Have you ever gone shopping with a plan?

You know.

You have the ideal thing in your mind and you can see it in your house already and you know that you know that you know…

…you’re going to turn the corner and it will be there?

And then?

Something else shows up that’s even better than you imagined?

Oh, good.

Me, too.

I guess I put myself on a table diet in Kentucky.

Because when I showed up in Texas I realized all I had was chairs.

If you stopped by for sweet tea there would be no place to put it.  You’d look around for a place to put your glass and then have to hold it awkwardly in your hand while I embarrassingly explained I was table challenged.

But now?

All that’s fixed.

This past week I went looking for a super inexpensive, super cheap, super cute end table.


I know, right?

I’m as surprised as you are.

I couldn’t help it.

Each of these tables came already painted, already cute, all ready to sit beside the chairs in my house.

But what makes them even sweeter?

What makes them even more amazing?

Are you ready?

Are you sitting down?


This table with its cross legs and white patina and distressed finished was already coming home with me.

And then?


Here’s a friend the next aisle over that was calling my name, too.

Already painted this gray.

Already distressed with that amazing molding on the top.

Already ready to roll with these tiny casters.

And that shelf.

I guess I’m table popular.

Because all the tables wanted to come home with me.


At the front counter, I waited with anticipation as they rang up my tables.   Could it be?  Would it be?


Are you sure, I said?  Are you sure that’s the right price?  I couldn’t believe it.  All four ended up costing me what I planned on paying for one table.

My tables were loaded in the back of my car and I drove away with the windows rolled down, singing to the radio at the top of my lungs with one thought in my mind.

Bring on the sweet tea. 🙂


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  1. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Nice! Even better that they were already painted for you! It doesn't get much better than that. I would love to sit and have some sweet tea with you (even though I'm one of those crazy people who likes un-sweet tea). :) Nancy Slightly Coastal Blog

  2. Image for Eileen Eileen

    Don't you just love a fabulous find?? My house is full and I'm trying to downsize. I wish I could just start over with an empty house. When I go shopping these days, I do it in my own house!!

    1. Image for Fay Fay

      lol this is definitely me! Broke my back & have laid in this hospital bed for 6 long days-hoping release to rehabilitate facility tomorrow. As my iPad & I snuggle up together I am absolutely grateful Amazon has a wishlist and my credit card is at home. I’m adding to my wish list where whenever I can walk again I will ‘shop’ at home & if not perhaps I will be strong & remind self downsizing is not buying more....so far ❤️PayPal & I have gotten a throw & a monthly box with toys & treats for my two fur babies. Sure can relate to this article as that’s pretty much me & tables are so unique ~ what fun & what a steal❣️

  3. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Those tables are too, too cute! I love finding sales like that. You make me want to spend my day off at the antique stores here shopping tables -- even though I don't have a single place to put another table LOL

  4. Image for Amy Long Amy Long

    WOW! I live in Frisco and am looking for some good places to shop. Where did you find these? Can you recommend any really good places with low low prices? Thanks! Amy

  5. Image for Rose Rose

    OMG. You are the funniest person ever. You remind me of my youngest daughter. She is always saying something funny on instagram and Facebook. Thank you for always making me smile. Have a wonderful weekend. Much Love ❤️ Rose

  6. Image for Pam Bezirdjian Pam Bezirdjian

    You had me chuckling over this one!! Table challenged!!! Oh my goodness you are so funny. You are the Erma Bombeck of the 21st century. Thanks for the laugh and have a great weekend - oh and enjoy those new tables!

  7. Image for Kris Kris

    I think you have a supersonic radar that tells you to go shopping just at the exact time you will find something adorable for a wonderful price. Enjoy your superpower.

  8. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Miz karianne, I have to admit I'm a little jealous. Okay, that's not a good thing to be....I'm envious. Well, shoot....that's not good either.....Wistful? Yes, extremely wistful! hahaha, because I was silently asking myself, When was the last time I found goodies like this, begging to come home with me? Eeeuuu, the painful answer? Not. In. A. Very. Long. Time. I guess the key to that is this: you must actually go thrift shopping. Right? Sigh.....I just realized that I am thrift-shopping-challenged.

  9. Image for Sue Sue

    Don't you just LOVE IT when the universe comes together in one grand plan.....just at the right time....just for you!! I LOVE your blog!! You make my day Miss Karianne!!

