I hope your Christmas was everything you hoped for.

We had a day full to the brim and spilling over with joy and I wish I had a snapshot of every minute.

It would make a best seller.

And the best chapter?

Tales from a Sixth Grade Life Coach.




Last week the twins came rushing through the door bursting with excitement.

I heard them long before they rounded the corner.

“Mom…..Mom…..MOM. You won’t believe what happened!” they said in unison.

This is a common conversation starter around our house.

Let’s be real.  When you are twelve and in sixth grade you can never believe what happened.

Like never.



I closed the computer and sat upright in the chair.  I knew this was a discussion that would require my complete and undivided attention.

“Tell me,” I said.  “Tell me everything.”

One of the twins rolled her eyes, “Mom.  This is serious.  Someone wrote a poem for her.”

“Really?” I said.  A poem for your sister?  That sounds exciting.” crossing my fingers that this was the appropriate response for a declaration of such magnitude.


The other twin blushed and shrugged her shoulders.

“Mom,” she said softly.  “It was a beautiful poem.  He wrote it on a note and had one of his friends hand it to me.  He wrote it just for me.  Can you believe it?  A poem written just for me.”

My heart cracked just a little at the sweetness of it.

“Oh sweetheart,” I sighed.  “That’s wonderful.  How special.  Can you read it to me?”


“Oh I don’t have to read it.  I have it memorized,” she said with a smile.

And then….in a soft sweet voice she recited:

“Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

There’s no one 

As beautiful as you.” 

And as she finished, a worried look came over her face.

“But Mom….after I got the poem….he didn’t talk to me any more after that.  And now everyone knows.  What should I say?”

Before I could say anything, her sister spoke up.  She looked at her twin with all the wisdom of a sixth grade life coach.

“Don’t worry about him.  Don’t worry about any of them.  I know he said he wrote it….but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that poem before.”

Then she paused and smiled at her sister and blurted out the most reassuring thing she could think of…..“And who cares about him anyway?

….He probably just got it off the internet.” 

PS  The only thing better than having a twin sister….

… knowing she always has your back. 🙂

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  1. Image for Mary Mary

    Sweet story! You are so very lucky to have twin girls. They will always be there for one another, so hold them close and enjoy every minute of their childhood. Take it from one who knows.

  2. Image for Heather C Heather C

    Your snow made it really look like Christmas, and how wise your daughter sounds - it's these, the small things that are so impactful to us. Did not know you had twins, my son and daughter-in-law are expecting identical twins middle of March.

  3. Image for Jill Wendt Jill Wendt

    Ahh...what a sweet story. I look forward to many more stories in 2015 from you, that make me laugh and touch my heart.

  4. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Such a sweet story. My twin grandkids (boy & girl) are usually very protective of each other except when they are playing a game. :)

  5. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    How Adorable! So wonderful to know somethings in life never change. Puppy the song Donny Osmond use to sing back in my day! Well maybe...not that serious.....but so ever the sweetest anyway! What A Beautiful Family You Have!

  6. Image for Barbara Ann Barbara Ann

    So Sweet. How is it that we loose this sixth grade view of life so soon? I hope they always have each others back, even if they disagree, all their life's. Happy 2015.. Barbara Ann /shop/ barbaraannscreations

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