No one ever said decorating the room of a teenage boy was easy.

But decorating the room of teenage boy with a big opinion…..

… even more challenging.

And decorating the room of a teenage boy with a big opinion…..when you only want to play Flappy Bird on your iPhone…..

….is almost impossible. 🙂


If you have never played Flappy Bird….if you have no idea of what I’m talking about….if you tell me you don’t even play games on your phone….

….count your blessings and get out while you can.

If you have ever played the game.

The intriguing….infuriating….irritating….oddly addicting game….

….you completely understand.


Flappy Bird is so simple…..and yet so challenging all at the same time.

You see….there’s this bird…..and at the risk of stating the obvious…..

…..he’s flappy.

And you tap your screen to get the flappy bird through a maze of poles.

That’s it.

That’s all there is to it.


Except you only get one try and if he bumps into anything (which he always does)….he falls to the ground with a pitiful look…..

….and you have to start all over.

And over and over and over again.


And then you start asking yourself….why even play this silly game?

You know you shouldn’t.

Not when there are orange rugs to style and galvanized tubs to add for storage under the bed and trash cans to put next to book cases and orange bean bag chairs to lug up the stairs.


You know you have a million other things to do.

I mean….really….you have a room to decorate.

You have a desk to paint and closet doors to add handles to and aluminum chairs to put together.


And besides….that bird is not your friend.

You know he’s going to bump into something and you’ll have to start over.

And when he does you start another game…..that for some strange reason….

… think you and the flappy bird will actually win.


I mean….I’m on level 9.

I know….right?

347 tries and I’m still in single digits.


Just for point of reference….my youngest child is on level 121.

But I’ll get there…..I know I will…..

….with just one more game.  🙂


PS  A big shout out to Lamps Plus for sending me the light fixture for the room.

I love industrial lighting and I had a hard time deciding which fixture to choose.

To see other light fixtures that would work perfectly for the space….be sure to check out my post today over at Lamps Plus.

disclosure:  Lamps Plus is one of my sponsors and sent me the complimentary light fixture to review.

All opinions on light fixtures and Flappy Birds are completely my own.  Please see my disclosure page for more details.


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  1. Image for judy judy

    I never heard of "Flappy Bird", but I do know that this morning I sat here laughing at yet another one of your posts. Did you ever think of going on the circuit of stand up comedians? The attractive room is well done, but the way you wrote about it all, is even better. Thanks for the smiles (laughs) today.

  2. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Yikes!!! I hate playing games on my phone. I hate it so much that you might have, at times, found me sitting in the dark at 2 a.m. playing games on my phone. So I am not going to listen if anyone mentions a game I don't already know. Love the room, too. Does he love it?

  3. Image for Marisa Franca Marisa Franca

    Thank you for the information about Flappy Bird -- being a grandparent kinda gets me out of the loop but now I know that I can ask the boys if they know the game. And you are NOT playing the game just to be playing . . . no you want the bird to have a happy ending :-) Is there an ending to the game???? Love the room!!!!

  4. Image for Robin Stephens Robin Stephens

    You get an "E" for exceptional, endless energy and excellent work. Whew. You're amazing. Spectacular guy's room. Excellent job....excellent, excellent job! You inspire me daily...

  5. Image for Lynn in Florida Lynn in Florida

    Karianne- All I can say is, never try Candy Crush, 'cuz if you do, you'll never have time to decorate another room, or even put on red lipstick....tee hee!

  6. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Oh yes Flappy Bird. Both of my sons(20 and 14) play it and they just informed me that they want to sell their phones on eBay. Apparently the game is no longer available and phones have been selling for thousands. My youngest is quit upset that I'm ruining his chane to be rich. So I guess the bird is not my friend either. I love how the room all came together. Great idea for under the bed storage. I love the pops of orange. Where did you find the Bingo pillow? Love it and it would go perfect in our game room.

  7. Image for Gee Gee

    Made me laugh in my coffee. :D I am so happy to see that galvanized and teen boys still have a shared luv. Luv it!! My son lived his room! Happy today!

