug.

But there are other blue and white rugs.

Maybe this one isn’t a fit and you are looking to add a little change under your feet. No worries. I got you.

Here are some of the best blue and white rugs on the planet.

This is another big seller.

I love the combination of different blues with the prettiest border that really makes the rug pop.

You can see this rug here.

I’ve actually been looking at this rug for a project.

It’s a version of the rug in my space, but reversed.

I love the faded look of the rug and how it looks so vintage.

You can see this rug here.

Look at the pattern on this rug.

Blue within blue. It’s so fresh and modern take on a traditional pattern.

It’s indoor/outdoor so you can use it in so many different places.

You can see this rug here.

This rug is a little more contemporary for more of a modern space.

You could mix it up with traditional furnishings and combine design styles.

You can see this rug here.

Don’t tell my other rugs?

But this one might be my new favorite. Look at the detail on the pattern and it would work with almost any design style.

You can see this rug here.

Look at this beautiful navy rug.

It’s such a pretty rug with a beautiful pattern.

You can see this rug here.


This room and this rug make me so happy.

We’ve been gone on vacation and attending meetings and a conference and when I walked into this room this week my heart smiled.

And just between us?

There’s no place like home.

Especially when it has a little bit of blue and white. 🙂

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  1. Image for Pat McRee Pat McRee

    I love the rugs and I'm sorry to change the subject but do you have a link to your brass fireplace screen? Thanks!

  2. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    You are the BESTEST!!! You are definitely at the top of the A list! Blue and white makes my heart so happy! 😍

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