  10. Image for judy judy

    Oh I love when the universe all comes together and the item I head out looking for jumps right out at me and maybe 2 or as in your case 4! I LOVE to garage sale hunt and right now....living in Michigan, with a blizzard blowing outside my door....I can only dream and plan for GARAGE SALE season. I am pretty well set on everything I have ever needed for my house, but this never stops me. I have three children who all own homes. They are the lucky recipients of my great finds. When they finally say "enough Mom", I will then find a friend who appreciates my dedication to the best deals around!

  11. Image for Sandy McGuigan Sandy McGuigan

    What's better than a real bargain??? Four of them! You struck it rich, and they were meant for you...enjoy!

  12. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    They are all amazing!! Can wait to see where all these sweet tea holding pieces will locate...I’m sure they are all sociable and will ask to be relocated to make friends with all your other happy furnishings throughout your house. I’m sure they are happy. And I am sure you are, too! Lovely! Total aside: sales always get me in trouble!! You won with this sale!

  13. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    KariAnne ~ You are just reinforcing my (and peeps') desire/plan to go to that great "mall" just off the downtown square ~ and other shops around! Can't wait, but thinking we best not be looking for side tables ~ cos it looks like you got the cutest ones in town! Such fun you must be having furnishing your family home ...

  14. Image for Angela Angela

    I'm so happy for you that you found the 4 adorable tables! What an amazing find! I'm considering painting my tables in the living room...... 😁

  15. Image for karen day karen day

    I am an Interior Designer (retired now at 70) but I think you made a great point...don't buy just anything to fill your space. Wait, shop with an open mind, don't be overly worried about finding the perfect piece. Sometime it finds you. When I was younger, my mother had a drawing framed that my youngest sister (probable about 5-6) drew. Was it fine art...no. was it priceless...yes. And just recently my sister had a drawing of a nurse that her daughter had drawn (also at maybe 5-6) framed along with her nursing degree that she had just received. Things like this are so much more personal and make your house your HOME. I love your blog and was delighted with the idea of "saying good morning" to your home.

  16. Image for Sherrie Mock Sherrie Mock

    You have all the tables and I have all the lamps s🤭😳😜 I get so excited when I find something that I don’t have to paint!!

  17. Image for Ann C Ann C

    Loved the story, and the idea of finding so many cute tables at great prices. I have picked up tables along the way to the point my daughter commented “you have more tables than anyone I know!” But I use them and move them around. Curious it appears the two round blue ones have different spindles. I like that! Not much of a matchy-matchy person, myself.

  18. Image for Lorri Rauscher Lorri Rauscher

    Yes, you always make me smile and laugh at yr sayings. So glad you are not table challenged anymore. They all look so cute all arranged so nicely. Bring out the sweet tea I think you have some guests coming over!!!

  19. Image for Debra Matcovich Debra Matcovich

    So jealous, love them all. I think up north all the cute tables are gone. You have to really luck out.

  20. Image for Mary S Mary S

    I LOVE them all!! You hit the jackpot with this shopping trip. Never have such luck and almost always have to fix or paint my tables. YOU DONE GOOD!!

  21. Image for Brenda Thompson Brenda Thompson

    Don't just love how God is so good to surprise you with something even better than you had in mind to get. Love these stories and your blog. I just see Daddy's hand written all over this wonderful surprise. "Hey, Karianne," He says, "you thought you would get only one table, but I want my daughter to have 4 all for the same price as one." GOOD GOOD Father!. So happy for you

  22. Image for Betty C. Fassett Betty C. Fassett

    Tables are me, but I ran out of room. I just wanted to tell you, that you have to get over to Hobby Lobby and buy one of the two bunny plates they have in brown transfer ware .

  23. Image for Linda Linda

    If I read your blog correctly you said small house! I live in a 1100 sq ft 1 bathrm ,3 bed. home. Your home is gorgeous! what is the sq ft? Your back yard would equal 2 or more of ours. Thank you for all the pic/ projects and finds. I have one large table like you found. I kick myself I got rid of the smaller one, I can use it now. We did remodel the kitchen and bathrm. Thanks Would enjoy a tour pictures of the whole home inside and out front and back. !

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