I adore you.

Yes….you….the one with the coffee or the tea or the diet coke.

I’m talking to you.


I could not let this week close without telling you that.

You cheered and encouraged and made me smile and laugh and hold my head up high and sprint toward the finish line.

It’s like this week….this week of decorating this room and transforming it three different ways…..

….we were all in this together. 🙂

So….let’s take a look back at what we did.


Room Transformation Number 1:  Blaire (with an e)

click here to see the details

family-room-decorating-ideas (2)

Room Transformation Number 2:  Diathana

click here to see all the details

family-room-decorating (2)

Room transformation Number 3:  Anne

click here to see all the details

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  1. Image for Therese @ Fresh Idea Studio Therese @ Fresh Idea Studio

    I find such inspiration from your amazing spaces, Karianne. And this is no different. You're always ablue to capture such a perfectly inviting look and yet it's not over done. Perfection, my friend. Thanks for the part-y too! Cheers!

  2. Image for Steph Steph

    I wish there was a group of you that had the ability to travel and work your magic for a gal like me. I love home decorating. The decor of my home is my sanctuary, it feeds and soothes my soul, grounds me, energizes me, holds me in its arms as respite from the world into which I go. My ability to create such has drastically changed. I live in a rental home, a lovely house, yet neglected and not fully rehabilitated from neglect. I am a divorced mom, working full time as a school nurse in psychiatric schools. And, I have my children - 19 and 16 yr old girls and a 12 yr old sweet boy - a boy with autism and all that comes along. I am more weary than I was, my inspiration, ability to execute, etc is off.

  3. Image for Joyce Joyce

    Good Morning! Joining your precious party and looking forward to seeing amazing talent! Thank you for having us today:) Happy Hugs, Jemma

  4. Image for Corey Moortgat Corey Moortgat

    Hi Karianne, I'm a new reader (just discovered you through this Three Ways challenge), and I have to say I love your style! I had to laugh when I saw the large metal "orb" on the table in your first b/w room. I have recently begun collecting those (LOVE them!), and I pointed your photo out to my husband, who thinks my style and collections are a bit crazy. So thanks for helping validate my taste to him- ha ha! :) I added a link to your linky party- there are a couple photos of my "orb" collection in there!

  5. Image for Jena @ Involving Color and Home Jena @ Involving Color and Home

    All of your rooms always look absolutely stunning! Thanks for hosting and I'm off to go check out everyone else's spaces!

  6. Image for Diane Diane

    Hard to believe they are all the same room, you are so very talented Karianne! I wish I had you around when we remodeled our home 2 years ago! Your transformations are stunning, all of them! ~Diane

  7. Image for Baileywife Baileywife

    This was SUCH a fun challenge!! I had a blast changing OUR family room! Of course, you ROCK at your transformations, I would have loved to watch "behind the scenes" as you and your army moved all the furniture! HAHA. I only had my little boys with me when I did mine, so NO heavy lifting involved! What FUN! ~Kim

  8. Image for Karen Karen

    Awww, Anne is so pretty! I can't decide which look I like best. Seriously, all three rooms are great! But I did spy those white flowers that I love in Anne. I am going to take some photo's of my new living room this weekend, but alas I'll have to see if my "sandwich artist" (Subway worker) son, can help me upload them. Thank you for sharing all your hard work with us!

  9. Image for CZ CZ

    You rocked it! Thank you for your dedication to giving us a smile and encouragement. Your talent is AMAZING. Cheers! CZ

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