  8. Image for Kristine Kennedy Kristine Kennedy

    Love the room, are those emeco aluminum chairs? So want the very expensive bar stool version. I'm commenting on the room in order to avoid disclosing any of my own addictions to online/phone/tablet, games. Though, my boyfriend is working on the Navajo reservation right now as an ER nurse and Scrabble on our phones is helping hold our relationship together and allow for some normalcy between time zones, night shifts, and crazy schedules. So flap away, it could be the glue holding your family together.

  9. Image for Tina Matteson Tina Matteson

    I love this room and want one just like it. Could that orange rug be from... Walmart? I think I just saw one like it yesterday! And it also comes in teal...!

  10. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Love your son's's that spark of orange! Wowza! Flappy Bird...really? (Note hint of sarcasm, here!) ...and only level 9?? ;)

  11. Image for Julie R Julie R

    This looks great, as usual, KariAnne. I especially love the map wall (have you done a previous post on this?), the giant "W", and the light fixture. Every detail is impeccable. I notice your son must be studying Conceptual Physics...yikes! Julie P.S. - I don't play games because I still have a dinosaur phone. Sadly, my vice is still Pinterest ;)

  12. Image for Glenna Anderson Glenna Anderson

    That's just what I need, another game. I'm already spending far too much time playing Candy Crush. Love the room. Who would have thought galvanized tubs would look so perfect under a bed.

  13. Image for BrocanteuseRose BrocanteuseRose

    I think I have heard my girls talking about that game, but I didn't know anything about it. I don't play those games cause I get so frustrated I end up handing my phone to my girls and saying "get me past this level", over and over, the same with video games. I hang over their shoulders squealing and covering my eyes. lol

  14. Image for Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story

    Love it KariAnn! The white background really makes the blue and orange pop out! Totally liking the touches of metal around the room too. Those bins under the bed are a great idea. I have something similar under my daughter's bed.

  15. Image for Polly Polly

    Totally love the room and I am not a big fan of orange:) The Flappy Bird creator pulled the plug on the game last week saying "he couldn't take it anymore", big news of the day! and he was making millions...... I love Candy Crush and the owl who keeps falling off his perch!! Take care, looks like rain and thunderstorms for Thursday:(

  16. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Soooooo LOVE the light!! I mean REALLY love the light. Will def be buying some trash cans for the sons room too! ;) Thanks for the inspiration! Love your blog. ;)

  17. Image for Kymee Martinak Kymee Martinak

    Love your writing and the room, I wish I could say you inspire me but...You so good I know I will never get there. SO.. I will enjoy reading stuff by you and others ;o) OK this is weird the adsense ad had a ad that read inspiring you to BE... It was a sessioncollege ad HMMM

  18. Image for Theresa K Theresa K

    Awesome room... love the map... can you tell me where you got it? I'd love to do a map wall in my home office. You have such a great eye for detail, color, well ...everything!! :)


    Love the room. I don't play games (Don't want to get frustrated. } I have't heard of flappy bird. I still working on the Rubic Cube.........

  20. Image for Jill Jill

    Love the room! Your Pi sign is great. The idea of a galvanized trash can in a teenage boys room is brilliant. I wish I would have thought of it to seal in the smell of soccer and hockey duds. The light fixture is amazing. The reading chair looks so inviting. Most of all I love the lightness of the room. And the map just sends the message that a great mind can take you every where. I have had to delete any games from my phone and iPad, because once I start playing I just can't stop. Somehow it was dinner time and then the next thing I know it's 3AM. So no floppy birds for me! Please play my share. Have a wonderful day!

  21. Image for GinaE GinaE

    I'm one of the few people that doesn't use an iphone. I'm on my laptop enough...too much. Your son's room turned out so great!! But, I have to ask, what's in the big trash can???

  22. Image for Cynthia @ A Button Tufted Life... Cynthia @ A Button Tufted Life...

    Flappy Bird... Perhaps not for me... I have a hard enough time getting the correct arm in the correct sleeve before my coffee! :) Fab room redo! I think the map wall looks amazing with the painted floorboards and the way you added in pops of color and fun that could easily be changed as the mood strikes is a styling trick that will extend the life of any room design. In the spirit of the Olympics.... this Canadian judge gives it a 10!!

  23. Image for Judy Judy

    The entire room looks great, KariAnne, but my absolute favorite thing is that cozy-looking gray chair and ottoman in the corner . . . so soft and inviting. I'd love to be sitting there with a cup of coffee, reading a good book. Was that a trash-to-treasure find?

  24. Image for Kris Kris

    If you had a stupidphone like me, birds that flap would not be a problem. Just sayin'. My son would be soooooo into the whale. You know, behind the globe.

  25. Image for Barbara Barbara

    The gray is gorgeous, I love it with a soft yellow, but orange is really PUNCHY and good for younger folks. But what I'm looking for is a source for the upholstered chair and ottoman in the corner. Our house is small, so we need the smaller scaled items such as the one you chose. I can see two of them in our new sitting room being built this spring, so come on, share that information. Please pretty please?

  26. Image for Jennifer W Jennifer W

    Yahoo, chalk one up for KariAnne! Another gorgeous room completed! As for Flappy Bird, I watch my kids play sometimes. I don't play games on my phone because I don't even have a smart phone! Sad but true!

  27. Image for Jen W Jen W

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that map wall! We put a big ol' map up in our soon-to-be-arriving baby's room. What a fun way to cover a wall and let the kiddo dream big! When they're not crushing it on Flappy Bird, that is :)

  28. Image for Regina Regina

    And I thought ANGRY birds were annoying! LOL Haven't tried Flappy Birds. I guess I'll pass on it for now. I made myself never try Candy Crush, and limited my Angry Birds to just the freebies (OK, except for the Star Wars one . . . I mean, STAR WARS!) Love this room. You know what my favorite thing is - the MAP WALL! I am obsessed with maps. Note the "Love Maps" board of mine on Pinterest . . . Sigh . . . I feel a crafty twinge coming on . . . ;)

  29. Image for Khadija Khadija

    Did you know that phones with "Flappy Bird" on them are selling for thousands on Ebay? It's because the designer took it off the app store cause he thought people were wasting too much time on the game. He was making $50k per day on ad revenues! :D

  30. Image for Gracia Gilbertson Gracia Gilbertson the room. Having two sons, I know the struggle to come to a meeting of the minds about bedroom decor. In my case, however, several days after a redo I would ask myself...what was the point? I cannot see the floor or a clean surface! Love the use of metal garbage can....dirty clothes? Perfect! Looking forward to our blog chat on Friday! Warmly, Gracia at Gracious Offering

  31. Image for Holly McCall {McCall Manor} Holly McCall {McCall Manor}

    L. O. V. E. IT. (not the game, never started bc I was tipped off that it was addictive..ain't nobody got time for dat) Where did you get your metal chair? I love those (called a navy chair?) The ones I've found are all quite pricey! You crack me up btw.

  32. Image for Charlotte @ Charlotte's Chair Charlotte @ Charlotte's Chair

    From the gray planked floors to the industrial-look ceiling fan, I love this room! You can tell I'm all into orange by my last post and I love what you have done with it in this room. And those galvanized tubs.......what a grand idea for a teenage boy's room! So much useful storage! Wow, I think you've outdone yourself with this room KariAnne! The blue in the map goes so well with the orange and gray. Well, I could go on and on about how I LOVE this room.......

  33. Image for Karen Karen

    That crazy bird is really not your friend ;0). AMAZING room! I love how it all came together for you. Oh that map wall, and that comfy looking chair and ottoman, and I love the desk and chair...oh heck, I love it all! Love the touches of orange and the light fixture too! I hope that your son loves it too!

  34. Image for

    Man! Every time I see a room that you have put your hand to KariAnne, it makes me realize/remember something about myself. I'm working on a blog post in my head about that realization... I love the way the room turned out! I just saw that map in somewhere this morning and thought about using it somehow in my son's room... He's about to turn 12 and I think his room is going to be getting some attention pretty soon.... Great work! -b.

  35. Image for Mary Feguson Mary Feguson

    WOW what a job - the room looks terrific. But the Flappy game - now there is a different story. Thank goodness my son is 53 and never had to experience those games - it would have driven me crazy. All he cared about was baseball, football and his dirt bike. Now the granddaughter is a different story. Kelly always has her phone playing some kind of game or the computer. I like free cell on computer because you are suppose to stimulate your mind as your getting older - that's my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL Have a great rest of the week. Mary

  36. Image for Kimm At REINVENTED Kimm At REINVENTED

    Fantastic! I love the gray and white with pops of orange. Gotta admit, however, I'm pretty envious that your teenage son let you in to decorate! My 17 year boy thinks decorating is "stupid" and a "waste do time". Where did that kid come from?? Thanks for the flappy bird warning, my sweet friend, I haven't gone there and I'd better not! :)

    1. Image for Thistle Thistle

      Thank you so much! I got the chair/ottoman combo at an auction and had it recovered in the small pin stripe with tufting. Auctions and estate sales are perfect places to find a chair on a budget. It was only $15 for the pair. :) Happy day! karianne

  37. Image for Michele Farrell Michele Farrell

    I'm new to your blog and I'm loving all your rooms, stories and projects, very inspirational! If your looking for a fantastic challenging puzzle game give "Guess it 1st" a try, it's very addictive!!

  38. Image for melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

    That room looks FANTASTIC! Love all of the industrial accents, but that it still feels soft and warm! As for flappy girls play...and love to hand me their phones to watch me play...and laugh and laugh...because I still haven't cleared the first obstacle! Seriously maddening! But, I will continue to play every time they hand me the silly game, just so I can hear them laugh! Life to the full! Melissa

  39. Image for Jenn A Jenn A

    Hi. I came here from Pinterest because I really like the pictures of your gray and orange teen boy's room. I enjoy your humor and your decorating style. However, I didn't like seeing the Guess ad with the topless woman (covered but very provocative) at the top right of your blog. I have teen boys who often look over my shoulder at blogs like yours and I'd rather not have them seeing images like that. I don't know how much control you have over ads like that one, but I thought I would mention it just in case you can do something about it. Hope my comment isn't offensive to you.

    1. Image for Thistle Thistle

      Jenn, Thank you so much for letting me know! I truly, truly appreciate it. I have let the company that handles my ads know and sent them a screen shot of hopefully it will be removed soon! I have all those kinds of ads blocked....but sometimes one slips through! Have a wonderful day! karianne

  40. Image for Molly Molly

    The roomed is so lovely. What a lucky boy! I especially love the sitting area chair / ottoman.. can you please tell me where you got it? Thank you!

    1. Image for Thistle Thistle

      Molly, Thank you so much! I got the chair/ottoman combo at an auction and had it recovered in the small pin stripe with tufting. Auctions and estate sales are perfect places to find a chair on a budget. It was only $15 for the pair. :) Happy day! karianne

  41. Image for Raquel Raquel

    Beautiful--just love how it all came together. I appreciate you showing us the "during" phase. Question: does your teenage son like the white as much as I do? Or would he have preferred a different more "boyish" color for the bed and other pieces? I think it's gorgeous.

  42. Image for Nanci Hargis Nanci Hargis

    Oh My !!! Love the room!! do you have order number for orange rug?? and where did you find the canvas totes that say standard goods?? Love this! can i hire you to help decorate my new home I'm getting ready to build?? any advice?? Love your posts!! got my new shirt!! Love it!

  43. Image for Tiffany Tiffany

    I loooove the Pi sign (dorky math teacher here). I love the number theme's a very thought provoking room ;)

  44. Image for Alexis @ Persia Lou Alexis @ Persia Lou

    What a beautiful room! I love all the industrial details and the map on the wall. And thanks for the warning on the game. That bird's not going to suck me in! I've got enough candy to crush over here.

  45. Image for Melissa @ No. 2 Pencil Melissa @ No. 2 Pencil

    This room is so, so beautiful KariAnne! Just wanted to stop by and tell you I'm picking up one of those trashcan/hampers to use for my little guy's room this weekend! Thanks for the idea!!!! PS - I stay far away from games like flappy bird;0)

  46. Image for Carrie Carrie

    KariAnne, You are just amazing :) I love your style and ideas and look forward to reading your blog everyday! I was curious where you found the Standard Goods storage bins - love them! Thanks again for being you, your Faithful reader, Carrie (from one "carrie" to another :)

  47. Image for Suzette Suzette

    Love, love, love this room! I have a 15-y-o son and this is right up his alley. As a math teacher, my fave is the PI sign...math as art, beautiful!

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